A Complete Body of Husbandry: Collected from the Practice and Experience of the Most Considerable Farmers in Britain. Particularly Setting Forth the Various Ways of Improving Land ... To which is Added Several Particulars Relating to the Preservation of the Game; and Stated Accounts of the Expence and Profits of Arable, Pasture, Meadow and Wood Lands. Adorn'd with Cuts

James Woodman, and David Lyon, 1727 - 372 Seiten

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Seite 371 - Brew-/ ing, bc. the Description and Structure of Instruments/ for Husbandry, and Carriages, with the Manner of their/ Improvement;/ An Account of the Rivers of England, &c.
Seite 122 - Wicken-Benant.t and near Sir Kane James's ; and I doubt not but will be generally used upon all the squally wet grounds in England when it comes to be known, for it is but a late invention : only it is to be noted that the ground should lie sloping or declining one way or other to be mended by this means.
Seite 371 - The Description and Structure of Instruments for Husbandry and Carriages, with the Manner of their Improvement. An Account of the Rivers of England, &c. and how far they may be made Navigable ; of Weights and Measures, of Wood, Cordage, and Metids ; of Building and Stowage ; the Vegetation of Plants, &c.
Seite 178 - a long time. And when a ftock of " bees have flowers to their liking, of " which this is one of the chief, and " have a large quantity of them, they " will fill their hive both with wax and " honey, in five or fix weeks, if the '' weather will permit them to go abroad: " but this hazard is no more than other " crops are fubjecl: to, the weather hav" ing the management of all crops, " either for their well or ill fare.
Seite 121 - ... sufficient to show that the system then adopted resembles the present practice, the latter being an improvement on the old method of draining: — " These drains, whether they be the great or small ones, must be made two full spits of a spade deep and half a spit, sloping on each side from near three feet wide at the top to about half a foot at the bottom, and then some large rough stones or cows...
Seite 178 - The bloom for flower of this fort, is alfo very beautiful and fweet, perfuming the air like orange flowers in May, which invite the bees and enrich them very greatly, fo that their hives are full betimes in the fummer. And...
Seite 121 - ... horns * laid at the bottom for the water to run through, with some straw over them; or else a few boughs of elm, white-thorn, or hawthorn' rammed into the bottom, and straw laid over them, and then covered with the earth that was dug out. When all are completed and settled, then you may plough the piece and dispose it equally on such a level as it will bear. This method is accounted the best and cheapest way of hollow-ditching or draining, and will make the wettest squally land fit to bring very...

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