Abbildungen der Seite

Absdaus, a, um.. adj. harsh surd, foulish, inconsistent, enlisted soldier, 4 super in sound, discordant, ir. unpirisunat

nuinerary officer, the cull. regular, unsuitable Abundanter, adv. abundant er of a court, a persui Absorbèo, ere, bui frosi, ly, jully

vani, usher, macebeurer, rptum. a. 2. to sup up,suck Abundantyn, æ, f. abuna serjeant, &e. in, lay under water, cover, dunce, plenty

Accentus, lls. m. 4. an ac. carry away

Abundaiyo, Juis. f. an in cent, « tone Absque (præp. with abl. undation

AcceptYo, buis. f. 3. taking, case), without, but for, Abünde, adv. enough, suf granting, or allowing * except, if without ficiently

question, a sense, or noAbstemyus, a, um, adj. ab. Abündo, as. nent. 1. to tion, meaning, respect stemious, sober, sparing, abound, be rich

Accēpto, [ad, capto), as. not fond of

Abuxlo, onis. f. 3. an abuse freq. 1. to accept, or te Abstergão, ére, rsi, rsum. Abūsque, præp. fron, as ceive, au bmit to act. 2. to wipe clean, or far as

Accēptor, Oris. m. 3. a reof break, dissipate Alsūsus, ûx. m. 4. an abuse ceiver Abstērgo, ere, 8. see Ab- Abutor, ti, ūsus. pres. pt. Accēptrix, icis. f. 3. a festergeo

of abutens, nbuse, male receiver Absterren, ēre, rui, rytum. misapply, use up, wreste Accēptum, i, n. a thing re

act. 2. to frighten away, Abvērto. pro Averto, Plaut. ceived, or tuken, receipt deler, forbid

Abyssus, i, f. 2. a bottom for money Abstērsus, a, um. pt. of ab

less pit

Accēptus, a, accipio stergeo

Ac, in composition, stands & adj. received, taken, Abstinênter, adv. discrectly, for ad

treated, submitted to, aca moderately

Ac, conj. copul, and, and ceptable, pleasing, beloved Abstinentya, æ. f. 1. absti. indeed: ac nou, neither; Accērso, ire, ivi, itum. act. nence, moderation,

than, after nouns or ad 3 & 4. to fetch, or send tegrity, justice

verbs of contrariety or for, procure, hire, to try Abstiněo (abs, teneo), ére, comparison

one by law nui, stentum. act. 2. to Acacin, æ. f. l, a thorn Accersitor, oris. m. 3. O ubacair, forbear

Acadēmia, æ. f. 1. an acade sender for Abstinétar, impers. it is my, an university

Accersītus, a, of ac. abstained from

Academyeus, i, m. 2. an cerso : adj. sent for, fur. Absto, stare, styti, stytum, academician, a member of fetched, affected, strained neut. 1. to stand at a dis an university

Accersītus, as. m. 4. a tance, stand of

Academycus, a, um, adj. of sending for Abstractus, a, um. pt. of ab.

the university

Accesso, onis. f. 3. an ac. straho

Acanthinus, n, um. adj. Of, cession, increase, addition, Abstraho, here, axi. actum. or like bear's-foot

interest of money, wing act. 3. to druw away, Acanthis, Ydis. f. 3. a gold. added to a house, « bondswithdraw, separate, de Ainch, a lixenet, groundsel

man, a fit livet

Acanthus, i. m. 2. bcar's-foot Accēssus, a, accedo Abstrictus, a, of ab- Acapna, Oram, pl. n. 2. dry approached stringo


Accessus, us. m. 4. an ac. Abstringo, gěre, nxi, ictum. AcatYum, i, n. 2. a pinnace, cess, approach, admit. act. 3. to luose, or untie a barge

tance, increase, rising, Abstrūdo, děre, asi, üsum. Accanto, as. act. 1. to sing pursuit, a fit act. 3. to conceal, banish to, or by

