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should he be beaten in argument, Mr. I. , day, nor that it had similar effects on says: "Surely the light of experience is both the master and the servant. The enough to tell us that

mur angels in heaven are subject to the gods der is not a virtue." Does he mean that above them, and the Apostle Paul tells the Bible makes it so? If he does, there us that the saints shall judge the angels is not such a statement from the begin- | there. ning of Genesis to the end of Revelations. 4. Polygamy:- This was commanded, On the contrary, it says, “And he that blessed and approved in ancient days: killeth any man shall surely be put to the New Testament upholds it, and no death.”—Lev. 24: 17; and in chapter 35 people will ever reach the bighest point of Numbers occur no less than three in God's Celestial Kingdom, where they times, these words: “The murderer shall will be as Gods with all power and dominsurely be put to death.”

ion, except they embrace this principle 3. Slavery. -As regards this subject, on earth. The highest forms of love neither Mr. Ingersoll, I, nor any other are begotten in it, its children are ahead man can say whether it is right, wrong, or of the world in morality, in healthfulimmaterial, but I will agree with him that ness, in intellect; and the mortality that form of it carried on before the war among them is less. Mr. Ingersoll calls was not right. However, this proves it "an infamous crime." I call it the nothing. No one, by reading the Bible perfection of virtue. Let God be the can in any manner believe that the Jewish judge between us. people practiced it as practiced in our

Fera. L. Young:


. In August, 1877, our party, consisting shelter from the now fast approaching of four young men, were descending one storm. It was the work of but a few moof the cañons of the Rocky Mountains, ments to arrange the camp and secure the where we had been spending a short animals, and all hands were soon busily time for health and pleasure. The engaged at supper around a cheerful ominous clouds, gathering thick and fast camp fire. over our

heads, gave warning that we Scarce was the evening's repast ended must, ere long, select a camping place when the rain began to fall quite heavily, for the night. The part of the cañon in

and all around was clothed in intense which we were, gave little encourage- darkness, lit up occasionally by flashes ment to us in this respect, for to the north of vivid lightning, which, with the gurgling the mountains rose abruptly to a height of the stream flowing near us, the moanof several hundred feet, with rugged | ing and whistling of the wind through sides, and here and there a clump of the trees, and the rattling of the thunder, bushes; while on the south, to our left caused a feeling of awe within us, and as we traveled down the cañon, was the our conversation was carried on in subperpendicular bank of the river, which dued, though cheerful tones. As the hurried along its rocky bed a hundred night sped on, the storm increased in its feet below,

fury, and by the time we retired (not to Already, as we hurried on, the light- sleep, for that was out of the question), a ning gleamed, and we heard the roar of perfect tempest was raging:distant thunder, when we came upon a

""The lightnings flash from pole to pole, large ravine, down which it was practi

Near and more near the thunders roll," cable to descend to the bank of the river, Until it seemed as though the sky was where, to our satisfaction, we discovered one continuous glare, and the crashing a few trees whose branches were inter- of the thunder was terrific. The wind, woven with willows so as to form a rude from a gentle breeze, had become a



fierce gale, and the rain poured down made our way down the narrow part of in torrents.

the cañon for a few miles, to the mouth, For a considerable time the storm con where we beheld a scene far from being tinued without abating in its fury. The delightful or encouraging. What the river had become a rushing food, while evening before had been a small village a rivulet which but a few hours since was now a desolate, dreary waste. Not rippled down the ravine, gayly leaping a building of any kind was left standing, from rock to rock, had increased to a except one large frame house and its roaring mountain torrent. Suddenly belongings, a little to the north of the above us we heard a heavy crashing, and mouth of the cañon, where were gathered a deep rumbling, thundering sound, the few inhabitants of the village, who which drew nearer and nearer, increas had happily been warned in time to ing in volume and intensity, smothering escape with their lives; but all their the sound of the raging storm, and then property,except perhaps a score of horses growing less distinct, as though moving and cattle, which were on the bench away far down the gorge, until all went above, with the fruits of their industry, on as before. At last the storm grad were carried away or covered in sand ually subsided; the clouds began to and dirt. From the men we learned disperse, and the moon occasionally that at about midnight the people were shone through, revealing dimly to our thrown into consternation by being insight, strewn thickly around us, rocks, formed by one of their number that the and gravel, and brush; while just below river was rapidly rising, and they were was a seething, boiling, foaming mass of in great danger; the last family bad but rushing water, the roar of which was just reached a place of safety, when the almost deafening.

