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charm, magic, spell, in Crown

Dintryba, æ. f. sire Dintry. cantation

(voutly Diademātus, a, um. adj. be, es. f. 1. a discuurse, Devotissime, adv. very de. wearing a crown

dispute, school Devoto (de, votum), äre, h. Diærēsis, is. I. 3. a distribu- Diazóma, atis. n. 3. a girdle

1. to devote, or give up tivn, o figure where une Dibăphus, a, um. adj. dou. by wow, conjure, lay syllable is divided into ble-dyed, dyed in grain, spell upon two; as Cire

scarlet DevotorTus, a, um. adj. per. Diæta, æ. f. 1. diet, food, Dica, æ. f. 1. an action at

taining to a vow, or curse parlour, summer-house law, cuuse, suit, process, Devõtus, a, um. pt. of Diætetica, æ. f. 1. the first indictment Devověo, ére, vovi, võtum. part of physic, that con. Dicacitas, ātis. f. talkative

acı. 2. u devote, conse. cerns regimen in diet ness, drollery, repartee, ctate, engage, vow, curse, Diætetycus, a, um, adj. per. Taillery chatın, enchant, bewitch taining to diet

Dicacülus, a, uin, adj. full Deüro, ère, ssi, stum. a. 3. Diagonyos, i.f.2. a dingonal of words, talkative, prat

to burr, set on fire, en. Diagramma, atis. n. 3. a ing, laltling venom, sling, blast

diagram, a druught, a de- Dicatio, önis. f. 3. a dediDeus, i, m. & f. 2. god, scription

cation; a taking up the suddess, angel, suint, se Diagraphyce, es, f. the art freedom of a city wins, patron, benefactor, of painting

Dicatūra, æ. f. 1, a dedicaoracle

(ro Dialectica, u... 1. & Dia tion Deūstus, a, um. pt. of deu. lectice, es. f. 1. the urt of Dicax, acis. adj. ior, comp. Deuteria, pl. u. 2. a small logir, teaching to reason talkative, prating, jest

beverage made of grapes Dialectica, orum. pl. n. 2. ing, bantering, abusive, Deùtor, ti, ūsus. d. 3.' to dialectics

Dico, are, act. 1. to drdi. muke ill use of

Dialectice, adv. by logic cate, consecrate, devote, Devülsus, a, um. pt. of de- Dialecticus, a, um. adj. logi. set apart, give up, emvella


(ciun ploy, appoint, design, Dextans, tis. m. 3. ten oun. Dialecticus, i, m. 2. a logi. vow, promise ces, or ten parts of twelve, ! Dialēctos, 1. 1. 2. a dialeci Dico, cere, ixi, ictum. act.

measure of land con. Drālis, e. adj. pertaining to 3. to say, tell, write, detnining 24,000 feet Jupiter, of one day

scribe, repeat, plead, deDextēlla, . f. 1. a little Diallage, es. f. 1. a figure clare, show, prone, mean, right hand

where many arguments object, call, name, order Dexter, tēra, těrum, vel tră, are broughi to the same Dicrotum, i, n. 2. a galley trum. adj. ior, coinp.dex. purpose

of two UUTS

(tate tlmus, sup. right-handed, 'Dialogus, i. m. 2. a dialogue Dictamen, Yuis. n. 3. & dicfit, suitable, meel, InckyDiaměter, tri, f. 2. a diameter Dictamnus, i, f. 2. dittuny, Jurtunate, favourable, Diapasma, atis. u. 3. pet. ginger propitiuus


fume, or sweet powder Dictata, örum. pl. n. 2. dic. Dextěra, a. f. 1. vide Dex. Diapāson, i. u. 2. concord tates, precepts, lessons Dextěre, adv. ias, comp. rl of music of all the eight Dictator, oris. m. 3. & dicmè, sup. de sterously, "pr. notes

tatur, chief magistrate ly, properly, fitly

Diapente, es. f. a concurd Dictatorius, a, um. adj. of, Dexteritas, ātis. f. dexteri. uj fine notes

