Report of Progress in the Juniata District on the Fossil Iron Ore Beds of Middle Pennsylvania, Band 16

Board of Commissioners, 1878 - 305 Seiten

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Seite iv - LEO LESQUEREUX — Fossil Botanist, Columbus, Ohio. EB HARDEN — In charge of Illustrations for the Reports, 1008 Clinton street, Philadelphia. CHARLES ALLEN— In charge of the Collection of Records of Railroad and other Levels, Harrisburg.
Seite 226 - the upper part of the Chemung is characterized by a general tendency to conglomerate, or gravel. In a few localities the mass becomes a well characterized pudding-stone. This conglomerate (continues Mr. Hall) nowhere attaining sufficient thickness or importance to merit a distinct description.
Seite 198 - Riddlesburg. (From, the Report of 1858.) (17.) No. XII, serai conglomerate not 100 feet thick, the lowest coal bed above it being only about 100 feet above the limestone No. 14. [Mt. Savage Coal bed ?] (16.) Interval of a few feet unknown. (15.) Silicious slate, dull brown color, 10 feet. (14.) Limestone, hard, silicious, reddish, embracing plates of red shale ; its fragments strew a blank space of 40 feet occupied probably by red shale below its apparent outcrop. (13.) Sandstone, fine-grained, micaceous,...

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