torrent reached the mouth of the cañon, With thankful hearts we welcomed the and the whole village was swept away or



, as though the storm of the pre- After sympathizing with them in their

ceding night was a something past and loss and imparting what we could spare forgotten. But about us, on either side, from our small store, and making room logs, uprooted trees, stones and rubbish, for an aged man to ride to the neighborgullies torn through the roadway above ing town, we left these people, who, in us, and the tumultuous cataract below,

the midst of their calamity, were hopewere evidences of the fearful destruction ful and cheerful, to retrieve in time their which had taken place. Fortunate, in fallen fortunes, and continued on our deed, were we; for, when the cloud had journey, rejoicing that we were permitted burst above, sweeping almost every to return in safety to our homes, after thing before it, the hill under which we an experience of a thunderstorm in the were had proven a shelter, but for which mountains, that will not readily be effaced we had been launched into eternity.

from our memories.

Roy Kenneth, After partaking of a hasty meal, we started on what was now an arduous, There is no death! The stars go down, wearisome journey; the road was badly To rise upon some fairer shore; washed out or strewn with debris, making And bright in heaven's jeweled crown our progress extremely difficult. We

They shine forevermore.- Bulwer Lytter.



He was acquainted with their career. It was said by an eminent friend of He knew that to write their history our people that,“The history of the Latter would be to eclipse the writings of day Saints will never be written."

Moses, in describing the doctrines and




journeyings of ancient Israel. And it do well to examine the history of prebecomes patent to any one who under- vious onslaughts, and contemplate wisely takes to chronicle the events of even the ignominy and shame that have borne an epoch of our history, that there is an down to the unlamented grave of obunder-current of heroism, faith, devotion, scurity, those who yielded their manhood governing and directing the energies of to do the Devil's work, and fought against our people, which requires the subtle Zion. The past teaches, and happy would power of inspiration to appreciate and it be for them if they would learn, that the gifted pen of one, who sees with "the there is no glory, no reward for such. No eye of faith” to depict. To be such a better example of this truth could be one would gratify the ambition and pride found than in the life of Judge W. W. of the writer; but he sees so much yet Drummond, whose lying tongue and to attain, ere reaching that honored dis false and wicked pen were perhaps intinction, that he fain would content him-mediately responsible for the gravest self with an humbler lot, and therefore blunder ever committed by an American purposes in the present paper to merely administration: The Buchanan camptouch upon certain interesting incidents, aign against the Mormons. relating to that martial period of our There were other influences brought people's history, when the army of the to bear upon the cabinet of President United States came up against us in Buchanan at this time.

The ques1857, and our

were enlisted in tion of southern disaffection might be "the army of defence” to take part in avoided, if the indignation of the people what we called, “The Echo Cañon could be wrought up and directed away War."

from Washington. There being no Of the causes that led to the confict foreign foe to answer for this purpose, of that period it will not be necessary the nearest thing to it was made to apto go into detail for the purposes of this

pear by clothing "the phantom of the sketch. They may be traced even to mountains” in the garb of an adversary, the antagonism of Right and Wrong; to -at whatever economy of truth-and the eternal conflict between the powers directing the gaze of the nation there. of Light and Darkness. The attempt

An adroit method, surely, for Treason to overthrow the Latter-day Saints by to escape the searching eye of Patriotism, an armed force in 1857, was, unquestion. while concocting her plans to disrupt ably, but an expression of the same the Union and bathe the fairest land of spirit that drove them from Missouri earth in the blood of a million of her to Illinois; that filled the breasts of the

