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out saying anything of its high literary merits, I can venture, from having been with him in all the places which he visited in that country, to bear testimony to the strict accuracy of its details. It was chiefly through his encouragement and aid that I was enabled to pursue my journey.

Mr. Walcott, whom I also met in London, is the founder and owner of a large manufacturing-establishment near Utica, N. Y., known as the “ New York Mills.” Around this establishment there has grown up a large and beautiful village. The operatives, many of whom are from foreign countries, experience from Mr. W. a friendly and judicious interest in their welfare, which more than satisfies all their reasonable expectations; and he has thus laid the foundation of a sincere and permanent friendship. The public and joyous reception which his operatives and others gave him on his return from his long travels was an evidence both of their strong attachment, and of the personal virtues which have given rise to it. In these feelings Mrs. Walcott, who was also the much-respected and valued companion of our travels, is a full sharer. I could say much of the kindness which I received from these highlyesteemed friends, but am restrained from feelings of delicacy; and will only add my earnest desire, that they may long experience in their own persons the happiness which they have been the means of communicating to others.

Nearly all the letters were first published, as they were written, in the Congregationalist, a well-known and able religious newspaper issued at Boston. And I wish here to express my obligations to its editors and publishers for the kindness I have received from them. As to the letters themselves, it will be enough perhaps to say here that they were written for the most part in ill health and under unfavorable circumstances. If they have any merits, (which must be left to others to decide,) they are certainly not free from imperfections. And this will be some excuse for limiting their circulation. With these few words I leave them in the hands of those whose kindness, I am confident, will go far in disarming criticism.


BRUNSWICK, MAINE, March 24, 1855.


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