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THE CONTRIBUTOR. sign them, procured.


sign them, procured. We will then for

ward the petitions to Congress. A MONTHLY MAGAZINE.

It is better in the midst of this excite

ment caused by so many falsehoods and JUNIUS F. WELLS,

mendacious statements of priests and EDITOR AND PUBLISHER. politicians, all of whom are seeking our

destruction, for us, at least, to lay before

Congress the facts, plainly and definitely, Two Dollars a Year, In Advance.

that they may have the opportunity to Single Copy, Twenty Cents.

judge from fact instead of falsehood and misrepresentation. When we have

done this we shall then feel we have done Salt Lake City, FEBRUARY, 1882.

our duty to God, our brethren and the

world and we shall leave the event in the MEMORIALS TO CONGRESS.

hands of God, for Him to act as may The passage by the Senate of the seem best in His sight. I would state United States of the Edmunds bill, the

that we have no fears as to the result; full text of which was received by tele

the crisis has to come sometime. We graph, thoroughly awakened the people have to be brought to the test and this of our Territory to the enormous wrongs nation has to be brought to the test. threatened to be perpetrated upon us,

Whether this is the time or not it is not and to the necessity of more fully re for me to say. If it is, we are perhaps presenting our position and our claims as well prepared to meet it now as we for fair treatment. With this object in will be at any other time. As for myview the officers of the Relief Society, self I do not feel to shrink from results. and the Young Men's and Young Ladies' We know this kingdom will roll forth. Mutual Improvement Associations and We know that Zion will be established. a select committee, representing the We know the nations will be over thrown citizens in general, were requested to

and that God's rule will be introduced prepare suitable petitions to Congress, and that it will pravail. setting forth, briefly, the feelings of all When Israel was oppressed in Egypt classes of our population and requesting they did not dictate to the Almighty as that honorable body to pause and inves to the course they should pursue, but He tigate before legislating away the rights dictated to Israel. They acted their part of an innocent and upright community. and were willing to carry out His will

These committees met on Monday, We wish to act our part and stand ready February 20th, and compared the various to carry out the word and will of God. petitions they had prepared. On that We go in for liberty, freedom and huoccasion President John Taylor made man rights for all men, and when the the following remarks:

kingdon of God is established all men It has been thought proper that the will possess their rights; the right to Relief Society and the Young Men's and worship God as they please, the right of Young Ladies' Mutual Improvement franchise and all other inalienable rights Associations each get up a petition to pertaining to the human family. It is Congress, and lay before that body the for us to struggle for these principles, position we occupy in relation to the and while we wish to cast no aspersions matters that are disturbing the nation, to

on the rulers of the government, at the present to them a few salient points, same time we wish to lay before them, that they may be able to act advisedly. respectfully, our views, protesting against

We call upon these various societies to unconstitutional measures that men seek circulate the petitions, to have the whole to bring upon us. Territory canvassed and the signatures The Young Men's and Young Ladies' of all connected with our associations, petitions, before this will be read, will as well as any others who may wish to have been circulated throughout the

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Territory, by express and telegraph, and Now, therefore, in duty to them and will have received, doubtless, ten thous ourselves, having the continued peace and signatures each. They are as fol and prosperity of our Territory at heart lows:

and valuing liberty and the rights of To the Honorable the Senate and conscience above life, we, the young men House of Representatives in Congress of Utah, earnestly remonstrate against Assembled:

the calumnies and misrepresentations of Your petitioners, the young men of the unprincipled men, who would have the Territory of Utah respectfully represent: world believe that we are curtailed in the That our present interests and future enjoyment of American freedom and fetprospects in life are dependent upon the tered in chains forged by priestly fanaundisturbed peace and prosperity of our

tics. Territory.