or belonging to a dictatur ly, quickness

Diaphoretýcus, a, um. adj. Dictātrix, icis. f. 3. a goDeximus, see Dexter

diaphoretic (midrift vernante, or gonerness Dextra,æ. f. 1. a right hand, Diaphragma, atis. 0.3. the Dictatūra, æ. f. 1. the dic

a hand, nid, help, alli- Diapoutius, a, um, adj. com. tuturship unce, or agreement

ing from beyond seu, Dicterium, i. 11. 2. vel poDextrorsum, adv. on the foreign

tiùs, Dictēria, oruni. jests, right hand

Diarium, i. n. 2. 4 diary, witticisms, quirks, scuffs Dextrorsus, udv. tuwards journal, day-book, day's Dictio, onis. I. 3. a diction, the right hand

provision, allowance, wa. style, speaking, uratory, Dextruvērsum, adv. Jd.

(ness, a fua rluquence, uracle, wurd® Din, ius. Stadia

Diarrhea, æ. f. 1. a luuse- Dictionarium, i. n. 2. Diabetes, æ. . vel s. in. a Diastoie, es. f, the dilata. Dictionarius, i. n. 2.

funnel, water pipe, disor. tion of the heart and dictionary der when a person cannut breast when fetch Dictiosus, a, um, adj. drollhold nis tontter


(song ing, jesting Dinbolus, i, m. 2. the devil Diatonum, i. 1. 2. u plain Dictito, äre, freq. 1. to say Diacou yon, i. n. 2. syrup. of Diatrēluni, i, n. 2. cup frequently, speak often poppy .

conship chused and curiously en Dicto, are. act. 1. io dicDinconatus, us. m. 4. a dea. graved

tate, suggest Diaconus, i. m. 2. a deacun Dial retus, a, um, adj. chased, Dittum, i. 1.2. a wurd, sayDiadema, tis. u. 3. a viudem, engruvcd

ing, espression, decluru



tion, proverb, reproach, button, to open

erlend, cheer, end 'ill-word,' lampoon. Difficile, adv. difficultly Difūse, adv. diffusedly jest, merry saying, wil. Difficilis, e. adj. ior, comp: Diffusilis, e. adj. that may ticism, eloquence, testi lymus, sup. difficult, hard, be diffused (spreading mony, evidence, proof, crabbed, rough, boister- Diffusio, onis. f. 3. argument, order, cuin ous, captious,'hard to Diffusus, a, um, pt. of dif. inand pleuse, hard-hearted, ob. fundo

(married Dicturyo, ire. 4. to long to durate, rugged, craggy Digămus, a, um, adj. (wice speak

Difficilyter, adv. difficuitly, DigerYes, ei. f. 5. a disposure Dictus, a, um. pt. of dico hardly

Divěro, ère, essi, estum. Didytus, a, um, giving out, Difficũlias, ātis. f. 3. diffi act. 3. to digest, dispose,

spread abroad, divided culty, trouble, danger, place, set in order, dis Dido, děre, dididi, didytum, distress, scarcity, deurth, tribute, divide, explain, a. 3. to give out, spread disease

resolve, dissolre, discuss, abroad, distribute

Difficulter, adv, with diffi dissipare, loosen, enfeeDidor, di, pass. to be spread culty

ble, ste abroad

Diffidenter, adv. diffident. Digēsta, õram. pl. n. 2. diDidrāchmum, i. n. vel Di. Diffidentya, æ. f. 1. diff. gests, or books of civil law drachma, štis. two dence, distrust

Digestio, onis. f. 3. digesdrachmas, or fifteen pence Diffido, děre, isus sum. act. tion, separation of meats Didūco, cěre, ûxi, ūctum. & neut. 3. io distrust, de

in the stomach, arrangeact. 3. to lead, draw aside, spair, nistrust, give up ment, distribution sever, part, divide, set as hopeless

Digestoryus, a, um, adj. donpon, stretch wide, di. Diffiudo, děre, rydi, fissum.

gestive gest, drain cleave, part asun- Digestus, a, um. pt. of di. Didūctus, a, um. pt. of di. der, slit, cut


