Memoirs of the Court of King James the First, Band 1

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1822 - 413 Seiten

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Seite 214 - I meant to make her fair, and free, and wise, Of greatest blood, and yet more good than great ; I meant the day-star should not brighter rise, Nor lend like influence from his lucent seat. I meant she should be courteous, facile, sweet, Hating that solemn vice of greatness, pride ; I meant each softest virtue there should meet, Fit in that softer bosom to reside. Only a learned, and a manly soul I purposed her : that should, with even powers, The rock, the spindle, and the shears control Of Destiny,...
Seite 282 - Now did Peace make entry, and strive to get foremost to the king ; but I grieve to tell how great wrath she did discover unto those of her attendants ; and, much contrary to her semblance, most rudely made war with her olive branch, and laid on the pates of those who did oppose her coming.
Seite 356 - Also, for that it is undecent to crowd up myself with my gentleman usher in my coach, I will have him to have a convenient horse, to attend me, either in city or country. And I must have two footmen. And my desire is that you defray all the charges for me. And for myself, besides my yearly allowance, I would have twenty gowns of apparel, six of them excellent good ones, eight of them for the country, and six other of them very excellent good ones.
Seite 206 - Hoist led the Bride to Church ; the Queen followed her from thence. The King gave her; and she in her tresses and trinkets brided and bridled it so handsomely, and indeed became herself so well, that the King said, ' if he were unmarried, he would not give her, but keep her himself.
Seite 166 - I do not hear yet, that you have spoken one word against me ; here is no treason of mine done. If my lord Cobham be a traitor, what is that to me ? Attorney. All that he did was by thy instigation, thou viper ; for I thou thee, thou traitor.
Seite 85 - Like a young courtier of the king's, And the king's young courtier, Like a flourishing young gallant, newly come to his land, Who keeps a brace of painted madams at his command, And takes up a thousand...
Seite 204 - Good Mr. Jowler, we pray you speak to the King (for he hears you every day, and so doth he not us) that it will please his Majesty to go back to London, for else the country will be undone ; all our provision is spent already, and we are not able to entertain him longer.
Seite 166 - Your words cannot condemn me ; my innocency is my defence. Prove one of these things wherewith you have charged me, and I will confess the whole indictment, and that I am the horriblest traitor that ever lived, and worthy to be crucified with a thousand thousand torments. " Attorney. Nay, I will prove all : thou art a monster ; thou hast an English face, but a Spanish heart.
Seite 214 - The perfectest figure of a garden I ever saw, either at home or abroad, was that of Moor Park in Hertfordshire, when I knew it about thirty years ago. It was made by the Countess of Bedford, esteemed among the greatest wits of her time, and celebrated by Doctor Donne...

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