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that from the Nazareth of the rising ful competitor. Criminal and cowardly generation no good thing can possibly though it be, such an act admits of some come,and having Moses and the Prophets palliation, since heat of passion is amenalready, prepared to oppose to the able for many indiscretions which in its bitter end


every innovation absence would never occur, but that this upon the antique boundaries of tra species of jealousy should exist and condition. On the other hand, there is a tinue to incite hostility after one or both class very properly denominated "up- of the contestants have retired from the starts;" green and tender twigs upon arena of action, is something far more the staunch old trees of the forest, rear strange and unreasonable. Macready, ing high their insignificant heads, rus the great English tragedian, confessed, tling their little leaves aloft in haughti- that it gave him actual pain to hear of a ness, and affecting an independence and rising dramatic star, and though his own superiority over the grand old trunks fame and fortune were forever assured, which have supplied them with all their that he was so unhappily constituted he nourishment and without whose constant could not but look with displeasure and support it would be utterly impossible alarm upon every new triumph in the for them to exist. It would be difficult histrionic field, and consider it as a danto decide which is the more deserving of gerous infringement upon his rights and contempt. One would put clogs upon

possessions. An open confession is the wheels of progress, while the other said to be good for the soul, and we inwould place the cart before the horse in- stinctively admire Macready for the tended to draw the load.

moral courage displayed in his acknowlThere is something of an excuse for

edgement. There are many individuals, jealousy, poor one though it be, when equally unfortunate in disposition, whó rivals are engaged simultaneously in entirely lack his candor, and who, while building up their reputations. We are working with might and main for the constrained to make a degree of al

overthrow of a rival, would represent as lowance for the ruuner who, being their motive anything on earth excepting about to be beaten in the race throws the base passion which actuates them. out his foot to trip up his success

0. F. Whitney.

the river Cam.

ALMA MATER. CAMBRIDGE, England, stands in a Downing, Baronet, who left an estate of spacious, delightful and fertile plain on six thousand pounds per annum 10 en

Its University is one of dow it. There are halls or houses, with the oldest; its records were burned in the same number of heads or masters; the Market Place by Wat Tyler, in five hundred fellowships added to the the reign of Richard II. The university masters, and in conjunction with them, has a chancellor, under whom is a com

have the oversight of the students, missary who holds a court of record, a

about seven hundred scholarships and high steward, a vice-chancellor who is

four hundred and thirty-six exhibitions. independent of the chancellor, and has

The number of students is about two the exercise of the government of the thousand. university; under him are two proctors,

All the colleges, only two excepted, generally M. A's, and two taxers for lie around the skirts of the town, have a weights and measures, a register, besides beautiful prospect into the fields, a pure four beadles and a librarian. "To the air and fine gardens; the college walks University belong sixteencolleges, Down- and grounds are very beautiful, shaded ing college having been built within the by large ancient trees, whose whisperpresent century, founded by Sir John Wings seem to breathe of calm and seclu

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sion, of the classical learning of by gone student belongs, is designated by their ages! Order is everywhere visible; the academical dress, both in color and form, lawns have a soft velvet appearance, and some being black and others dark blue; the broad gravel walks invite crowds of the make of the dress is also indicative. pedestrians every day; for all are thrown These dresses or “gowns," as they are open to the public, except for three days called, are exceedingly classical and in the year, when their rights are estab elegant, and the cap is equally so; a lished by the closing of the gates. The fellow commoner's gown is richly embranch of the Cam meanders through broidered about the shoulders with gold these lovely grounds, and enhances thread, the cap bearing a heavy tassel of their beauty, I might say sublimity. the same. Trinity gowns are embroid

