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at the time, was stationed at Fort LeavenThe administration having determined worth and was known in the west as on a military movement against the Mor- "squaw killing Harney” from a raid he mons, instructions were accordingly conducted on a band of Brule-Sioux wogiven to the General of the army, who men, in Nebraska. The following inimmediately issued orders dated May stiuctions were addressed to him by 28, 1857 to the chiefs of the respective order of the General-in-chief: staff departments. From these first orders Headquarters of the Army, we extract the following:

New York, June 29, 1857. Orders having been dispatched in haste Sir: The letter which I addressed to for the assemblage of a body of troops you in the name of the General-in-chief, at Fort Leavenworth, to march thence to on the 28th ultimo, his circular to the Utah as soon as assembled, the General chiefs of the staff departments, same in-chief, in concert with the War Depart- date, his general orders No. 8, current ment, issues the following instructions: series, and another now in press, have

1. The force—2d dragoons, 5th infan indicated your assignment to the comtry, ioth infantry and Phelps' battery of mand ot an expedition to Utah Territory, the 4th artillery-to be provided with and preparatory measures to be taken. transportation and supplies, will be esti The General-in-chief desires me to add mated at not less than two thousand five in his name the following instructions, hundred men.

prepared in concert with the War Depart2. The Adjutant-general will, in con ment, and sanctioned by its authority, cert with the chiefs of the respective de whenever required. partments, issue the necessary orders for The community and, in part, the civil assigning to this force a full complement government of Utah Territory are in a of disbursing and medical officers, an state of substantial rebellion against the officer of ordnance and an assistant laws and authority of the United States. Adjutant-general, if the latter be re A new civil governor is about to be quired. *

All available recruits designated, and to be charged with the are to be assigned to the above named establishment and maintenance of law regiments up to the time of departure. and order. Your able and energetic aid,

3. About two thousand head of beef with that of the troops to be placed uncattle must be procured and driven to der your command, is relied on to insure Utah; six months' supply of bacon,(for two the success of his mission. days in the week) must be sent; and dessi The principles by which you should be cated vegetables in sufficient quantity to guided have been already indicated in a guard the health of the troops for the somewhat similar case, and are here coming winter.

The surgeon substantially repeated. general will cause the necessary medical If the governor of the Territory findsupplies to be provided. * The ing the ordinary course of judicial prochief of ordnance will take measures ceedings of the power vested in the United immediately to put in position, for the States marshals and other proper officers use of this force, three traveling forges inadaquate, for the preservation of the and a full supply of ammunition, and will public peace and the due execution of the make requisition for the necessary trans- laws, should make requisition upon you portation of the same.

for a military force to aid him as a posse Signed, Winfield Scott. comitatus in the performance of that From the date of this circular, active official duty, you are hereby directed to steps were taken to muster the force and employ for that purpose the whole or prepare for the onward march to Utah. such part of your command as may be The command was assigned to Brevet required; or should the governor, the Brigadier General W. S. Harney, who, l judges or marshals of the Territory find

and interests of the United States involved in its success that I am authorcure health and comfort to it, as far as

85 THE ECHO CAÑON WAR. it necessary directly to summon a part of ment of spies, guides, interpreters or your troops, to aid either, in the perform laborers may be made to any reasonable ance of his duties, you will take care that extent you may think desirable. the summons be promptly obeyed. And The prudence expected of you rein no case will you, your officers or men quires that you should anticipate resistattack any body of citizens whatever, ance; general, organized and formidable, except on such requisition or summons, at the threshold, and shape your moveor in sheer self-defence.