The Utah war has been pro. howling mob around the walls of Carth nounced by statesmen-a ruse—to shield

on the 27th of June, 1844, and traitors in their incipient treason, and to that caused the expulsion of our people blind the nation, while they stabbed her from the confines of civilization. The in the back. same vile influence to-day inflates the Whatever the policy may have been, breasts of those, whose corrupt lives the means of diverting the attention of make them its willing subjects, and the nation, from the real danger, which clamors for inimical legislation and

then threatened and afterwards nearly corrupt and tyrannical rulers, sustained destroyed it, were forthcoming in endby the force of bayonets, in the wicked less ways; chiefly, through the reports of efforts to deprive us of our liberties, and the Federal officers of Utah, whose lives to bring us under the yoke of sectarian were generally so shameful that they bigotry and venom, which knows no were in constant danger of prosecution tolerance, and is therefore pre-eminent- in their own courts; and who were so ly the qualified instrument to do the notoriously incompetent and corrupt that Adversary's bidding.

In regard to not to recognize their indiscretions was the present hostile threatenings of our to admit a lack of ordinary common enemies, it appears to us that they would sense. Men who prostituted their talents


age jail



and dragged the ermine of their offices contractors at the Missouri River stain the filth of lasciviousness, avarice tions, and not until the army had actually and kindred corruption, were choice been enlisted and directed by the admin. exponents of that pious sentiment, under istration to take up the march to Utah, the guise of offended virtue, which did word reach our people of the hostile breathed aloud the awful abominations intention of the Government, and then it of the Great Basin and demanded the came by rumor, not by any official comsubstitution of such morality as theirs, munication. for that which the people of the Great Of the direct charges made against Basin practiced, in the name of God and the Latter-day Saints, upon which so Religion, as the highest expression of loud a public clamor was raised, and the virtue, the perfect law of regeneration administration blindly acted, those by and social enfranchisement.

Associate Justice Drummond, may be The howl of these self-righteous, taken as a sample. They were included in abused and unappreciated lepers was his letter of resignation of that office-an taken up by bigoted priests, lying editors office he shamefully abused-directed to and political traitors, and was sounded | Hon. J. S. Black, Attorney General, and resounded, from the east to the west, bearing date of March 30, 1857. They from the north to the south and back are as follows: again. The nation was wrought up; the “In the first place, Brigham Young, pent up indignation of the millions who the Governor of Utah Territory, is the inhabit it was let loose, and a perfect acknowledged head of the Church of flood of invective and denunciation swept Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, comthe Continent from shore to shore. / monly called "Mormons;' and, as such Amid this universal tumult, the Adminis head, the Mormons' look to him, and tration with the possible knowledge of to him alone, for the law by which some Congressmen, quietly resolved on they are to be governed; therefore no war against the “Mormons.” There was law of Congress is by them considered no apparent thought of investigation. binding in any manner.” there was no cool reflection,—they both “Secondly. I know that there is a came after—but the popular feeling was secret oath-bound organization among aroused, and the moment had come to all the male members of the Church to strike the blow that should sacrifice a resist the laws of the Country, and to people at the altar of Popular Prejudice. acknowledge no law save the law of the and reward the bloodthirsty devotees “Holy Priesthood," which comes to the with enduring fame. Poor, blind, ambi- | people through Brigham Young, direct tious bigots; they forgot that Popular from God; he, Young, being the vicePrejudice was the inost fickle deity, and gerent of God, and Prophet, viz: succesthat her decrees were as uncertain as sor of Joseph Smith, who was the foundthe variable wind. The President and er of this blind and treasonable orcabinet resolved on the punishment of ganization. the "Mormons,” believing that the feel. “Thirdly. I am fully aware that there ing of the people would sustain them, is a set of men, set apart by special order even in going to war. And they were of the Church, to take both the lives right, for the time being. No movement and property of persons who may queswas ever more popular. It was loudly tion the authority of the Church; the proclaimed that the Commander-in-chief names of whom I will promptly make could rely on a million volunteers, if he known at a future time. required them, to accomplish the over “Fourthly. That the records, papers, throw of the "Mormons.” The tocsin etc., of the Supreme Court have been of war was sounded and reverberated destroyed by order of the Church, with from state to state, but failed to reach the direct knowledge and approbation of the peaceful vales of the mountains. Governor Young and the Federal officers The mails for Utah had been refused the grossly insulted for presuming to raise a




