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in good order, upon Petren and the The well grounded bopes I had entera z p Suvs.

tained of crimipleie fuccels in this operaAs lour as it was sufficiently high!, the tion, and which were fully justified by ar .ck up in the village W the rolult of the three, and b he firft filio where the ene y was stron dy p. fted fuccrsfx at the fourth atta k upon the wit cannon, was made by Levit. Gen. right, add to the great dilapp iniment I Duncias. Three bat aliing ot R.Sians, muft naturally ferl on this occafion ; but win torned a leparate corps, destined the circumftan rs which have occurred I to 10-operate from Kirbtenham in this thula hve a nfideren of very little geattack, commanded by' M jor General neral importance, had I not to lament Sedmiorarzky, very galantly formed the lofs of many brave Officers and fole the village on its' left hanki while at diers, both of his Majesty's and the Rule the same time it was entered on the fian troops, who have talien. Tie gallanright by the first regiment of Guards. tre displayed by the troops engaged, the The Grenadier battalion of the Guards fpirit with which they overcame every had been previously detached -o march obftacle which narure and are opposed upon Schoreldam, on the ki Licut. to them, and the chearfulness with which G:n. D’Hermann's column, as, was the they maintained the fatigues of an action third regiment of Guards, and the se. which lafted without intern ission from coni battalion of the fifth regiment, to half past three o'cock in the morning keep up the communication with that uncil five in the afternoon, are beyond under Lieut. Gen Si James Pulteney, my powers to describe or to extol. Tacir The remainder of Licui. Gen. Dandas's exertions fuliy entitle them to the admi,

lumn, which, after taking poffeffion ration and gratitude of their King and o. W menhuyin, had been joined by Country. the first battalion of the fifth regiment, Having thus faithfully detailed the marched against Schoreldam, which events of this firft attack, and paid the place they maintained under a very heavy tribute of regret due to the diftingu Med and galling fire, until the troops engaged merit of thole who fell, I have much on their right had retired at the conclu. confola ion in being enabled to state, that fion of the action.

the efforts which have been made, The column under Lieut Gen. Sir although not crowned with immediate James Pulteney proceeded to its obj & fucce18, fo far from militating againft the of attack at the time appointed, and general object of the campaign, promise after overcoming the greatcit difficulties, to be hig ly useful to our future opera. and the mon determined opposition, tions. The capture of 60 Officers and carried by form the principal p ft of upwards of 3000 men, and the deftrucQui's Carspel, at the head of the Lange tion of 16 pieces of cannon, with large Dyke; upon which occasion the 10th supplies of ammunition, which the inregiment, under the command of Col. terlected nature of the country did not Spencer, embraced a favourable oppor- admit of being withdrawn, are convintunity which pretenred itself of highly cing proofs that the lors of the enemy in diftinguishing themselves. This


the field has been far fuperior to our was defended by the chief force of the own; and in addition to this it is mateBatavian army, under the command of rial to state that nearly 15,000 of the Gen. Daendels. The circumstances, how. allied troops had unavoidably no fare in ever, which occurred on the right ren this action. dered it impoffible to profit by tis bril. In viewing the several circumstances liant exploit, which will ever reflect the which occurred during this arduous day, higheft credit on the General Officers I cannot avoid expresling the obligations and troops engaged in it; and wriade it I owe to Lieutenant Generals Dunias nec ffary to withdraw Lieut. Gen. Sir and Sir James Pulteney, for their able James Pulteney's column from the pain affiftance; and also to mention my great tion which he had tak n within a short fatisfaclion of the conduct of Major Ge. diftance of Alkmaer. The larpe circum nerais his Highness Prince Willi. n, kances led to the nec, fli'y of recalling D'Oyley, Manners, Burrard, and Don, the corps under Lieu. Gen. Sir Ralph to whose spirited exertions the credit Abercromby, who has proceeied with gained by the Brigades they comman. oul interruprion to Hoorne, of which der, is greatly to be imputed. city he hadiaken prif ffion, together with Capr. Sir Home Pophani and the feits garrison. The whole of :he army has vera Office of n y Siaff, exersed them. therefore reoccupier' jis former position. felves to the utmost, and rendered me Ed. Mag. Dec. 1799.



