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the heavens, in its matchless beauty | spersed, as I have already said, with casting into the shade every other work multitudes of overshadowing palm trees, of art of which the world can boast. I have perfectly filled and satisfied my sense of stood before the Parthenon, and have beauty, and made me feel for the mo. almost worshiped the divine achievement ment, as if in such a scene I should love of the immortal Phidias. But it is a toy to dwell and there end my days. Nor by the side of this bright crown of the was I alone in these transports of delight. eastern capital. I have been at Milan, All my fellow-travelers seemed equally at Ephesus, at Alexandria, at Antioch; affected: and from the native Palmybut in neither of these renowned cities renes, of whom there were many among have I beheld any thing that I can al us, the most impassioned and boastful low to approach in united extent, grand exclamations broke forth. “What is eur, and most consummate beauty, this Rome to this?" they cried. “Fortune is almost more than work of man. On not constant. Why may not Palmyra each side of this, the central point, be what Rome has been-mistress of the there rose upward slender pyramids world? A few years may see great pointed obelisks-domes of the most changes. Who can tell what shall come graceful proportions, columns, arches, to pass?" These, and many such say. and lofty towers, for number and for ings, were uttered by those around me, form, beyond my power to describe. accompanied by many significant gesThese buildings, as well as the walls of tures and glances of the eye. I thought the city, being all either of white marble of them afterwards. We now descended or of some stone as white, and being the hill, and the long line of our caravan everywhere in their whole extent inter moved on toward the city. Zenobia.


The salvation of the human soul is a plunges the glittering steel into the heart process of graduation. Like the growth of his victim. Men have said so, and of a garden tree, from seed to shoot, earnestly thought so, while engaged in from shoot to blossom and from flower to persecuting, pillaging, killing and torturfruit, it is something to be done by de- ing their fellow creatures, and in their grees, a course of continuous progres blind fanaticism have supposed that that sion which cannot be completed in a belief absolved them from guilt, conday. The most durable works are those doned and even justified their crimes, which require most time in their ac and blended with such devilish deeds, complishment, and since the salvation of wrought out their soul's salvation. But the soul is to endure forever, it is but such beings, and many of them are upon reasonable to expect that it should be the earth to-day, will find themselves slowly, surely and gradually attained. most wofully mistaken. A simple be.

Reasoning upon these premises, the lief in Jesus Christ, however sincere it popular sectarian idea that a mere belief may be, can save no one. If it could, it in Jesus Christ is all that is essential to would long ago have saved the devil and salvation, is a plain and palpable absur his angels. They believed and declared, dity. It is altogether too rapid a process, eighteen centuries ago, that Jesus was and as a consequence, the result could the Christ, and trembled because of that not be lasting. A man may believe, or belief, and have been trembling and besay that he believes in Christ at an lieving ever since, thereby evincing full instant's warning. The convicted mur sincerity as well as a steady and proderer can say so, with the rope of the longed conviction. But this will never hangman about his neck. The uncon save them. Believing and trembling are victed murderer

say so, as he not the secrets of salvation. “Workout


The Gospel of life and salvation, as

335 your own salvation, in fear and tremb operating in the redemption of the huling,” says Paul to the Philippians. By man race, is one of the noblest examples this and many other passages of Scrip of steady and continuous gradation. It ture, we are exhorted to unite faith with was never destined to do its work in a works, thus proving the existence of one day. Its principles are serial and proby faithfully performin the other, and gressive in their nature, and their applieven then trembling with due anxiety, cation must be made accordingly. They lest in our pride and weakness we de

constitute a medium of purification and pend too much upon ourselves, and rely enlightenment, a series of refining pronot upon the strength and grace of God cesses, through which the soul of the who giveth the final victory. To work sinner, like a rough diamond in the out the soul's salvation is not "the hands of the jeweler, is purified and poldrowsy pastime of a summer's day.” It ished until its hidden brilliance blazes is a wide-awake life-long task, beginning

forth in full and perfected effulgence. It with the first feeble breath of the new

is by yielding obedience to the first prinborn infant, and only ending when that

ciple, or in other Is, submitting to breath returns to the bosom of the God the primal process, that the soul is qualiwho gave it. And why should we say

