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for wisdom. The grand secret of mak sermon should be preached from the ing your meetings a success is to make text read from the book. them interesting. How? We'll see But to go on with our meeting. You presently. There is an element in the can awaken and develop an interest in human mind that urges man to display, true religion, (which embraces all art or as it is vulgarly called “show off.” and science) by simple means if you

will This is essentially true of the young and not lose patience. The start contains ignorant. It may be overlaid with other the difficulty. It should be your duty to qualities, but there it is, you may depend. create in some way a niche for each Closely allied to this trait is another, the member of your society to fill. Let each love of power. You must remember you one feel that one very noticeable link in have not a society of cultivated, young your chain is sadly missed when he or ladies and gentlemen; but a set of honest she is absent. Prepare yourself with but oftentimes rough, truehearted but some one of the exercises; and perform giddy boys and girls. Now we have your part very carefully, and in the very reached our starting point.

best manner you possibly can. You You must begin at the beginning, will thus insensibly create a spirit of which is God. Go before Him with an emulation, which is very essential. Be earnest, childlike desire, and especially | full of interest in everything that goes ask for ability to create an interest in your Let each performer or speaker see meeting, and entreat the presence of his through your eyes and manner that you holy spirit to comfort and direct you. are deeply interested. A word of kindly

After this is done, array yourself in help to the timid, a look of thanks to the something clean and tidy. Above all singer, a little praise to one who has things never be careless; there is a won done well, is all pleasing and will be usederful sense of power in the knowledge ful aids to you. If you say anything at of being irreproachable in your appear the close of the meeting refer to what

Avoid extremes, of course. Now has been done separately in a gentle you must have carefully prepared your way; reproving, encouraging, and sugself beforehand for the duties and exer- gesting with a mild pleasant manner. cises of the day. Never call on any one During your labors you should study that you think will not comply. Culti up, (if not already conversant with) a few vate a pleasant, sociable manner, avoid main points of etiquette. Tell your ing levity and familiarity. Your posi- friends that the truest saint is the finest tion makes you the leader of your little lady or gentleman. Our boys will sucflock; take heed that your example is ceed much better on their missions if worthy of imitation.

they have paid some attention to the Now, you can proceed with your pro- Graces. Avoid monotony. Variety is

It might contain some history, the spice of life! Never drone over music, literary readings and a religious anything or allow any one else to. Be exerci se; and after this the members full of life and pleased expectancy, or should be gradually induced to bear appear to be. Cultivate a feeling of intheir testimonies, or better, speak upon terest among your young associates. some principle of the Gospel. About | Allude to your pleasant times, say how the Bible or Book of Mormon exercise pleased you were, with this one's recita--I find it almost universally the case tion, that one's essay, last week; remark that a simple reading of a few verses is about their talent, etc. Let your thought called an exercise. I have never con dwell constantly on themes of profit versed with the proper authorities, but it and advancement, thereby storing up seems to me that the word exercise im your mind with rich ideas to bring plies more than that. The verse should forth when needed. be read, then commented on, points When you speak, never talk platitudes. brought out sharply, references explain- If you have endeavored to implant good

In short, a very brief | thoughts on your mind God will aid you to



ed, etc., etc.

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present them pleasingly and well. Be the course of years, he became an absohumble, and remember without God's lute master of his art. He had military spirit you can never edify Latter-day

science at his fingers' ends. In every Saints. But different vessels may all emergency he knew just what to do. contain a portion of the same liquid, and To be sure, he has not been one of how much more desirable is the large those brilliant and dashing military chiefs, glass vase adorned with beauty, than the who by their daring exploits and sudden ugly pewter mug.

triumphs become heroes in the eyes of Try and make use of the wilder spirits He has been a careful, studious, for they often prove to be made of the deliberate commander, losing sight of best material. Be faithful, and if the nothing, ready for every exigency, lookresponsibility seems great, go to God. ing well ahead, and closely calculating He is your guide, helper, and friend. upon every possibility of events. But while he holds the tools with which Yet the sturdy old soldier is by no to polish us into everlasting beauty, it is means a dull man outside of his quarters we who must perform the labor.

or the barracks. In a quiet way, he enHomespun. joys life in many of its phases. He has

always been a great reader on a wide VON MOLTKE.

variety of subjects. He is known as one NEVER was a nation more fortunate in of the most delightful letter-writers in its leaders than was Prussia when she Germany. He is fond, too, of poetry, aimed to achieve German unity. It is and reads history and fiction with much often the case, that when some great delight. crisis comes upon a country, men able to There is a Roman simplicity about deal with it rise and become the guides Von Moltke's daily life. He lives in a of the people. This was never more building which serves as the headquartrue than it was of Prussia when, eleven ters of the general staff of the army in years ago, she entered upon the war with Berlin. Promptly at seven o'clock every France, which was to decide, not only morning, summer and winter, he enters her own destiny, but that of the whole his study, a plain room, with a table in German people.

the centre, covered with maps, papers Three Prussians towered, at that time, and books. far above the rest-William, the wise There he takes his coffee, at the same and energetic king; Bismarck, the reso time smoking a cigar. He proceeds at lute and far-seeing statesman; and Von once to work, and keeps at it till nine, Moltke, the skilful and consummate sol- when his mail is brought to him. At dier. It was the united action of these eleven he takes a plain breakfast, after three, as much as the valor of the Prus which he again works steadily till two, sian army, which not only won the vic- when he holds a reception of officers. tory, but gathered and garnered its fruit. The afternoon is devoted to work.

