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I have been reading your "Outlines for Review." This is a really wonderful work, not only for the law student, but for anybody else, whether lawyer or layman. You seem to appreciate the fact, as you are advertising it liberally. However, I doubt whether you realize just how able and simply profound a work it is. It ought to live in legal and English literature.

I am writing this letter because it seems to me that the title of the book ought to be changed, as it indicates now nothing but the original purpose for which it was evidently written.

It is really a legal Bible, and some name in accordance with its real value to everybody ought to be given to it, and then it ought to be offered for sale, not only through legal channels, but generally.

It isn't often that I write either a solicited or an unsolicited recommendation for anything, but this case justifies the exception.

Very truly yours,

Warren D. Chase.

At the request of Mr. C. W. Dumont, President of The American Law Book Company, Mr. Chase, a leading member of the Connecticut bar, has kindly given permission to publish his letter of appreciation in "The Law Student."

Can you afford to be without this great book? Remember this is the last issue of "The Law Student" for the current school year. The coupon below represents your last chance to obtain Clark's "Outlines for Review of the Fundamental Principles of the Law," together with a free subscription to "The Law Student" for next year for $2.00, the cost price of the book, and the Lawyer Presidents of the United States on page 16 of this issue of "The Law Student," printed on fine plate paper, suitable for framing.

I have one fiendish hope, and that is that the Meddlesome Matties will try their teeth on the golf habit. Having vanquished whisky and cards and dancing and tobacco, perhaps they will tackle golf-"T'would If you send us $2.00 now for "Outlines be a consummation devoutly for Review," you will also be sent "The to be wished."

Now, my friends, don't let me depress you too much; when I am down in the mouth I always think of Jonah-he came up; and then this little verse helps some

"What's the use of bewailing our lot

It's a tough old world, but it's all we've got."

Law Student" free for one year, even
though you graduate meanwhile or
cease to attend Law School. Also
the picture of the Lawyer Presidents.

While "The Law Student" is
free to enrolled Law Students,
it is $1.00 per year to others.
You will want it as a lawyer
as much as you need it
as a student.


The Law Student,

Coupon to be filled in and mailed to

272 Flatbush Ave. Extension, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Rush me Outlines for Review ($2.00) and The Law Student for one year (price $1.00), both together now for $2.00, herewith inclosed, with the picture of The Lawyer Presidents of the United States.





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