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His Wealth brave ' Timon gloriously confounds 85
Alk'd for a groat, he gives a hundred pounds;
Or if three Ladies like a luckless Play,
Takes the whole House upon the Poet's day.
8 Now, in such exigencies not to need,
Upon my word, you muft be rich indeed;

A noble superfluity it craves,
Not for yourself, but for your Fools and Knaves ;
Something, which for your Honour they may cheat,
And which it much becomes you to forget.

If Wealth alone then make and keep us bleft, 95 Still, still be getting, never, never rest.

. But if to Pow'r and Place your paffion lie, If in the Pomp of Lifo confift the joy ; Then k hire a Slave, or (if you will) a Lord To do the Honours, and to give the Word; Tell at your Levee, as the Crouds approach, To whom to nod, whom take into your Coach, Whom honour with your hand: to make remarks, Who "rules in Cornwall, or who rules in Berks : This may be troublesome, is near the Chair: 106 “ That makes three Members, this can chuse a * May'r."

Notes, Ver. 91. A noble super fiuity, etc.] These four lines are an admirable paraphrase on

Exilis domus eft, ubi non et multa supersunt,
Et dominum fallunt, et profunt furibus.

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Cui volet, importunus ebur : . Frater, Pater, adde:

Ut cuique est aetas, ita quemque o facetus adopta.

Si bene qui coenat, bene vivit: lucet, eamus

Quo ducit gula : piscemur, venemur, ut olim

Gargilius : qui mane plagas, venabula, servos,

Differtum tranfire forum populumque jubebat,

Unus ut e multis populo fpectante referret

Emtum mulus aprum. ' crudi, tumidique lavemur,

Quid deceat, quid non, obliti ; Caerite cera

Digni : rémigium vitiofum Ithacensis Ulyssei;

Cui potior patria fuit interdicta voluptas.


Si, Mimnermus uti censet, sine amore jocisque

Nil est jucandum ; vivas in amore jocisque.

w Vive, vale. fi quid novisti rectius iftis,

Candidus imperti : fi non, his utere mecum.

VER. 127. Wilmor] Earl of Rochester.



Instructed thus, you bow, embrace, proteft,
Adopt him "Son, or Cousin at the least,
Then turn about, and laugh at your own Jeft.

Or if your life be one continu'd Treat,
If P to live well means nothing but to eat ;
Up, up! cries Gluttony, 'tis break of day,
Go drive the Deer, and drag the finny-prey ;
With hounds and horns go hunt an Appetite 115
So 9 Russel did, but could not eat at night,
Callid happy Dog! the Beggar at his door,
And envy'd Thirst and Hunger to the Poor.

Or shall we ev'ry Decency confound, Thro' Taverns, Stews, and Bagnio's take our round, Go dine with Chartres, in each Vice out-do s K-l's lewd Cargo, or Ty-y's Crew, From Latian Syrens, French Circæan Feafts, Return well travell'd, and transform'd to Beafts, Or for a Titled Punk, or foreign Flame, 125 Renounce our Country, and degrade our Name?

If, after all, we muft with Wilmot own, The Cordial Drop of Life is Love alone, And Swift cry wisely, “ Vive la Bagatelle !" The Man that loves and laughs, muft sure do well. w Adieu --if this advice appear the worst, 131 E'en take the Counsel which I gave you first: Or better precepts if you can impart, Why do, I'll follow them with all my heart. .


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