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The Glory of God is Intelligence.

Vol. III.

OCTOBER, 1881.

NO. I.



extreme difficulties caused by the con"I was born,” writes the Prophet tests of these parties of religionists, I Joseph Smith, "in the year of our Lord one day reading the Epistle of 1805, on the 23d of December, in the town | James, first chapter, fifth verse, which of Sharon, Windsor County, State of Ver says: 'If any of you lack wisdom let mont. My father, Joseph Smith, Sen., him ask of God, that giveth unto all men left the State of Vermont and moved to liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall Palmyra, Ontario County, (now Wayne be given him.' Never did any passage County,) N. Y., when I was in my tenth of Scripture come with more power to year. About four years afterward he the heart of man than this did at the moved with his family into Manchester,

time to mine. It seemed to enter with in the same county.

great force into every feeling of my Some time in the second year after heart. I reflected on it again and again, our removal to Manchester, there was in knowing that if any person needed wisthat place an unusual excitement on the dom from God, I did; for how to act I subject of religion. It commenced with did not know and unless I could get the Methodists, but soon became general more wisdom than I then had, would among all the sects in that region of never know; for the teachers of religion country; indeed the whole district seemed of the different sects understood the affected by it, and great numbers united same passage so differently as to destroy themselves to the different religious all confidence in settling the question by parties, which created no small stir and an appeal to the Bible. At length I division among the people, some crying came to the conclusion that I must either Lo, here! and some Lo, there! When remain in darkness and confusion or else the converts began to file off, some to I must do as James directs, that is, ask one party and some to another, it was of God. I determined to 'ask of God,' seen that the seemingly good feelings of concluding that if he gave wisdom to both the priests and the converts were them that lacked wisdom, and would more pretended than real; for a scene of give liberally and not upbraid, I might great confusion and bad feeling ensued, venture. So, in accordance with this, priest contending ainst priest, convert my determination to ask of God, I retired against convert.

to the woods to make the attempt. It I was at this time in my fifteenth year. was on the morning of a beautiful clear My mind was called up to serious reflec- day, early in the Spring of 1820. It was tions and great uneasiness, and I often the first time in my life that I had made said to myself what is to be done? Who such an attempt, for amidst all my of all these parties is right? or, are they anxieties I had never yet made the atall wrong together? If any of them be tempt to pray vocally.” right which is it, and how shall I know We are all acquainted with the result it? While I was laboring under the l of this wonderful prayer of faith. How



that the powers of darkness seized upon historical interest was the ancient Cuthe youthful supplicant, paralyzing his morah, and is now called in the neightongue and threatening him with instant borhood,"gold bible or Mormon bill." destruction, and how in his extreme It lies about three miles south of Palalarm he made the gigantic effort to myra on the Canandaigua road. Its throw off the enemy from the unseen northern side is abrupt and precipitous world, when the pillar of light appeared and gradually declines to the country to deliver him, and the heavenly vision level, southward, like the whole series of two glorious personages was shown, of hills lying between Syracuse and while the portentous words were spoken: Rochester, Near the top of the west"Joseph, this is my beloved Son,-Hear ern side and not far from the northern Him!”

end of the hill, among a few barren This was the first vision of the Pro trunks of beech trees, is the spot where phet. It chronicles the fulfilment of the records were deposited. ancient prophecy and opens the Gospel On the day after receiving this visitadispensation of the fulness of times. tion from Moroni, Joseph started to work, Joseph told his relatives and the minis as usual, in the field with his father, but ters of the sectarian churches of his he was unable to perform his customary vision. His family received his word labor. His father perceiving that he with surprise, but they believed him; was not strong told him to go home. He the sectarians at once denied his vision started with the intention of going to and commenced to torment and per the house, but in the effort to cross the secute him. Holding fast to his tes fence out of the field his strength entirely timony that he had "seen a light and failed him and he fell prostrate to the heard a voice,” he pursued his ordinary ground. While in this condition the labors, subject at times to the tempta- angel Moroni appeared again and comtions and follies of youth, until the even manded him to go and tell his father of ing of September 21st, 1823.

