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The scientific theorist perchance would find, The earth's creation least of human kind.

This fact, they're what they were in days of yore,
Is proof they made their kind and nothing more;
This monkey logic is the gist of those,
Who seek the Eternal just beneath their nose,
Who in their gross researches find,
The great Progenitor of all mankind.
The eternal years of God ne'er found a plan,
To generate through ape, a God-like man;
Nor will the scientific e'er discover,
One single soul produced without a mother.
T'is vain to seek man's origin on earth,
For his ancestors were of heavenly birth;
Conceived and born by Heaven's eternal law,
Transmitted e'en to man without a flaw.
Go search the wondrous fields of boundless

And learn if we're the only human race,

Our little world is but a tiny mote,
Among the millions that in ether float,
Worlds peopled too, with beings chaste and

Innumerable as the countless sand;
Who claim no parentage from this our earth,
Nor seek to know if monkeys gave them birth;
Who dwell in worlds, redeemed from our sad

fate, And mingle with the God's in royal state. Before the fossils were, or formed the earth, Th' Eternal Gods gave hosts of souls their birth; Who sang together in the realms of bliss, Anticipating just such worlds as this.

James H. Hart.


And the passions untamed, he indulges with

zest, Shall entail their diseases to rob him of rest.

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may be,

As wide and as deep as the waves of the sea, For the winds of the sea must in time cease to

blow, And the waters must rest in the calm that's

below, And the hark that has rode on the wild dashing

tide, By Outriding the blast, to its harbor shall glide. Thank God for our trials, O! who has not found That the sun and the cloud bring the fruits of

the ground, Were it sunshine forever, what joy have we won? Were it cloudy forever, we'd sigh for the sun! As an aid to our lives that would surfeit with

joy, Come the trials of life other thoughts to employ. Thank God for our trials, adverse though they

Ihank God for our trials, perfection the goal That is reached by the trials that burn in the

soul; Be the trial a love, unrequited and scorned, Or the longing for one whom in death we have

mourned; Let the daggers of pain pierce the heart in its

woe, Yet still must the trial a blessing bestow. Thank God for our trials, in them we must find Just the training that's needed to balance the

mind; For the sin and the pride to humanity yield, And our hearts are made warm where before

they congealed; And we turn to mankind, for our trials have

proved, That the soul must be tried who can love and he



To the joys of prosperity whereof we dream,
For the soul that is pampered in wealth from its

birth, Is the soul that of all has the least show of


Thank God for our trials, yes, thank Him to

day. While the laws that He gives we will strive to

oliey; For the purpose of life on the earth where we

live, Is to learn good from had, and learn to forgive! And the time of each birth is propitious for all, In events that shall try, as successive they fall.

7. L. Townsend.

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THE CONTRIBUTOR. the Young Men's Associations in all its


catch up.

ramifications and workings. These reA MONTHLY MAGAZINE. ports cannot possibly be uniform unless

the records from which they are made up JUNIUS F. WELLS,

are uniform in character and systematicEDITOR AND PUBLISHER. ally kept. The season is now far ad

vanced for commencing to revise or

change our rolls and records, but we Two Dollars a Year, In Advance.

understand the General Superintendency Single Copy, Twenty Cents.

have had the matter under consideration

and have concluded to adopt a form of Salt LAKE CITY, DECEMBER, 1881.

roll and record book, which will be

recommended to all Associations, with a NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS.

request that they all procure and use it

at as early a date as practicable. The first numbers of this volume of

The form adopted may be briefly desthe CONTRIBUTOR have been greatly cribed as follows: It requires the name delayed in consequence of the paper or of each member to be entered once for dered for it from the East, not arriving the season, beginning in October and for over two months after it was due. running until the first of April. Opposite This delay, we are informed, was oc

each name, in suitably ruled spaces, casioned by a blockade of freight at St. under the appropriate headings, provision Louis. The succeeding numbers will be

is made for keeping the weekly roll of issued as rapidly as possible until we

attendance, with a column for a monthly With this explanation we

summary. Beyond this on the same trust subscribers will be satisfied, and

line with the name is the monthly indiassure them that hereafter the numbers

vidual record of exercises for the six will not only appear nearer their due time

months of the regular season. This is but will maintain the good reputation kept in ruled columns and consists of a already secured for the Magazine.

report of the number of chapters read

at home, in the Bible, Book of Mormon, ROLL AND RECORD.