We deny that undue influence is exThat we are the sons of parents who ercised by any authority over our thoughts have braved the dangers and overcome

or actions. the difficulties incident to pioneering and We deny that duty to our religion and settling a new, sterile and forbidding to our country leads us in opposite direccountry; who have made human habita tions, or that it can possibly do so while tion in the valleys of the great Rocky the charter of American liberty remains Mountain basin a possibility; who have the supreme law. labored with untiring industry under many

We deny that the religious institution hardships to create homes for their of plural marriage, as practised by our families, in which we have been nurtured parents, and to which many of us owe and cared for; who have denied them our existence, debases, pollutes, or in any selves many comforts to educate and way degrades those who enter into it. train their children in useful arts and On the contrary we solemnly affirm, and industries; who have ever thrown around challenge successful contradiction, that our paths in life the benign infuences of plural marriage is a sacred religious home-there are no homeless children ordinance and that its practice has in Utah—of religion, of industry, of given to thousands honorable names and honor

, of patriotism and the broadest and peaceful homes, where Christian precepts kindest expressions of humanity; who and virtuous practices have been uniformhave shielded us from the groveling formsly inculcated and the spirit of human of vice that tempt and allure to destruc- liberty and religious freedom fostered tion the unprotected and disowned, who, from the cradle to maturity. without name or home, lie in the streets In consideration of these facts, and in of the great cities and upon the highways the name of justice we hereby solemnly of the outside world, a reproach to

memorialize your honorable body to recivilization and mankind.

frain from enacting laws that reflect upon Under the protection, wise legislation the marital relations of our parents, and and humane administration of our fathers, that, however specific the provisions to our Territory enjoys the blessings of the contrary, stigmatize us in the opinion peace and abundance, and we have been of the world; to refrain from enacting started upon the highroad of prosperity laws that will enslave a large proportion and success with bodies untainted by of the citizens of our Territory, that will disease, with hearts in which faith and the gall and fret the spirit of liberty which consciousness of divine approval dwell,

we inherit and are bound to entertain with minds open to conviction of truth and that will take from us, for no offense, and untrammelled by dogmas or super

the privileges and blessings of local free stitions that clog progressive thought government

, so necessary to the happi

We love ness and well being of an American and honor our parents

, who have thus community. provided in our childhood for our welfare

We ask you to secure to us the rights the liberties and the blessings of freemen

and fill the soul with fear.

in active life.

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and to pause before foisting upon us Whereas, In our opinion, the cause of an unrepublican government, placing the introduction of such bills has been strangers, by appointment, to rule over the false representations of evil disposed us, and sacrificing the interests, the feels persons, who assert we are low, ignorant, ings, the happiness and freedom of the degraded and disloyal; and, feeling great majority of the citizens of our assured that, had your honorable body Territory to the greed and cupidity of a been truthfully advised in regard to the reckless minority; and your petitioners people of this Territory, such bills would as in duty bound will ever pray.

never have obtained a hearing in the To the Honorable the Senate and Congress of this mighty nation; House of Representatives in Congress Now, therefore, we, the young ladies Assembled:

of Utah Territory, do most solemnly Whereas, Certain bills are now pending and truthfully declare that neither we nor before your honorable body, which, if

our mothers are held in bondage, but passed, will break up happy homes and that we enjoy the greatest possible families and produce untold misery, freedom socially and religiously; that sorrow and suffering; will deprive us of our homes are happy ones, and we are the kind, fostering care of honorable, neither low nor degraded; for the upright, God-fearing fathers, and drive principles of purity, virtue, integrity and forth our precious, loving mothers as loyalty to the government of the United outcasts; as those who have no right to States have been instilled into our minds the honored name of wife, and also cast and hearts since our earliest childhood. opprobrium upon many of us as illegiti According to what we read, and can mate; and,

