An Account of the Remedy for the Stone: Lately Published in England, According to an Act of Parliament, Assigning a Reward of 5000 L. to the Discoverer. Extracted from the Examinations of this Remedy, Given Into the Royal Academy of Sciences at Paris, by M. Morand, and M. Geoffroy; ... By Richard Gem, ...

H. Woodfall. Sold by J. Roberts, 1741 - 54 Seiten

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Seite 80 - ... which will be in about an hour, taking care that they do not continue in the fire after that. They are then to be taken out of the crucible, and immediately rubb'd in a mortar to a fine powder, which ought to be of a very dark grey colour.
Seite 44 - Pan ftand uncovered in a dry room for two Months and no longer. In this Time the Egg-fhells will become of a milder Tafte, and that Part which is fufficiently calcined, will fall into a Powder of fuch a Finenefs as to pafs through a common Hair-fieve ; which is to be done accordingly.
Seite 84 - Root, but do not know of any material Difference. . . This is my Manner of giving the Powder and Decoction. As to the Pills, their chief Ufe is in Fits of the Gravel, attended with Pain in the Back and Vomiting, and in Sup.
Seite 46 - ... frequently caufe much pain at firft, in which cafe it is proper to give an opiate, and repeat it as often as there is occafion. If the perfon be coftive during the ufe of them, let him take as much lenitive electuary, or other laxative medicine, as may be fufficient to remove that complaint, but not more ; for it muft be a principal care at all times to prevent a loofenefs, which would carry off the medicines ; and if this does happen, it will be proper to...
Seite 83 - Medicines, the Perfon ought to abftain from fait Meats, red Wines, and Milk, drink few Liquids, and ufe little Exercife, that fo the Urine may be the more ftrongly impregnated with the Medicines, and the longer retained in the Bladder. IF the Stomach will not bear the Decoftion^ a fixth Part of the Ball made into Pills mult be taken after every Dofe of the Powder.
Seite 46 - Medicines is as follows : When there is a Stone in the Bladder or Kidneys, the Powder is to be taken three Times a Day, 'viz..
Seite 43 - Take Hens Egg-fhells well drained from the Whites, dry and clean, crufh them fmall with the Hands, and fill a Crucible of the Twelfth Size (which contains nearly three Pints) with them lightly ; place it in the Fire, and cover it with a Tile ; then heap Coals over it, that it may be in the Midft of a very ftrong clear...
Seite 81 - Swines-Crefles burnt to a Blacknefs, and as much Honey as will make the whole of the Confidence of Pafte.
Seite 45 - Sweet Fennel, Parfley and Burdock Leaves, of each one Ounce. When there are not Greens, take the fame Quantities of Roots; Cut the Herbs or Roots, flice the Ball, and boil -them in two Quarts of foft Water half an hour, - then ftrain'it off, and fweeten it with Honey.
Seite 45 - Egg-fhells may be prepared at any Time of the Year, but it is beft to do them in Summer. The Snails ought only to be prepared in May, June, July, and Jlugujl -, and I efteem thofe beft which are done in the firft of thefe Months.

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