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HOME-COMING. It was a bright, beautiful day in spring. dear ones are there. Yes, all whom he The green leaves of the fruit trees could left, now welcome his return. But not just be seen among the bunches of pink all the loved faces that once gathered and white blossoms. The birds flitted round that board are here to-night. As from branch to branch filling the air his eye wandered from face to face, they with their sweet music. The face of the know he thinks of two lovely sisters who farmer wore

a pleasant smile, as he "faded with the flowers," whose presence sowed his seeds with the hopes of an he feels, though their faces he misses. abundant harvest; and the flocks and When the repast is ended, and they herds that covered the hill sides were gathered around the evening fire, they enjoying the fresh, green grass.

kneel in prayer and thank the Great But it was none of these things that Father that the absent one has returned; caused the stir and quiet happiness of and they pray for strength to guide them one small household. It was the ex that they may have even a happier homepected arrival of the eldest son. He coming where there will be no vacant had been gone two years, and long years


Millie May. had they been to those who daily missed the cheerful face, and merry voice of A TRAVELING Elder in the Fens of their loved one. And now he was com Lincolnshire tells the following: I was ing home. They went from room to one day quite earnestly reproached by a room not so much to see if everything good sister, whose habitation was always was in readiness, as because they could open to the missionaries, for the habit of not be still. He had been expected for many Elders, myself included, of makseveral days, and would surely come to ing the best of unpleasant circumstances night. Many of the neighbors called and passing them by as mere incidents during the day to hear the good news. of a mission, to be borne without comFor had he not grown up among them? plaining. She said: “I know you ElAnd were they not anxious to welcome ders often suffer very uncomfortably in him home, as they had been to bid him your hearts, but you are always pleasant Godspeed when he went away?

and good natured, however disagreeably At last, it is time to go to the station. you may dine or lodge. Now I would How breathlessly they await the whistle rather you would tell me honestly if you of the engine! As the train stops at the find anything unpleasant in your enterplatform, they noticed a young bearded tainment at my house.” I pondered duman step out and look around as if ex biously upon this, having, of course, to pecting some one. They looked from acknowledge that sometimes we did one to the other of the few who remain deem it prudent to put on a smiling counon the platform as the train rushes on, tenance and bear with fortitude little and conclude that this must be he for vexations that would be gladly avoided, whom they have looked so anxiously. if possible. With this confession I reHe sees his loved ones, and they wel tired to the Elders' bed, in the low, upcome him with loving embraces, for per room, which smelt of the stagnant words failed them. If they had expected water in the pitcher and the thatched a change it was not such a one as this; roof outside. I retired, but not to sleep; but the short moment of regret for their other entertainment than sleep must be boy instead of this bearded man, is over, reported on the morrow, if the honesty and they feel a joy that can be felt so impressively enjoined should dictate only at such re-unions.

my response to the customary morning After the hand shakings and friendly salutation. When the blessed day apgreetings are over, they proceed to their peared, and I yielded up the contested home. He looks around to see if all his battle-field-my bed—to the victorious



enemy and descended the narrow stairs, , ing, angry eyes and a very red face; “I I resolved, partly, because revenge is tell you, sir, if there were any fieas in sweet when victory is denied, and partly that bed, you brought them there." to test the sincerity of my hostess' desire to be told the simple, unvarnished truth,

Trust not to each accusing tongue, to be as candid as the situation would jus

As most weak persons do; tify. “Good morning, Brother

But still believe that story false Did you enjoy your night's rest?” “No,

Which ought not to be true. ma'am, I did not.” “What! Why were

The discovery of what is true and the “No, but I couldn't sleep." “Couldn't sleep! What was the matter to practice of what is good are the two

most important objects of philosophy.“The matter was”-and to substantiate

Voltaire. the fact I rolled up my sleeves to exhibit the red polka dots on my arms--that the The grandest and strongest natures are fleas were too many and too industrious ever the calmest. A fiery restlessness is for any human being to sleep while they the symbol of frailties not yet outgrown.

awake.” “Fleas! fleas in my The repose of power is its richest phase house,” she loudly exclaimed, with fash and its clearest testimony.

you ill?”



district meetings throughout the Stake. On Sunday, July 16, the Quarterly Supt. E. H. Anderson and the officers Conference of the Y. M. M. I A. of associated with him appear to be fully Weber Stake was held in the Ogden alive to the work of mutual improvement tabernacle. A large representative at in Weber Stake. tendance of the Associations was present. In the morning competitive exercises

QUESTIONS TO ANSWER. took place, introducing a very entertain

1. In confirming a baptized believer, ing and instructive programme, ren should we say "receive ye the Holy dered by members chosen from the vari- | Ghost,” or, “receive ye the gift of the ous Associations in the Stake. We were Holy Ghost?"

