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AG 205




Tennyson.-Then the good king gave order to let blow
His horns for hunting on the morrow morn.

And when the queen petitioned for his leave
CONTENTS.- No 288.

To see the hunt, allowed it easily.
NOTES:- Tennyson's Idylls : "Geraint and Enid," 1-The

Rutherford Peerage, 2-Shakspeariana, 4-The Prince Impe- Mabinogion. When the day came they arose...and rial's Nurse - The Duration of Parliaments, 5-Pope and his Arthur wondered that Gwenhwyvar did not awake... Quarrels - Dickens on English Criminal Law-Latimer-New “ Disturb her not,” he said, “ for she had rather sleep and Altered Scripture Proper Names, 6-Old English Names than go to see the hunting."... After Arthur had gone...the of Flowers, 7. UERIES :-" The Parson of Calemberg "-A Lottery, 1673–1 queen awoke, and... with one of her maidens went thro' A Bermudan Liturgy, 7-" The Rhapsody" —Paul's Knights the Usk...and behold a knight on a hunter (came riding --Sitwells of Renishaw-A Tercentenarian-"Signum " up]. A golden-hilted sword was at his side.. and around Signature-Schiller's "Fiesko"-The Yew-The Trial of the him was a scarf of blue purple, at each corner of which Witches of Warbois. 8-Amyas Preston-Magee and Mac- was a golden apple... He overtook the queen, and saluted gregor-Morton's "New English Canaan"-Folk Medicine her...then went they (together] to the edge of the forest, (Transvaal)-A Shilling of Charles I.-Lieut.-Gen. Fiddes – and there stood, “ For,” said the queen, "from this place

John Newton's Father-in-Law-Authors Wanted, 9. REPLIES :-"Your's," 9-A Custom at the Communion Ser

we shall hear when the dogs are let loose.” vice-Gifts placed in the Stocking at Christmas: Santa Claus, Tennyson.-So with the morning all the court were 11-Parish Documents-Bigland's “Gloucestershire Collec

gone. tions," 12-Isaiah xxii. 18-The Exultet Roll-Namesderived But Guinevere lay late into the morn... from Ecclesiastical Sources, 13-Swift on Fleas—"The old

But rose at last, a single maiden with her, Agamemnons"-Anonymous Pampblets (Oxford)---"Lothe" =Loff-St. Sampson-John Hodgkins, Suf. Bishop, 14

Took horse, and forded Usk...
Galbraith of Balgair-Rev. J. Dart-The Coway Stakes-

A sudden sound of hoofs, for prince Geraint,
Superfluous Pronouns- The Mystical Meaniogs of Precious Late also, wearing neither hunting-dress,
Stones, 15—“Muff”-Treasure Trove-"Peter Paragraph Nor weapon, save a golden-hilted brand,
-"Akimbo"-"Nappy.” 16-"Sir Bevis of Hamptoun Came quickly... thro' the ford... behind them...
The Groom's “Hiss"-Dante's Voyage of Ulysses-Local

A purple scarf, at either end whereof
Toasts-General Thanksgiving, 1759-" The Confessional".
Ancient Fines, 17—"Slad"-James Wright-Elzevir's Folio

There swung an apple of the purest gold, “La Sainte Bible"-"Mormos "-The Monitor or Back

Swayed round about him...low bowed he to the queen). board-Good Friday “Marble Day"-Post Days—The First

“Wait here with me," she said, to enter a House on Christmas (or New Year's) Morning,

“For on this little knoll, if anywhere, 18-Authors Wanted, 19.

There is good chance that we shall hear the hounds." NOTES ON BOOKS :-Lefroy's "Memorials of the Discovery

and Early Settlement of the Bermudas "-Gilbert Scott's Mabinogion.-[While they stood on the knoll] they Personal and Professional Recollections"--Grove's " Dic beheld a dwarf riding on a horse... and near him...a lady tionary of Music and Musicians," Vol. II.—Bullock's “Shak-...and a knight. “Go, maiden,” said the queen, "and speare's Debt to the Bible"-"Fraser."

ask the dwarf who that knight is."..." I will not tell thee," he answered..." Then," said the maiden, “I will go

ask himself.” Thou shalt not, by my faith,' said the Notes.

dwarf," for thou art not of sufficient honour to speak of

my lord." And as she turned her horse towards the TENNYSON'S IDYLLS: “GERAINT AND ENID.” knight, the dwarf struck her with his whip...and the Having already shown, paragraph by paragraph,

maiden...returned to the queen. the minute resemblance between three or four of

Tennyson.—And while they listened...there rode

Full slowly by a knight, lady, and dwarf... Tennyson’s idylls and the prose versions compiled And Guinevere (not knowing the knight's name] desired by Sir T. Malory, I promised, with the editor's Her maiden to demand it of the dwarf, permission, to continue the same subject, and will

Who...answered sharply that she should not know. now proceed to compare the Laureate's tale of

“ Then will I ask it of himself," she said; Geraint and Enid with that contained in the

Nay, by my faith, thou shalt not," cried the dwarf,

" Thou art not worthy e'en to speak of him.” Mabinogion :

And when she put her horse toward the knight Mabinogion.- Arthur was accustomed to hold his Struck at her with his whip, and she returned court at Caerlleon upon Usk...and once on a time he

Indignant to the queen. held it there at Whitsuntide... And as [he] sat at the banquet , lo! there entered a youth [who said), “I am learn who the knight is."... [But the dwarf gave him the

Mabinogion.—" I will go myself,” said Geraint, “and one of the foresters...of Dean... In the forest I saw this day a stag...pure white, and he does not herd with the head towards the knight, the dwarf struck him across

same answer,] and when the prince turned his horse's other animals thro' stateliness and pride...and I am know thy will concerning him.”

the face, so that the blood coloured his scarf. Then Tennyson.- Arthur on the Whitsuntide before

Geraint put his hand upon the bilt of his sword, but Held court at old Caerleon upon Usk.

bethought him it would be poor vengeance to slay the There on a day, he sitting high in hall,

dwarf...80 he returned to where the queen was. Before him came a forester of Dean

Tennyson.-[The maid returned,] whereat Geraint ... with notice of a hart,

Exclaimed, “Surely I will learn his name." Taller than all his fellows, milky white,

[But the dwarf gave him the same answer,] and when First seen that day. These things he told the king.


Had put his horse in motion toward the knight Mabinogion.-" It seems best to me,” said the king, "to Struck at him with his whip, and cut his cheek. go and hunt him to-morrow at break of day."... Then The prince's blood spirted upon the scarf, Gwenhwyvar said to Arthur, “Wilt thou permit me, lord, to go to-morrow to see...the hunt?”..." That will í

...and his quick hand caught at the hilt...

But he refrained...from e'en a word, and so returned gladly," said the king.

(Unto the queen).

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