The Progresses, Processions, and Magnificent Festivities of King James the First: His Royal Consort, Family, and Court, Collected from Original Manuscripts, Scarce Pamphlets, Corporation Records, Parochial Registers, Ec. Ec.; Comprising Forty Masques and Entertainments, Ten Civic Pageants, Numerous Original Letters and Annotated Lists of the Peers, Baronets, and Knights who Received Those Honours During the Reign of King James. Illustrated with Notes, Historical, Topographical, Biographical, and Bibliographical, Band 1

B. Franklin, 1828
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Seite 155 - King Henry making a masque at the Cardinal .Wolsey's house, and certain cannons being shot off at his entry, some of the paper or other stuff wherewith one of them was stopped did light on the thatch; where, being thought at first but an idle...
Seite xviii - The early cherry, with the later plum. Fig, grape and quince, each in his time doth come; The blushing apricot and woolly peach Hang on thy walls, that every child may reach.
Seite 297 - The lady doth here protest upon her salvation, that she never dealt in any of these things, and so she willed me to tell the court.
Seite 178 - She that pinches country wenches, If they rub not clean their benches, And with sharper nails remembers When they rake not up their embers : But if so they chance to feast her, In a shoe she drops a tester.
Seite xviii - When thou wouldst feast, or exercise thy friends. The lower land that to the river bends, Thy...
Seite xviii - Medway fail thy dish, Thou hast thy ponds that pay thee tribute fish, Fat aged carps that run into thy net, And pikes, now weary their own kind to eat, As loath the second draught or cast to stay, Officiously at first themselves betray; Bright eels that emulate them, and leap on land Before the fisher, or into his hand.
Seite xviii - His children thy great lord may call his own, A fortune in this age but rarely known. They are and have been taught religion; thence Their gentler spirits have sucked innocence. Each morn and even they are taught to pray With the whole household, and may every day Read, in their virtuous parents' noble parts, The mysteries of manners, arms, and arts.
Seite 481 - These thus presented, the scene behind seemed a vast sea and united with this that flowed forth : from the termination or horizon of which, being the level of the state which was placed in the upper end of the hall, was drawn by the lines of prospective, the whole work shooting downwards from the eye; which decorum made it more conspicuous, and caught the eye afar off with a wandering beauty: to which was added an obscure and cloudy night-piece, that made the whole set off. So much for the bodily...
Seite 185 - Full oft within the spacious walls, When he had fifty winters o'er him, My grave Lord-Keeper led the brawls ; The seals and maces danc'd before him. His bushy beard, and shoe-strings green, His high-crown'd hat and satin doublet, Mov'd the stout heart of England's Queen, Though Pope and Spaniard could not trouble it.
Seite 458 - A great ambassador is coming from the King of Poland, whose chief errand is to demand my Lady Arabella in marriage for his master. So may your princess of the blood grow a great queen, and then we shall be safe from the danger of missuperscribing letters."* This last passage seems to allude to something.

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