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Page Aid, Poems by Thomas,

101 | History, early Scottish: the Lives of the Lindsays, 615 America, South, Recent Travels in,

446 Huddersfield-its Physical, Social, Manufacturing, ComAmerican Scenes and Christian Slavery, 330 mercial, and Religious Institutions,

233 Amicitix Shakspearianæ, 696, 796 Indian Archipelago, English and Dutch in the,

1 Apennines, the 661 Innkeeper's Wife, the,

729 Aristocrat, Primogeniture, and Entails, Passy on 193 Insect Life, Episodes of,

62 Artecis, the Goddess, 727 Iron Chest, the White Serpents and the,

662 Australia, Recent Discovery in, 148 Islay and Ulster,

671 Austria, 128 Italy, Revolutionised,

184 Beauty and Truth, 664 Italy, Entrance into,

579 Beauchamp; or, the Error, 391 Jenny Lind, retirement of,

355 Bes, the Turkish, 737 Jesuit, the,

515 Bird of Jamaica, 543 Judges of England,

163 Botanical Science,

463 Jupiter Ammon, the Expedition of Alexander to the Oasis of, 228 Botany, .

542 Kabylies of Algeria, Narrative of a Campaign against the, 126 Brizg, the Inn at, 576 Kindness, the Magic of,

748 Campbell , Thomas, Life and Letters of, 31 Kirkaldy of Grange, Memoirs and Adventures of,

130 Canada--the Colonial Question, 141, 207, 282, 383 Law, Reform the,

477 Carbonaro, the 584 Life Association, the Islay Tontine,

671 Card Playing, Facts and Speculations regarding, .' 63 Life Assurance, alleged Defects of,

326 512 Literary and Scientific Society of Edinburgh—1848-9, 47

581 Literary Register, 67, 126, 196, 265, 330, 388, 467, 539, 600, Cemetery, an Adventure in a; or, the Russian Droshki

674, 745, 819 Driver,

223 Liverpool, aVisit to—its Architectureæsthetically considered, 213 Certosa, the Church of, 583 Lochinvar, a Shetland,

490 Chalmers' Posthumous Works, 122 “ Man made of Money,” Douglas Jerrold's,

290 276 Memoirs and Correspondence of Sir Robert Murray Christianity, the Age and, . 674 Keith, K.B.,

596 Cloncurry, Personal Recollections of Lord, 745 | Mexican Gulf, a Tale of the,

501, 631 Colonial Policy under the Grey Dynasty, 680 Milan, Departure from,

581 Colonies, Position of the,

753 Miranda: a Tale of the French Revolution, 21, 77, 169, 255 Columbus and the Virgin,

468 Misadventures,

733 Mrs. Margaret Maitland, of Sunnyside, some Passages in
782 the Life of,

760 Death, Punishment of, 735 | Music on the Continent, State of,

116 Democracy in France, 73 Music, Poetry, and Traditions of the Highlands,

271 Derventwater, a Night in the neighbourhood of, 218 | Mysteries of City Life,

539 769 | My Uncle the Curate,

196 Duif , the Death of Mons., 658 | Nineveh, Layard's,

246 Eclipse , the Hudsonian,

319 | Obituary Notices, 71, 137, 269, 335, 405, 473, 548, 611, 686,752 Edinburgh in November, 722 ) Old London Bridge,

393 or Emigration, 362 Orator, the Modern,

388 England, Macaulay's History of, 84 Original Correspondence of General Wolfe,

804 Paith, the Nemesis of, 376, 421 Ornithology,

544 732 Our Anglo-Saxon Empire,

687 Gold-Seeker of Guazacoalco, 241, 451 Oxford University, Reform of,

702 Hannted Man and the Ghost's Bargain, 57 | Pepys, Diary of Samuel,

623 Highland Tradition, Sketches founded on, 36 16,565 Pestilence and Sanatory Measures,

i 118

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Philosophy in England, Condition and Prospects of, 111 Sontag, Henrietta, Countess de Rossi,
Philosopher, the,

734 St. Columb, The Buried Book of, a Legend of Ulster, 349
Political Register, 69, 132, 203, 266, 332, 399, 469, 545, 601, Story, the Bey's,

679, 740, 822 Story, the Jesuit's,

Proportions, Hay's Theory of,

296 Smoke, Dialectics in,
Railway and Mining Summary, 135, 205, 267, 333, 402, 471, Table d’Hote, the,

607, 682, 750, 825 Tarass Boulba,

Revelations of Life, Reade's,
439 Tenant-Right, O'Cleery's; a Legend of Ulster,

Ripalta, Ernesto di,

677 There and Back Again,

509, 573, 656, 727, 779
Royal Scottish Academy's Exhibition of 1849,
157 Tragedy, the Brigand's,

Ruction, the Sharon: a Legend of Ulster,
790 Travel, Incidents of,

Rurt, Prince, and the Cavaliers,

394, 415 University of Oxford, the Present State of the--its De-
Santo, the Campo,
783 fects and Remedies,

Scotch Bills and Scotch Representation,
4:09 Valais, the,

Scottish Rivers—the Dee,

10, 177 | Vassal, the Modern,

310, 337, 486, 403, 551, 644
Shipwreck, the; a Shetland Narrative,
586 War, the Hungarian,

