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again an offering unto the Lord in right- prayer, they were visited by an angel, eousness.'"

Having this authority con who held the plates in his hands and ferred upon them they proceeded to the turned over the leaves one by one so water and baptized each other, Joseph that the witnesses could discover the officiating first. They then ordained | engravings thereon distinctly. The first each other in the same order, as they exhibition of the plates was to Joseph, had been commanded by the angel. Oliver and David, Martin Harris having Inexpressible was their joy after attend- gone to pray by himself, as while he was ing to these sacred ordinances. The present no answer to their prayers was reHoly Ghost fell upon them and they ceived. Immediately after, however, prophesied, and rejoiced exceedingly in Joseph joined him in his supplications the manifestations of God's favor which and the vision of the plates and the voice were poured out upon them. While from heaven, declaring that they had returning to the house, they overheard been revealed and translated by the power Samuel H. Smith, Joseph's brother, of God, was repeated. A few days after, praying in the woods, they conversed the eight witnesses were permitted to with him on the principles, explained the view the plates, and their testimony was Scriptures and the same day led him in- | added to the others. to the waters of baptism, Oliver Cowdery On Tuesday, the sixth of April, 1830, officiating. Others soon followed in his the Church was organized in Peter footsteps. The time of the Prophet was Whitmer's house, which was situated in busily engaged translating, preaching by Fayette township a short distance south the fireside and receiving revelations, by of the town of Waterloo, Seneca County, means of the Urim and Thummim and N. Y. The following six persons were the spirit of revelation and prophecy. all the members presenton that occasion:

In the beginning of June 1829, David Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, Samuel H. Whitmer came to Harmony with his Smith, David Whitmer, Peter Whitmer, team, for the purpose of conveying Jr. and Oliver Cowdery. According to Joseph and Oliver to Fayette, Seneca authority and instruction previously County, N. Y., there to finish the work given, Joseph laid hands upon Oliver of translation. The journey was one of and ordained him an Elder in the Church peculiar interest. Instead of Joseph of Jesus Christ, and he in turn ordained carrying the plates with him in the wagon, Joseph to the same office. They then they were taken in charge by an angel, laid hands on the other members present who said he would deliver them to him

that they might receive the gift of the on his arrival at Fayette. This person- Holy Ghost and be confirmed members age was

on the road by Oliver of the Church. The Spirit rested upon Cowdery and David Whitmer.

all and they were greatly blessed and It was also about this time, and per-| edified. A revelation was given, and haps while on this journey, that the keys other brethren were ordained to various of the Kingdom of God and the Mel- offices the Spirit directed.

On chisedec Priesthood were restored by the following Sunday, Oliver Cowdery the visitation of Peter, James and John. preached the first public discourse on

While at Fayette, in the month of June, the principles of the Gospel; a large Hyrum Smith, David and Peter Whit-number of people attended and several mer, Jr., were baptized in Seneca Lake, were baptized the same day. and from this time forth many became During the month of April the Prophet believers and were baptized. It was visited Mr. Joseph Knight, at Colesville, during this month that the three wit- Broome County, N. Y., and held several nesses: Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer meetings in the neighborhood. Among and Martin Harris obtained a view of the regular attendants was Mr. Knight's the plates. They retired with Joseph to the woods in Fayette township near Mr. respecting the Truth he had heard, beWhitmer's house and there after earnest came possessed of a devil, which Joseph




a hundred members. Many Saints from Kirtland. On the sixth of June a remarkable conference was held, and on and declaring that the land of Missouri heritance, appointing the next conference fifth of January, 1832. The first edition SERMONS AND WRITINGS OF THE PROPHET.

5 was requested to cast out. He laid a revelation was received declaring that hands upon Newel and commanded the place to be the Central Land of Zion evil spirit to depart from him, when his and indicating the site on which the countenance at once assumed its natural Temple should be built. The Saints appearance, and he declared that he saw began at once to settle in the neighborthe devil leave him and vanish from his hood. The whole Colesville branch sight. This was the first miracle per were among the first, Joseph helping formed by authority of the priesthood in them, on the second of August, to build this dispensation.

their first log house twelve miles west It will be necessary to pass over the of Independence. The same day, the events in the life of the Prophet, from land was consecrated and dedicated for this time on, very briefly in order to get the gathering of the Saints by Sidney them within the space allotted for this Rigdon. “On the third day of August, sketch.