E. B. particularly gratified with a brief lecture on the universal apostacy from Christian

2. Which Arctic explorer reached the principles and their restoration in the

highest degree of north latitude? latter days. This was given by Brother

Which reported seeing an open sea Geo. Hall, of Huntsville, and was a con

and a green land beyond the ice barriers? cise, scriptural, logical address, which,

How many expeditions have made the if reported and published, would afford

effort to reach the pole and been utterly

lost? an excellent example to young men everywhere, in the treatment of such sub 3. Has there been a resurrection since jects before their Associations, or abroad Christ? if not, did Peter, James and Moin the world. The other exercises, which roni appear to Joseph Smith without were quite varied, were instructive and their bodies? If they had their bodies, very agreeable. Remarks were made by when were they resurrected? President Joseph F. Smith and Elder 4. Who is Raphael spoken of in the Junius F. Wells, and by several young Doctrine and Covenants, sec. cxxvii, 21? men just returned from missions to Europe and the States. The officers were sustained as usual, and the Conference So intimate is the alliance of mind and was adjourned for three months. In the heart that talent uniformly sinks with meantime appointments were made for


E. P.C.

7. H.D.


The Glory of God is Intelligence.

Vol. III.

AUGUST, 1882.

No. II.



to other stations than those to which GIFT OF HEALING.

they are appointed of God for them to April 28, 1842. At two o'clock, p. m., occupy: that it was better for individuals I met the members of the “Female Re to magnify their respective callings, and lief Society," and after presiding at the wait patiently till God shall say to them, admission of many new members, gave

Come up higher.' a lecture on the Priesthood, showing “He said the reason of these remarks how the sisters would come in possession being made was, that some little foolish of the privileges, blessings and gifts of things were circulating in the Society, the Priesthood, and that the signs should against some of the sisters not doing follow them, such as healing the sick, right in laying hands on the sick. Said casting out devils, etc., and that they that if the people had common sympamight attain unto these blessings by a thies they would rejoice that the sick virtuous life and conversation, and dili could be healed; that the time had not gence in keeping all the commandments; been before that these things could be in a synopsis of which was reported by their proper order; that the Church is Miss E. R. Snow:

not fully organized, in its proper order, “President Joseph Smith arose and and cannot be, until the Temple is comcalled the attention of the meeting to pleted, where places will be provided for the 12th chapter, 1 Corinthians—Now the administration of the ordinances of concerning spiritual gifts, I would not the Priesthood. have you ignorant.'

Said that the pas “ President Smith continued the subsage in the third verse, which reads, ‘No ject, by quoting the commission given to man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but the ancient Apostles in Mark, xvi, 15, 16, by the Holy Ghost,' should be translated 17, 18: 'Go ye into all the world, and 'no man can know that Jesus is the Lord, preach the Gospel to every creature. but by the Holy Ghost.' He continued He that believeth and is baptized, shall to read the chapter, and give instructions be saved; but he that believeth not shall respecting the different offices, and the be damned. And these signs shall folnecessity of every individual acting in low them that believe: in my name shall the sphere allotted him or her, and filling they cast out devils; they shall speak the several offices to which they were ap with new tongues; they shall take up pointed.

serpents; and if they drink any deadly “Spoke of the disposition of many thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall men to consider the lower offices in the lay hands on the sick, and they shall reChurch dishonorable, and to look with cover.' jealous eyes upon the standing of others No matter who believeth, these signs, who are called to preside over them. such as healing the sick, casting out That it was the folly and nonsense of the devils, etc., should follow all that believe, human heart for a person to be aspiring | whether male or female. He asked the



Society if they could not see, by this son should stand, and act in the place sweeping promise, that wherein they are appointed, and thus sanctify the Society ordained, it is the privilege of those set and get it pure. He said he had been apart to administer in that authority, trampled under foot by aspiring Elders, which is conferred on them; and if the for all were affected by that spirit; for sisters should have faith to heal the sick, instance, John E. Page and others had let all hold their tongues, and let every been aspiring; they could not be exalted, thing roll on.

but must run away, as though the care “He said, if God has appointed him, and authority of the Church were vested and chosen him as an instrument to lead with them. He said he had a subtle the Church, why not let him lead it devil to deal with, and could only curb through? Why stand in the way when him by being humble. he is appointed to do a thing? Who "As he had this opportunity, he was knows the mind of God? Does He not going to instruct the ladies of this Socireveal things differently from what we ety, and point out the way for them to expect? He remarked that he was contin- conduct themselves, that they might act ually rising, although he had everything according to the will of God; that he bearing him down, standing in his way, did not know that he should have many and opposing; notwithstanding all this opportunities of teaching them, as they opposition, he always comes out right in were going to be left to themselves; they the end.