[bution duco (little while Diffingo, gěre, nxi, ictum. Digestus, us. m. 4. a distria Dierůla, æ. f. 1. dim, a act. 3. to forin aner, mar, Digitale, is. :). 3. a fingerDierēcte, adv. with a mis. spoil, indo, deny, pre stall, thimble, finger of chief. "I dierectè, go and tend, dissemble

a glove be hanged, Plaut. [ed Diffiuió, īre, ivi, Itum. act. Digitālis, e. adj. of a finger Dierectus, a, um, adj.hang. 4. to define, set bounds, Digitātus, a, um. adj. hu. Dies, ēi. m. vel f. in sing. or limits

ing fingers, toes, or class in plur. m. 5. a day, the Diffinite, adv. definitely Digitůlus, i. n. 2. dim. a transactions of a day, Diffinitio, onis. f.3. a defini. little finger the light, life, length of tion, declaration

Digitus, i, m. 2. 4, finger, time, joyful time, some Diffissus, a, um. pt. of dif. finger's breadth, toe, time hence, deaih, the fingo

{tido claw

tencer day of burial

Diffisus, a, um. pt. of dif- Digladiātor, oris. m. 3. a Diespiter, tris. m. 3. Jupiter Diffitěor (di, fateor), ēri, Diyladyor (di, gladius), äri, Diffamatyo, onis. f. 3. de fessus sum, dep. 2. to dep. 1. tu fight with famation deny, disown

swords, to fence Diffāmo (di, fama), äre. Diffio, äre. act. to blow, Dignatio, onis. f. 3. repu. act. 1. to defame, traduce, or puff away

tation, credit, respect, es. spread an ill report of, Dimio, ére, uxi, uxum. n. teem, worth, in jesty, dig publish

3. to flow, or run abroad, nity, authority, post Diffarreatyo, onis. f. 3. a tun, or fall down, falla- Digne, adv. iůs.

corp. Ceremony at a divorce, a sunder, melt, or dissolve worthily, deservedly, de. divorcement

Diffringo (di, frango), gěre, cently, ineetly, fitly Differco, si, tum, ire. 4. to frēgi, fractum, act. 3. to Dignitas, ātis. f. 3. dignity, stuff jull break in pieces

majesty, eminence, Differentia, æ. f. 1. a dif- Diffugio, ere, fūgi, Ytum. grandeur, magnificence, ference

Ietence beut. 3. to fee, or run authority, gravity, cre. Differytas, atis. f. 3. edit. away, refuse, decline dit, honont, comeliness, Diffèro, férre, distůli, dilã. Diffug'um, i. n. 2. a refuge, grace, torth, vulne

tum. act. 3. to defer, put In escape (break down Dignor, åri, atus. dep. 1. to off, delay, carry up and Diffulmino, áre. a. 1. to vouchsafe, think worthy, doun, spread, disperse, Diffundibulum, i.n a sieve, honour scatter abrond, tear in funnel

Dignosco (di, nosco), cére, pieces, tease, provoke, Diffunditor, äri. atus. pass. novi, notum. act. 3. to bear,

endure, plant; 1. to be squandered a. discern, distinguish, disneat. to differ, disagree, brond, be lavished

Diffündo, děre, tūdi, fa- Dignus, a, um. adj. ior, D.ffērtus, a, um. pt. of sum, act. 3. to ditt'use, comp. issimus, sup. wor. ditfercio

pour out, spread abrond, thy, deserving decent,be. Diffibúlo, are. act. to un. disperse, publish, deliver, cuming,meet, fit, suitable


weakly, poorly

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grunt like

both way!

Digredyor (di, gradior), i, ing, delny

Dilatè, adv, iùs, comp. exsus sum. dep. 3. to go, Dilāto (di, latus), āre, avi,

(siunt or turn aside, d-part, di ātum. act. l. lu dilite, to Dilutium, i. n. 2. an infugress, go from the pur extend, to enlarge, to Dilutus, a, um. pt. of diluo pose

make, or open wide Diluvies, éi. f. 5. a deluge, Digressyo, Onis. f. 3. a di. Dilātor, oris. m. 3. a delayer a food overflow

gression, parting, excur- Dilatorius, a, um, adj. dila- Diluvio, are. aci. 1.
(gredior tory

