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his age.



In Jamaica, in July last, William Ha-
01. 1798. In the East Indies, John milton, third son of the late John Hamil-
Garthshore, son of James Garthshore, ton, Esq. Redhall.
late of Alderstoun.

July 1. At Glasgow, Laurence Coul-
April 10, 1799. At Salt River, Old ter, Eiq.
Wharf, parish of Vere, Jamaica, Mr 2. Ai Arbroath, Mr Robert Wilkie,
John M'Cane.

late merchant there.
May 25. At Se James's, Jamaica, John 4. Mrs Margaret Spottiswoode, wife
Stewart, eldest ton of the decealed Mr of james Eyre, Elq. Canon Mills.
John Stewart of Stirling.

-. At Hampstead, Sir John Anftru-
June 8. At St Helena, where he had ther, of Anftruther, Bart.
stopped for the recovery of his health, 6. A. Whinhall, M: James Berry, late
on his passage from China, Robert Ham- merchant in Glatgow.
ilton, Éiq. late merahant in Canton, the - The Rev. Mr Thomas Smith, mi.
only turviving son of the late D: Robert nister of Commertrees.
Hamiltop of Airdrie, Proteflor of Ana I 2. Ac Kingston, Jamaica, William
tomy in the University of Glafgow. Walker, jun. Efq. Attorney at Law.

20. Ac Jamaica, of the yellow fever, 13. At Eaft College, by Fort George, Mr William Stewart, third son of Wm. Robert Bennet, Esq. in the 72d year of Stewart, Esq. of Sambelly. 26. At Spanish Town, Jamaica, Lieut.

At Quebec, Major Ferguson Col. Alexander Arbuthnot, of the 67th Spears, of the 24th regiment. regimeni.

25. At Aberdeen, Alexander Leslie, 30. At Portobacco, in Maryland, Mr Esq. of Berryden. Alexander Hamilton, merchant.

31. Ac Dundee, Mrs Alison Graham, Lately, at Hexham, Gilbert Young, daughter of the deceased William bookbinder, a native of Edinburgh, well Graham at Newark, upon Cluden. known in his profession in many parts of Aug. 2. At Bolftracks, Perthshire, England. He was famous a few years William Menzies, Esq. lurgeon. ago for dancing, leaping, and fencing ; 3. At Kirkheld, Miss Jean Wallace, at a ftanding leap he crossed the pant eldest daughter of John Wallace, Esq.of cistern at Hexham market-place, 7 feet Kelley. 9 inches wide, and the parapet8 teet 3 At Inverness, Brigadier-Gen. Co. inches high.

lin Graham, late of the 21st regiment. --- In the Isle of Man, John Taub -. At Brechin, Mr John Sievwright, man, of the Bowling-green, near Castle- writer in Brechin. town, Elq. for 20 years Speaker of Keys, At Ayr, Miss Jacobinna Macaaged 76.

dam, daughter to the late James MacaAt Dunbar, near Carlisle, Mre dam, Esq. of Waterhead. Grace Grahain, aged 96, fifter of the 7. At Edinburgh, Thomas Durham, late Jonathan Sewell, a character well Esq. of Boghead. known in that Neighbourhood.

8. At Newcastle, Major-Gen. the Suddenly, in the 30th year of his age, Right Hon. Lord Viscount Fielding. at St Pierre, Martinique, Thomas Orde, 9. At Bath, Colonel Thomas Balfour, Erq. Collecter of his Majesty's Cukoms, of the North Lowland Fencibles. Colonel of the Milicia, and Receiver At Greenbank, near Edinburgh, General of the unclaimed property in Mr James Balfour, Surgeon, only son of the Island of St Lucia.

the late Mr John Balfour, Surgeon in Lately, at Burragong, in the East In. Edinburgh, dies, Enfign George Clephane, of the 10. John Miller, Esq. of Braean. Engineers, in the service of the Hon. dam. Ei India Company.

11. At Glasgow, Mr John Shicis, At Port Jackson, Capt. Guy Hamil. writer, Sheriff Clerk Depute for the ton, son of the late Mr John Hamilton, Lower Ward of Lanarkshire. merchant in Glasgow.

-, At Grahamstoun, near Falkirk, At Upper Ardwall, Mr John Ross of Mr Edward Mackie, late of his Majesty's Mains of Cullen:

Dock Yard, Harwich.
At Glasgow, Mr Alex. Duncan, prin. At London, William Tod, Esq.of

Dean itreet, Soho.
At Nassau, New Providence, in July À - At Edinburgh, the Hon. Mr Drum-
Jast, Mrs Fowler, wife of Dr Reeve's mond, ion to Lord Perth.
Fowler, physician there.

12. At Rowallan, Ayrshire, Capt. Ar


chibald Cuninghame, of the Ayrshire 25. At Bridgehouse, Mr Robert RenFeucible Cavalry.

ton, writer. 12. A: Balhkinrain, fuddenly, of the 27. At Edinburgh, Miss Helena Fra. goue in his stomach, Robert Dunmore, ser, daughter of Simon Fraser of FarraE.

line, Esq. 13. At Greenock, Mrs Wilson, spouse 29. In Thiftle Street, Mrs Robertson, to Mr John Wilson, fen. merchant. (poule to the Rev. Mr Duncan Robertson.