would not long have him to instruct “Respecting females administering for them; that the Church would not have the healing of the sick, he further re- his instructions long, and the world marked, there could be no devil in it, if would not be troubled with him a great God gave His sanction by healing; that while, and would not have his teachthere could be no more sin in any female ings. laying hands on and praying for the sick, “He spoke of delivering the keys of than in wetting the face with water; it is the Priesthood to the Church, and said no sin for anybody to administer that has that the faithful members of the Relief faith, or if the sick have faith to be Society should receive them in connechealed by their administration.

tion with their husbands, that the Saints “He reproved those that were disposed whose integrity has been tried and proved to find fault with the management of the faithful, might know how to ask the Lord concerns of the Church, saying God had and receive an answer; for according to called him to lead the Church, and he his prayers, God had appointed bim elsewould lead it right; those that undertake where. He exhorted the sisters always to interfere will be ashamed when their to concentrate their faith and prayers own folly is made manifest; that he cal- for, and place confidence in their busculates to organize the Church in its bands, whom God has appointed for proper order as soon as the Temple is them to honor, and in those faithful men completed.

whom God has placed at the head of the “President Smith continued by speak- Church to lead His people; that we ing of the difficulties he had to surmount should arm and sustain them with our ever since the commencement of the prayers; for the keys of the kingdom work, in consequence of aspiring men. are about to be given to them, that they ‘Great big Elders,' as he called them, may be able to detect everything false: who had caused him much trouble; to as well as to all the Elders who shall whom he had taught the things of the prove their integrity in due season. kingdom in private councils, they would “ He said if one member becomes corthen go forth into the world and proclaim rupt, and you know it, you must immethe things he had taught them, as their diately put it away, or it will either inown revelations; said the same aspiring jure or destroy the whole body. The disposition will be in this Society, and sympathies of the heads of the Church must be guarded against; that every per-' have induced them to bear a long time



with those who are corrupt, until they mand queens in their midst. I now deare obliged to cut them off, lest all be liver it as a prophecy, if the inhabitants. come contaminated; you must put down of this State, with the people of the suriniquity, and by your good examples, rounding country, will turn unto the stimulate the Elders to good works; if Lord with all their hearts, ten years will you do right, there is no danger of your not roll round before the kings and going too fast. He said he did not care queens of the earth will come unto Zion, how fast we run in the path of virtue; and pay their respects to the leaders of resist evil, and there is no danger; God, this people; they shall come with their men and angels will not condemn those millions, and shall contribute of their that resist everything that is evil, and abundance for the relief of the poor, and devils cannot; as well might the devil the building up and beautifying of Zion. seek to dethrone Jehovah, as overthrow After this instruction, you will be respon-an innocent soul that resists everything sible for your own sins; it is a desirable which is evil.

honor that you should so walk before our “This is a charitable Society, and ac Heavenly Father as to save yourselves; cording to your natures; it is natural for we are all responsible to God for the females to have feelings of charity and manner we improve the light and wisdom: benevolence. You are now placed in a given by our Lord to enable us to save situation in which you can act according ourselves. to those sympathies which God has “President Smith continued reading planted in your bosoms. If you live up from the above mentioned chapter, and to these principles, how great and glori- to give instructions respecting the order ous will be your reward in the celestial of God, as established in the Church, kingdom! If you live up to your privi- saying every one should aspire only to leges, the angels cannot be restrained magnify his own office and calling. He from being your associates. Females, if then commenced reading the 13th chapthey are pure and innocent, can ter---Though I speak with the tongues of into the presence of God; for what is men and angels, and have not charity, I more pleasing to God than innocence? am become as sounding brass, or a tinkYou must be innocent, or you cannot ling cymbal;” and said, don't be limited. come up before God; if we would come in your views with regard to your neighbefore God, we

must keep ourselves bor's virtues, but beware of self-rightpure, as He is pure. The devil has eousness, and be limited in the estimate: great power to deceive; he will so trans of your own virtues, and not think yourform things as to make one gape at those selves more righteous than others; you who are doing the will of God. You must enlarge your souls towards each need not be teasing your husbands be- other, if you would do like Jesus, and cause of their deeds, but let the weight carry your fellow-creatures to Abraham's of your innocence, kindness and affec bosom. He said he had manifested longtion be felt, which is more mighty than a suffering, forbearance and patience millstone hung about the neck; not war, towards the Church, and also to his enenot jangle, not contradiction, or dispute, mies; and we must bear with each othbut meekness, love, purity-these are the er's failings, as an indulgent parent bears things that should magnify you in the with the foibles of his children. He eyes of all good men. Achan must be then read the second verse—“Though I brought to light, iniquity must be purged have the gift of prophecy, and underout from the midst of the Saints; then stand all mysteries, and all knowledge; the veil will be rent, and the blessings of and though I have all faith,so that I could heaven will flow down-they will roll remove mountains, and have not charity, down like the Mississippi river.

I am nothing.” He then said, though a If this Society listen to the counsel of man should become mighty, do great. the Almighty, through the heads of the things, overturn mountains, perform Church, they shall have power to com mighty works, and should then turn from


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