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P A R T I. NTRoDUction. That 'tis as great a fault to judge ill, as to write ill, and a more dangerous one to the public, ver. 1. That a true Taste is as rare to be found as a true Genius, ver. 9 to 18. , That most men are born with some Taste, but spoil'd by false Education, ver. 19 to 25. " The multitude of Critics and causes of them, ver. 26 to 45. That we are to study our own Taste, and know the limit of it, ver, 46 to 67. Nature the best guide of judgment, ver. 68 to 87. Improved by Art and Rules, which are but methodized Nature, ver. 88. Rules derived from the practice of the Ancient Poets, ver. 88. to I Io. That therefore the Ancients are necessary to be studied by a Critic, particularly Homer and Virgil, ver, 12o to 138. Of Licences, and the use of them by the Ancients, ver. 140 to 180. Reverence due to the Ancients, and praise of them,

ver. 18.1, &c. - P A R T

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