fied to undergo the next. For each one that it ends even then? The grave is

merges and leads into its successor, and not the goal of human life. There are

gradually prepares the mind for its reworlds beyond, eternal futures of faith

ception. Through the exercise of faith, and good works, in the midst of which

the sinner is enabled to repent, and havsanctified man may still exercise his

ing repented of his sins, he is next deagency, still develop his latent capabili

sirous of having them remitted, and on ties, and ascend by gradual degrees from

being cleansed by baptism, having had height to height of never ending intelli

all sinful disabilities removed, he is fitted gence and dominion.

and made worthy to receive the gift of Everything in nature illustrates the

the Holy Ghost. He is thus inducted principle of gradual progression.


into the Church of Jesus Christ, the presun slowly rises to the zenith and as

cursor of the kingdom of God, and begently sinks into the west, and in obedi

comes a candidate for celestial exaltaence to his rule, the day waxes brighter

tion. But his soul is not yet saved. He and warmer, and as steadily diminishes

has only obeyed the initiatory princiin heat and wanes in lustre.

Look how ples of salvation. He has but begun the the seasons come and go in like manner.

battle of righteousness, and to imagine The balmy breath of spring preparing us

that his soul is out of danger at this for the burning rays of summer, and the early period, would be to take off his cooling influence of autumn enabling us

armor and throw aside his weapons in to withstand the gelid blasts of winter.

the very midst of the fight. The primal Each season, in turn, breaking the mo

principles of the Gospel are absolutely notony of the annual round, and adminis

indispensable to a full and complete tering, in its own peculiar way, to the

salvation, but to suppose that they alone welfare and

Promotion of animal and are requisite, would be almost as unreavegetable

A sudden transition sonable as the prevalent notion that befrom January to July, or from August to

lief alone is the all-essential passport to December, would prove disastrous. It is

the presence of God. He who obeys the doubtful if the living earth itself could

first principles, places himself on the sustain such a shock without serious in

safe side of a boundary line which will God's wisdom and mercy are

eventually separate those who accept therefore made manifest in the regular

from those who reject them, but he can return of the seasons, with all the suc

still fall nevertheless, as did Lucifer cessive changes, gradations and climaxes

from heaven, and has the free privilege that figure in the annual routine.

of doing so if he desires.

Not only are the first principles indispensable, but





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every law, ordinance, precept or cere acquired. It is a lesson that must be mony ever revealed from God to man, is learned little by little. By accepting and necessary and imperative, if we would practising its rudimental principles, we reap the full fruition of the blessings are placed in a position to comprehend they respectively represent. Not the and intelligently comply with all subseleast commandment of the Almighty can quent requirements, and these, like their be ignored with impunity. He who predecessors, will ever be consecutive would ascend the stairway leading up- and progressive in their character. We ward to eternal life, must tread it step by all have evil passions to subdue, strong step from the base stone to the summit temptations to resist, arduous trials to of the flight. Not a single stair can be undergo, numberless duties to perform. missed, not one duty neglected, if the Every heart knoweth best what it has to climber would avoid danger and delay, do and endure, and it likewise knows and arrive with all safety and expedition full well that its labor is a life task, at the topmost landing of celestial exalt which can only be performed by degrees. ation. There are such things as inter

But it is a work which, when once done, mediate stages in that long and arduous will never need to be undone, for the ascent, and the pilgrim to eternity has soul of man is immortal and its educa. the privilege of halting and remaining | tion everlasting. upon either of them, but no spirit that Thus it is that we are gradually freed truly loves its Maker or properly appre- from sin, slowly burnished by the fricciates its own intrinsic worth, will take tion of experience, and surely and eteradvantage of that privilege and sacrifice nally saved in the celestial kingdom of for a lesser consideration a far more glo our Father. It is only by gradually aprious and ineffable reward. Even as an proaching that kingdom that we are able earthly parent is blessed in the posses to withstand its otherwise intolerable sion of a wise and virtuous posterity, so glory. Sin cannot inherit the kingdom God the Eternal Father is glorified by of God. It would consume like chaff in the workmanship of His hands. The a devouring flame. Heaven would be a higher His children ascend, he greater is literal hell to the wicked, and even the His own exaltation in consequence, and most righteous, without a lifetime of it is a sacred duty devolving upon all to preparation, would be utterly unable to contribute to His glory as much and as endure the presence of the Lord. What far as they are capable.