Diluvyum, i. n. 2. a delnge, Digressus, a, um. pt. of di. Dilātus, a, um. pt. of dif inundation, calamity, deDigressus, us. m. 4. a di fero (cominendation struction

gression, departure, or Dilaudatyo, onis. f. 3.praise, Dimachæ, árum. pl. m. 1. guing aside

Dilaūdo, are. a. 1. to praise drugoons (grow wet, melt Digrunuyo, ire. neut. to highly, to extul

Dimaděo, ēre, dui. n. 2. to a hug, to DilectYo, ouis, f. 3. love Dimāno, are. 1. 1. to free, gruibie

Dilectus, a, um. pt. of di abound, spread abroad Dyi, pl. m. 2. the gods


Dimensio, onis. f. a dimen. Dijico [di, jaci, cěre, Dilēmma, &tis. n. 3. an ar. sion, a measuring

jēci, jectum, act. 3. gument that convinces Dimēnsor, öris. m. a mea. cust down, or awy


(dimetior Dijudicatio

uis. f. 3. Diligens, tis. adj. ior, comp. Dimensus, a, um. pt. of judging between two, a issimus, sup. diligent, in- Dimērgo, gěre, rsi. act. 3. discerning dustrions, active, careful, to drown

(suring Dijudyco, are. act. 1. mindful, studious, jona DimetatYo, onis. f. 3. mei.

judge between, judge, of, thrifty, mury; part. Dimetyens, tis. f. 3. a dire discern, settle, decide loving, choosing

meter Dijunctyó, önis. t. 3. a dis. Diligenter, adv. iùs, comp. Dimetyor, iri, mensus sum.

joining, a separation issime, sup. diligently, dep. 4. to measure, an. Dijuugo, ĕre, nxi, nctum. carefully

count, reckon up, tell a. tu unyoke, or unhur- Diligeuta, æ. f. 1. diligence, oner

(sure out ness, puri, disjoin

care, attention, labour, Dimētor, äri. dep. I. to meri. Pilabidus, a, um, adj. that frugalit y, discretion Dimicatio, onis. f. 3. skir. fails, or wear

away Dilygo (di, lego ), gěre, lexi, mish, or battle, a strug quickly

lectum. act. 3. to love, gle, or contest Dilābor, bi, apsus. dep. 3. favour, respect; to di. Dimicātor, oris. m. 3. a tu slip aside, or out, steal vide, cut up

fighter uwy, w iste, come to no- Dilorico, äre. act. 1. 10 un. Dimico, care, cui f cari, thing, spoil, or rot

gird, undo, tear oft, rip act. 1. to fight, engage, Dilaı ēro, are. act. 1. tu open

skirmish, contend, strugtear, or rend in pieces, Dilucěo, ēre, uxi. neut. 2 gle, try destroy, consume, pend, to shine, be clear, evident, Dimidiatim, adr. by hulues waste, trouble and vea, or manifest

Dimidyum, i. n. 2 the half harass

Dilucēscit, impers. it grows Diminŭo, uěre, ui, ūtum. Dilacrúno, äre, neut. 1. tu light, it dawns, the day act 3. to diminish, lessen, weep, to drop tears breaks

abate, breuk in pieces, Diianino [di, lanina], are DilucidatYo, onis, f. 3. an alienate act. 1. to cleave, or split elucidation

Diminutyn, Onis. f. 3. a di. in two

Dilucide, adv. evidently minution, « lessening Dilanlo, äre, act. 1. to tear


Diminutivum, i, 11. 2. a diasunder, mangle, devour Dilucido (di, lacidus), äre minutive word Dilap.datio, onis. f. 3. a di act. 1. to make plain, o Diminūtus, a, um, pt. of lapidation, a wusteful clear

diminuo spending

Dilucidus, a, um, adj. ior, Dimissio, onis. f. 3. a disDilapido, åre. a. 1. to cleur comp. clear, plain, inani mission, dischirge, send. of stones, to pelt with fest, bright

ing forth, or away stunes, to consume, or| Dilucúlat, imp. it dawns Dimissoryus, a, um,

adj. disquander away, to em-Diluculo, ady. betimes in

missory bezzle

the morning

Dimissus, a, um. pt. of diDilāpsus, a, um. pt. of di. Dilucůlum, i. n. 2. day mitto, dismissea, sent labor break, dawn