Trinity and St. John's are the two ered in white lace, tassel to match; a head colleges, Byron was a student in Master of Arts wears a hat and a full the first, and there is a fine statue of gown of rich, heavy, black, Ottoman silk him, presented by his executors to Trinity unadorned; the dresses worn in chapel library, standing in the centre of the also denote the different degrees and are broad aisle, upon a pedestal of Parian beautiful, graceful and classical. marble, Thorwaldsen being the artist, and The architecture of some of the colit is worthy his great name. The figure leges is very fine. King's Chapel most is reclining against a broken Corinthian especially is notable in this respect; it pillar, with “Childe Harold” in the left was built and endowed by Edward IV hand, a pencil in the right, the point and is remarkable for its sublime ele. resting on the chin, the countenance up gance. The roof is of most unique raised in meditation or in inspiration, structure without any pillars to support and the tout ensemble is perfect. For it; it appears as though drawn together many years this was the only public in sections each being held by a key. monument of England's great poet. stone of a ton weight. The ante-chapel The Bishop of London, a man of narrow is divided from the inner, by a noble mind, and pompous authority, having screen of exquisitely carved oak; the refused entombment of his remains in entrance in the centre being guarded by Westminster Abbey. This the prophetic curtains of heavy scarlet cloth. The mind of Byron had anticipated-and noble organ is placed on the centre of when only thirteen, the vision of his the screen, standing out in bold and mind being open to the future—he wrote grand relief. It would be impossible to the truthful words "My epitaph shall be describe the sublime beauty of this inner my name alone!” But within the last chapel in this brief sketch; but all that year, a splendid monument has been the mind can conceive of harmonious erected of him in Hamilton Gardens, beauty may safely be indulged in, in an the site having been given by the Queen, imaginative survey. I will endeavor to and the Hellenic marble, of which it is assist it a little. The interior is entirely composed presented by Greece; Mr. of carved oak, stalls running up each side Bell being the artist.

commencing with a reading desk, service Milton also received his collegiate being every afternoon at 3 o'clock. A education in this university, at Christ's student is selected to read the lessons college, in the grounds of which he for the day; one from the Bible, the other planted a mulberry tree, and which was from the Testament, the choristers taking still living a few years ago, guarded with part in the services, and all wearing sur. religious care. This university has sent plices. The chapel is generally crowd. many bright and noble men into the ed, it being open to visitors. Will world, as statesmen and divines, logi- any smile ironically at this descripcians and mathematicians, of which, one tion? Indeed I should think very of the most renowned was Doctor meanly of any man or woman I saw Whewell; he was latterly master of Trinity enter therein, without the most profound college. The college to which each ! feeling of awe and veneration, and a con

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viction that they were standing in a sanc to it-the whole forming a fine quadrangle. tuary somewhat worthy of the God of the The church has a most magnificent set Universe. The communion table fills up of bells and the clock most musical the entire end of the chapel. The altar chimes. In this vicinity are the pubpiece being a fine painting by Rubens lic halls, the University or vice-chanthe subject being “Taking down from the cellor's court house, and the University Cross.” It is truthful even to agony; library, which extends over the halls, several figures are assisting, and as sad contains about forty-four thousand volmourners are "the three Marys.” The umes, which were greatly augmented by windows of this magnificent chapel have George III, with the library of Dr. John a history of their own; they are of stain- Moor, Bishop of Ely, which consisted of ed glass, and portray the birth, life, mis- thirty thousand volumes, and cost his sion and death of the Savior; they are majesty six thousand guineas, in acaltogether exquisite, and, impulsively, knowledgement of which the Senate every eye is raised to read their soul directed a statue to be erected to him, thrilling language. Cromwell with a which Lord Charles Townsend caused sacreligious brutality turned this world to be made of marble at his own renowned chapel into a stable for his cav expense. There, also over the halls, is a alry horses, but his design being fore fine cabinet of natural curiosities collectstalled the windows were taken out, and ed and presented by Dr. John Woodhid away with religious care,

till the en

ward. There are also many statues lightened age dawned upon that distract of men, and some costly pictures, ed country, when they were replaced and scattered about these ancient colleges. the chapel restored in all its pristine Prince Albert was installed Chancellor beauty and grandeur; and no appearance of the University in 1842, and held that of decay is visible in, or on any part of office till his lamented demise. The

heir apparent of the English crown The Senate House is in close proximity graduated in that renowned seat of learnto this noble building, and St. Mary's,the ing. The University sends two memUniversity church, is directly opposite bers to Parliament.