the vision and commandments he had On that night he retired in a medita- | received. Joseph obeyed and his father tive mood to his room and, shortly after replied that the vision was of God, and lying down for the night, while earnestly for him to do as he had been instructed. praying to God for forgiveness of his sins He thereupon left the field and went to and for a manifestation of the divine the place where the plates were buried. favor, a light appeared in the room and He uncovered the stone box which conthe angel Moroni visited him, communi tained them, and saw not only the records cating the existence of the plates of the but the breastplate and the Urim and Book of Mormon and the character of Thummim. He was about to take them its contents, also of the Urim and out, when the angel appeared and for. Thummim, which God had prepared for bade him to touch them, saying the time the purpose of translating the plates. had not yet come, and would not for The angel told him that the Lord would four years. , He gave Joseph much inrequire him, when the time should come struction in relation to the purposes of to take the plates and translate them, and God, and the part that it was designed on peril of his life not to show them to he should take in the work of the Lord anyone,only as he might be directed,and upon the earth, and commanded him to that his name should be spoken among return to the hill in a year from that day, all people and nations for good and evil. and continue to do so each year until the

“While he (the angel) was conversing time should come for delivering the plates. with me about the plates," writes Joseph, During this period Joseph was engaged “the vision was opened to my mind that in ordinary labor such as falls to the lot I could see the place where the plates of a farmer's son. He was employed in were deposited, and that so clearly and the neighborhood and in surrounding distinctly that I knew the place again villages by farmers and others to perform when I visited it.” This spot of such manual labor. At one time while in the



employ of Mr. Josiah Stoal of Chenango | the latter month, Martin Harris came to County, N. Y., he was sent to labor on a him and took the copy of the characters mining claim of his employer's, near and the translation he had made to Prof. Harmony, Susquehannah County, Penn. Anthon and Dr. Mitchell, celebrated While there, though unsuccessful in the linguists of New York City, both of search for silver, which from the begin- whom pronounced them Egyptian, Chalning he had tried to dissuade Mr. Stoal daic, Assyriac and Arabic writings and from attempting, he found what was of testified that their translation was corfar greater consequence to him,-his rect. The history of the translation and wife. Boarding in the family of Mr. publication of this wonderful volume Isaac Hale he became acquainted with affords matter alone for more space than his daughter Emma, and though her this article can occupy. The work was family opposed the match, they were in progress from December 1827 to the married, by Squire Tarbill, in South summer of 1829 when it was completed Bainbridge, Chenango County, N. Y., , and placed in the hands of the printer, on the eighteenth day of January, 1827. Mr. Egbert Grandon of Palmyra. The

On the twenty-second of the following first edition was five thousand copies, September, he repaired as usual, on that costing three thousand dollars. It was day, to the hill Cumorah, when the issued early in the Spring of 1830. plates, the Urim and Thummim and the During the period of the translation of Breastplate were delivered to him by the the Book of Mormon some of the most angel, with a charge that he should be important events in the life of the Proresponsible for them, and that if through phet occurred, among them the visitaneglect or carelessness he should let tions of John the Baptist and Peter, them go, that he should be cut off; but | James and John conferring upon him and that if he did his utmost to preserve Oliver Cowdery the Aaronic and Melthem he should have power to do so. chisedec priesthoods. Oliver Cowdery Persecution increased from the day that came to Joseph's house in Harmony, he obtained the plates. While convey- April 15th, 1829, which was the first ing them from a place near the hill, time they met. Two days after, he where he at first concealed them, to his commenced to write for Joseph and father's house in Manchester, he was as continued to do so, with various intersaulted and shot at by enemies lying in ruptions until the book was finished. wait for him. During the whole time that On the fifteenth of May 1829, Joseph the plates were in his possession, mobs, and Oliver, who had received, prior to vascillating and curious friends, and this, several revelations, went into the enemies in various ways sought to de- woods near by to pray, and inquire of prive him of them, and to defeat him in the Lord respecting baptism for the rethe effort to translate them. Besides mission of sins, which they found menthe intrigue of enemies he had the mis- tioned in the translation of the plates. fortune of poverty to contend with, “While we were thus employed,” making what might appear trivial cir- writes Joseph, "praying and calling cumstances at this day peculiarly op- upon the Lord, a messenger from heaven pressive at the time. However with the (John the Baptist) descended in a cloud aid Martin Harris rendered, in giving the of light, and having laid his hands upon Prophet fifty dollars, the latter was able us, he ordained us, saying unto us: to remove from the midst of his immed- | 'Upon you my fellow servants, in the iate tormentors, to Harmony, Susque- name of Messiah, I confer the priesthannah County, Pennsylvania, where in hood of Aaron, which holds the Keys of the house of his wife's father he com the ministering of Angels, and of the menced the work of translation. Be- | Gospel of repentance and of baptism by tween December 1827 and February immersion for the remission of sins; and 1828, he copied some of the characters this shall never be taken again from the of the engravings and translated them. In I earth, until the the sons of Levi do offer

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