Dimitto, těre, isi, issum. Dilargyor, iri, itus sum. dep. Diludyum, i. n. 2. respite act. 3. to dismiss, disband, 4. tu bes ou liberally, to from esercise

sendaway,send, discharge, give, to divide

Dilno, uěre, ủi, utum. act, acquit, let go, let slip, let DilataiYu, vuis. f. 3. an en to wash, rinse, w'18h off, fall, drop: qnit, leave, a. larging (enlarger purge,

clear, explain,

bate, submit, thrustin, Dilatator, oris. m. 3. un mix, dissolve, consume, plunge [dimoveo Dilatio, onis, f. 3. a delay. refute

Dimõtus, a, um. pt. 1


Dimověo, ere, ori, Otum, Directum, i. n. 2. right, disjunction act. 2. to remove, put a justice, equity

Dirūptus, a, um, pt. of di. way, or aside, thrustuside, Directūra, te. f. 1. a luying ruo move, banish, withdraw out by 'a line, the level Dirus, a, um. adj. ior, comp. to plough, turn up; to ling of a surface

isstinus, sup. dire, dreaddistinguish; to engage Directus, a, um. part. uf di jul, horrible, terrible, Dintryo, ire, n. 4. to squeak rigo

execrable, ugly, cruel, like a mouse

Diremptio, onis. f. 3. a seps dismal, nournful, futal, Dinuneratio, onis. f. 3. a ration, or breaking off ominous tumbering

Dirēmptus, a. um. pt. of di- Dirůtus, a, um. pt. of dirao Dinuměro, äre, act. 1. to

{ing Dis, in compusition, stunds trumber, reckon, count, Dirēmptus, us. m. 4. a pari

for di pay money

Dirtpu, ēré, psi, pium. act. Dis, dītis, c. g. $ dīte, a. Diobolaris, e. adj. cheap, 3. to creep softly

ior, comp. issimus, sup. vile (cesar Direptio, onis. f. 3. a rob

rich, weaithy, great, Jer. Dicecesānus, i, m. 2 a dio bing, pillaging, plunder. tile, ample, large Diecēsis, is. vel eos. f. 3. a ing, or rifling, extortiun Discalceo, are. act. 1. to un

diocese, jurisdiction, go-Dirēptor, oris, m. 3. a rub shoc Ternment, province, baili ber, spoilet, plunderer Discavěo, vi, cautum. n. 2. wick

Dirēptus, a, um. pt. uf di. to be very circumspect, to Diecēres, æ. m. 1. a stew repo


beware of ard, overseer, manager, Dirēptus, us. m. 4. a taking Discēdo, dére, essi,essum.n. bailiff

Diriběo, ēre, bui. act. 2. lo 3.60 deputi,soffor away, Diõia, æ. f. 1. & drinking count voer, distribute, elope, come off, separate, pot with two ears pay

be parted, or divided. Diphthongus, i. f. 2. a diph. Diribitor, Oris. m. 3. un of. leave off, cease, Danish, thong

ficer that makes a seru. die, give place, yield, be Diplinthius, s, um, adj. of tiny, a judge, a determi changed, open, gape, etiwu bricks' Inickness ner, a Corner, a sewer cept

(disputing Dipl/is, Ydis. f. 3. a doubles Diribitoryum, i. n. 2.& place Disceptatio, onis. f. 3. Diploma, atis. u. a diploma, where soldiers were inus. Disceptatiuncăla, æ, f. 1. « charter, prince's letters tered and paid

wrangle putent, cdict, mundamus, Dirigěo, ere, ui.u. 2. to grow Disceptător, oris, m. 3. an passport

stiff, to stand un end, tu arbitratur DipondiarYus, a, um. adj. grow cold with feur, 1o Disceptatrix, icis. f. 3. she of two pounds' weight curdle, freeze

thai judyrs, or decides Dipondyum, i. 1. & Dipon. Dirigo (di, rego), gěre, Discēpto (dis, capto, are.