ments as if they were certain, keeping In executing this delicate function of the troops well massed and in hand when the military power of the United States, approaching expected resistance. Your the civil responsibility will be upon the army will be equipped, for a time at least, Governor, the Judges and Marshals of as a self sustaining machine. Detachthe Territory. While you are not and ments will, therefore, not be lightly cannot be subjected to the orders, strict- hazarded, and you are warned not to be ly speaking, of the Governor, you will betrayed into premature security or over be responsible for a jealous, harmonious confidence. and thorough co-operation with him on A small but sufficient force must, frequent and full consultation, and will however, move separately from the main conform your action to his requests and

column, guarding the beef cattle and views in all cases where your military such other supplies as you may think judgment and prudence do not forbid would too much encumber the march of nor compel you to modify, in execution, the main body. The cattle may require the movements he may suggest. No to be marched more slowly than the doubt is entertained that your conduct

troops, so as to arrive in Salt Lake Valley will fully meet the moral and professional in good condition, or they may not responsibilities of your trust, and justify survive the inclemency and scanty sustethe high confidence already reposed in

nance of the winter. This detachment, you by the Government.

though afterwards to become the rear The lateness of the season, the dis

guard, may, it is hoped, be put in route persed condition of the troops, and the

before the main body, to gain as much smallness of the numbers available, have

time as possible before the latter passes seemed to present elements of difficulty,

it. if not hazard, in this expedition. But it

The General-in-chief suggests that is believed that these may be compen.

feeble animals of draught and cavalry sated by unusual care in its outfit, and should be left ten or twelve days behind great prudence in its conduct. All dis the main column, at Fort Laramie, to posable recruits have been reserved for recruit and follow. it.

It should be a primary object on arrivSo well is the nature of this service ing in the valley, if the condition of appreciated, and so deeply are the honor things permit, to procure not only fuel

but materials for hutting the troops.

Should it be too late for the latter ized to say, the government will hesitate

purpose, or should such employment of expense requisite to complete the the troops be unsafe or impracticable, efficiency of your little army, and to se

the tents (of Sibley's pattern), furnished,

will, it is hoped, afford a sufficient Hence, in addition to the shelter. liberal orders for its supply heretofore

It is not doubted that a surplus of given-and it is known that ample meas

provisions and forage, beyond the wants every confidence of success of the resident population, will be found have been dictated by the chiefs of staff in the valley of Utah; and that the indepartments here-a large discretion

habitants, if assured by energy and will be made over to you in the general | justice, will be ready to sell them to the orders for the movements. The employ- | troops. Hence no instructions are given

at no


ures with



you for the extreme event of the troops Utah in the summer of 1857. The unbeing in absolute need of such supplies usual discretion accorded the com. and their being with held by the inhabi mander to order from the departments tants. The necessities of such an oc whatever he required, without further currence would furnish the law for your reference, was most liberally employed guidance.

by him. The trains of provisions, arms, Besides the stated reports required by ammunition and every implement and regulations, special reports will be ex convenience for the sustenance of the pected from you, at the headquarters of army and the successful prosecution of the army, as opportunity may offer. a forced entrance into and occupancy of

The General-in-chief desires me to the “Valley of Utah," too plainly indiexpress his best wishes, official and per cated the hostile intention of the admin. sonal for your complete success and stration for any such sophistry as Govadded reputation.

ernor Cumming's to receive the least deI have the honor to be, sir, very res gree of credulity or respect. pectfully, your obedient servant,

While the troops were thus being musGeorge W. Lay, tered, amid great activity in all the Lieutenant Colonel, Aid-de-Camp. departments of supply, the mail carriers To Brevet Brigadier General W. S. from Utah arrived on the frontiers and Harney, Commanding, etc., Fort Leaven- demanded the mail for the west. This worth, Kansas.

was refused them. The instructions from P.S. The General-in-chief, in my Washington were to stop all mails for letter of the 20th instant, has already Utah under the existing contract. In conveyed to you a suggestion-not an all the drivings and persecutions of our order, nor even a recommendation—that people in Missouri and Illinois, the cutit might be well to send forward in ad- ting off of the mails was among the first vance a part of your horse to Fort Lara- of hostile acts, and was followed by mie, there to halt and be recruited in burnings, mobbings and bloodshed. Is strength by rest and grain, before the , it any wonder that our people viewed this main body comes up.