All three of these men are still living, After dinner, for the first time, this man and still active, each in his own sphere. of eighty-one enjoys some rest and The hale old king, now Emperor, shows, recreation, until eleven, at which hour at the age of eighty-six, little lessening he retires. of his sturdy powers. Bismarck, at In personal appearance, Von Moltke sixty-five, still sways with his strong and is tall, thin, and slightly stooping. On stubborn will the affairs of the youthful horseback, however, he straightens up, Empire. Von Moltke, at eighty-one, re

and bears himself as erect as a man of mains the foremost military figure of thirty. His close-shaven face is much Germany.

wrinkled, and his profile somewhat reVon Moltke is a very interesting per minds one of that of Julius Cæsar. He sonage. From his earliest youth he has

never appears in any other than a milifollowed the profession of arms. He tary dress, and is often seen walking has always been every inch a soldier. In alone in the Thiergarten at Berlin, his



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hands clasped behind him and his head the best of my ability; but she is very bent forward, after the manner of the ill, and I fear she will not recover.” great Napoleon.

So the sentence was altered to, “For Von Moltke married, some years ago,

attendance upon my wife, kill or cure,” an English girl many years younger than the paper signed and delivered over to himself. Sh

lied suddenly in 1868; and the physician. this event cast a shadow over all his His skill was unavailing, and the later life. He has always since worn a patient died; but when the bill came in sad and thoughtful face. He often visits the widower quietly repudiated the debt his wife's grave in the country; and on in toto. the mausoleum which he erected to her In vain was it represented to him that memory, he has caused to be engraved the doctor held his legal acknowledgthe sentence, “Love is the fulfilling of ment; so the latter sued him for the the law.”– Youth's Companion.

amount, in perfect confidence of gaining

the day. The miser did not dispute the AN ODD VERDICT.

circumstances in court, but requested to An amusing illustration of the fact that see the document, which he then read a mean, miserly man is apt to be a sharp, aloud with great deliberation. hard customer is given in Chambers' “And did you cure my wife sir?” he Journal:

asked, glancing over his spectacles at A physician being summoned to attend the defendant. a miser's wife in her last illness, declined “No, that was impossible.” to continue his visits unless he had some “Did you kill her?" legal guarantee for payment, as he knew Verdict for defendant. Doctor sold. by experience the slippery character of the husband where pecuniary obligations The shame that arises from praise unwere concerned.

deserved, often makes us do things we The miser thereupon drew up a docu would never otherwise have attempted. ment, formally promising, after haggling

I slept, and dreamed that life was beauty; over the amount, that he would pay to

I woke, and found that life was duty. Dr. So-and-so the sum of £ “if he

Was my dream, then, a shadowy lie? cures my wife.”

Toil on, sad heart, courageously, “Stop!” said the doctor. “I cannot And thou shalt find thy dream shall be undertake to do that. I will treat her to A noonday light and truth to thee.

ASSOCIATION INTELLIGENCE. SEMI-ANNUAL CONFERENCE. educating and reforming the young peoThe Young Men's Mutual Improve- ple, urging the officers to commence ment Associations held their semi-an early the present season and so systemnual Conference in the Salt Lake Assem atize their exercises as to be able to rebly Hall on Saturday evening, October port progress in the spring. He was 8, at 7 p. m. The exercises were con followed by Sister Elmina S. Taylor, ducted by General Superintendent Wil- Superintendent of the Young Ladies ford Woodruff.

Associations, who made a few very inThe First Presidency, several of the teresting remarks relative to the organApostles, officers of Y. M. & Y. L. M. ization she represents. 1. A. and others were on the stand.

President John Taylor expressed his After singing and prayer by Apostle pleasure at being present, and in a few John H. Smith, Elder Junius F. Wells words commended the Associations for spoke upon the condition of the Associa what they were doing, encouraged all tions and the work they have to do in

connected with them to continue their



7. A.

efforts, and blessed the officers and Cainan, Mahalaleel, Jared and Lamech, members,

who were also contemporaneous with Superintendent Woodruff also felt glad Enoch, translated with him? 7.7.c. to witness the spectacle of thousands of No; see time of Enoch's translation the youth of Zion growing up in the fear and date when each of them died, Docof the Lord, and preparing themselves trine and Covenants, p. 18, par. 41. for the great future before them. He

Had there been any other persons bapnarrated incidents of his own childhood

tized beside the six who were present at indicating the great desire he always the organization of the Church? W. had to live in a gospel dispensation, to

It is authoritatively stated that there listen to prophets, apostles etc. He ex had been about thirty persons baptized pressed his faith that there were those previous to that time. reserved among the youth of Israel, who would bear off the kingdom in the day of the name of Deity is not mentioned?

