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Historical Account



TOW after I had made some stay in London, 1662.

and had cleared my self of those Services,

that at that time lay upon me there, I went London. into the Country; having with me Alexander Parker and John Stubbs (who was lately come back from Alexandria in Egypt, as was mentioned before.) We travelled down through the Countries, visiting Friends Meetings, till we came to Bristol. When we were Bristot; come thither, we understood, that the Officers were likely to come, and break up the Meeting. Yet on the First-Day we went to the Meeting at Broad-mead : BroadAnd Alexander Parker standing up first to Declare, while he was speaking, the Officers came up, and . took him away. After he was gone, I stood up in the Eternal Power of God, and declared the Everlasting Truth of the Lord God; and the Heavenly Power came over all, and the Meeting was quiet the rest of the time, and brake up peaceably. I tarried till the First-Day following; visiting Friends, and being visited by Friends. On the First Day in the Morning feveral Friends came to me to Edward Pyot's House, ( where I lay the Night before) and used great En. deavours to perswade me, not to go to the Meeting

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1662. that day; for the Magistrates (they said) had threat

ned to take me, and had raised the Trained-Bands. Broad. I wish'd them to go their way to the Meeting, not meadMeering, telling them what I intended to do: but I told Edw.

Pyot, I intended to go to the Meeting; and he sent his Son with ine, to shew me the Way from his House by the Fields. As I went, I met divers Friends, who were coming to me to prevent my going; and did what they could, to stop me : What, said one, Wilt thou go into the Mouth of the Beast? Wilt thou go into the Mouth of the Dragon, said another? But I put thein by, and went on. When I came into the Meeting, Margaret Thomas was speaking; and when she had done, I stood up. Now I saw a Concern and a Fear upon Friends for me, but the Power of the . Lord, in which I declared, soon ftruck the Fear out

of them: and Life sprang, and an Heavenly, Glori. · ous Meeting we had." 'After I had Cleared my self,

of what was upon me from the Lord to the Meeting, ! I was moved to Pray: and after I had prayed, and was stept down; I was moved to stand up again, and tell Friends, Now they might see, there was a God in Israel, that could deliver. A very large, full Meeting this was, and very hot: but Truth was over all, and : the Life was up, which carried through all; and the Meeting broke up in Peace. For the Officers and Soldiers had been breaking up another Meeting, which had taken up their tiine; so that our Meeting was ended, before they came. But I understood afterwards, they were in a great Rage, that they had missed me ; for they were heard to say one to another before, I'll warrant, we shall have him : but the Lord prevented them. I went from the Meeting to Joan Hily's, where many Friends came to see me; rejoycing and bleiling God for our Deliverance. In the Evening I had a fine fresh Meeting among Friends, at a Friend's House over the Water, where Friends were

much refreshed in the Lord. After this I stay’d most willol, part of that Week in Bristol, and at Edward Pyot's. Edward was brought fo low and weak with an Ague,


Loan Hily sa blelling Freih Meter, where I ftay Pyot's.

irft-Day is my Spiritat the

that when I came first thither, he was look'd upon as 1662, a Dying Man: but it pleased the Lord to raise him ; up again ; so that, before I went away, his Ague left Britul him, and he was finely well.

Now having been two First-Days together at the Meeting at Broad-mead, and feeling my Spirit clear of Bristol ; I went next First-Day to a Meeting in the Country not far from Bristol. And after the Meet ing was over, some Friends, that came from Bristol, told me, that the Soldiers that day had beset the Meeting-House round at Bristol ; and then went up,

saying, They would be sure to have me nom : But when }" they came up, and found me not there, they were in

a great Rage; and kept the Friends in the Meetings : House most part of the day, before they would ler them go home ; and queried of them, Which way I was gone, and how they might send after me? For the Mayor, they said, would fain have spoken with me. But I had a Vision of a great Mastiff Dog, that would have bitten me : but I put one hand above hi and the other hand below, and tore his Jaws to pieces. So the Lord by his Power tore their power to pieces, and made way for me to escape them. Then passed I through the Countries, visiting Friends in Wiltshire Wilch. . and Berkshire, till I came to London; and had great Barkh. Meetings amongst Friends, as I went: and the Lord's Power was over all; and a blessed time it was for the spreading of his glorious Truth. It was indeed the Immediate Hand and Power of the Lord, that did preserve me out of their Hands at-Bristol, and over the Heads of all our Perfecutors, and the Lord alone is worthy of all the Glory, who did uphold and preserve for his Name and Truth's fake. ..

At London I ftaid not long this time, but was drawn in my Spirit to visit Friends Northward, as far as Leice Återfire, John Stubbs being with me. So we travelled down through the Countries, having Leices Meetings amongst Friends, as we went ; and at Skegby Porting we had a great Meeting. Thence pafling on, we caine bami.

Skegbye to a place called Barnet-Hils, where lived then one parhez,



Cap. bills,

1662. Captain Brown, a Baptist, whose Wife was Convin. Gre ced of Truth. This Captain Brown, after the Act for Ranuele - Breaking up. Meetings came forth, being afraid, left

his Wife should go to Meetings, and be cast into Pri. fon, - left his House at Barrow, and took a place on these Hills, saying; His Wife Mould not go to Prifon. And this being a free Place, many, both Priests and others, got thither, as well as he. But he, who would neither stand to Truth himself, nor suffer his Wife; was in this place, where he thought to be safe, found out by the Lord: whose hand fell heavy upon him for his Unfaithfulness; so that he was forely plagued, and grievously judged in himself for flying, and drawing his Wife into that private place. We went to see his Wife ; and being come into the House, I asked him, How he did? How do I? said he, The Plagues and Vengeance of God are upon me, a Run, nagate, a Cain as I am : God may look for a Witness for me, and such as me ; for if ata were no faithfuller, than I, God would have no Witness left in the Earth, In this Condition he lived there on Bread and Water ; and thought it was too good for him. At length he got home again with his Wife, to his own House at Barrow; where afterwards he came to be Convinced of God's Eternal Truth, and died in it. A little before his Death he said ; Though he had not born a Te stimony for Truth in his Life, he would bear a Testimony in his Death, and would be buried in his Orcbard; and was so. He was an Example to all the Flying Baptists in the time of Persecution; who could not bear Persecutions themselves, and yet persecuted us,

when they had Power. ; . Leica

From Barner-Hills we came to Swanington in Lei. Perth cestershire, where Wil. Smith, and some other Friends ** came to me ; but they passed away towards Night,

leaving me at a Friend's House in Swanington, AB Night, as I was sitting in the Hall, speaking to a Widow-Woman and her Daughter, there came one called Lord Beaumont, with a Company of Soldiers, who fapping their Swords on the Door, Tufht into

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