Ai Berwick, John Jameson, Esq. At Midmar, in the 89th year of 14. Ar the Manle of Muirkirk, the her age, Mrs Reid, widow of the Rev. Rev. Mr John Shepherd.

Mr Reid of Clatt. 15. At London, Duncan Davidson, 30. At Middlefield, Mr John MacfarElg. of Bedford square.

lan, of the Customs, Greenock. At Glafgow, Peter Blackburn, Esq. A: New, the Rev. Mr George 16. At Stirling, Mrs Elizabeth Dallas, Forbes of Lochell and Cushney, in the spouse of the Reverend Mr Robert Shirra, 63d year of bis age, and 37th of his miLate of Kirkcaldy.

niftry. Ar Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth Sept. 1. At Edinburgh, Capt. Abra. Crombie, relict of Mr Robert Armstrong, ham Bunbury, late of the 6zd regiment late plumber.

of foot. 17. At Toll Cross, near Edinburgh, 3. Mr Patrick Robertson, writer in Mrs Henderson, wife of Mr William Glasgow. llen derfor, Secretary to the British Lin 4. At Stirling, Lieutenant Marr, of en Company.

the 71st regiment of foot in the 27th At Edinburgh, Mrs Dawsong year of his age. spouse to Mr Alexander Dawson.

5. At Youngfield, in the 84th yaar At Edinburgh, Henry Dundas of his age, the Rev. Mr Join Ewart, Hunter Blair, youngest son of the late Sir Minister of the Golpel in Troqueer. James Hunter Blair, Bart.

7. At Dundee, Mr William Neillon, In Brifto Street, Edinburgh, Mr son of Richard N illon, Esq. of Corlack, John Greig, Teacher.

late merchant in Dundee. 18. Af Dundee, at the age of 87, Mr 9. Ai Broughton Loan, Mr Patrick John Wemyss, thread-maker to his Ma- Fairly, linen manufacturer, jesty.

On board the Busbridge IndiaAt Coldftream, the Rev. William man, on his pafrage from Bengal to BriWhinfield.

tain, Lieutenant George

Murray, in the 19. A: Edinburgh, Mr James Campe service of the Hon. the Eaft India Combell of the Excife Office.

pany, only son of Capt. George Murray 21. At Poppleton, near York, Mr Ro- of the Royal Edinburgh Volunteers. bert H vseman, many years in the fer 10. At Edinburgli, Mrs Mary Clerk, yice of the Excise in Scotland.

fpouse of Mr Samuel Watson, 'Solicitor 22. Ar Glałgow, Mr John Edmon. at Law. fone Young, son of Mr James Young, 11. At Lanark, Baillie William Telfar, merchant there.

merchant. 23. At Edinburgh, Mr John Biggar, 17. A. Kilmarnock, in the seventy• for inany years one of the most extensive eight year of her age, Mrs Ferguson, respectable Linen Manufacturers in this wife of Mr John Ferguson, merchant country.

there, At Kingfton, Jamaica, Andrew

13. At Edinburgh, Mifs Catharine Deans, Esq. Custos and Chief Judge of Campbell, fifth daughter of John Camp, the Common Pleas for the parish of St bell, Esq. late of Newfield, and Grand Andrews, in that Island.

Neice to the late General John Earl of - At Craigton, James Ritchie, Esq. Crawfurd and Lindlay. of Bulbie.

. At his house at the Broad-ftone, 24. At her house in Reid's Court, Ca. Ireland, Donald Grant, Eig. in the 76th songate, Miss Janet Stobie, daughter of year of his age the late Mr John Sobie, writer.

At Ayr, Mr Thomas M-Clements 25. In the Grove, Hackney, Mrs writer there. Stratton, widow of the late Thomas At Edinburgh, Mrs Henrietta Stration, Esq.

Douglas, relict of Mr George Gordon, At Edinburgh, Miss Sihella Mac: Dumfries. doneil, daughter of the deceased Duncan 17. Mrs Brown, wife of John Brown, Macdonell, Esq. of Glengary.

Esq. of Westerbaughs.

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With a View on DALKEITH House, the Seat of his Grace the Duke





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Page Register of the Weather for OX. 242 On the Legitimate and FashionHigh Water at Leith for Nov. ib. able Uses of the word Line, 283 The Gleaner, No. XII. 243 Account of the freezing of the Description of the View, 248 Neva and Empress Anne's PaAccount of the Ice-Fox


lace of Ice, of the Rein Deer 251 On the Origin of Alphabets, - 287

of the Sea Bear ib. Account of Mungo Park and his On the Mode of Travelling in Travels, koncluded

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253 Account of Field Marshal Count Narrative of the Sufferings of Mr

Alexander Sucworow Rymnik ki, 293 Johnson, who was taken Pri Books and Pamphlets published foner by the Indians in 1790, 256

in September 1799,

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POETRY. on Character, 261 The Dirge of Attila,

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271 Comparatiye View of Life and Interesting Intelligence from the Happiness in the East and in London Gazettes,

307 Europe,

273 Scotland, —.Circuit Intelligence Account of Dar. Fur, by Mr

froin Inverness, Browne, who lately penetrated

Births and Mariiages, into that Empire

276 Deaths,
Ed. Mag. Oct. 1799.


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