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fore, Babylon being in thralldom, and the mind by Satan; which in sacred lanprejudiced against God, takes offence in guage reads, "man ensnared by the whatsoever the Lord says. The sayings powers of darkness.” Man in this preof the Lord are therefore accepted only judiced condition, takes offence at whatby those who tear themselves loose from soever the Lord says. under the slavery of Satan, and embrace Sacred conviction, or faith, is a gift of the freedom of the Gospel of Christ.

God, on condition of exercised virtues. The acceptance of what the Lord says Without the retaining of that faith it is is therefore by the free act of conviction. impossible to please God. To accept What is conviction? Webster does not what the Lord says, is therefore not have the definition, on this grade-In only a manifest virtue in those who sacred philosophy, it is a legitimate pos- accept; but it is also an evidence of the session of the mind, called Faith. What favor of God. is prejudice? Webster has only the pro Therefore the Savior said: “that man fane definition. The sacred definition was blessed,” even by not being offended is: an illegitimate taking possession of in Him?

Victor Eremita.

GREAT ENGINEERING PROJECTS. The shortening of commercial routes face of the ground and hauled across the by means of ship railways and ship neck of land on rails. The road may be canals seems to be the great ambition of level and perfectly straight from end to the engineers of to-day.

end. The plan has been submitted to In addition to the De Lesseps ship the Dominion government and is favorcanal at Panama, the Eads ship rail- ably entertained. Mr. Ketchum has way at Tehauntepec, the Florida ship issued an interesting pamphlet relative canal, the Chesapeake and Deleware to the project. ship canal, the Cape Cod canal, and Across the ocean the construction of others in the interior of this country, the tunnel under the British Channel, there are several other important pro connecting England with the Continent, jects of like nature under way or in is being prosecuted with an energy prospect in various parts of the world. which is indicative of ultimate success, The old project of connecting the Bay and thus far no obstacles have been enof Fundy and Baie Verte, on the Gulf countered to make the undertaking a of St. Lawrence, across the Isthmus of difficult or exceptionally hazardous one. Chignecto, has lately taken new form. In France the connection of the AtIt is now proposed to make the connec lantic with the Mediterranean by a ship tion by a ship railway eighteen miles canal, to save the long and stormy voylong, thus making a short cut for navi- | age around the Spanish peninsula, is gation between the United States and under serious consideration, and the the ports on the St. Lawrence gulf and Council-General of the Seine has just river, and saving the long and danger- adopted a resolution approving of the ous voyage around Nova Scotia.

project. The projector of the ship railway, Mr. The ship canal across the Isthmus of H. G. C. Ketchum, writes us that the Corinth, in Greece, to shorten the route plan grew out of a desire to save lockage to Constantinople and the ports of the and a deep channel in the design of the Black Sea, has, we believe, been definBaie Verte canal. His first plan was to itely determined upon. lift vessels by hydraulic power on pon In the far East a bolder and more toons and then float them through the important project is in contemplation, ca nal. The idea then occurred that with a view to shortening the commerthey might as well be lifted to the sur cial route to China and Japan by six

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hundred miles or more. At the head of thousands of their clothing, who have the Malay peninsula is the Isthmus of wandered half clad in the chilly winds Kraw, connecting Upper and Lower

of winter, yet he had no feeling of comSiam; and by the cutting of a ship can- passion. He has robbed myraids of al at this point, about thirty miles in

their daily substance, and said it was length, the need of sailing around the just. He has nerved the robber's arm, peninsula, might be obviated. At Kraw, whetted the murderer's knife and loaded the Malayan peninsula, which stretches

the desperate weapon. He has blasted southward for five hundred miles to Sin

fond hopes and caused lovers, husbands gapore, is at its narrowest breadth, and the

and wives, fathers and children, friends distance across from the side of the

and kindred to separate forever. He has Indian Ocean to that of the China seas

exalted vice in the minds of many, and is further decreased by the existence of

buried all decency in deep oblivion. He natural waterways for some distance despises the good, scoffs at the righteous, inland from both shores. From side to mocks the humble, rails on the pure, side it is no more than fifty miles, and hates the holy and curses God. He the Pakchan River, on the western

