The Young Trigonometer's Compleat Guide: Being the Mystery and Rationale of Plane Trigonometry Made Clear and Easy, Band 1

J. Noon, 1736 - 328 Seiten

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Seite 35 - As the base or sum of the segments Is to the sum of the other two sides, So is the difference of those sides To the difference of the segments of the base.
Seite 300 - IV. Refraction out of the rarer Medium into the denser, is made towards the Perpendicular; that is, so that the Angle of Refraction be less than the Angle of Incidence. AX. V. The Sine of Incidence is either accurately or very nearly in a given Ratio to the Sine of Refraction.
Seite 8 - ... things equal to one and the fame thing are equal to one another...
Seite 301 - Having given the radius of an arc of any colour in the secondary rainbow, find the ratio of the sine of incidence to the sine of refraction when rays of that colour pass out of air into water.
Seite 31 - Since any arc is less than the tangent, and greater than its sine, and the sine and tangent of a very small arc are nearly equal; it follows, that the arc will...
Seite 69 - ... degrees at the bottom of the page, and the minutes in the right-hand column.
Seite 26 - TT is manifeft that CB is the Sine of the Arc CD, •*• and AB the Cofine thereof; but the Arc CD is the Meafure of the Angle A, and the Complement of the Meafure of the Angle C. Moreover, if AB, in the Figure to...
Seite 25 - The radius is a mean proportional between the tangent and cotangent of any angle ABC.
Seite 34 - So is the Tangent of half the Sum of the oppofite Angles to the Tangent of half their Difference.
Seite 257 - The change of motion is always proportional to the moving force impressed, and is always made according to the right line, in .which that force is impressed.

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