Shreds and Patches,

216 Wars, the Hungarian and European,
Simplon, the Passage of the,

577 White Nile, Expedition to Discover the Sources of the, in
Skene, Loch, a Day in the Neighbourhood of,


the years 1840, 1841,
Sleep and Jewels,

574 Woods, Sunday in the,
Soiree, the Governor's,


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A Batch of Ballads,
A Dirge,
A Daughter's Gift to her father on his Birth-day,
A Leaf from my Sketch-book,
A Spring Song,
A Trio for Music,
A Vision in a Dream,
A Walk in the Night,
An Autumn Fancys :
An Elegy,
An Old True Theme,
Down in the Valley,
Dryburgh Abbey—the Sepulchre of Sir Walter Scott,
Fragments in Verse,
Glasgow Cross: a Sketch,
Liberty, or a Night at Rome,
Lines on a Country Residence,
Lines on the Eclipse of the Moon,
Loree's Eloquence,
Mary! Mary!
Messiah's Names,
Old Time,
Poesy and Poets,
Reflective Sonnets on St. Valentine's Day,

803 Remembrance,

46 Shakspére-Land,

639 Song,
• 607 Song of December,

295 Song for 1849,
155 Sonnet,
288 Sonnet to Wilberforce,
156 Sonnets on a Snowdrop,
216 Stanzas to Niagara,
030 The Birth of Day,

46 | The Changing Years,
254 The Child among the Graves,
713 The “Good Old Times,”
803 The Lost Friend,
508 The Pilgrim in Sight of Jerusalem,
564 The Poet's Prayer,

The Prospects of Man,
629 The Shadow of the Past,

19 The Spirit's Flight,
110 | The Stricken Deer,
9 The Transfiguration,

The Whig's Belief,
245 The World-like Stream of Rosendream,
196 The Yearly Thanksgiving,
9713 To Ellen's Eye,
109 To an Unknown,
299 To a Poetess,

66 This Year's Honeysuckle, .
254 Verses written in the Highlands,
212 Was Earth not made for Joy?

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JANUARY, 1849.


To explain and illustrate the position we at present consequently took place which it was foreseen would occups in the Oriental Archipelago, it may be useful inevitably lead to hostilities, unless some step were to glance over that series of negotiations which arose taken to check the aggressive policy of the Dutch authoout of the treaty of 1824, between Great Britain and rities on the one hand, and the indignant and resentful the Netherlands. In what circumstances the treaty spirit generated in the old English residents and meritself reed scarcely, therefore, recapitulate the historical facts | It was for the accomplishment of this purpose that that may be said to fill up the interval between the the two Governments invested their representatives conquest of the Dutch colonies by the arms of Eng. / with full powers to negotiate and conclude a treaty land, and the conclusion of that convention the prin- which should thenceforward determine the relative cipal effects and consequences of which it is the object || situations of the English and Dutch in the Indian of the present article to describe.

Archipelago, regulate their commercial intercourse, When, on the establishment of the general peace, and prescribe the limits within which the colonising Holland recovered her possessions in the Indian Archi- | energies of the contracting parties should be confined. pelago, the merchants of this country flattered them. The statesmen entrusted with the framing of this treaty selves that, owing to the generous policy pursued by were persons of remarkable abilities. Experienced in our Cabinet, they would be suffered to enjoy more diplomacy, and sincerely desirous of putting an end to than ordinary privileges and respect. Indeed, the the differences between the two countries, they, on the development of the resources of the islands, and the completion, congratulated each other on having made general advancement of civilization, depended greatly everything clear for the future, and, as an expression on their capital and energy. Extraordinary progress of this feeling, exchanged notes, half complimentary, had been made by the natives during our occupation half explanatory, which may be regarded as a suppleof Java, Borneo, Celebes, and the Moluccas; and theyment to the convention. still, through inclination and preference, desired the But, as has long been painfully felt by diplomatists, co-operation of our countrymen in all those social un there is no congeries of articles, no armadillo cuirass of dertakings which could be carried on without the in- language through which the golden point of interest tervention of Government.

will not find or make an opening. The bloody PandeJealousies almost necessarily arose out of this state monium of war and conquest is paved with treaties. of things between the new and the old masters of the There may, up to a certain point, be honesty in their country, between those whom an equivocal sense of negotiators—that is, they may be sincere in their enequity had invested with supreme authority, and the deavours to prevent a hostile collision between their too liberal victors who voluntarily consented to re- respective Governments; but because each party seeks linquish the advantageous position they had won for to gain as much, and concede as little, as possible, the themselves by arms. Besides, thc unpleasant conscious- | spirit of selfishness insensibly infuses itself into the ness was ever present to the minds of the Nether- | document, and prevents the real completion of that landers, that they owed the restoration of their colonies structure of amity which is the mark presumed to be entirely to the moderation of an all-powerful State, aimed at. Treaties may consequently be regarded as which, from several positions it had taken up in their the stratagems of peace. To secure advantages for neighbourhood, small

, but not insignificant, seemed their own country is the object of diplomatists as well perpetually to watch their proceedings. The treaty || as generals; and greater and more solid victories have of 1817, designed to put an end to these jealousies, sometimes been gained by the pen than by the sword. only augmented them, and the accidental establishment Here, however, nearly all men are disciples of Machiaof one settlement at Singapore completed, in the eyes velli. The Government which has the power to enforce of Holland, the cycle of our delinquencies. Events "its will is distinct and explicit, because it does not fear

* I. Coup d'æil Général sur les Possessions Neerlandaise dans l'Inde Archipelagique. Par C. J. Temminck. 1846.

II. Le Monition des Indes Orientales et Occidentales. Publier sous les Auspices de S.A.R. Monseigneur Prince Henri dès Tays
Bas, avec le co-operation de plusieurs Membres de la Société des Arts et des Sciences à Batavia. Par le Baron Melvill.
VOL. 11.-O. CLII.


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