leads the young into forbidden paths and coast, and the Htassay on the eastern, prostitutes the virtuous. He promises afford the ready means of further re wisdom but gives foolishness, joy but ducing it. The distance, therefore, over gives sorrow, wealth but gives poverty, which it would be necessary to cut a health but gives desease, and life but canal would probably not exceed thirty gives death. He turns pleasure to pain, miles. The neighboring districts are faith to doubt, love to hatred, hope known to be fertile and to contain great to despair, blessings to cursing and mineral wealth. A tin nining company

revelation to blasphemy. He worships has been established for more than ten adultery and fornication, uncleanliness, years at Malewon, on the Pakchan, and

lasciviousness, idolatry and witchcraft

, gold has been found in the neighboring and is the friend of hatred, variance, stream of the Lenya. So far as known

wrath, strife and envy. He fills the prithe engineering difficulties are not of a

sons and insane asylums of the earth. stupendous character, and political draw In short he is the servant of satan, the backs and considerations fortunately do

enemy of man, the friend of hell, the not exist. The French appear to have

curse of God. He is, “Strong Drink.” taken the lead in proposing this import

C. H. Bliss. ant commercial short cut, and, if the opinion of the London Times is well

TO L. B. J. founded, the government of British

When the summer roses grew, India will not decline to actively partici

Kissed by many a wanton bird, pate in its execution.

When the fragrant breezes blew

Lightly o'er the leaves they stirred, A COMMON ENEMY.

My poor heart from bondage free, A DARING demon is abroad in the Never turned one thought to thee. land. We have all heard of him. Saul

Now the autumn hills are clad, slew his thousands, David his tens of

In their robes of crystal snow, thousands, but he has slain the millions.

And the white birds twitter sad He has grieved the aged father and O'er the prairies as they go, brought the affectionate mother in sorrow Sweeter than the stars of night, to the grave.

He has made wives Seem thy graces in my sight. widows and children orphans. He has

What has caused this charm to risc, caused loving mothers to shed rivers of

In each word, each look of thine? tears, but he heeded them not. He has

And why seem those gentle eyes taken the bread from the fatherless who

Evermore to heam on mine? have lifted their voices for mercy but 'Tis that Cupid's wand has shed he heard them not. He has stripped

Love's sweet magic o'er thy head. Beppe.

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THE CONTRIBUTOR. monism,” and rely on the glowing reports


of progress they are making to replenish A MONTHLY MAGAZINE. the exchequer from time to time; it

might also discourage the charitable JUNIUS F. WELLS,

people of the east, who contribute the EDITOR AND PUBLISHER.

funds to keep these missionaries employed.

Whatever the effect may be, if the Two Dollars a Year, In Advance.

sentiment of the Young Men's and Single Copy, Twenty Cents.

Young Ladies' Mutual Improvement As

sociations, which number about twenty Salt LAKE City, JANUARY, 1882.

thousand members may be taken as “Young Mormondom's" reply to the

question, we have no hesitation in record“YOUNG MORMONDOM."

ing it: WE ARE FOR THE FAITH OF The question is often asked, what OUR FATHERS. Our reasons for abiding in will be the attitude of “Young Mormon this faith may not prove any more satisdom” on the peculiarities of their fathers' factory to the world, than have those faith? It is surprising to hear the various assigned by our elders for the adoption replies made to this inquiry. There of it; but to us they are logical, true and appears to be a lot of people who have convincing. In the first place, a cardinal taken it upon themselves to regenerate principle of our fathers' faith is expressed Utah. They are the principal ones who in the words of the fifth commandment, propound this question in the world, one “Honor thy father and thy mother; that would think, for the express purpose of thy days may be long upon the land hearing themselves deliver the response, which the Lord thy God giveth thee," which their assumed experience and ob We hold that neither we, nor the youth servation qualifies them to make. Some of any other people, have the right to who pretend to be wonderfully well break this commandment to please the informed assert that the young Mormons fancy, gratify the ambition, or fill the dislike the old fashioned, plodding ways purses of the wily seducers who come, in of their parents, are outgrowing, with the the form of Christian teachers, to puradvancement of education, their simple suade us to abandon father and mother homely principles, and, on contact with for a fair name in their society. Nothing the civilization of the outside world, are but the plainest, simplest evidence that becoming disgusted with their religion, it is God's will that we part from the and are willing candidates for reception teachings of parents can justify such a into the social and religious circles of separation, and that must be accompanied Christendom. The people who make with the principle of eternal union as these statements are, in fact, strangers compensation for the temporary sacrifice. not acquainted with a dozen Mormon If those who wish “Mormonism” to be boys or girls, weak-minded, foolish young obliterated can present this evidence, we people who have been dazzled by the assure them they are wasting time and glitter of the homes of wealthy out means in building schoolhouses, paying siders, or vicious persons who, having high salaried teachers, and employing lost self-respect, do not hesitate to mis- | lobbyists around the halls of Congress to represent and slander their former ac