folly then to imagine that the bloodTo acquire a correct and thorough stained criminal, strangled out of this knowledge of any branch of human life, because unfit to associate with fallen learning, it is necessary to commence at humanity on earth, can be made ready at the beginning. No sensible student a moment's notice to mingle with the thinks of mastering a language until he Gods and the holy angels, dwelling in has first learned its alphabet. No pupil, the midst of celestial burnings. He who is barely able to put two and two might better be cast into a fiery furnace, together, should consider himself quali seven times heated, and expected to surfied to calculate the weight of the stars vive the ordeal. Even Moses, that or ascertain the altitude of the sun. No mighty man of God, had he not been more need the newly-made convert to previously filled with the Holy Ghost, the Gospel of Jesus Christ hope to cir- insomuch that his face shone like an cumscribe, all at once, the insurmounta- angel's, would have been unworthy and ble heights, the unfathomable depths, incapable of standing in His presence. the bewildering and illimitable extents of The opening words of that beautiful and that vast system of science, which com stirring hymn, "The Spirit of God like a prehends all other systems and sciences, fire is burning," are no idle simile or vain and has as its aim and object the eternal hyperbole. They speak a literal, living education and exaltation of the human fact. And fortunate indeed are we, who family. It is something to be gradually have received the imposition of hands for



the gift of the Holy Ghost, that only a who have rejected the counsels of the limited portion of it was bestowed, that Almighty. Not those who have perseby degrees we might become familiar cuted and despised His servants. Not with its influence, and in due time be those who have ignored the protective qualified to receive and endure a fulness. principles, revealed for the very purpose Even Christ did not possess a fulness at of securing them against the day of His the first, but by faith and good works wrath and vengeance. Not those who gradually became entitled to it, till finally have professed the calling of Latter-day it pleased God that in Him should all fulSaints, but have failed by their works to ness dwell. It is in this fulness that He demonstrate the worth of their profeswill come to reign as King of kings. sions. No! For these shall be as stubNot as the lowly Nazarene, veiling his ble in the flames, and as ash-heaps beprimeval splendor in mortal flesh, but in fore the whirlwind. They shall melt the ripe and burning glory of a King, as like the mists of the morning, and like the Lion of the tribe of Judah, He will hoar-frost in the sunlight shall they vandescend upon the world, which even ish before the brightness of Zion's now, by the sanctifying agency of His rising. Let none deceive themselves, restored Gospel, is being prepared against but let the whole world prepare to be the time of His coming. And in that tried and proven. For it is written in great and terrible day, when the bursting the archives of heaven, and decreed in heavens shall reveal the Son of Man, the bosom of the Eternal, that none save when the flood gates of eternity are list the meek and righteous shall inherit the ed, and the glory of God, like a deluge, earth, and none but the pure in heart can shall overwhelm the earth, who are they look upon God's face and live. that shall be able to stand ? Not those

0. F. Whitney.

INTOXICATED GEESE. The following thrilling narrative con cherry brandy, but as she found during tains a moral that the tempter and the

the process, that the fruit was unsound, tempted might with great propriety take

she threw the whole mass out into the dearly to heart. It was originally pub-yard, and, without looking to see what lished in a London newspaper and how followed, shut the window. As it fell ever the author acquired the profound out, a party of geese, good sellows all of knowledge of the weaknesses of the them, happened to be waddling by at the goose family, whether by experience or a time, and, seeing the cherries trundling lifetime of meditative observation, it is about, at once investigated them. The to be hoped the story will serve well preliminary inquiry proving satisfactory, with its present readers, the purpose for these misguided poultry set to and ate the which it was orignially written.

whole lot. “No heeltaps” was the order When geese take to drink the result of the carouse, and so they finished the is preposterous. For nature never meant cherries off at one sitting, so to speak. geese to get intoxicated. In the first The effect of the spirituous fruit was place, they have no hands to hold on

soon apparent, for, on trying to make the to lamp-posts with; while at the best of gate which led from the scene of the times, their balance is precarious. Even

debauched to the horse-pond, they found when sober, a fat goose, if traveling in everything against them.