Accidens, tis. n. 3. an acci Abstrüse, adv. secretly, pri. Accédo, děre, essi, essum. dent vately

act. 3. to approach, go, or Accidentya, æ. f. 1. a juta Abstrūsus, a, um. pt. of ab. come to, be added, agree, pose, & design, the acci. studo corne over

dence Abstüli, præt. of aufero Acceleratyo, önis. f. 3. a AccIdo (ad, cado), ère, di. Absùm, esse, fui, futūrus. hastening

sup. car. neut. 3. to full neut. to be absent, or uwuy: Accelēro, as. act. I. to doton,

fall, come to, bej all, to be wanting, distant hasten, be quick, dispatch happen , Absumēdo, Ynis, f. 3. a wrist. Accendo, (ad, candeoj, Accído, (nd, cædo), děre, inx

děre, di, nsum. act. 3. to di, sum. act. 3. to weaken, Absümo, ère, mpsi, mptum. en flame, set on fire, light, to cut short

1. 3. to consume, destroy, or stir up, excite, increase, Accyeo, ēre, ivi. Itum. act.2. spend, wuste burnish

to feich Ansæmptus, A, um pt. Accenséo, ēre, sui, sum. act. Accinctus, a, um. pt. girded of absumo add to reckon among, Acciuga, gěre, nxi, nctum. Absürde, adv.absurdly, fool join

(do act. 3. to gird to, prepare ishly

Accēnsus, , am. pt. accen for, go, or set abont, preAbsdrdus, a, um. adj. ab Accensus. i. m. 2. a newly. vide with


Accio, ire, ivi, itum, act. 4. Accubitus, us. m. 4. a sit bitterly, very cruelly, rery to send fur, call, get, ting down

senerely cause, procure

Accubo, bāre, bui, bytum. Acērbo, äre, ävi, ätum. act. Accipyo (ad, capio), père, neut. 1. to sit at table, 1. to aggravate, heighten, cēpi, ceptum. act 3. to lie down, or along

entage take, receive, underlake, Arcüdo, ère, di, üsum. act. Acērbus, a, um. adj. bitter, learn, accept, suck in, 3. to coix more

duur, unripe, hurih, cruel, sustain, bear, treat, obey, Arcumbu, běre, ubui, uby.

severe, satirical, pronok. find, get, set down

tum, neut. 3. to lie, or ing, sad, lamentable Accipiter, tris, m. 3. a hawk, sit duten at table

Acērnus, a, um.adj.of maple eriortioner, plauderer Accumulatio, onis, f. 3. a Acerösus, a, um. adj. full Accisus, a. uin. pt. of ac heaping up.

of rhaft cido

AccumulatissYme, adv. su- Acērra, æ. f. 1. a center. Arcitus, a, um. pt. of ac perl. most abundantly, box, or altar cieo

most liberally

Acerryme, adv. superl, very Accitus, ús, m. 4. sending Accumulātor, Oris. m. 3. a bitterly, wery earnestly, Acclamatio, onis. f. 3. call. heapet up

very busily ing aloud, a shout, husza, Accumulo, as. act. 1. to Acervális, é. adj. heapea crying against

accumulate, heap up, add together Acclamo, As. act. & neut. 1. Accurate, adv, accurately, Arervåtim, adv. by, or in

to huzza, shout for joy, carefully, cautiously, dia heaps, promiscuously,withcry out against, cry aloud ligently, nicely

out any order Acclīnis, e, adj. braning, or Accurātus, a, um. adj. ace Acervatio, onis, f. 3. a heap

reiting on, inclining, curate, done with care, ing up prone, inclined

strict, exquisite, choice Acervo, as. act. 1. to heap, Acelino, as. Deut. 1. to lean, accuratro, onis, f. careful. or pile up or bend forw-rd, consent,

Acervus, i. m. 2. a heap, a incline to

Accüro, as, act, to take care hoard Acclivis, e. adj. steep, as. of, provide fur

Acēsco, cěre. incep. 8. to cending

Accürro, rère, ri, rsum. grow sour Acclivitas, atis, f. 3. steep neut. 3. to run to, to has. Acēsis, is. f. 3. water-sage ness, 18cent

ten, Hock together Acetabulum, i. n. 3. a taxAcelīvus, a, um. adj. steep, Accürsus, lls. m. 4. 4 con cer, cup, box, pan, clau, rising