Doctrine and Covenants, other Church Our attention has lately been called Works and miscellaneous readings, resto the method-or rather, lack of method pectively, also of the number of lectures -employed by many Associations in delivered under each of the above headkeeping their record of attendance and ings. Columns are also provided for the exercises. In some places a very care recording of essays read, declamations ful and accurate roll of attendance is delivered, missionary appointments filled kept, but no account of exercises ren and testimonies borne. Provision is dered by the members is preserved; in made for totaling the monthly records other instances Scripture readings are every three months, showing at a glance taken into account, but lectures of every the quarterly report of every member. description pass unnoticed, except casu From this individual record the reports ally in the minutes—and sometimes men required by the Stake and General tion of them is omitted there. These Superintendencies can be readily pre: incongruities might be multiplied, but pared. If each Association is provided sufficient is shown to indicate the neces with this roll and record book, uniformity sity of some kind of system in the keep will at once be established and a correct ing of rolls, records, minutes, etc. and creditable exhibit of the entire

The Associations are required to re organization may be obtained for every port their proceedings to the Stake Super- spring Conference. intendencies and a general report is ex We know of nothing that will have a pected at the semi-annual Conferences, better effect among the members and which will represent the organization of officers of the Associations than care

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fully recording the part each performs in they can never be considered full grown, the work of mutual improvement. It responsible men, while advertising their will not only stimulate the efforts of each juvenility, at least of mental calibre, by at present, but will forever be a source a puffing of smoke from their lips. of satisfaction; for if the record is pro Smoking is an evil of the world; it perly kept, in years to come, it will show has no place assigned it in the life of a the standing of each member for every Saint, God, rather, forbids it. Therefore season while he was connected with the among the adult population of Zion, we Associations.

must view it, as a strange custom of The form is now in the hands of the Babylon tolerated for charity's sake, out printer and word should be immediately of respect to the weaknesses of those sent to the CONTRIBUTOR office by Stake who have not the courage to repent. Superintendents, indicating how many We are not sure, however, that there is books they will require for the Associa much genuine charity in sanctioning so tions in their respective Stakes.

foul and disgusting a habit, even in the weakest. Be that as it may, we wish to brand the practice, and have all the youth

of Israel so view it, as a plain confession SMOKING.

of weakness, unworthy a believer in the This habit is growing among small revelations of Joseph Smith, or boys. We are reminded of it daily; on professing to be a Latter-day Saint. the streets, about the Post Office, the The word of the Lord condemning Theatre and particularly at the close of tobacco, as only fit for sick cattle, etc., parties and meetings, the fact is pain and warning intelligent men against its fully impressed upon us.

Boys from use declares that the recommendation is eight to twenty years of age are met at "adapted to the capacity of the weak and these places whiffing their cigarettes weakest of all Saints, who are or can be with the nonchalance of old smokers. called Saints." Let the young men of

Some of them, nearer the latter age, our people read this revelation and study mig ht be called young men, if it were not It will afford them the best of that the silly effort they are making to be reasons for denying the appetite for so recognized, betrayed them, in reality tobacco, strong and hot drinks, etc., if to be, very small, narrow, light-minded they are unfortunate enough to have box-s, whose education and culture has such tastes, and will correct that most been neglected.

Boys of our faith absurd of all fallacies, which so many ought, it appears to us, to understand appear to indulge, that “Smoking makes that no matter to what age they attain,

us men."




Ah, me! It is Christmas time, merry blessed Redeemer, who came with the and joyous. What sweet recollections gladdest message that was ever brought are recalled to mind on this happy occa to human hearts; the tidings of salvation? sion. Old folks and young join in gay The most precious gift vouchsafed to man pastimes, and it is not only a season of upon earth; and in imitation of his rejoicing, but of refreshing, bodily and glorious example, mankind bestow the mentally. For a few hours at least peace most fitting gift upon one another in reis the sentiment of all honest hearts, and membrance of the blessed day, when harshness and ingratitude are banished. unto the holy virgin a son was born, Tloe very name suggests innocence, whose name was Emmanuel. Yes, He purity and love; for is it not the embodi who said “Love one another.” On this ment and name of the dear Savior, the 1 day all who desire to be his followers

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should put away all ill-feeling, and try to impressions thus made, are so strong and forgive and forget and to do some good lasting, that in maturer years, one can deed, as well as bestow costly gifts on shut his eyes and imagine dear old St. those who are dear to them by the lies of Nicholas, driving his reindeer, eight kindred or friendship. The poor whom in hand, muffled in furs and covered Jesus loved and sought to please are re with bells, that always peal merrily, membered on this day, more bounteously merrily, gliding over the house tops, perhaps than on any other day in all the dropping the bon bons and goodies down year. Blessed day! that brings gladness the chimneys, and skimming along as to so many lonely hearts ! Blessed easily as though he rode on the fleecy Savior! whose advent upon earth we white clouds. Who is there that cannot celebrate so joyfully. What better trib remember popping out of bed in the gras ute could we pay to him who loved the morning, with a trailing night robe on, poor, the meak and the lowly ones, than to see what Santa Claus had left in the to minister to these his children, and stocking by the chimney corner, the dear share with them the blessings kind little barefeet, blessed footprints "on heaven has bountifully vouchsafed; thus the sands of time!" fulfilling his injunction, “Inasmuch as ye Without entering upon any dissertahave done it unto one of these ye have tion upon the merits or demerits of such done it unto me.” And in blessing we fanciful traditions, let us take a cursory have the promise of being blessed in re view of the Christmas of to-day. This turn. He who pours out abundantly is a most extraordinary age, and the upon the poor and unfortunate, will find people have made great discoveries in all his heart lighter, and in the hour of trial the various departments of the arts and or of sorrow, will recall with satisfaction sciences. The spirit of invention is rise the good deeds which are recorded in his and there is nothing seemingly that can favor by the angels above and which be made, that has not been attempted in may perchance insure him a safer pass the way of utility or ornament. Conse. port into the realms of happiness. There quently, there are articles of every desis no pleasure so intense as that of bescription and quality, suited to the indistowing happiness upon others. And on vidual or circumstances; and all may be this day when all join in calling down gratified in the selection of appropriate blessings upon each other, surely the gifts. angels shout and sing for joy over those But after all is there not a certain nice who are walking in Jesus' footsteps, discrimination to be observed in choose treading the paths which will lead where ing or adapting a gift to the recipient, He has gone, to prepare a place for those and is there not a means of bestowal who love him and keep his command which brightens the pleasure of the poorments.