it to-day.



to the declarations contained in Holy HAVING shown that many of the an

Writ. cient Saints departed from the Plan of When the Savior made His appearance Salvation, we now proceed to examine in the flesh there were many religious another branch of the subject, namely: denominations extant, some of which The external events in connection with professed a firm belief in the Biblethe history of the church which conspired the Old Testament-notwithstanding the to overthrow the people of God. From ancient prophets plainly foretold the the quotations made in the former article birth and ministry of the Savior, the religwhich state that the love of many shall

ious element bitterly opposed Him and “many shall follow their denounced new revelation, as manifest pernicious ways" etc. it may be asked, through the Redeemer, as the masses of What became of the few that were faith

the human family always have done whenful? Did not they confer the authority ever the Almighty has introduced a new of Heaven, upon a people in some dispensation of the Gospel. The Lord remote corner of the earth? And from fully understanding the result of this thence have they not continued the

bitter persecution said to His Apostles; true Church down to the present time? "Then shall they deliver you up to be In answer to these queries we shall refer afficted, and shall kill you; and ye shall

wax cold";

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Mark says,

be hated of all nations for my name's not mean the infidel class for while they sake.” Matt. 24–9. The vile treatment may not deny the existence of a Supreme to which the Ancient Apostles were Being, they disavow all forms of worship. subject, and the final martyrdom of many On the other hand we see that the of them, is evident to all who have Savior's prediction was directed to the acquainted themselves with the history re ious world, and from the facts of the of those inspired men; but scriptural case, it seems especially applicable to evidence as to their destiny, in this that portion of it, which claimed to berespect is quite abundant.

lieve in the writings of the ancient Pro13th chapter 9th verse: “But take heed phets. Immediate revelation from Heato yourselves; for they shall deliver you ven has always come in contact with the up to councils; and in the synagogues vain traditions and religious crafts of ye shall be beaten; and ye shall be men, so that the strictest professors of brought before rulers, and kings for my religion were anciently and are now sake, for a testimony against them.” among the foremost men in persecuting Another witness to this testimony of our the Saints and seeking to deprive them Savior has also left us the following; of the rights and privileges which other “And

ye shall be betrayed both by par men enjoy. In connection with the ents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and evidence found in the Holy Scriptures friends and some of you shall they cause on this part of the subject, the thousands to be put to death." We have then the of Latter-day Saints, who have suffered testimony of three witnesses bearing upon by the hand of oppression in this dispenthe same point.

sation of the Gospel, are living witnesses. It is a remarkable fact that in all ages When the Revelator John, who was of the world when the Lord has commit. the last remaining of the quorum of the ted a dispensation of the Gospel to men Twelve Apostles on the eastern hemiupon the earth, that the Heavenly message sphere, was in banishment upon the Isle has not only been rejected by the great of Patmos, he saw the image of a beast, majority of the human family; but the representing a power that should arise in envy and hatred of many have been so the earth, make war with the Saints and excited as to instigate measures of vio overcome them”. “And they worshipped lence against the humble servants of the the dragon which gave power unto the Lord. Especially is this true when beast: and they worshipped the beast, applied to the religious element; more saying, who is like unto the beast? who directly to those who profess to be the is able to make war with him? * * And he public instructors of the people. Notice opened his mouth in blasphemy against the action taken by the Pharisees, Sad-God, to blaspheme His name, and His ducees, and other religious classes re tabernacle, and them that dwell in heagarding the ancient Saints, for while the And it was given unto him to make votaries of these sects were divided war with the Saints, and to overcome relative to points of doctrine and disa them: and power was given him over all greed upon the writings of the Prophets, kindreds, and tongues, and nations". they combined their efforts to overthrow This declaration of the Scriptures is the chosen people. The Savior, indi very broad, indicating clearly that the cating the class who would imbue their Saints should be overcome and the power hands in the blood of the Prophets, said; of the beast so extensive as to cover all "These things have I spoken unto you, “kindreds, tongues, and nations," thus that ye should not be offended. They leaving the people destitute of divine shall put you out of the synagogues; yea authority and bereft of the glorious plan the time cometh that whosoever killeth of redemption. you will think that he doeth God service. By turning to the second chapter of John 16–1, 2. Now this could not Daniel we learn something with regard to apply to the atheistic world, for that the period of time when this power which denies the existence of God. It could made war with the Saints, and overcame


