A Practical Treatise on the History, Medical Properties, and Cultivation of Tobacco

Sherwood, Gilbert and Piper, 1830 - 159 Seiten

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Seite 135 - The cheerful haunts of man, to wield the axe, And drive the wedge, in yonder forest drear, From morn to eve his solitary task. Shaggy and lean, and shrewd, with pointed ears, And tail cropp'd short, half lurcher and half cur, His dog attends him.
Seite 135 - Then shakes his powdered coat, and barks for joy. Heedless of all his pranks, the sturdy churl Moves right toward the mark ; nor stops for aught But now and then with pressure of his thumb T...
Seite 17 - With my little stopper prest ; And the sweetest bliss of blisses, Breathing from thy balmy kisses ; Happy thrice, and thrice agen, Happiest he of happy men, Who when agen the night returns, When agen the taper burns, When agen the cricket's gay, (Little cricket, full of play,) Can afford his tube to feed With the fragrant INDIAN weed : Pleasure for a nose divine, Incense of the god of wine. Happy thrice, and thrice agen, Happiest he of happy men.
Seite 117 - Those employed in it are in a continual state of exertion beyond the power of nature to support. Little food of any kind is raised by them ; so that the men and animals on these farms are illy fed, and the earth is rapidly impoverished.
Seite 133 - The blood distemper'd from its noxious salts ; Friend to the spirits, which with vapours bland It gently mitigates, companion fit Of pleasantry, and wine; nor to the bards Unfriendly, when they to the vocal shell Warble melodious their well-labour'd songs.
Seite 18 - SNUFF. A DELICATE pinch ! oh how it tingles up The titillated nose, and fills the eyes And breast, till in one comfortable sneeze The full-collected pleasure bursts at last ! Most rare Columbus ! thou shalt be for this The only Christopher in my Kalendar.
Seite 88 - After this, the buds, which sprout from the axils of the leaves, are all plucked ; and not a day is suffered to pass without examining the leaves, to destroy a large caterpillar which is sometimes very destructive to them. When they are fit for cutting, which is known by the...
Seite 17 - Charmer of an idle hour, Object of my warm desire, Lip of wax, and eye of fire ; And thy snowy taper waist, With my finger gently brac'd ; And thy pretty swelling crest, With my little stopper prest...

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