Whether a uneven ground, constantly cants for

high wind had got up, or what had hapits tail; but when inebriated it is utterly

or backward on to pened, they could not tell, but it seemed

to the geese that there was an uncomhelpless. A short while ago, a farmer's monly high sea running, and the ground wife in Germany had been making some

set in toward them with a steady, strong

ward on to its beak,



swell that was most embarrassing to pro a chastening headache; but there was no gress. To escape these difficulties some mistaking those tongues, and the dame lashed their rudders and hove to; others fumbling at the door, wondered what it tried to run before the wind, while the all might mean. Has a goose a ghost? rest tacked for the pig-sty. But there Did anyone ever read or hear of the was no living in such weather, and one spectre of a gander? The key turned at by one, the craft lurched over and went last, the door opened, and there, quackdown all standing. Meanwhile the dame, ing in subdued tones, suppliant and the unconscious cause of this disaster, shivering, stood all her flock. There was attracted by the noise in the fowl- they stood, the ten miserable birds, with yard, and looking out, saw all her ten splitting headaches and parched tongues, geese, behaving as if they were mad. contrite and dejected, asking to have The gander himself, usually so solemn their feathers back again. and decorous, was balancing himself on The situation was painful to both parhis beak, and spinning round the while ties. The forlorn geese saw in each in a prodigious flurry of feathers and other's persons the humiliating reflection dust, while the old gray goose, remarks of their own condition, while the dame, able even among her kind for the cir- guiltily conscious of that bagful of cumspection of her conduct, was lying feathers and down, remembered how the stomach upwards in the gutter, feebly one lapse of Noah, in that “aged surprisal gesticulating with her legs. Others of of six hundred years and unexpected the party were no less conspicuous for inebriation from the unknown effects of the extravagance of their attitudes and wine," has been excused by religion gestures, while the remainder were to be and the unanimous voice of his posseen lying in a helpless confusion of terity. She and her neighbors with her, feathers in the lee scupper--that is to say, however, had hastily misjudged the geese, the gutter by the pig-sty.

and, finding them dead drunk, had stripPerplexed by the spectacle, the dame ped them, without remembering for a called in her neighbors, and, after care moment, that if feathers are easy to get ful investigation, it was decided in coun off they are very hard to put on. So she cil that the birds had died of poison. Un called in her neighbors again, but they der these circumstances their carcasses proved only sorry comforters, for they were worth nothing for food, but, as reminded her that, after all, the fault was the neighbors said, the feathers were not her own; that it was she, and no one poisoned, so they set to work then and else, who had thrown the brandied cherthere and plucked the ten geese bare. ries to the geese. As it was with Job,

Next morning the good woman got up these "oblique expostulations” of her as usual, and remembering the feathers friends were harder for the widow to bear down stairs, dressed betimes, for it was "than the downright blows of the devil," market day and she hoped to get them and so, turning from her neighbors, she off her hands at once. And then she gathered her bald poultry about her bethought her of ten plucked bodies lying round the kitchen fire, and sat down to in the porch and resolved that they should make them flannel jackets. be buried before she went out. But as she approached the door on these decent

We shall be sifted till the strength rites intent, and was turning the key,

of self-conceit be changed at length there fell on her ears the sound of an

To meekness.-- Longfellox, other, familiar voice—and then another and another, until at last the astonished Lady visitor to Scripture class: "With dame heard in full chorus the well known what weapon did Samson slay his eneaccents of all her plucked and poisoned i mies?” After a period of unbroken sigeese. The throat of the old gander lence, fair questioner (touching her was no doubt a trifle husky, and the gray blooming cheek): “What's this?" Chogoose spoke in muffled tones suggestive of rus: “The jor bone of a has, mum!"

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