effect their purpose. quaintances. We have not heard of the "Mormonism" is enjoined upon her answer, which “Young Mormondom” children as the fullness and perfection of itself makes to this very significant the doctrine of Jesus Christ. Prove it to question, being published abroad. Per- | be otherwise or in the least degree defechaps if it were known it might discourage tive, or false in any particular, and the some of the self-appointed missionaries honesty of the hearts of the thousands of who have undertaken to root out "Mor the young people of Utah who believe it,

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will cause us to repudiate it at once, and with a valid argument against the docthough our purity of life will prevent us trines of "Mormonism." from joining hands with the mercenary This is a fearful position for the young and corrupt missionaries you have sent people who have turned away from the to labor among us, we will seek for some path their parents have walked in, to other religion.

contemplate. Faithful, valiant, honoraDoes the world expect to do this? ble fathers and mothers, whose intelliDoes it contemplate supplanting the faith gence and hearts were converted by the it seeks to destroy in our breasts, by a manifestation and power of God, must purer, better, more Christianlike doc- | live to see their children turn from a life's trine? Ostensibly it does, but in fact, work of Christian faithfulness for no reathe world knows that it has no Christian son, but to appear better in the eyes of principle that is not embodied in the the æsthetic world, which cannot bear Gospel believed and practiced by the the disgusting sight of practical ChristiLatter-day Saints. That is why they anity. And what does the world have given up, as hopeless, the effort to care for these converts from the ranks convince our fathers of the error of their of "Mormondom” after they have made ways, and must forsooth attack the them? For a few days they will patrocredulity and ignorance of their children. nizingly pat them on the shoulder to exNoble calling, is it not? Afraid 10 meet hibit their great Christian courage in those whose experience and education having gone into the fames to rescue qualifies them to compare doctrines, they them from the burning, and then they set their insidious spies to work prowlspurn them with their heels, as the desing around the young, seeking to allure, cendants of too loathsome a system to pursuade, bribe, or steal away the spark be of consequence to them. of faith that may attach the little ones to

Not only because we know the treachthe doctrine of their fathers' fireside. ery of the world's friendship must we This may appear to be plain language, maintain the faith of our fathers, and but do not the facts justify it? Is there abide in it, but the consciousness of one among all the young people of Utah, losing self respect in departing from it, that has been approached by these

would be too galling to endure. And is destroyers of faith with evidences of it not possible for one to turn from “Morthe falsity of “Mormonism?” On the

monism" and retain his self respect? Not contrary have they not studiously avoided if he understands it. This is apparent on argument on the main question, ever

looking into the life of any apostate. seeking to infatuate you with ostentatious He never could have become such unexhibitions of learning, of manners, or

less he violated a sacred covenant, and of wealth; contrasting the highly colored he would not have done that if he hadn't pictures of life their rhetoric might paint, given the Tempter the advantage over with the stern realities of your every day him by committing some act of folly or career, for the purpose of discouraging wickedness. We defy the entire congreyou with the trials and hardships entailed gation of apostates from “Mormonism” in following the footsteps of your parents? to deny that their progress out of the Have they ever quoted Christian precepts

Church has not been substantially acor Godlike doctrines in your hearing that cording to this formula.

This is too conflicted with the teachings received at great å sacrifice for “Young Mormonyour mothers' knees? Have they ever

dom” to make, to please the world or advanced a stronger reason, of any des- the myraids of evil spirits that are workcription, than to harmonize with the ing to effect it. popular sentiment, why you should

Reasons might be multiplied why we abandon them? We undertake to assert

should not accept the proposition of the that among all the young “Mormons”

world to abandon the faith of our fathers, disaffected by the labors of these people, Least among them are the rewards the there is not one whom they have supplied the world would or could give. Among

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