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the way which He hath opened, and this Smith said he should attend to the ordiis the way marked out by the word of nance of baptism in the river, near his the Lord.

house, at two o'clock, and at the appointAs concerning the resurrection, I will ed hour, the bank of the Mississippi was merely say that all men will come from lined with a multitude of people, and the grave as th lie down, whether old President Joseph Smith went into the or young; there will not be "added unto river and baptized eighty persons, for their stature one cubit,” neither taken the remission of their sins, and what from it; all will be raised by the power added joy to the scene was, that the first of God, having spirit in their bodies, person baptized was Mr. L. D. Wasson, and not blood. Children will be en a nephew of Mrs. Emma Smith—the first throned in the presence of God and the of her kindred that embraced the fulness Lamb with bodies of the same stature

of the Gospel. that they had on earth, having been re At the close of this interesting scene, deemed by the blood of the Lamb; they the administrator lifted up his hands will there enjoy the fulness of that light, towards heaven, and implored the ble glory and intelligence, which is prepared ing of God to rest upon the people; and in the celestial kingdom. “Blessed are truly the Spirit of God did rest upon the the dead who die in the Lord, for they multitude, to the joy and consolation of rest from their labors and their works do

our hearts. follow them."

After baptism, the congregation again The speaker, before closing, called repaired to the grove, near the Temple,

the assembly before him to humble to attend to the ordinance of confirmation, themselves in faith before God, and in and, notwithstanding President Smith mighty prayer and fasting to call upon

the had spoken in the open air to the peoname of the Lord, until the elements ple, and stood in the water and baptized were purified over our heads, and the about eighty persons, about fifty of earth sanctified under our feet, that the those baptized received their confirmainhabitants of this city may escape the

tion under his hands in the after part of power of disease and pestilence, and the the day. destroyer that rideth upon the face of the

While this was progressing, great earth, and that the Holy Spirit of God

numbers were baptized in the font. may rest upon this vast multitude.

After this, I baptized a large number At the close of the meeting, President in the font myself.




The writer of these articles was aware that he had undertaken no small task in attempting to treat, in a few brief pages, a subject, not only delicate in the extreme, but of great magnitude, and, to this generation, of vital importance. We assumed the responsibility, however,

* This series was first issued in Spanish, being published by the author, in pamphlet form, in the City of Mexico, June, 1881. It will continue through the present volume.

By their fruits ye shall know them. Do men gather grapes from thorns,

or figs from thistles?- Jesus.

with less reluctance, because of the eminent authorities at hand from which to make extracts, than otherwise we possibly could have done.

The subject itself, and the treatment of it, was suggested by a short article published in El Abogado Cristiano, a Mexican journal, in February, 1881, wherein the message of President Hayes to the Congress of the United States was referred to by the Christian Methodist editor, with particular reference to that



age of

portion regarding the "Mormon" citizens so amounts to nothing whatever outside of the Territory of Utah.

the immediate circle wherein the persons Our editorial friend not only misrepre who make it move, or perhaps with parsented the contents of the Presidential ties over whom they wield a personal inmessage, as we took the liberty of show- | fluence. We candidly admit that our deing at the time through the columns of nial stands upon a similar basis. The La Tribuna, but referred to plural mar extent to which an unproved assertion riage, or polygamy, as an “abominable may safely be taken depends much upon practice,” and endeavored to make it ap the character of the person making it, pear that the President had declared it to particularly as to soundness of judgment, be a “national dishonor,” which ought inaptness to jump at conclusions, lack of to be “blotted out without delay." prejudice, and veracity. Aside from