Is there a book in the Bible in which its power and glory. President George Q. Cannon occupied

7. M.

The beautiful book of Esther contains a few moments in which he paid a tri

no allusion to Deity. bute to the good work being done by the Associations, and earnestly besought the

Are there two chapters in the Bible young people of Zion to set their aim in that are precisely alike? life high, and work in humility and per

The nineteenth of 2 Kings and the severence for its realization.

thirty-seventh of Isaiah are in the main President Joseph F. Smith hoped the alike, though there is a slight difference. time would soon come when we might They are often referred to as being idenhave more time at thèse semi-annual

tical. meetings and better opportunities to hear If President Arthur should die, there reports from the various officers of the being no vice-president, who would be. Associations. He stated that we seemed come President of the United States? to accomplish little of interest to the

R. C. organization in such a meeting as this. Senator David Davis, of Illinois, who We ought to hear reports from the was elected President pro tem, of the county officers and attend to the busi Senate to prevent confusion should such ness of the Associations at these confer a contingency occur. ences, but we are prevented from doing

QUESTIONS TO ANSWER. so by the shortness of the time at our

How many presiding Bishops were disposal. He presented the General

there before Bishop Hunter, and what Officers who were unanimously sustained

were their names?

U. P. R. as at the last conference.

Is the hill Cumorah called by any other Benediction by Apostle F. M. Lyman.

name in the Book of Mormon? Please

give the references. QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.

Can you tell us something about John [This department is open to all Asso- Wesley?

Roy. ciations and members, for asking any

How do you reconcile the following question pertinent to the work of mutual

statements in the Compendium? “April improvement, and officers are requested 6, 1830, Elders were ordained; hands to forward interesting questions briefly

were laid on for the gift of the Holy answered, which may have been pro

Ghost.” “June 6, 1830, the Melchizepounded in their Associations. The fol

dek Priesthood was first given?” of lowing have already been sent in.]

course if Elders were ordained April 6 We are informed, in the Pearl of Great the Melchizedek Priesthood must have Price, that when Enoch was translated, been given before. Please explain when Methuselah, who lived at the same time,

and where it was restored to men on the was not taken; the question is, were Earth.

D. L. H.


The Glory of God is Intelligence.

Vol. III.


No. 2.


some of us leave this stage of action. JUNE, 1839.-In reply to many in The Son of Man stands before him, and quiries, I gave an explanation of the there is given him glory and dominion. Priesthood, and many principles con Adam delivers up his stewardship to nected therewith, of which the following Christ, that which was delivered to him is a brief synopsis :

as holding the keys of the Universe, The Priesthood was first given to but retains his standing as head of the Adam; he obtained the First Presidency, human family. and held the keys of it from generation The spirit of man is not a created to generation. He obtained it in the being; it existed from eternity, and will creation, before the world was formed, exist to eternity. Anything created canas in Gen. i, 20, 26, 28. He had domin not be eternal; and earth, water, etc., had ion given him over every living creature. their existence in an elementary state, He is Michael the Arch-angel, spoken from eternity. Our Savior speaks of of in the Scriptures; then to Noah, children and says, their angels always who is Gabriel; he stands next in autho stand before my Father. The Father rity to Adam in the Priesthood; he was called all spirits before him at the creacalled of God to this office, and was the tion of man, and organized them. He father of all living in his day, and to (Adam) is the head, and was told to him was given the dominion. These multiply.

multiply. The keys were first given to men held keys first on Earth, and then him, and by him to others. He will in Heaven.

have to give an account of his stewardThe Priesthood is an everlasting ship, and they to him. principle, and exisited with God from The Priesthood is everlasting. The eternity, and will to eternity, without Savior, Moses and Elias beginning of days or end of years. keys to Peter, James and John, on the The keys have to be brought from mount, when they were transfigured beheaven whenever the Gospel is sent. fore him. The Priesthood is everlasting When they are revealed from heaven, it —without beginning of days or end of is by Adam's authority. Daniel vii, years; without father, mother, etc. If speaks of the Ancient of Days; he means there is no change of ordinances, there the oldest man, our Fathér Adam, Mi is no change of Priesthood. Wherever chael; he will call his children together the ordinances of the Gospel are adminand hold a council with them to prepare istered, there is the Priesthood. them for the coming of the Son of Man. How have we come at the Priesthood He (Adam) is the Father of the human in the last days? It came down, down, family, and presides over the spirits of in regular succession. Peter, James, all men, and all that have had the keys and John had it given to them, and they must stand before him in this grand gave it to others. Christ is the Great council. This may take place before High Priest; Adam next. Paul speaks

gave the

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