band is accused of murdering Captain U

single question about the treasonable his office was that he was afraid of

prosecution for adultery; he having “Fifthly. That the Federal officers of insulted the people whom he came to the Territory are constantly insulted, | judge, by bringing a loose woman from harrassed and annoyed by the Mormons, Washington, with whom he notoriously and for these insults there is no redress. lived, calling her his wife, while his real

“Sixthly. That the Federal officers are wife and family, in ignorance of his asdaily compelled to hear the form of the sociations, were left in Illinois. Charges American government traduced, the Chief from such a character hardly deserve Executives of the nation, both living and refutation, but an army was sent to subdue dead, slandered and abused from the the Mormons, on the strength of them, masses, as well as from all the leading and history should show how utterly members of the Church, in the most baseless and without support of proof vulgar, loathsome, and wicked manner they were. that the evil passions of men can possi Firstly. “There is not a people upon bly conceive."

the face of the whole earth more devoted These six specific charges are supple and loyal to their government than are , a

the peaceable, industrious citizens of

Utah. They are wedded to the ConstiJno. W. Gunnison and party in 1853 tution and laws of the Republic. Indeed under the direction of the Church author they go farther than other citizens; for ities, Hon. Leonidas Shaver, poisoned, it is a revealed fact, incorporated in their A. W. Babbitt, slaughtered on the articles of faith, that the form and Conplains, and all officers and loyal citizens stitution of the American Government, in constant danger of falling under the are the products of the inspiration of the awful, mysterious hand of the Church, Almighty. To deny its authority and which renders their lives “unsafe for a Constitutional laws, would be to deny single day.” These reasons," writes the the divinity of the revelations which God trembling judge, “with many others thať gave through Joseph Smith; it would I miggt give, which would be too heart be a denial of 'Mormonism.' It would rending to insert in this communica be a flat denial of the constant teachtion, have impelled me to resign the

ings, counsels and practices of Presioffice of Justice of the Territory of dent Young.” Utah, and again return to my adopted Secondly. “This is only a repetition State of Illinois.” Upon these base lies of the absurd and ridiculous lie invented the great government of our country, by the Missouri murderers in 1838, prerushed madly into the most ignominious tending that the Mormons had an oath conflict that ever disgraced a civilized bound organization' among them, called nation, in the treatment of local diffi- •Danites, or, Destroying Angels,' whose culties.

A conflict from which, with business it was to destroy the Gentiles.” drawal most humiliating bad to follow, The origin of this oft repeated slander of and that sunk the principal participants our people, was in the folly of one in a quagmire of oblivion and shame Alvord, who attempted in the days of from which they never rose.

Missouri, to establish a secret order, As to Drummond's charges they were ostensibly for the protection of the the cowardly ravings of a dishonest Prophet, really to gratify his own insane libertine, who to shield himself from ambition. He gave his order the name judicial exposure, was only too eager to “Danites," meaning "a serpent in thy hazard the lives and liberties of a noble path.” Before it had fairly started, he people to the relentless fury of an im- proposed such villainies to the few whom passioned mob. He wrote his charges he had deceived into joining it, that they to fire the breasts of such, not to excuse

referred the whole design to the Prophet himself for withdrawing from the justice- Joseph. He promptly pronounced such ship. The real reason why he resigned an organization treasonable and contrary

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