In the March issue of the same organ, these personal considerations, a truth is the editor admitted, in an article entitled a truth, though spoken or written by a “The Mormons again," a small part of person who may previously have been the errors, or misrepresentations, made known to have stooped to twist, garble in the former article. Had he frankly or falsify other matters. Coming from admitted the whole, as he reluctantly did such a source, however, it would be a part, we would have received the con likely to carry less conviction than when cession with thanks, believing it to have uttered or written by one whose integrity emanated from a spirit of justice and a had never been impeached, and whose sense of right. Because of the nature of honor was above reproach. his calling as a professed minister of Aside from these considerations, we Christ, in whom there is no guile, we had live, thanks to the enlightening agencies reason to hope he would do this. How of steam and electricity; to the freedom ever, as he chose, instead of repairing of the pulpit and the press, in the wrong, to re-affirm his former posi reason, when assertions, unsupported by tion, by assuming personally that “Mor- evidence, are not considered effective monism" is a “national dishonor," we arguments, nor do they weigh heavily leave the responsibility where it belongs. upon intelligent and reflecting minds. The reader, after having read these Before entering fully into the details pages, will, without any suggestion from of our subject, we desire briefly to test, us, form his own conclusions.

by the rules of logic, the only. attempt Without referring further to the mis which our editorial friend made at argustatements of these articles, we

ment. He said: “An immoral act or come to the direct issue. The statements custom, although practiced as a religious of our opponent were, first, that polyg- duty, is not a sufficient excuse to those amy, or having a plurality of wives, was whose obligations are to guard the interan “abominable practice;' and, second ests of society. Pagan mothers along ly, that "Mormonism”(doubtless because the banks of the Ganges threw their tenit includes in its doctrines patriarchal, or der children to the alligators, being implural marriage)“is a national dishonor.” pressed by a religious belief and senti

This is the position assumed by the ment. The same impulse caused the editor of El Abogado Cristiano, and is widow to cast herself upon the funeral that of most opponents of the Mormon pile of her dead husband. But all the system. We cheerfully and unhesitat- civilized world applauded the British ingly take the opposite, viz: that the prac Government when it interposed the law tice of patriarchal marriage, or having a and power which abolished these atrociplurality of wives, among the Latter-day ties. Society has the same right to deSaints in Utah is neither an "abominable fend itself against polygamy." practice”

"national dishonor." Yes, the British Government did a Our tests are the laws of God, His moral commendable thing in enacting and encode, and the “fruits” of polygamous forcing laws for the abolishment of such marriages. The assertion that they are horrid crimes within Her Majesty's do





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Taylor truly says, “is the mother of the In view of these facts, men cannot, as has bestowed discriminating and reason

MORMON POLYGAMY AND CHRISTIAN MONOGAMY. minions. Murder is a crime against , ing faculties, say that, because society which all nature cries out in abhorrence; has the right to protect itself by the enit is a crime against all humanity, civi- actment and enforcement of laws against lized or savage; but it did not require murder, it has the same right to enact human enactment to make it so; it is, and enforce laws to prohibit the patriand always has been a crime of the deep- archal system of marriage, or punish est dye. Its perpetration brought a curse those who practice it from a sense of reupon Cain, when his brother's blood | ligious duty. Christians may advocate cried from the earth as a witness against such ideas, and while doing so profess him. This first murderer knew, in every adoration of the God of Abraham, Jacob, fibre of his nature, that he had committed, Moses, David and Solomon, and continue in depriving his brother of life, a most to cast reflections on the lineage of the heinous crime; and he knew it before Redeemer of the world, who declared God had passed sentence and inflicted himself to be the root and the offspring upon him the curse. Thus murder al- of David; yet every honest believer in ways has been and always will be a crime. and supporter of the Bible can detect the It is so because it destroys life, taking insincerity which prompts the display of away by violence that which man cannot such illogical, heaven-defying absurdirestore.

