Some Memorials of John Hampden, His Party, and His Times, Band 2


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Seite 132 - May it please your majesty, I have neither eyes to see, nor tongue to speak in this place, but as the House is pleased to direct me...
Seite 388 - In this treaty the king manifested his great parts and abilities, strength of reason and quickness of apprehension, with much patience in hearing what was objected against him; wherein he allowed all freedom and would himself sum up the arguments, and give a most clear judgment upon them. His unhappiness was, that he had a better opinion of others...
Seite 190 - ... or hung behind me, nor ever opposed or resisted my will. And yet truly I have not, in this or any thing else, endeavoured to walk in the way of power with her, but of reason; and though her love will submit to either, yet truly my respect will not suffer me to urge her with power, unless I can convince with reason.
Seite 134 - ... for I never meant any other. And now, since I see I cannot do what I came for, I think this no unfit occasion to repeat what I have said formerly, that whatsoever I have done in favour and to the good of my subjects, I do mean to maintain it. I will trouble you no more, but tell you I do expect, as soon as they come to the House, you will send them to me, otherwise I must take my own, course to find them.
Seite 460 - Wood and others, whose faith, it should seeme, was not strong enough to carrie them out against these delusions, forsook their habitations thereabout, and retired themselves to other more secure dwellings ; but Mr. Marshall stayed, and some other ; and so successively the next Saturday and Sunday the same tumults and prodigious sights and actions were put in the state and condition they were formerly. The rumour whereof...
Seite 4 - Sire, un grand, un prince n'est pas né pour lui seul; il se doit à ses sujets. Les peuples , en l'élevant, lui ont confié la puissance et l'autorité, et se sont réservé en échange ses soins, son temps , sa vigilance. Ce n'est pas une idole qu'ils ont voulu se faire pour l'adorer, c'est un surveillant qu'ils ont mis à leur tête pour les protéger et pour les défendre : ce n'est pas de ces divinités inutiles...
Seite 151 - That whensoever the king maketh war upon the parliament, it is a breach of the trust reposed in him by his people, contrary to his oath, and tending to the dissolution of his government.
Seite 429 - His head bending down, and his hands resting on his horse's neck, he was seen riding off the field before the action was done,—' a thing,' says Lord Clarendon, ' he ' never used to do, and from which it was
Seite 4 - Sire , c'est le choix de la nation qui mit d'abord le sceptre entre les mains de vos ancêtres ; c'est elle qui les éleva sur le bouclier militaire , et les proclama souverains. Le royaume devint ensuite l'héritage de leurs successeurs ; mais ils le durent originairement au consentement libre des sujets.
Seite 285 - O Lord, thou knowest how busy I must be this day. If I forget thee, do not thou forget me.

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