act with apprehension? It declared the Respectfully,

presence of an active enemy, it stamped G. W. L.

the government as an aggressive foe. Lieut. Col. Aid-de-Camp. The mails were refused the contractors These were the instructions of the on the fourth day of July, 1857. Vaux. military Commander-in-chief of the Government, and we think the reader Earnestness is the main element in will possess sufficient discernment to see the impressiveness of public speaking. how far they were dictated in a spirit of It carries conviction to the minds of the conciliation and regard for the interests hearers with a power that nothing else and rights of the people against whom can give. Its absence is an irreparable they were directed.

defect. Sincerity is not enough; desire After peace was established and the to be useful is not enough. Men must army returned, it was repeatedly said have that ardent impulse which, break. that the government never intended war ing through every barrier, attests to the never contemplated war at all. Governor world their sincerity. They must be disCumming loudly proclaimed that the tinguished by peculiar energy; they army came out with him to protect the must have moral power to compel inhabitants against the Indians, a state- respectful attention. Their whole soul ment so ludicrous that it provokes a

must be thrown into the work sympa. smile. The facts are, no army was ever thetically. So spake Paul, Peter, better provided with officers, supplies, Luther, Knox, Whitfield, Wesley, transportation, arms and ammunition, Jeseph Smith and Brigham Young, and for hostile invasion than the little army

so speak President Taylor, and many of dispatched from Fort Leavenworth for his associates of the present day.



anomalous position in


CAJOLERY AND FLATTERY. The future of a community or a nation Church,” that liberty and freedom are all can be measurably predicted upon the outside; that they must, under the "remental, moral and spiritual stamina of straints of the Priesthood," be "hewers its youth; this fact is recognized and of wood and drawers of water," but that conceded by the opponents of the major in the assertion of themselves, their ity of this Territory.

rights and privileges etc., all the avenues It is felt by such, that ordinary and of preferment, emolument and honor are probably extraordinary effort could ac open to their will. So there is an appearcomplish but little among those of ance of interest, of regard, a disposition mature years, or of large experience in

to patronize, to assist, to advance in life so-called "Mormonism;" but that any

all who can by this process in any way hope for future disintegration of this be lured or cajoled! system must come from perversion of Reflection and experience sees in this the youth. It is readily understood however the old tempter, even without that there is pliability in inexperience, the trouble of disguise. Turn for a moment and to take advantage of this fact is no to “The Book:” Again the devil taketh discredit, providing, the inculcation and him up into an exceeding high mountain, practical application of primal or ad and showeth him all the kingdoms of vanced truth, is really the object desired. this world, and the glory of them; and But the youth of Utah occupy an

saith unto him, All these things will I

the common give thee if thou wilt fall down and wealth; anywhere else, religionists are worship me. Then saith Jesus unto expected to train their own posterity; him, Get thee hence Satan, for it is writand deliberate encroachment upon this

ten thou shalt worship the Lord thy God established practice would

be and him only, shalt thou serve.-Matbrooked by any party; but there are thew iv, 8, 9, 10. How nearly parallel those in Utah who deliberately counsel

the offers of ancient and modern times; disobedience to parental authority, who only forsake your religion, give up your hold up to ridicule, those honored as faith in God, your regard for the gospel, teachers, who falsify facts and pervert

, and be “as one of us," and we will award persistently, the intent and meaning of you a fair share of place, perquisites and most sacred things, in order to create plunder; office, political perferment distrust and relegate to contempt or

government position can be all yours "if indifference the faith, friends and

you will only pay the price !” Those who wishes of their fathers and mothers.

