Westward Ho!: Or, The Voyages and Adventures of Sir Amyas Leigh, Knight, of Burrough, in the County of Devon, in the Reign of Her Most Glorious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, Band 1

Bernhard Tauchnitz, 1855 - 365 Seiten

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Seite 194 - ... a lone man's companion, a bachelor's friend, a hungry man's food, a sad man's cordial, a wakeful man's sleep, and a chilly man's fire, sir ; while for stanching of wounds, purging of rheum, and settling of the stomach, there's no herb like unto it under the canopy of heaven.
Seite 223 - He neither shall be born In housen nor in hall, Nor in the place of Paradise, But in an ox's stall. ' He neither shall be clothed In purple nor in pall, But all in fair linen, As were babies all. ' He neither shall be rocked In silver nor in gold, But in a wooden cradle That rocks on the mould. ' He neither shall be christened In white wine nor red, But with fair spring water, With which we were christened.
Seite 153 - Here die I, Richard Grenville, with a joyful and quiet mind, for that I have ended my life as a true soldier ought to do, that hath fought for his country, queen, religion, and honour...
Seite 1 - ALL who have travelled through the delicious scenery of North Devon must needs know the little white town of Bideford, which slopes upwards from its broad tide-river paved with yellow sands, and many-arched old bridge where salmon wait for autumn floods, toward the pleasant upland on the west.
Seite 320 - The spirits of your fathers Shall start from every wave! For the deck it was their field of fame, And ocean was their grave...
Seite 81 - Britain's Remembrancer'; and many such, all, or most part of which, foretold, directly or covertly, the ruin of the city. Nay, some were so enthusiastically bold as to run about the streets with their oral predictions, pretending...
Seite 221 - Queene," which was then in manuscript, as a base declension from the classical to the romantic school. And now Spenser (perhaps in mere melancholy wilfulness and want of purpose, for he had just been jilted by a fair maid of Kent) was wasting his mighty genius upon doggerel which he fancied antique ; and some piratical publisher (Bitter Tom Nash swears, and with likelihood, that Harvey did it himself) had just given to the world, — •" Three proper wittie and familiar Letters, lately past between...
Seite 104 - David, and sit still upon your throne. David was a great singer, you know, and a player on the viols ; and ruddy, too, and of a fair countenance ; so that will fit. Now, then, mother, don't look so frightened. I am not going to play Goliath, for all my cubits; I am to present Nathan the prophet. Now, David, hearken, for I have a message unto thee, O King ! " There were two men in one city, one rich, and the other poor...
Seite 106 - I've got to say." Wherewith Amyas sat down, and returned to the beer; while Mrs. Leigh wept tears of joy. "Amyas! Amyas!" said Frank; "you must not throw away the hopes of years, and for me, too ! Oh, how just was your parable! Ah! mother mine! to what use is all my scholarship and my philosophy, when this dear simple sailorlad outdoes me at the first trial of courtesy ? " "My children! my children! which of you shall I love best? Which of you is the more noble? I thanked God this morning for having...
Seite 127 - If you can do anything, do it quickly, for a great door and effectual is opened, and there are many adversaries. But be swift, for so do the poor lambs of the Church tremble at the fury of the heretics, that a hundred will flee before one Englishmen.

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