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Tomorrow’s World There are no more butterflies, no coral reefs or rainbows. Now the cold logic of computers determines how they will live. And although old divisions of race, color, and creed have disappeared, a new line has been drawn between naturally born people, Names, and those who have been genetically engineered, Numbers. “Perfect Paula” is a Number; Ben Travis is a Name. Both detectives, they must work together to solve a murder committed because someone quite possibly has discovered the meaning of life and the truth about God. The computers, and the governing EcoSystem they control, are not happy. Solving the case will give Ben and Paula the answer to age-old questions but may cost them their lives. Risking everything and overcoming bone-deep prejudice, Paula and Ben must put their faith in each other, discovering truths about themselves, the past, and the future that no computer could ever understand. Waterfall Glen Kate Brodie inherits a stunning estate. Full of romantic notions, she swaps her dull routine in San Francisco for life as a Highland lady. But the stunning beauty of the glen belies a troubled history and uncertain future, and Kate’s imposing new home, Greystane House, is full of disturbing revelations about her family’s past. Each portrait on the ancient walls tells an unnerving story, while the empty rooms echo with rumors of a centuries-old curse that takes on new significance when unsettling events threaten the small community whose fate lies in her hands. The only person Kate can turn to is a man haunted by equally troubling events, a man she has every reason not to trust. Only with his help can she find a way to defend old values against the materialism of the modern world. Only together can they lay their ghosts to rest.

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Davie Henderson is a journalist and writer from Scotland.

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