INC asure Accola, æ. c. g. l. a near AccusabYlis, e. adj. blame- Acetarin, Orum. pl. . a sainhibitant able, bad

lad, minced mitt Arcổio, lěre, lui. act. 3. to Accusatyo, onis. f. 3. an ac- Acētum, i. n. 2. vinegar, dwell near cusation

raillery, gall Accommodate, adv, aptly, Accusativus, a, um. adj. Achayeus,n, um. adj. Grecian suitably


Achais, Ydis. f. belonging accommodatio, onis, f. 3. Accusator, öris. m. 3. an to Achaia, Grecian

an accommodation, ap. accuset, a plaintiff Achátes, æ, m. I agate

plying, or sniting Accusatorye, adv. with the Acheron, tis. m. 3. a riner Accommodatus, a, um. pt. design, or mind of an in hell, hell, the grave, & adj.snited, designed for, ACCHSCT

perdition, destruction suitable, fit, like

Accusatoryus, a, um, adj. Achělæ, árum. pl. f. 1. grass. Arcomodo, as. act. 1. to of accusation, of, or be. hoppers

arrommodate, snil, fit, longing to an accuset Achilleam, i. n. 2. a sort of apply, put to, or upon, Accusätrix, icis. f. 3. a fe sponge tend, ndhere

male acruser

Achivi, orum. pl. m. the Accommodus, a, um, adj. Accūso, (nd, causor), As. Greciau suitable, fit

nct. 1. to nccuse, to blame, Achnas, &dis. f. 3. a wild Accrēdo, děre, dydi, dYtum. or reprimand

pear-tree act. 3. to believe, consent Aceidāma, indecl. a field of Acidůlus, a, um. adj., dim. Arcrementum, i. n. 2, an


somethat sout,

rather increase

Acer, è is. n. 3. a maple-tree tart, or sharp Accresco, cere, ēvi, tum Acer, acris, re. adj. sharp, Acidus, a, um. adj. acid,

neut. 3. to increase, swell, sour, wifi, actine, mettle. suur, tart grow up

some, courageous, fierce, AcYes, fi. f. 5. an edge, or Accreto, onis. f. 3. an in. ardent, violent, furious point, the sight of the Acērbe, ndv. bitterly

eye, an army, a battle, Accubatio, onis. f. 3. a lying Acerbitas, ātis. f. 3. sharp. the field of battle, quickdown ness, severity, grief, an

of apprehension, Accubitoryus, a, um. adj. guish

sharpness of, or belonging to sitting Acerbitado, Ynis. I. 3. idem Acinaces, Is. m. 3. a seini down AcerbYus. adv. comp. very

tar, a sabre


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up to

Aciudsus, a, um. adj. full | Actito, as. freq, I. to act, cording to, cven, in order, of kernels to plead

for the sake of, about, Acinus, i, m. Acinum, i. n. Active, adv, actively, in an more or let AcYna, æ f. a grape-stone,

active sense

Adactyo, bais. f. 3. force, an ivy-berry

Activos, a, um, adj. active constraint Acipenser, čris. m. 3. a Actor, oris. m. 3. an actor, Adāctus, a, am:pl: of adigo sturgeon

manager, agent, comp- Adæquncio, onis. f. 8. a leAclis, Ydis. f. 3. a short dart troller, pleader

nelling Acne, es. f. 3. the prime, Actualis, e. adj. practical, Adæque, adv. equally the power of age


Adæquo, as. act. 1. to make Acolāstus, i.m. 2. a prodigal Actuarium, i. n. 2. a pin equal, to level Acoiüthus, i.m.2.1 fullower nace, a barge