learn from other sources, in no place in Whereas, The passage of such bills the world is female chastity and virtue would deprive our fathers, mothers and guarded with more jealous care than by brothers (and ourselves, when properly our people; for we have been taught and qualified) of the right of franchise, and, do understand that this is our greatest in fact, of all the rights of American boon; far above jewels or wealth, and citizens, debarring us of the free exercise more precious than life itself; and we of our holy religion, which is dearer to therefore most respectfully memorialize us than life itself; and would be contrary your honorable body to suspend further to the spirit of the glorious Constitution action on all bills relating to Utah, and of our country, which we have ever been send a commission of honorable, intellitaught to revere as an inspiration from gent, and unprejudiced men and women Almighty God: for we have been taught, to inquire into, and learn the true state and conscientiously believe that plural of affairs in this Territory; marriage is as much a part of our religion, And as in duty bound, your memorialists as are faith, repentance and baptism; and, will ever pray.



like an angel from heaven than a creaWith heartfelt grief, we chronicle the ture of this earth; her influence and death of our beloved friend and coun spirit were so beautiful, that to be near selor, Mother Whitney. Of all women, her, seemed nearer heaven; her characnone were purer or better; among the ter was the gentlest and noblest of first to embrace the everlasting Gospel, womankind, always cheerful and hopeand always faithful and true to the prin- | ful in the darkest and dreariest scenes; ciples, she, in her early youth, had never despairing nor complaining; she espoused. Oftentimes has it been said, had always a word of rest for the weary, and truly said, Mother Whitney is more comfort for the heartsick, and possessed

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Smith's was

the power of consoling others to such were baptized and confirmed, Noveman extent, that she was often called the ber 1830. Their home was a place of rest "comforter."

for the elders; and Joseph Smith, the This great and noble woman has now prophet, made it his home when he first left this earth and gone to a brighter came to Kirtland, and an everlasting love realm, where she will receive the reward and friendship was formed between the for all her good deeds here on earth. two families. She was gifted in language and exceed Often afterwards in the hours of trial ingly attractive in person; her coun and persecution did the Prophet find retenance ever seemed to shine with the fuge, comfort and solace under their roof. light of the Holy Spirit; her soul was I remember when very young of hearing one of those bright and shining lights her relate a little incident illustrating that seem to make heaven more beauti the power of and the faith that she al. ful by their presence.

ways had in children's prayers. One Mother Whitney was born in the be night when the mob were in search ginning of the present century, Decem of the Prophet, and he had taken reber 26, 1800, in Derby, New Haven fuge in her home, the little children County, Connecticut; her parents were gathered in one of the rooms and Gibson and Polly Bradley Smith. The prayed, as they often did, that the

one of the oldest fami- Prophet might be unmolested and rest lies in the country. She was the eldest there in peace. They all knelt down child, and her youth was

a perfect and prayed earnestly to the Lord and springtime of love and happiness. When said they could not rise until they had a eighteen years of age, she accompanied testimony. Very soon one of the childa maiden aunt to Ohio, and as she after ren rose from her knees saying “I have wards decided to remain there, it so the spirit, brother Joseph will be safe.” happened that she never saw her dear The Prophet and Brother and Sister mother again. Early in her sojourn in

Early in her sojourn in Whitney had been standing at the door Ohio, she became acquainted with a and when Joseph heard this, he turned young and prosperous merchant, Newel to Bishop Whitney and said, while his K. Whitney, to whom she was afterwards eyes were filled with tears: “You need married, October 20, 1822, in Kirtland, not hide me to-night, I will be perwhere they made their future home. fectly safe.” What a beautiful humble

Both she and her husband became spirit is manifested in these few words. members of the Campbellite church, but This is only one of many like manifesalthough they revered this faith, they tations to the children in those days. still sought for something better. They Joseph delighted in little children and believed in the laying on of hands and in

had more faith in their sweet humble the gifts of the spirit, but no one having prayers than in any others. Mother Whitauthority in their church to confer those ney was one of the first women who ever gifts, they prayed to the Lord for the had her endowments, and among the Holy Spirit, such as they read of the first who ever officiated in a temple, she ancients having received. While they was the very first to officiate in the were praying together a cloud seemed to house of the Lord in this city, where rest over the house, the walls vanished she continued to labor until her health and it seemed as if they were out in the would no longer permit. She has blessed open air. The cloud covered them and thousands of the daughters of Zion. they felt the spirit of the Lord upon Mother Whitney had one of the sweetthem, while a solemn awe pervaded them est and most pathetic voices in the world, and they heard a voice saying, “Prepare often in days of persecution when the ye to receive the word of the Lord, for Prophet Joseph was sorrowful, cast down