ties. Such logic will never do! Better “But he who asserts that, because renounce openly, as they do covertly, bemurder, under the plea of religious lief in the doctrines of the Bible, and motives, or otherwise, cannot be permit- then we will meet them and compare the ted under the law, that plural marriage, fruits of “Mormon” polygamy with though sanctioned by God as a religious those of Christian monogamy from a sciordinance, must therefore be prohibited entific or physiological standpoint. For or interfered with by the law; or, because we have excellent reasons for believing the burning of widows upon the funeral that everything which God has ordained, pyre cannot be permitted in the United | approved, requested and blest is compeStates, even though the victim might tent to stand, not only the test of logic, claim her religious right to make a sacri- but that of science. True science, recogfice of herself, that two women shall not, nizing the laws of moral and physical therefore, be at liberty to marry one man

health, condemns lewdness and urges according to the requirement of their re the punishment of vice; approves virtue ligion, is surely a very illogical reasoner. and praises purity; but it does not conIn the name of common sense, to say found as analogous the means of producnothing about logical reasoning, what ing life and of causing death. It was possible analogy can there be between scientific statesmanship which prevented the destruction of life, which God has the English law-makers from criminalizforbidden, and marriage, which He has ing by enactment the Biblical doctrine of approved: between practices which ex

polygamy when they passed laws to aboltinguish life and an honorable and holy ish murder, on the banks of the Ganges. relation of the sexes which perpetuates That government had

excellent it." The practices prohibited in India by chance, when legislating for India, to the British Government, if fully carried place itself squarely, as these Christian out, would blot man out of existence, opponents of the "Mormons” have done, desolate the world and convert the earth

in opposition to God. But, unlike them,

whatever its prejudices may have been, as the Rev. Jeremy it did not do it.

The British Government did suppress world, and preserves kingdoms, and fills the Suttee, but, at the same time, tolercities and churches and heaven itself.”

ated eighty-three millions of polygamists intelligent beings upon whom the Creator

in India. If our Christian friends desire to praise the statesmanship of our “transAtlantic cousin " regarding the treat


into a howling wilderness.

“But marriage,"



ment of Indian affairs, let them be con The arguments these learned divines sistent and acknowledge, as it did, that advanced in justification of this decision the suppression of the Suttee and that of were very elaborate and conclusive, see polygamy are two very different things. “Answers to Questions” by Prest. Geo. If the British Government is to be our A. Smith. The following is one of them: guide, let us wait until it suppresses the “While this system of a plurality of latter, as it did the former, before we talk wives was reverenced and observed, we about the “rights of society” to protect read of no adultery, whoredom and comitself against a religious practice that mon prostitution of women among the never injured or had anything to do with daughters of Israel; no brothels, street that society.

walking, venereal disease; no child The British Government left the doc- murder, and those other appendages of trine of polygamy as practiced in India female ruin, which are too horrid to to be solved by the teachings and exam particularize. Nor were these things ples of the various Christian sects who possible, which, since the revocation of might seek their conversion. To show the divine system and the establishment how they have managed the matter we of human systems are becoming inevitaquote the following extract from the ble. The supposing our blessed Savior decision of the Calcutta Missionary came to destroy the divine law, or alter Society, composed of missionaries from it with respect to marriage, is to suppose the various orthodox sects of England Him laying a foundation for the misery and America:

and destruction of the weaker sex.” If a convert, before becoming a

Moses Thatcher. Christian, has married more wives than one, in accordance with the practice of the There is nothing by which life is more Jewish and primitive Christian churches, profited than by the just observations, he shall be permitted to keep all of them, the good opinion and the sincere and but such a person is not eligible to any gentle encouragement of amiable and office in the church."

sensible women.-Romilly.



would arrive by the middle of NovemThe army for Utah began its march ber. from Fort Leavenworth July 18, 1857. These various officers started upon the The Tenth Infantry, numbering five hun overland journey with flying colors, buoy. dred men, under the command of Col. ant spirits and sanguine expectations