est present, making it exceed in value This is an exalting theme, and an in the costliest given in an ostentatious exhaustible one; but lest I weary my

There is certainly a great deal readers by pursuing a monotonous strain, yet to be learned about the method of let us go back to childhood or wonder- giving. land, where we have all been“once upon The poor who possess innate refinea time,” and ramble a ittle over en ment of character, or perhaps may

hare chanted ground, when erst the fairies seen better days, may be so wounded by sported, and Santa Claus held unbounded the manner in which the Christmas din. dominion at this season of the year. ner is given or the simple offering made Who does not remember Santa Claus? to them, that a morsel of bread and water Dear old fellow; children almost wor would be preferable. And even friends ship him, and are always on their good are ofttimes careless how the gift is conbehavior when this antique ginii is ex veyed, and think perchance it matters pected. They are told the most extrava little. It would be sad indeed if this gant tales, and in many instances, the practice has become so common that one


[blocks in formation]

-takes no thought of the manner of it, Gather them, bunch them together but gives simply that it may be said of

Mix with the green, the red. him, he gave liberally or to be in the “For if you love the children, fashion. True love, esteem or friend

It has been said some time, ship, a desire to actually bless others In every holly berry, should be the motive, and let us be char

Santa Claus hides a rhyme. itable enough to think that in most in “Somebody pulled an armful, stances it is so; though the hurry and

Kun quickly home to look; bustle of this workaday would make us

Found, for she so loves children, now and then forget how beautiful it is

Rhymes enough for a book." to do all things gracefully.

The Savior, himself, beautifully illusI know it is sometimes remarked by trates the most sublime sayings, and very practical, matter of fact people, that instructs his disciples in parables that it is all nonsense to decorate and take surpass in richness and delicacy of sentisuch pains to gather evergreens, flowers ment, any productions of man. They and holly berries for Christmas and holi are all the more forcible, because they days, but I beg leave to differ, and to are clothed by the touch of divine declare that these inanimate things pos beauty. Who does not know that flowsess in a great degree the power of ers inspire the tenderest emotions, and imparting efficacy to thought and feeling that evergreens and immortelles recall and appeal strongly to the heart which the immortal and imperishable? By all is the highest embodiment of sensibility means encourage the beautiful, be it ever or approximates nearest to the soul. so simple. Therefore I would say do not shut out

“Fair nature's sweet simplicity all the beautiful, and live within four

With elegance refined." bare walls, but adorn your homes with those things which will suggest pleasant

What is there more touching in exthemes for conversation, which will re

pression than the Savior's words: mind you of innocence, and draw your Consider the lilies, how they grow, they toil thoughts towards that paradise you may

not, neither do they spin, and yet Solomon in all attain, through diligence in good works bis glory was not arrayed like one of these." where all is beauty and glory and brightness supernal.

But so dearly do I love the lilies, and Yes, the mistletoe and holly are

such like charming things, that lest I specially dear to every English heart,

enter into an elaborate dissertation upon and their custom of celebrating Christ

flowers and trailing vines, winter berries

and forest boughs, I will say to my mas, reminds one of the days of chivalry patient readers and dear, good friends, of which the bards and poets sang:

known or unknown, "A Merry Christmas” and “A Happy New Year,” peace happiness and prosperity.” Amethyst.

"Children like holly berries,

Dear little robin said;

FAULT FINDING. Fault finding may be said to be the

and harmony that prevails there. In vain lazy man's evidence of wisdom, as it

to him do the sweet scented zephyrs rise requires no reflection nor study nor effort

from the earth. He is deaf to the warbto find fault. That in which there is no

ling of the songsters of the forests. He fault is perfect, hence the impossibility is not looking for order, peace or joy, but of anything mortal escaping the reach of only scents afar off the loathsome carthe fault finder. The fault finder is like

cass and hastes to feast his soul upon the vulture who soars over God's beauti- ' carrion. ful footstool seeing nothing of the beauty

The practice of fault finding is especi

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