1831, the spot for the Temple, a little In December, 1830, Sidney Rigdon west of Independence, was dedicated in and Edward Partridge, who had previous- the presence of eight men, among whom ly received the Gospel from Elders were Sidney Rigdon, Edward Partridge, Parley P. Pratt, Oliver Cowdery and W. W. Phelps, Oliver Cowdery, Martin others on their way to Missouri, came to

Harris and Joseph Coe. The eightyJoseph to enquire of the Lord. Joseph | seventh Psalm was read and the scene had not before this time met Sidney was solemn and impressive.” Joseph Rigdon, which fact completely refutes was delighted with Missouri, In the the miserable subterfuge, scoffers of the fulness of his gratitude and delight he Book of Mormon have put forth, known exclaimed: “God will shine-the perfecas the “Solomon Spaulding Story." tion of beauty out of Zion.”

In the latter part of January 1831, On the ninth of August, Joseph the Prophet and his wife, accompanied started back to Kirtland, arriving safely these brethren to Kirtland, Ohio, where they were received and kindly enter

on the twenty-seventh. He resumed the

translation of the Bible, Sidney Rigdon tained in the home of Newel K. Whit-assisting him. Many meetings and conney, who afterwards became the presiding ferences were held, and revelations, rebishop of the Church. During the Spring specting the development and growth of of 1831, Joseph commenced to translate the Church, were received. In Septemthe Scriptures, and was occupied continu- ber Joseph moved to Hiram, Portage ally in this labor, receiving revelations County, Ohio, where, on the night of the and directing the affairs of the Church, twenty-fifth of March, 1832, he was which in Kirtland numbered upwards of dragged from his bed and tarred and

feathered by a mob, Sidney Rigdon sufsoon began to gather into fering in the same persecution.

April 26th, 1832, Joseph was again in

Missouri and was acknowledged by the the following day a revelation was given

Saints in general council as the Presicalling Elders to various fields of labor, dent of the High Priesthood, agreeable

to a previous ordination at a conference should be consecrated as the Saints' in- held at Amherst, Ohio, on the twentyto be held there, etc. On the nineteenth of three thousand copies of the Doctrine of June, in company with Sidney Rigdon, and Covenants was ordered printed at Martin Harris, W. W. Phelps, Edward

this Council. In June the first number Partridge and others, Joseph started on

of the Evening and Morning Star, the the journey to Missouri. They went by first Church newspaper was issued at Cincinnati

, Louisville and St. Louis, and Independence, W. W. Phelps, Editor. arrived at Independence, Jackson Coun

Joseph completed the translation of ty about the middle of July. Soon after, the New Testament, February 2nd, 1833,

other places



and of the Bible in the following July. | cated on the eighth of the following This was a most eventful year for the November. August 6th, 1842, Joseph Church. In July the corner stones of prophesied that the Saints would be the Temple in Kirtland were laid. The driven from Illinois and take refuge in mobbing in Missouri commenced, which the Rocky Mountains. The spirit of finally resulted in the driving of our peo hatred and persecution was very bitter ple from the State. On the seventeenth from this time on until it finally broke of February, 1834, the First Presidency all barriers and demanded satiation in of Three and High Council of Twelve the blood of the Prophet and Patriarch. were first organized, in Kirtland. On June 27th, 1844, they were cruelly marMay 5th, “Zion's Camp” left Kirtland | tyred in Carthage jail, notwithstanding for Missouri. Early in 1835 the quorum Governor Ford had pledged the honor of of Twelve Apostles was organized, and the State of Illinois for their protection. sent out upon their first mission. In Thus ended the life that had begun in 1836, March 27, the Kirtland Temple the humble home of the Vermont farmer. was dedicated, and on April 3d, the By the power of God the youthful suppliSavior, Moses, Elias and Elijah ap cant for wisdom had been brought forth peared to Joseph and Oliver Cowdery from his obscurity, his name being within its walls.

