The First Boom Boom In The Bathroom Bundle: A laugh-out-loud comedy series

Tales Of Peeters, 11.12.2021 - 73 Seiten
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When thinking about fun and sex, people rarely think about bathrooms. And that’s a shame—because it’s a room with infinite potential for both. This new comedy series by Bjorn Peeters proves that once and for all.

Bathrooms are rarely the first place people think about when they imagine ripping off their lover’s clothes – and that’s too bad. The bath, the shower, even the (closed) toilet are where lovers meet, married couples reconnect, and strangers make new friends. Often in the most hilarious ways. But no matter how absurd the circumstances these people find themselves in, they have lots of fun.

Included in this first Boom Boom In The Bathroom bundle:

#001—Gladly Proven Wrong

#002—Take A Break


#004—Dumb Girl Logic

#005—Mirror Mirror

Do you like laugh-out-loud comedy and funny sex situations? Do you enjoy fun in the bathroom? Then give this new comedy series by Bjorn Peeters a try. Each story is a straight to the point half-hour read of fun and laughs, with some hot action to go along with it—perfect to enjoy during a break at work, your commute,... or whenever you need to relax and have a laugh.

All stories in the series can be read independently, in any order you like.

Don’t read a lot? Or is English your second language? BJORN PEETERS comedies are FOR ADULTS, but at the same time EASY TO READ. Typically scoring 80+ on the Flesch–Kincaid readability scales.

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If you like comedies, then Bjorn Peeters is the author for you! From classic comedies such as girls trying to survive college and nerds who try to hard, to humorous fantasy featuring knights, pirates and witches. You never had such a choice of laughs! Easy-to-read. Written for adults. For a wide audience. Whether half-hour reads or a series of novels, it’s straightforward jokes and fun that you can kick back with and just enjoy.

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