moft effential service. I feel also much their Lordships' information, that the indebted to the fpirise i conduct of a de. weather having moderated on the 21st tachment of reameri, u,der the direction inft. I thifted my flag to the Babet : of Sir H me Ppham and Capt. God. though blowing a gale of wind the day friy at the Navy, in the conduct of three before, Capt. Mainwaring, by his great gu" boats, each carrying one sa pound exertions, had lightened her sufficiently carronade, which acted with confider. for the Pilot to take charge, and the able effect on the

A kmaer Canal ; nor Captains of the bomb vessels made equal muft I omir exp efling my acknowledge exertions for the same purpose, having ments 10 The Ruffian M jor Generals lightened their respective thips to 13 feet Er., Sedmoraizky, and S hutorff. I 8 inches ; I left the Iris, Melpomene, and. transmit here with returns of the killed, Juno with yards and topmafts ftruck, wounded, and miffing.

having taken all the seamen and marines I am, Sır, yours,

that could be spared from them, with

Frederick. Sir C. Hamilton, Captains Dundas and P. S. Not having yet received returns Oughton, and a proper number of Offiof the lofs luftained by the Ruffian troops, cers in large schuy's to aslift me in the I can only observe, that I understand expedition ; about ten we weighed in the their loss in kils-d, wounded, and mifling, Babes, accompanied by the four bombs, amounts to near 1500 men.

L'Efpiegle and Speed well brigs, and [Then follows a return of killed and Lady Ann lugger, and Prince William wounded, f which the following is the armed ship. Toral, i li vienant-colonel, a captains, We fortunately had a fair wind, which z lubalterns, I ftaff, a ferjeants, and 109 raised the tide considerably over the flats, rank and fil: kilied; 7 lieutenani.colo- though in many parts we had only ra ne's, 6 majors, Is caprains, is lubaiterns, feet 6 inches. On our approaching Meso irrjeants, 2 drummers, and 345 rank denblic at noon, I made the fignals for and file wounded ; 82 se jeants, 5 drum. the Dart, and Gun brigs to weigh and mers, and 463 rank und fire missing, join me; and at three P. M. I anchored Admiralty Office, Sept. 34.

with the Iquadron off Enkhausen, and a

boat came off with four men wearing Copy of a Letter from Andrew Mitchell, Esa: Vice Admiral of the Blue, to Evan which I went on shore attended by the

Orange cockades ; in consequence of Nepean Esq dated on board his Ma: Caprains; we were received by all the jilty's Ship ifis, near the Vleiter, Sept. inhabitants with every testimony of joy 20, 1799.

at their deliverance from their former SIR,

tyrannical government, and in the higheft I beg leave to transmit, for the infor., degree expreflive of their loyalty and atmation of my Lords Commissioners of tachment to the House of Orange. the Admiralty, the inclosed extract of a I proceeded to the Stadthouse, and letter I received from Captain Portlock, having fummoned all the old and faithof his Majesty's floop Arrow, giving an ful Burgomafters, who had not taken the account of the capture of a ship and brig oath

to the Batavian Republic, I inftantly of superior force. The gallantry and reinftated them, until his Highness the good conduct displayed on the occafion Hereditary Prince of Orange's inftrucby Caprains Portlock and Bolton, their tions were received ; so whom, and to Officers and ships' companies, merit my his Royal Highness the Duke of York, I higheft praise and thanks.' A Mitchell. immediately sent an express, and at the

(Then follows Capt. Portlock's letter fame moment summoned before me and to Adm. Mitchell; also a letter from diffolved the Municipality, amidst the Earl St. Vincent to Evan Nepean, Esq. joyful acclamations of the inhabitants ftating the capture of a Spanith thip and around the Stadthouse, part of them at bri', laden with naval 'ftores, by the the same time cutting down the tree of Alcmene, Cap. Digby.}

liberty, which they instantly burned ; all Admiralty Office, Sept. 10.

of which was done in the most loyal, Copy of a Letter from Andrew Mitchell, quiet, and regular manner Esq. Vice Admiral of the Blue, to Evan

I have de ached Capt. Bitorder, in the Nepean, Eja.

Espiegle, with the Speedwell, to fcour Babet, Enkhausen Road, Sept. 14.

the coaft from Steveren, to Lemmer ; SIR,

bur previous to his going on that service

I sent him to Steveren, to bring me inInave the honour to acquaint you, fortelligence of the disposition of the inha


bitants ; he returned yefterday morning and wounded; that of the French has with the pleasing information of their not been ascertained, hur there is reason having hoitted the Orange colours, and to suppole, from the number of dead left most of the neighbouring towns had donc upon the field, and other circumftances, the same, and the inhabitants joyfully that it was more considerable. complying with the same terms as Enk. I have the honour to be, &c. hausen and Medenblic: I have likewise

Jobn Ramfage, detached the Dart, with two gun brigs, Right Hon. Lord Grenville, &c. to cut off the communication with Am. fterdam and the towns in East Friezland,

( Here end the Gazettes.) that have not returned to their allegiance.