spoken for good and evil among all March 14, 1838, the Prophet removed nations. He stood the ordeal of a his family from Kirtland, he being Prophet's life-passing through the most obliged to leave to escape mob violence, trying scenes of rapine, mobocracy and to Far West, Mo. The Saints had been cruel murder that man is ever called to driven from Jackson, Van Buren, Clay, witness. He bore his testimony to the Davies and Carroll Counties, Missouri, world and sealed it with his life's blood. and persecution of the most relentless He accomplished more for the salvation character was everywhere encountered of his race in the few years of his minisby them, when at last,Oct. 27, 1838,Gov- try than any prophet, save Jesus only, ernor Lilburn W. Boggs issued his ex that ever lived upon the earth. He terminating order, requiring the Saints accomplished that which he was orto leave the State on the peril of their dained and set apart under the hands of lives. Joseph Smith and others were holy angels to do. Those who investi. taken prisoners and closely confined in gate his life, peruse and reflect upon his Liberty jail and remained prisoners until revelations, read and study his sermons April 15th, 1839, when they effected and take to heart the lessons of his min. their escape. A few days after, Far istration among men will discover and West was evacuated and on the twenty- know of a surety that Joseph Smith the second Joseph reached Quincy, Illinois. Prophet, in his career, answered every June uth, the first house of the Saints essential question necessary for the salwas built in Commerce, afterwards | vation of his fellow men. named Nauvoo, Illinois, and the people rapidly took possession of the townsite

The first of the Prophet's sermons and built a beautiful city. A charter was

that we shall publish, was delivered in obtained which permitted the organiza

the Temple at Nauvoo, January 29th, tion of a militia, and gave all necessary 1843. It was reported in long hand and

is essentially an abridgement, as nearly power for the government and protection of the citizens. Prosperity attended the all of his reported discourses are, though labors of the people, though the Prophet they are correct so far as they are given. was harrassed by law suits and requisi

JOHN THE BAPTIST. tions from the Governor of Missouri, After reading the Parable of the under which he was repeatedly tried and Prodigal Son and making some preacquitted. April 6th, 1841, the corner liminary remarks, I stated that there stones of the Temple of Nauvoo were were two questions which had been asked laid and the Baptismal font was dedi me concerning my subject of the last


Sabbath, which I had promised to an heaven; and these three reasons constiswer in public, and would improve this tute him the greatest Prophet born of a opportunity

woman. The question arose from the saying of Second question-How was the least Jesus—"Among those that are born of in the kingdom of heaven greater than women there hath not arisen a greater | he? prophet than John the Baptist: neverthe In reply, I asked—Who did Jesus have less, he that is least in the kingdom of reference to as being the least? Jesus heaven is greater than he.” How is it was looked upon as having the least that John was considered one of the claim in all God's kingdom, and was greatest of Prophets? His miracles | least entitled to their credulity as a could not have constituted his greatness. Prophet, as though he had said—'He

Firstly. He was intrusted with a di- | that is considered the least among you, is vine mission of preparing the way before greater than John--that is, myself.' the face of the Lord. Whoever had such In reference to the prodigal son, I said a trust committed to him before or since? it was a subject I had never dwelt upon; No man.

that it was understood by many to be one Secondly. He was intrusted with the of the intricate subjects of the Scripimportant mission, and it was required at tures; and even the Elders of this his hands to baptise the Son of Man. Church have preached largely upon it, Whoever had the honor of doing that? without having any rule of interpretaWhoever had so great a privilege and tion? What is the rule of interpretation? glory? Whoever led the Son of God Just no interpretation at all. Underinto the waters of baptism, and had the stand it precisely as it reads. I have a privilege of beholding the Holy Ghost key by which í understand the Scripdescend in the form of a dove, or rather tures. I inquire, what was the question in the sign of a dove, in witness of that which drew out the answer, or caused administration? The sign of the dove was Jesus to utter the parable? It is not nainstituted before the creation of the tivnal; it does not refer to Abraham, Isworld, a witness for the Holy Ghost, and rael, or the Gentiles, in a national capathe Devil cannot come in the sign of a city, as some supposed. To ascertain dove.

