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We have emphasized elsewhere in this issue our main urpose and reason for being-namely, to assist law students o meet successfully the first serious test of their professional areer, the bar examination. We desire to emphasize here ur general attitude toward you as students of the law, which one of complete friendliness and a desire to assist in every ossible way. We have available, to help us help you, one of he most complete law libraries in the country, the advisory nd consultant services of a very large staff of skilled law riters, also a general equipment enabling us to answer all nd any inquiry from pure questions of law to practical uestions, as, for instance, regarding a desirable location in hich to build up a practice. Our latch string is always out, ither to a caller in person, to the postman's knock, or to the elephone bell. We want you to make use of us to the fullest xtent, and shall estimate our success solely in proportion the extent to which you and your fellow students avail ourselves of what we offer.

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As will readily be understod from an inspection of this ssue, the columns of The Law Student will not be devoted o formal articles of the type in the many excellent law eviews, or even to extended comment on recent adjudicaions. However, we shall always be glad to receive short lotices of current or earlier cases, interesting either as exmples of judicial humor or on account of some new deelopment of the law marked by them. Furthermore, we olicit miscellaneous matter of a legal complexion, jokes, tories with a point, topical verse, and "filler matter" generlly. Payment will be made on acceptance at a reasonable

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The editor of Th.


secure a degree from a law school of good standing fail at QUESTIONS & ANSWERS their bar examination, but if the truth were known it probably would appear that much the greater proportion of those who, having secured a law school degree, fail at the bar filched their degrees by superficial cramming for school ex- made by law students to the examination, do so fail because they have in a measure Student will answer quiries aminations instead of doing the solid work necessary to best of his ability. feverish special preparation and in due course. enable them to pass any reasonable examination without Student realizes very well that the passing of an examin-ments to practice before the The Law Q. What are the requireation, either in school or before a Board of Bar Examiners, Supreme Court of the United is something of an art which requires practice and cultiva- States? A. J. M. tion as an art, but this statement-originally made by the A. It shall be requisite to dean of an important law school-presupposes that the the admission of attorneys or student ambitious to acquire the art of examination-passing counsellors to practice in the The Law Student would respectfully suggest to members essary for him to work with. The only way in which a law States that they shall have should previously have acquired the fund of knowledge nec- Supreme Court of the United of the faculties of the various law schools of the country student may acquire such a fund of knowledge is by faith-been such for three years in o whose hands it may come that its columns are always open fully doing his daily school work in conjunction with indi- the highest courts of the o short articles of interest to law students, particularly vidual reading; but with such a foundation, constantly added states to which they respectEse treating of new methods of legal education and new partures from conventional practice in methods of teach- the task of learning how to handle an examination with private and professional char to daily, he may, to make assurance doubly sure, approach ively belong, and that their ng. We aim to be a clearing house for all matters of in-facility and accuracy. We can and will help him in this, but acters shall appear to be fair erest to students of law, and such articles will be consonant acquisition of the fund of knowledge is "up to" him. We The prescribed oath shall be with our general plan. make this plain statement to negative any possible false taken. Sup. Ct. Rule (32 Sup ming or superficial preparation for the bar. impression from our columns that we are advocating cram- Ct. Rep. v.)

ate for such material.

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"The Proof of the Pud

The time to prepare for your bar examinations is not a week or a month or two months before the event, but rather rom the first moment you enter law school. Such a statement, of course. is merely a truism; nevertheless, it is a fact that too many law students look upon their effort to secure a liploma from their school, and their effort to secure License to practice from the bar examiners, as two separate of related matters. It is perfectly hopeless to attempt to pass a severe bar examination-and bar examinations in pracTically all states are today severe-by attempting any cramning process at the last moment or even during the last months. Familiarity with the character of questions asked at American Law Book Co., such examinations, and practice in analyzing and answering 272 Flatbush Extension, them are undoubtedly desirable; The Law Student in fact will Brooklyn, N. Y. devote a great part of its space to assist you in this par- Gentlemen: Ticular. But it recognizes that its efforts in your behalf along

ding-" Chattanooga, Tenn. September 8, 1923.

is a chart and compass upon that the hardest task for the which he may always depend, young lawyer is not so much and if used inelligently strips the finding of the law upor him of that feeling of incom- a subject, as being able to petency with which all young recognize it when he doe lawyers are more or less find it. In this your cours afflicted. is very helpful, teaching the But, had I not been fortun- student to reason logically ate enough to win this splen- always bearing in mind jus I am herewith acknowledg- did prize, I honestly feel what point of law he is seek his line are wholly supplementary to your law school work, ing receipt of the Corpus- that I have been repaid a ing. nd that it would be performing a distinct disservice for Juris-Cys-System, so kindly hundred-fold for all of the There is not a day passe bu were it to permit any impression to be created by its offered by your company as a time and labor spent, in the but what I do not refer to lumns that it is possible for a law student to idle through prize in the Legal Research study regular school curriculum and nevertheless pass the bar Training Course, conducted search Training Course. of your Legal Re- Corpus Juris, and I also find having examined specimen questions and employed the aid last year in the Chattanooga it very helpful in "reading up The benefit which I derived on some of the law with which "quizzers" in a mere process of cramming before the College of Law. fa amination. The time to begin to prepare for your bar exfrom this course, is beyond I am unfamiliar. It is indeed, needless for me measure, because it taught me In conclusion, I can wel ination is at your matriculation in law school. Faithful to say that I am very appre- to take a given statement of sum up my experience wit 0 rk for your whole course conscientiously gone through ciative of this splendid work. facts and by pulling it to your work, by this, "COR by day cannot fail to put you in a position to pass any It is an invaluable addition pieces, select just what ques- PUS-JURIS-SERVES." asonable test of fitness to advise clients in matters most to the library of any lawyer, tions of law were involved, Yours very truly, mately affecting their lives, property, and happiness in but to a young man, like my- and what decisions were apwords, any reasonable test of fitness to practice law. self, just embarking upon the plicable and in point. Permit have pointed out in this issue, many students who turbulent sea of practice, it me to venture the opinion,






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