SCOTLAND. Our appearance in the Zuyder Zee

Circuit Intelligence. with such an unexpected force has had a moft wonderful and happy effect, and

The Circuit court of Justiciary was given the greatest confidence to those opened at Inverary by Lords Crail and well disposed to the House of Orange.

Armadale.-Charles Campbell was inI shall not lose a moment's time in dicted for an assauli ; but the diet was moving forward, when the wind and

deserted against him pro loco et tempore. tide will permit, to complete as far as

-Archibald M'Gilvray and Alexander lays in my power, wbat is finally intruft M'Gilvrav, were accused of deforcing ed to my charge.

Excife officers; but not appearing, senI have the honour to be, &c. tence of outlawry was pronounced against

A. Mitchell.

them.Alexander M Lean was accused Evan Nepean, Esq.

of murder, committed on an infant of (A letter from Sir John Borlafe War.

three months old. The prisoner brought ren to Lord Bridport, fates the capture ing evidence was fully established. The

in a plea of insanity, which on examin. of a French lugger by the Triton, Capt.

Court found that his trial could not then John Gore.]

proceed, and remitted him to prison : Downing Street, Sept. 18.

bur in case his friends Mould find security A dispatch, of which the following is

to keep him in safe custody, allowed him

to be delivered over to their charge. a copy, has been received from Lieutenant Colonel Ramsay by the Right Hon.

At Glasgow, by Lords Craig and Ar.

madale.- Thomas Millward, travelling Lord Grenville, his Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Foreign De chapman, was found Guilty of iffuing

counterfeit coin, knowing the lame to be partment. Zurich, Sept. 8, 1799.

such, and sentenced to be transported for

five years.- Jarnes Duncan, younger of MY LORD,

Balgray, was accused of wilful fire raising. I have the honour to inform your His Mj fty's Advocate, from fome cir. Lordship, that the enemy made an attack cumstances attending this case, deserted this morning with about 3000 men, on the diet again ft him pro loco et tempore. the post of Waldishoff, in tront of Zu. William Dick, late horle-setrer at Biro rich, occupied by about 600 men of the rowtounness, was acculed of having Russian battalion of Effen.

received from Mr Charles Addison, The enemy, by advancing rapidly, jun. a letter directed to “ Charles Adand availing themselves of the darkness dison, Elg. Woodhead, Borrowfouna of the night, contrived to fall rather un- ness,” together with a sealed parcel, also a wares on a small advanced piquet, and directed as above, and which contained Come prisoners fell into his hands at the 400l. in bank notes of the Union Bank commencement of the affair ; it termic Company at Pailey. And the said Wil. nated, however, in a manner which, if it liam Dick, instead of carrying the same were poflible, would add to the diftin. to the laid Charl's Addison, Elg. did break guished reputation of the Russian troops, open the said parcel, and did wickeilly and the enemy were driven back to their and feloniously carry off and fteal the camp in great disorder by the battalion bank notes contained therein. An obe of Effen, who, without hesitation, not. jection was offered to the relevancy, by withstanding the disproportioned supe. the prisoner's Counsel. Mr Maconnochie, riority of the enemy's force, immediately and the Hon. Henry Erskine, who conadvanced upon them, and charged them tended, that though the crime charged with their bayonets,

in the indictment was proved, it did not The Ruffians loft about 30 men killed amount to theft, but merely to a breach