Anæstňo, as. Deut. 1. to Aconitum, i. n. 2. wolfs-Actuarius, i. m. 2. a clerk, overflow bane, poison

secretary, notury, scri- Adnggěro. as. act. 1. to heap, Acor, Oris. nu. 3. soutness, vener

or luy up, heap, or lay taitness

Actuaryus, a, um. adj. light, together Acorum, i. n. 2. sweet cane, niinble

Adaglum, i. n. 2. « proverb garden Mag

Actum, i. u. an vet, action, Adalligo, as. act. 1. to nie Acquiēscens, tis, pt. of


close to acquiesco

Actum est, impers. all is Adamantēus, , um. adj. Aequiesco, cére, ēvi, êtum. ruined

adamantine neut. 3. to rest, lie down, Actuose, adv. actively, ear. Adamantynus, a, um. adj. acquiesce, assent, delight nestly

hard as damunt, of add. in, "pprove

dctuðsus, a, um,, in ant Acquiro, (ad, quæro), tère, busy

Adămas, antis. m. 3. a dia. isivi, isitum. act. 3. to ac Actus, a, um. pt. of ago mond

quire, get, obtain, add Actus, ds. m. un aci, or Adambulo, as. act. 1. to walk Acquisitio, onis. f. 3. an ac deed, uct of a play, a

quisition, getting, or ob part, or stage, pleading Adámo, as. act. 1. to love taining

Actütum, adv. presently, much, to love Aequisitos, a, um. pt of ac forthwith

Adaperlo, ire, rui, rtum. act. quiro

Aculeatus, a, um, adj, hav. 3. to open, uncover, disclose Acre, adv. sharply, bitterly ing a prickle, or sharp Adaperiylis, e. adj. that may Acredila, æ.f.l. a woodlark point, biting, stinging, be opened dcriculus, a, um, adj. dim.

Adapērtus, a, um. pt. of adasomewhat sharp, rather Aculeus, i. m. 2. a sting, a perYo sharp


Adapto, as. act. 1. to make Acrimonya, æ. f. 1. acri- Acümen, Ynis. 11. 3. the point, fit, suit

mony, sharpness, earnest or edge of a thing, a dart, Adaquo (ad, aqua), as. a. 1. ness, vehemence, liveli. cunning, subtilty, smart to water neu, briskness

nea, quickness in relish Adarčo, ēre, ui. n. 2. to grow Acryor, us. dj.comp.sharper Acuminatus, a, um. pt.

dry Acrytas, åtis. f. 3. sharp-Aeumino, ävi, ätum, äre. 10 Adauctus,a, of adau. resa, eagerness point, sharpen

geo Acryter. Acriùs, acerrime. Acto, ére, í. act. 3. to Adauctus, us. n. 4. an in

adv. sharply, boldly, na sharpen, whet, excite, linntly, tioutly, earnestly, provoke, improve

Adaugèo, ēre, xi, ctum, act. warmly, vehemently, cu- Acus, eris. n. chaft

2. iu increuse, improve, riously, deeply, intensely, Acus, i, m. 2. a long prickly aggravate severely, soundly, stead. sea-fish

Adaugēsco, fre. incep. 3. fastly

(ners Acus, us. f. 4. a needle, a to be increased Acritado, Ynis, f. 8. sharp bodkin

AdbYbo, ĕre, i, Ytum, act. 3. Aeroama, Itis. n. 3. an Acüte, jùs, issYmè. adv. to drink, suck in, admit

opera, play, or farce, an acutely, sharply, keenly, Adblandlor, iri. dep. 4. t. actor, a musician witrily, ingeniously

speuk fair, Antter, fawn Acroasis, is. f.3. an audience Acutulus, a, um. adj. dim. Aderēdo, adc.esco, see AsAcrostychis, is, f. 3. un somewhat sharp, or keen, credo, accresco acrostic


Addecet,impers. it becometh Acta, #. f. 1. a sea shore, Acütus, a, um. adj. ior, is- Addensso, ére, sui. act. 2. a strand

symus, sharp, pointed, to close together, thicken, Acta, orum. pl. 1. 2. acts, ingenious, acute, keen, crowd

exploits, chronicles, jour. glaring, shrill, searching | Addēnso,as.act. 1. to thicken nals, registers

Ad. præp. to, before, at, on, Addico, cere, ixi, ictum. act. Acilo, onis. f. 3. action, in comparison os, until, 3. to doom, condeinn, Sen.

an acting, an action, or near to, towards, in, ac tence, devote, give up. suit, a prucess

gainst, after, for, by, ac sell, iet to sale, cunfirm






AddictYo, onis, f. 3. a valu- | Adhæsus, ûs, m. 4. a stick-Adjudico, as. act. to ainda ing

ing to

(upon judge, impute (together Addisco, cěre, didici. act. Adhålo, as. act. 1. to breathe Adjugo, as. act. 1. to join

