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Page xxxix. line 8, for Barius read Bavius

Ixvi. 14, for A. R. M. read H. M.
50. ult. for pastorilium read paftoritium
94. 12, for civitium read civilium
165. 22, for one read ore
174 15, in note, for xivey read XIVELY
181. dele note on ver. 35.
254. line 35, in note, for Polyanus read Polyænus
271. 9, after written insert namely
315. 4, in note, for Swirten read Swieten.

timt Page IX [A 5] 71.11.

Published June 11797.b Cadell * Darus Strand

This is the only Portrait that was ever drawn of Mr. Pope at full Length.-It was done with. out his knowledge, as he was deeply engaged in conversation with Mr. Alles in the Gallery at Prior Park, by Mr. Hoare, who sat at the other end of the Gallery.-Pope would never have forgiven the Painter had be known it-He was too sensible of the Deformity of his Person to allow the whole of it to be represented.This Drawing is therefore exceedingly valuable, as it is an Unique of this celebrated Poet.

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