Siteless: 1001 Building Forms

MIT Press, 2008 - 114 Seiten
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Some may call it the first manifesto of the twenty-first century, for it lays down anew way to think about architecture. Others may think of it as the last architectural treatise, forit provides a discursive container for ideas that would otherwise be lost. Whatever genre it belongsto, SITELESS is a new kind of architecture book that seems to have come out of nowhere. Its author,a young French architect practicing in Tokyo, admits he "didn't do this out of reverence towardarchitecture, but rather out of a profound boredom with the discipline, as a sort of compulsivereaction." What would happen if architects liberated their minds from the constraints of site,program, and budget? he asks. The result is a book that is saturated with forms, and as free ofwords as any architecture book the MIT Press has ever published.The 1001 building forms in SITELESSinclude structural parasites, chain link towers, ball bearing floors, corrugated corners,exponential balconies, radial facades, crawling frames, forensic housing--and other architecturalideas that may require construction techniques not yet developed and a relation to gravity not yetachieved. SITELESS presents an open-ended compendium of visual ideas for the architecturalimagination to draw from. The forms, drawn freehand (to avoid software-specific shapes) but from aconstant viewing angle, are presented twelve to a page, with no scale, order, or end to the series.After setting down 1001 forms in siteless conditions and embryonic stages, Blanciak takes one of theforms and performs a "scale test," showing what happens when one of these fantastic ideasis subjected to the actual constraints of a site in central Tokyo. The book ends by illustrating thepotential of these shapes to morph into actual building proportions. François Blanciak is anarchitect and Research Fellow at the University of Tokyo. He has worked for architectural firms inLos Angeles, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, and New York, with architects including Frank Gehry and PeterEisenman.

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Über den Autor (2008)

François Blanciak is an architect and Research Fellow at the University of Tokyo. He has worked for architectural firms in Los Angeles, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, and New York, with such architects as Frank Gehry and Peter Eisenman.

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