The Australia Directory: Chiefly from the Result of Various Surveys Made by Order of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. South and east coasts from Cape Leeuwin to Port Jackson, including Bass Straight and Tasmania, Band 1

Hydrographic Office, Admiralty, 1897 - 900 Seiten

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Seite xxi - USE OF OIL FOR MODIFYING THE EFFECT OF BREAKING WAVES. — Many experiences of late years have shown that the utility of oil for this purpose is undoubted and the application simple. The following may serve for the guidance of seamen, whose attention is called to the fact that a very small quantity of oil skillfully applied may prevent much damage both to ships (especially of the smaller classes) and to boats by modifying the action of breaking seas. The principal facts as to the use of oil are as...
Seite xxii - ... For boarding a wreck, it is recommended to pour oil overboard to windward of her before going alongside. The effect in this case must greatly depend upon the set of the current, and the circumstances of the depth of water.
Seite xvi - The glare of a powerful light is often seen far beyond the limit of visibility of the actual rays of the light, but this must not be confounded with the true range.
Seite xvi - The power of a light can be estimated by remarking its order, as given in the Light Lists, and in some cases by noting how much its visibility in clear weather falls short of the range due to the height at which it is placed. Thus, a light standing 200 feet above the sea and...
Seite xv - ... on the chart has a greater effect in misplacing the position the longer the line to be drawn.
Seite 428 - The pyrotechnic light, commonly known as a blue light, every fifteen minutes ; or 2. A bright white light, flashed or shown at short or frequent intervals, just above the bulwarks, for about a minute at a time.
Seite viii - All vowels are shortened in sound by doubling the following consonant. Doubling of a vowel is only necessary where there is a distinct repetition of the single sound.
Seite xv - All the distances given in the Light Lists and on the charts for the visibility of lights are calculated for a height of 15 feet for the observer's eye. The...
Seite xxii - The position of these bags should vary with the circumstances. Running before the wind they should be hung on either bow — eg, from the cathead — and allowed to tow in the water. With the wind on the quarter the effect seems to be less than in any other position, as the oil goes astern while the waves come up on the quarter.
Seite 26 - Globe, &c. shall always be painted of one dark colour. 12. Staff and Globe shall only be used on Starboard Hand buoys ; Staff and Cage on Port Hand ; Diamonds at the outer ends of middle grounds ; and Triangles at the inner ends.

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