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them should flourish in the earth. The


In a short time however metallic image which Nebuchadnezzar the Northern States engaged in war with saw in his dream consisting of gold, the South and overcame them, so that silver, brass, iron and clay, we are told the confederacy of that section, ceased to in the interpretation given by Daniel the exist. Suppose that a stranger should Prophet, represented several kingdoms, visit the South at the present time and beginning with Babylon, which we learn enquire of some person in that region of from history flourished in the fifth and country, if they still have a republic sixth centuries before Christ; the entirely independent of the North, and on second—the Medo Persian

govern- being answered: “We have, "the visitor ments from about the year 538 to 331 B. queries. “Where is your President?" C.; third-the Macedonian kingdom, “Well he's done away with, because no founded by Alexander the Great from longer needed.” "He is next asked. 331 to 161 B. C.; fourth-the Roman “Where is your Vice President?” “Oh, we empire which flourished from 161 B. C. havenone.” “Where is your Congress?”' to 483 A. D. This last named govern- "Well, that was dissolved long ago; ment was represented in the metallic and has’nt existed since.” “Pray then!" image by the two legs of iron, which re says the stranger.“what have you left?" semble very much the two divisions of “Well wehave a judge, and a policeman, the Roman empire, the one having its besides the book, which gives a history of seat of government at Rome the other the officers, which you enquire about." at Constantinople, which subsequently Such answers; however absurd, and sub-divided into the petty governments

inconsistent, are very similar to those of modern Europe, having in them the offered by the religious world of to day, elements of strength and weakness, as who claim to have the church of Christ indicated by the feet and toes of the im but when asked; "Where are your Aposage, which were part of iron and part of tles?” They answer; “We have none, clay. It will be discovered by the dates they're done away with.” “Have you Progiven above that it was during the time phets?" "Oh, no! They are no longer of the Roman empire that our Lord and

needed.” “Do the members of your Savior was born into the world. As early church enjoy the gifts of the Holy Spirit as the banishment of the Apostle John,

that Jesus promised should follow beabout 96 A. D., we discover that the apos

lievers?" "Certainly not, they have tles forming the chief quorum of officers in

passed away centuries ago, and we have the church of Christ had nearly all been

no occasion for them now.” “Well then, martyred. We are informed in Mosheim's what have you left?” “Why, we have a Ecclesiastical Institutes that 70 years A.

Pastor, and a Deacon, and then we have D. Vespasian and his son Titus besieged

the good book, the Holy Bible, that desthe City of Jerusalem with an army, de

cribes the officers that you mention.” stroyed the city and the temple, and

It is very evident then from the condi. slew many of the inhabitants, this event

tion of affairs that we have briefly dehaving been predicted by the Savior, and

scribed, that at some period in the past, recorded in Matthew xxiv.

the Church of Jesus Christ, was taken In speaking of this power that should from the earth, and the human family left destroy the Saints, Daniel the Prophet

without the plan of salvation. says “And he shall speak great words

phecies we have quoted show, first; that against the most High and shall wear out

such an event was to transpire some time the Saints of the most High." We might in the future, secondly; about the period of illustrate, how literally these prophecies time in which many of these predictions were verified, by the following example.

were verified, and, thirdly; the means or Previous to the late civil war in the Am- power by which the Saints were overcome. erican Union the South organized a re

There are other prophecies contained in publican form of government, with the

the Bible, which plainly show, that the requisite officers to constitute such a

results of the ancient apostacy would be

The pro

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