ayus, i. m. vel Dupundium, rexi, rectum. act. 3. tó act. 1. to dispute, debate, i. u. f Dupondius, i, m. direct, rule, guide, lead, Teasun, award, determine, 2. u weight of twu pounds, conduct, Tunge, set in or settle, judge a ponny, halfpenny der, steer, aim, level, Disceruicălum, i, m. 2. a Dipsăcun, i, n. 2. a teasel, raise, lift up, measure, pin, or budkin, a differThistle mntk out, divide

ence, or diversity Dipsas, &dis. f. 3. a serpent Dirimo [di, emo), měre, rē- Discērno, něre, crēvi, crē.

whose bite causes intense mi, remptum. act. 3. to tum. act. 3. to discetu, thirst

break uit, interiupt, di distinguish, judge, detet. Diptòton, i. n. 2. a diptote, vide, pari, deterinine, de. mine, decree, appease, à noun that hath only two cide, put an end tu

quell cases

(the fire Diripto [di, rapio). père, Discērpo (dis, carpo), pěre, Dipyros, i. c.g. 2. iwice in pui, reptum, act. 3. toteur psi, ptum, act, 3. tu pull, Diradiatio, onis. f. 3. a asunder, or in pieces, cast teur" in pieces, diride, sprending, &c. of vines in down, destroy, tear, pull scatter, disperse

the furm of sunbeums durn; uway, or from Discērptus, a, um. pt. of Diradís, are.act.1. to spread, by furce, rob, spoil, plun discerpo or set like the rays of the der, detract

Discessio, onis. f. 3. a deDiYtas, ātis. f. 3. fierceness, parture, purting, divurce, Diræ, àrum, pl. f. 1. curses ruggedness, cruelty, in. absence, want, separation, Directio, onis. f. 3. a direc humuuity, ominousness

division in during tion, direct leuding tu u Dirūmpo, pěre, ūpi, uptum. Discessus, us, m. 4. a dething, aim

act. 3. to break, brenk in parture, guing awy, Directo, & Directe, adv. iùs, pieces, breuk off, burst opening, guing under

comp. directly, straighi, Diruo, uěre, ui, utum. act. Disceus, eos, m. 3. u meteur
simply, without condition, 3. tu pull down, uverthrow, DiscadYum, i. n. 2. a separa.

tiun, divorce, departure, Dirēctor, oris. m. 3. 1 di. Dirupcio, onis. f. 3. a burst death, discord reclut, u guide

ing, breuking usundet, Discīncie, adv. disolutely,




(cingo agree, jar, wrangle disperse, shake off, digen Discinctus, a, um. pt. of dis- Discrèpo, áre, pui $ pāvi, Diserte, adv. iùs, comp. elu. Discindo, děre, scidi, issum. pitum. n. 1. to differ, dis quently, elegantly, es

a. 3. to cut, or het asun agres, dissent, jar, vary, presily, by name der, tear, rend in pieces, sound differently

Disērtim, adv. expressly, divide

Discrete, adv. separately, particularly Discingo, gěre, nxi, nctum. distinctly

Disērtus, a. um. adj. ior, act. 3. tu ungird, undo, Discrētim, adv. severally comp. issYmus, sup. elustrip, put out of office, Discretyo, onis. f. 3. a sepa. quent, fluent, copious, confute, baffle


(cerno jubtle, witty, plain, exo Disciplina, æ. f. 1. disci. Discrētus, a, um. pt. of dis

pline, instruction, litera- Discrimen, Inis. n. 3. a dif- Díshjāsco, ere. inc. 3. to ture, skill, science

ference, diversity, distinc begin to chap, or chink Disciplinabilis, e. adj. that tion, discretion, debate, Disjēcto (dis,' jacto), are. may be taught

doubt; danger, peril, bat freq. 1. to tois, or throw Disciplinātus, a. um. adj. tle; space, distance; the

up and down (jicio disciplined

ploughing, or hartuwing. Disjēctus, a, um. pt. of disDisciplinosus, a, um, adj. of land; the parting of Disjēctus, us. m. 4. a dissiwell taught, easy to teach the hair

pation, a dispersion, an Discipůla, æ. f. 1. q she Discriminatim,adv. distinct. overthrow

scholar, or auditor Discriminatio, onis. f. 3. a Disjicio (dis, jacio), cére, Discipůlus, i, m. 2. a disci. severing