of fruft: the Court, after earing Mr is a remarkable good looking, jolly man, Olwald, the Alvocate D pute, in an. with a plealant countenance, and thick fwer, repelled the obj=ction. . The Ad. flowing beard. The proceffion then Tocare D-pute propiled to adduce the moved to Lady Yester's burying ground: folioving witnesses to prove the libel: A Ruffian carrying the lid of the coffin, ift, Ribert Wrir, merchant in Borrowf. on which were laid the officer's bar and tournels; 2d, David Dobie, clerk ro C. fword ; next a band of chorifters finging Aldison & Sons; wnio being each of an anıhem, in a swert, low, and folemn them separately interrogared, whether itrain; then the priest carrying the cene they heard some of the other witnesses fer and (under his vetiments) he cross ; precognosced relative to the matter libel. the body followed carried by fix of the led; it was pleaded for the pannel, that North York Militia, the coffin open, a as the above mentioned witneff-s had ac fire gauzt white veil covering the body, knowledged that they were present at the drefid in fuil uniform, boots, gloves, precognition of several of the witnesses &c she head carried toremoft ; next a contained in the lift tor the profecuror, band of Ruffian muficians playing a dead that, in terms of former decifions of the march, alternately with the singers; the Hizh Court of Justic ary in finilar cases, proceflion closed with a party of Ruffian the foregoing witnesses were disqualified soldiers under arms, who, after lome lit. to be examined on th' m-ris of this tle folemnities on fcrewing on the cover cauf-. The Advocat. Dpute informed of the coffin, fired three vollics. C Ionel the Cnuri that he witndrew the foresaid Lord Dundas and several of his officers winceff-s, and alto, that he e ined to in garrison here, joined the proceffion; adduce any others. Upon which the fol- all the Russians excepting the firing parlow:

8 verdict was pronounc d, “ Hav.. ty were uncovered. in, cnfidered tbe libel and interlocutor

BIRTHS. of relevancy, and the minute if he Ad. VOC?e D: pure, on the part of the prose The Lady of James Robertson, Esq. cutor, declioing to bring any cvicence, two laughiers.. th y all, in ons voice, find the charges Nov. 3 Mrs Ryffel of Aden, a fon. feed in the libel not proved;" we eu 16. M s Graút, of Diumbinor, a daughpon the pannel was dismissed from the bar.

21. In George's Square, Mrs HamilWe have been thus parricular ip ftating ton of Pirholm, a soli. the above circumftancés, as in 'no let's Mrs Viitch of Elliock, a fon, at than iwo inítances during the present. Ellick. Ci cuits, have trials been obliged to be 75. At London, the Right Hon. Lady given up, and juftice evaded, on account Cathcart, a daughter. of the improper pract.ce of examining

MARRIAGES. witnesses in presence of each other.And several fimilar inftances have occur Lately, Captain Charles Dashwood, of sed within these few years. We hope his Majesty's Navy, to the Hon. Elizathis will be a warning againt such prac. beih De Courev, second daughter of tices in future.

Lord K nsale.--Mr Jofepb Secker, aged

twenty two, to Widow Lee, aged fixty, Funeral of a Ruffan Officer at Edinburgh. eight, both of Dewsbury.

One of the Russian officers heving died Ar St. Margaret's, Westminster, Angus fince their arrival hrre, he was buried on M•Donald, Eiq. of Little Ealing, to Miss Saturday in Lady Y-ster's church yard. Hurton, of Parliament-street, London, The military honours paid to the deceaf At Cork, Lord Bantry, to Miss Hare, er were nearly limilar to our own, the daughter of William Hare, Esq. This fol jers, accrmpanied wish music, march. Lariy has a tori une of L. 30.000. ing in procession to the grave, and firing It Irland. Richari Kınin, E q. of the

Aberdeenshire Fer.cibles, to Mits Lerilia The body was carried to the guard- Todd, of Coleraine. house of the hospital, and the service Nov. 12. Ar Perth, the Rev. Robert (which c. fifted if prayers and chauni. Thomas, minifter,of Abdie, to Milo Ben. ing The Requiem, fprinkli' g of frankin Det of hat place cente, and joiner ceremonies,) performed Duncan Campbell, Esq. of Orthere by , prieft of their higiet order, chard, to Miss H ien Campbell, daugh. diell d in a sup rb ftile, wiin vettonants ter of Al. x. Campbell, E q. Comptroller of mullin and rich gold cmbroidery. He of the Cultoms, Port-Glasgow.


over it.

13. At Liverpool, Mr Adam Elliot, regt. of foot, at Errood, on the march to surgeon, to Mils Elizabeth Rashbone. Seringapatam.