Soon after this the Gos and weary, he would ask her to sing to pel was brought to Kirtland by Parley him that he might forget his grief. P. Pratt, and both she and her husband | When the gift of tongues was given to

it is coming.”

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her, her spirit burst forth in hymns of re weeks; she lived to finish her work here joicing and songs of praise. She has on earth, and was ready and willing to always at times exercised this gift until be gathered home to the Savior's bosom. the time of her death. The Prophet Oh that we might all live a life as pure promised this rare gift should never and sinless! That when we are called to leave her if she was wise in the exercise go, we may say as she did, “The thereof, and if she remained true to her | Lord's time is the best time,” and “I covenants. He also said that it was the want to suffer all that I ought to suffer." pure Adamic language, that which was

Louie Wells. spoken in the garden of Eden. If all the hymns and poems were written as There is a fable among the Hindoos they were interpreted at the time when that a thief, having been detected and she sang them, they would make a condemned to die, happily hit on an beautiful volume.

expedient which gave him hope of life. In 1838, Sister Whitney left her home He sent for the jailor and told him he had and was intending to go to Missouri, but a secret of great importance which he dein consequence of the persecutions there, sired to impart to the king, and when she was obliged to stay in Carleton, this had been done he would be prepared Illinois. Many of her friends, when she to die. After receiving this piece of inleft Kirtland, never expected she could telligence the king ordered the culprit to live through such a journey, and it was be conducted to his presence,

and only by her unbounded faith in God that demanded of him to know his secret. she was enabled to do so.

She stayed

The culprit replied that he knew the in Carleton that year, while her husband secret of causing a tree to grow which went back to Kirtland on business, and would bear fruit of pure gold. The was left entirely alone with a family of experiment might be easily tried, and his little children; her oldest son, then majesty would not lose the opportunity. eighteen years of age, taught school, and The king, accompanied by his prime helped to support the family.

minister, his courtiers and his chief priest In the spring of 1839, Bishop Whitney went with the thief to a spot selected near and family went up to Commerce. In the city wall, where the latter performed Nauvoo, Mother Whitney endured all a series of incantations. This done, the that it was possible for anyone to endure, condemned man produced a piece of gold, but was always cheerful and happy and declared that if it should be planted, through it all. When the Relief Society it would produce a tree, every branch of was organized by Joseph Smith in which would bear gold. Nauvoo, Mother Whitney was chosen “But,” he added, "this must be put into as first counselor to the president, Emma the ground by a hand that has never been Smith. She crossed the Mississippi stained by a dishonest act. My hand is River on the ice with a family of small not clean; therefore I pass it to your children, when the Saints were driven majesty." from Nauvoo; she was the mother of The king took the piece of gold, but eleven children, six now living; she had hesitated. Finally he said: “I rememthirty-two grandchildren and thirteen ber in my younger days, that I often great-grandchildren; her two oldest filched money from my father's treasury sons, Horace and Orson, were among which was not mine. I have repented the Pioneers of 1847. Their father and of the sin, but yet I hardly dare to say the family came to the valley with Heber my hand is clean. I pass it to my prime C. Kimball's company in 1848. Bishop minister." Whitney died in 1850.

The prime minister, after a brief conMother Whitney died February 15, sideration, answered: “It were a pity 1882, at ten minutes past two p.m., at to break the charm through a possible the residence of her son-in-law, Isaac blunder. I receive taxes from the Groo, in this city, after an illness of four people, and, as I am exposed to a great

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