The Holy Ghost is a personage, its meaning, we must dig up the root and and is in the form of a personage. It ascertain what it was that drew the does not confine itself to the form of a saying out of Jesus. dove, but in sign of a dove. The Holy “While Jesus was teaching the people, Ghost cannot be transformed into a dove; all the publicans and sinners drew near to but the sign of a dove was given to John hear him; and the Pharisees and Scribes to signify the truth of the deed, as the murmured, saying; “This man receiveth dove is an emblem or token of truth and sinners and eateth with them.” This is

the key-word which unlocks the Parable Thirdly. John, at that time, was the of the Prodigal Son. It was given to only legal administrator in the affairs of answer the murmurings and questioning the kingdom there was then on the earth of the Sadducees and Pharisees, who and holding the keys of power. The were querying, finding fault and saying, Jews had to obey his instructions or be “How is it that this man, as great as he damned, by their own law; and Christ pretends to be, eats with publicans and himself fulfilled all righteousness in be- sinners?” Jesus was not put to it so, but coming obedient to the law, which He he could have found something to illushad given to Moses on the mount, and trate his subject, if he had designed it thereby magnified it and made it honor for a nation or nations; but he did not. able, instead of destroying it. The son It was for men in an individual capacity, of Zachariah wrested the keys, the king- and all straining on this point is a bubble. dom, the power, the glory from the Jews, “This man receiveth sinners and eateth by the holy anointing and decree of with them.” And he spake this parable


[blocks in formation]

unto them: “What man of you having | when I have found them, I will back a hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, them up, and make joy in heaven.” This doth not leave the ninety and nine in the represents hunting after a few individ. wilderness, and go after that which is uals, or one poor publican, which the lost until he find it? And when he hath Pharisees and Sadducees despised. found it, he layeth it on his shoulders, He also gave them the Parable of the rejoicing. And when he cometh home, Woman and her Ten Pieces of Silver, he calleth together his friends and neigh- and how she lost one, and, searching dilbors, saying unto them, rejoice with me, igently, found it again, which gave more for I have found my sheep which was joy among the friends and neighbors lost. I say unto you, that likewise joy than the nine which were not lost; like shall be in heaven over one sinner that I say unto you, there is joy in the presrepenteth, more than over ninety and ence of the angels of God over one sinnine just persons which need no repent ner that repenteth, more than over ninety ance." The hundred sheep represent and nine just persons that are so rightone hundred Sadducees and Pharisees, eous: they will be damned anyhow; you as though Jesus had said, “If you Sad cannot save them. ducees and Pharisees are in the sheepfold, I have no mission for you; I am It's easy finding reasons why other sent to look up sheep that are lost; and people should be patient.—George Eliot.

GLACIERS. On the tops of some of the high moun.

seems to become stationary. But when it tains around us, we may see snow at any reaches this point the temperature is season of the year. The hottest weather high enough to melt it as fast as it comes of a long summer is not sufficient to melt down, and below this point, issuing from it away. If the mountains were still under the mass of ice is a stream of higher, or if they were located farther

water, sometimes the origin of a large north, the quantity of snow would be river. It is thus that the Rhine and much greater, and under such circum Rhone take their rise in the mountains stances, the fall of snow in winter, would of Switzerland. These immense move very likely be much greater, than the ing ice fields are called glaciers. summer sun could melt away. If this The high mountains and narrow valwere the case, the snow would collect in leys of Switzerland are very favorably unlimited quantities on these mountains, located for the formation of these glaand, farther north, on the open valleys ciers, and there they are found in great and plains, if nature had not provided abundance.

In some places they are some means by which it could be trans more than three miles wide, fifteen miles ported to lower levels, and there melted long, and from one to six hundred feet away, and carried to lakes and oceans to thick. A few glaciers of considerable be used again in producing rain and extent have been found in the Rocky

Mountains, on Mount Shasta and in These vast masses of snow and ice other places. The Himalaya Range in that collect in the high valleys and on the southern part of Asia also contains the mountain slopes move very slowly immense numbers of them, much more down to lower levels, very much like an extensive than those in the Alps. But immense stream of tar or pitch. They if we would see them on the grandest continue to slide down summer and win scale, we must visit Greenland or the ter, but yet if we observe their lower Antarctic Continent. Here the entire extremities they never go lower than a surface is covered with ice and snow, in certain limit, and the immense ice stream some places thousands of feet thick, al


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