. E. B. Alexander, was the first to start. They never doubted but that their auspiThese were dispatched by General Har cious advent, overaweing presence and ney, but on the 28th of August he was distinguished bearing among the barbarrelieved of the command of the Utah ians of Utah would have the most saluexpedition, and Colonel Albert S. John- tary influence in civilizing and Americanston appointed to succeed him. By the izing the inhabitants. They were a glo20th of September the entire force had rious band of reformers, sent out as exi taken the road, including the commander amples of American citizenship, to teach and the escort of the newly appointed

the rebellious Mormons how to honor governor, Col. Cumming, and other

and support the great Government of civil officers. It was expected by Col. the United States. Of course, the troops Johnston that he would overtake the ad but obeyed the instructions of the advance, and by forced marches enter Salt ministration, and became to the people Lake City by October 20th. And that of Utah, before the campaign was over

, the rear, with the Federal officials, l objects of commiseration and pity;


the hearts of the husbandmen, and the liveliest sense of gratitude to the Giver, when President Brigham Young made a THE ECHO CAÑON WAR.,

103 rather than of apprehension or of all good, swelled the breasts of the tempt.

whole people. As an expression of this While they were being mustered on feeling, a grand, characteristic celebrathe Missouri, and during the early days tion, of the tenth anniversary of the arof their march, the people of our peace rival of the Pioneers in the valley, was rul Territory were quietly enjoying them- arranged to come off at the head waters selves, secure in the consciousness of of the Big Cottonwood. We reproduce serving the Lord and developing a virgin the official account of this historic occacountry of untold wealth that He had sion, as published in the Deseret News: given them for an inheritance, where they could build themselves homes, rear their


TOPS OF THE MOUNTAINS. children in the paths of truth and virtue, beyond the contaminations of the sins On Wednesday, the 22d inst., numerand corruptions of the outside world. ous teams could be seen wending their There has not been, since the ancient way by the different routes to the mouth Nephites occupied this choice land, a of Big Cottonwood Cañon, the company happier or purer people than then dwelt being privileged to camp for that night in Utah. Confidence in each other pre at any point below the gate in the cañon. vailed to an unlimited extent.

Virtue On the 23d, Prest. Brigham Young led was regarded so sacredly, that in all the the van of the long line of carriages and towns of the Territory none of question wagons, which easily passed up the now able character could be pointed out. comparatively smooth ascent, made so at The sobriety, honesty and good conduct great expense by the Big Cottonwood of all classes of the community was Lumber Company, and began to reach such, that bolts and locks to the doors of the camp ground at the lake at about it private and public houses were not re a.m. By good time in the afternoon quired nor often used. Ladies were so all the company, numbering two thousecure from the glare of the libertine sand five hundred and eighty-seven perthat they walked the streets of our cities sons, with four hundred and sixty four at all hours of the day or night, without carriages and wagons, one thousand and fear of insult or molestation. The patri- twenty-eight horses and mules, and otism of the people was being continu-three hundred and thirty-two oxen and ally expressed in their celebrations of cows, were encamped and busily enthe national holiday, and in their cour gaged in their several arrangements for teous treatment of all officers of the the morrow. Government, whose self-respect elicited Captain Ballo's band, the Nauvoo the admiration of honest men, or justi- brass band, the Springville brass band, fied them in extending the freedom of the Ogden City brass band, and the

Great Salt Lake City and the Ogden Occasionaly rumors of the great excite- City martial bands were in attendance; ment in the States, raised by the false also the first company of light artillery, charges of the atrocious Drummond, under the command of Adjt.-Gen. James were brought to the people, but they Ferguson, a detachment of four platoons were ignorant of the hostile movements of Life Guards, and one platoon of the of the Government against them.

Gov- | Lancers, under the command of Col. R. ernor Young had occupied the guberna- T. Burton, and one company of Light torial chair for nearly eight years, giving Infantry, under the command of Capt. infinite satisfaction to the people and the John W. Young. Col. J. C. Little, authorities at Washington. The affairs

Marshal of the day. of the Territory, of every description,

At 4 p. m. the Martial bands serenaded were in a most healthy and prosperous

the camp. At sunset notes from a bugle condition. Abundant harvests gladdened summoned the Saints to an eminence

near the centre of the camp ground,


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