14. Tne Rev. John Watson, muifter May io 1, the fort of Kifaghordy, of rne Relict Congr«gation at Dunse, to near Sirinyapatam, ot a tever, Lirut. Milo Marion Gladstone, daughter of Mr Archibaid Ma. redie, of the B.ngal S-a. Thomas G'a ftme, merchant, Leith. poys, fon ro Wiliam Macreoir, Efq.'of

A Lady Rolla's, Drylaw, James Perijerown, Ayrshire. Carstairs Brucı, Eiq ot Tillicouliry, to July 16. At the Friendthip plinration the Hon. Miss Elizabeth Crcilia Rollo, in D: mesiray, Mr Alexa: der Ch fhoim, daug ter of the late Lord Roll. son to William C: the m, Eq lae Pro

15. A Aberdour hule, Mr Neil Suth- vott or Inverness. erland, firg on, to Miss Magdalen Gor Sept. 8. A: Kingston Jamaica, Thomas don, daughter of the decealed Alexan- Ribu:, E'q. der Gorrion, Esq. of Aberdour.

On board of Sir Sidney Smith'- fhip 19. At Gree: ock, Mr John Banna- the Tigre, off the island of Cyprus, of a tyne, Ihipm after, Rothelay, to M11s Mac. malignant tever, on the 13th of SeptemÁll, her, eldef daugher of Mr M-Allil. ber last, in the 241h year of his age, Mater, merehani there.

jor Robert Fead, of the Royal Artillery, -. At the Right Hon. Lady Betty a native of Dumtries, and the son of Col. Cunnigham's St Andrew's Square, Sir Fead of the fame eftabiifhment, and who Will am Cunningham, Barı. of Capring. is at present ferving in Jamaica.-Major ton, '0. Mrs. Græme, of Sc Andrew's Fead form rly served on the Continent, Square.

under bis Royal Highness the Duke of is. Ar Dumfries, Mr John Charteris, York, and, on iwo occafions, recrived jun to Miss Mary Ann M.Cartney, the thanks of the Commander in Chief daughter of the drceased William Mac. in public orders, for important military Cartney, E'q. of Knockshir noch. services in the cause of his country

Mr Jaires Elder, writer in Glas- Such was the estimation in which this gow, to Miss Jinet Barr, eldest dough- young officer was held by his Majefy, ter of Mr Jolin Barr, merchant, Port that when the Grand S-igniis applies to Glasgow.

our Sovereign, for a few British oficirs DEATHS.

to aflift in disciplining the Turkish armies, Lately, Mr Honry Scott, merchant, of Major Fead was one of those telected for N wcattle upon Tine, brother to thf the purpose. But though he has neither Lor Chief Justice of the Common Please lived to return, nor to wiibets the reand t Judge of the Admiralty.

mainder of thole commotions which have Ac Pition, Norih Holland, of the defolated many parts of Europe and of wounds he received on the 2d, Captain Afia, his lite and conduct will guide the F.C. Carew, of the 15th toot.

Bifh vouth, who are poffeffit nof miliAr Biackwell, near Darlington, An- tary ardour and genius, to the fummit of thony Hali, Esq. The same day, Sir their prosession. Frank Siandifti, Birt. uncle to the above Oet. 6. At the battle of Bergen, Lieut.. Mr Hail, to whom, by his will, he had Col. William Dickson, of the 4th regiment bequeathed an estate of L. 7,000 per an. of foot, an officer of uncommon worth

and merit. He had served in the same regi. At London, aged 19, of the wounds ment during the whole period of the Amehe received when ferving with the Bri- rican war, and had upon every occafion diftilh army in Holland, C prain William tinguithed himfelf. Whilk an Eosign upon O'Neill, eldest son of William O'Neil, Staten Ifland in June 1777, the field of. Esq. c.f Trake, in the Coun y at Kerry; ed a proof of their efteem for, and depen

ficers and Captains of the regiment furnishIr jindl, and Nephew of the la'e Lord O'Neill, who fell in an engagement with

dence upon his character. Upon the 4th of the infurgents in the late rebellion. Capt: through the body at the battle of German

October in the same year, he was shot O’N-ill ferved in the 8gch regiment of

He served during the remainder of fooi, which he quitted and volunteered the war, in the West Indies, and was beto the iat expedition.

loved and respe&ed as a benevolent aud huJames Ruffi-11, E'q. late of Frith-ftreet,

mane man, und a moft zealous officer. So 0, 1. ad 74 years.

22. Of his wounds, Lieutenant Simpson Ai Ni w York, of the yellow fever, of the Royal Artillery, on his paffage from J mrs Cramond, Esq.

Hollandi. April 14. Sir James Colquhoun of 27. At Woolwich, Mr Robert Ewirig, Tulihowen, Bars, Lieutenant in the agila merchant, Clasgow.

28. At



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