[divide jēci, jēctum. a. 3. to disple, scholar, learner, up. Discrimino, äre, act. 1. to perse, scatter, put to prentice

(cindo | Discrucyo, are. act. 1. 10 Night, overthrow, destroy, Discissus, a, um. pt. of dis torinent, vex, torture, dis. prevent

(yoke Disclūdo, děre, usi, úsum.


Disjågo, áre. act. 1. to un. act. 3. to shut up, sepa- Discubitus, us. m. 4. a sit. Disjūncte, Disjūnctim. adv.

Tute, set apart (discludo ting, or lying down at severally Disclūsus, a, um, pt. of


Disjunctio, onis. f. 3. a sl. Disco, cěre, didici, act. 3. Discŭbo, bāre, bui, bitum. parationi, disunion, diff'er. to learn, understand, be n.l. to lie down at meat

(tively informed

Discümbo, běre, cubui, cu- Disjunctive, adv. disjuneDiscobolus, i, m. 2. in bitum. neut. 3. to lie, or Disjunctivus, a, um, adj. acc. discobolon, & quoit sit down

disjunctive caster; u statue [ing Discupio, père, ivi, Itum. n. Disjónctum, i, n. 2. a disDiscoctro, önis. f.3. a seeth. 3. to desire much

junctive proposition Discolor, oris. adj. disco- Discurro, rĕre, ri, rsum. n, Disjūnctus, a, um. pt. of loured, of a different co 3. to

hither and Disjūngo, gěre, nxi, nctum. lour

thither; act, to run ovet a. 3. to disjoin, separate, Discolorfus, a, um. adj. of Discursitatyo, önis. f. 3. a unyoke, withdraw

different colours, party. running to and fro Dispalātus, a, um. adj. coloured

Discursim, adv. tunning straggling, wandering Disconvenyo, Ire. n. 4. to severally

about, dispersed be unlike, disagree Discursyo, önis. f. 3. a run. Dispalēsco, ère. 2. to be Discoquo, ére, oxi, act. 3.

ning about [over inade knoun to seethe well (agreeable Discurso, äre.frcq. 1. to run Dispālo (dis, palor], are. a. Discordabilis, e. adj. dis-Discūrsor, oris, m. 3. a run & n. 1. to scatter, disperse, Discordatio, onis. f. 3. dij. ner about

wander about, straggle, ference

Discursus, us. m. 4. a run. be spread abrund Discordia, æ. f. 1. discord,

ning abuul, fight; a dis. Dispāndo, děre, di, passum. variance (discord course, treutise

act. 3. to stretch out, Discordiālis, e, adj. causing Discus, i, m. 2. a quoit, spread abroad Discordiosus, a, um. adj. dish, platter (ing Dispānsus, i, cuntentious

Discussio, önis. 1.3. a shak. stretched out, extended, Discordo, áre. n. 1. to be at Discussor, oris, m. a dili. spread abroud

variance, differ, disagree, gent searcher, inquirer, Dispar, äris. adj. unlike, be contrary to examiner, s3e8SOT

different, unequal Discors, dis, adj. discordant, Discussoryus, a, um. adj. Disparllis, e. adj. different,

jarring, harih, different, able to discuss, of discus. unequal differing, contrary, out of Jion

Disparitas, &tis. f. 3. untune

(ference | Discussus, a, um. pl. of likeness, diversity, inp. Viscrepantia, e. f. l. a dif-Discutio (dis, quatio), těre, quality (unequally Discrepatio, onis. f. 3. a üssi, üssum. act. 3. to dis- Dispariter, adv. diversely,

dispute, controversy, dis cuss, shake, cast, beat, Dispăroare. act. 1. co serer, agreement

batier dowon, dasi in pie. separate, be unequal, or Discrepito, áre. a. 1. to dis ces, drive away, banish, mlike

um. adj.

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