accept the bribe will be very few indeed, The youthful mind, thus unsuspectingly, nay, there could be no calamity so great, thoughts and ideas which would so fatal in its effects, as to inoculate our

as snowflakes upon the youth with that greed for office, which fathers, who, for years, have been already far too much is the characteristic berated and misrepresented by oppo- of the majority of this Republic. It is a nents; it is almost incredible to our

more healthy sign when “office seeks the youth, that men should so continuously man,” than "when men seek the office,” falsify, and through the press, so repeat and if these are to be bought by fealty to edly resurrect the proven inconsistencies party, and by becoming traitorous to and myths of the years gone by!

truth, let our youth avoid office as long as But of late there is a “new departure" they live, for this "blood poisoning,” in the camp of the enemy, raillery and

which men sometimes call patriotism, ridicule being unsuccessful, it is pro- meaning self, will leave its effects both in posed to win by inflaming the ambition time and in eternity. of our youth; they are kindly reminded There is no fear however in regard they are "out of harmony with the age," even to public honor being long withheld that "slavery and bondage are in the from our youth. We are a growing people,

imbibes fall as light

[blocks in formation]

and outside of ecclesiastical duty and Nay, in many respects are they not position as part of the body politic,” more worthy of our confidence because there will be need for dignitaries of every of these special traits? If then they grade in the not far distant future; and have honored their public positions of there is no need to forswear our allegiance trust, in their religion, cannot our youth to God and His cause, in order to find do precisely the same? In official life, what men call honor. It was said of old in public life, in business transactions, in time "they that honor me I will honor, home duties; as mechanics, agriculturthis is immutable, it will never be obso ists, wood haulers, railroad hands, school lete. Nor is religious earnestness any teachers, or wherever placed, a true rebar to official position, it really helps to ligious life and spirit is an unchanging glorify that which society may impose recommend; while to be indifferent in upon or award to its most distinguished these things, to be a place hunter simply servants, for a governor or judge to act speculating on prospective spoils, or for in "the fear of God," would have been a an easy berth,is derogatory to manhood, help in many “modern instances;" for a destructive of true independence, and in mayor, councilor, sheriff, policeman to every way calculated to benumb and to bring into his duties the spirit of true clog every aspiration after a higher and faith would be always and every where better life. an advantage. National, territorial, or Now our opponents have mistaken our local preferment to individuals, could be youth, they will not in any appreciable most gracefully awarded to men of numbers be seduced from their allegireligious training; scrupulous, conscien ance to God, or from the faith of their tious, and saturated with integrity,covered fathers, there will not many hunger after with righteousness as with a garment, "the fleshpots of Egypt," but "when they unbought, unbribed, unimpeachable, are called they will answer," and their would there then be any outcry for religion will give tone, and color, and "civil service reform"? Was President

lustre, to every proper duty and to every Young's faith in God, an evil or illegiti-worthy position ! H. W. Naisbiti. mate element of his official character? Was General D. H. Wells less brave and soldierly as commander of the No people can be either politically “Nauvoo Legion” because he was a man free or socially safe or happy whose of prayer? Is George Q. Cannon lowered religious feelings are interfered with, as the representative of our Territory in coerced or insulted; and no government Washington, by the fact that he is a can be either respected or willingly believer in the Bible? Are any of these, obeyed, that places a brand upon men or our legislators or other public function for their creed, or that denies them a aries less worthy of public confidence participation in every benefit which other because they beleive in the apostleship men enjoy, because they refuse to violate and divine mission of Joseph Smith ? the dictates of their conscience.


Philosophy, openly, has sought in vain to scan,
Some mystic link, connecting ape and man,
We're told that fossil debris found on earth,
Reveal the secret of man's primal birth.

To prove its boasted theory let Science take,
Some well bred apes, and just one Christian

Bunnel would give no trifle to discover,
A man produced from such a Darwin mother.

Admit that fossils of baboons are found,
In gravel bed, in rock, or marl or mound,
Ten thousand years before historic man,
This fails to teach us where he first began.

The ape, the monkey, and baboon possess,
The instincts of their race -- no more, no


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