3. to learn, learn niute, Adhano, [ad, hamus), as. Adjumēntum, i. u. 2. kelp

unde Addiscor, pass. act. 1. to fish with a hook, aid Additaméntum, i. 1. 2. un to obtain artfully

Adjunctyo, önis. f. 3. a con. addition

Adhiběo, [ad, habeol, ére, junction, or union, addi. AdditYo, onis. f. 3. an adding bui, býtum. act. 2. to ap tion

(who juins Additivus, a. um, adj. ad. ply, set, use, adrait, send Adjūnctor, oris. m, 3. he ditionat for

Adjūnctum, i, n. an adAddivino, as. act. 1. to con-Adhinuyo, fre, ivi, itum. junct, a quality jecture

neut. 4. to neigh after, Adjunctus, a. um. pt. of Addo, děre, dydi, ditum. to eault, or upplaud

adjango ael. 3. to add, give, put, Adhorrēsco, ère. n. to be Adjūngo, gěre, nxi, nctum. set, hasten (to sleep greatly fraid

act. 3, to join, annet, Addormisco, ère. neut. 3. Adhortatlo, onis. f. 3. an ex add, increase, give up. Addubitatio, onis.f. 3. doubt hurtilioni

apply, reconcile, procure, Addubyto, as. act. & ueut. Adhortātor, oris. m. 3. an admit, fasten, yoke 1. to doubt


Adjūro, as. a. 8 n. 1. to Addüco, cěre, uxi, uctum. Adhortor, äri. dep. 1. to en adjure, compel, swear, 10 act. 3. to bring, carry, couruge, to exhurt

swear solemnly induce, persuade, tighten, Adhūc, adv, hitherto, as get, Adjutabilis, e. adj. that may contract, shorten, shrivel, besides

ssist | up

Adjacěu, ēre, n. 2. to lie Adjūto, as. act. 1. to help, Addicte, adv.closely, nearly neur, border upon, adjuin to SuCCOUT Adductor, öris. m. 3, he Adjectio, onis, f. 3. an uddi. Adjûtor, Oris, m. a helper, that lendeth tion

an assistant Adductus, a, uin. pt. of ad- Adjectivus, a, um. adj. ad. Adjutorium, i. n. 2. help,

jective, added lo, udjoined Adědo, ére, vel esse ēdi,

Adjūtrix, icis, f. 3. she who ēsum, vel estum. act. 3. Adjēclus, a, um. pt. of ad. helpeth to eat up, consume


Adjūtam est, impers. I us Ademptio, onis. f. taking Adjēctus, Os, m. 4. an addi sisted arwny, a disfranchising, tion

Adjūtus, a, um. pt. of ad. banishment (mo Adyens, euntis. pt. of adeo

juvo Adēmptus, a. um. pt. of adi. Adigo, (ad, nyo}, ère, ēgi, Adjūtus, ûs. m. 4 he'p, aid Aděo, adv. so, to that pass,

actum. act. 3. 10 drive, Adjůvo, as, ūvi, ūtum, act. and therefore, much more, force, to bring to

1. to help, russist, favour at this time, after all, Adjiciālis, e. adj. splendid, Admatūror, āri. Pass. to be very much, indeed, inso grand

astened forwarded much that

Adjico (ad. jacio), cère, Adınēnsus, a, um. pt. Aděo, ire, ivi f ii, Ytum. n. jęci, jèctum. aci, 3. to Admetyor, īri, mensus. dep.

4. to go, or come to, set add, cast to, or on, apply, 4. to measure out, retail, out, address, undergo, ap. direct

sell prouch, reach, be raised Adimo (ad, emo), měre, Adminiculātor, oris. m. 3.

to, undertake, attack dēmi, demptum. act. 3. to an assistent Aděps, Ypis, d. g. 3. fat, tal take away, keep from, Adminiculo, as. act. of Adluru rescue

minicălor, äri. dep. 1. to Adepilo, onis. 1. 3. a getting Adinvenio, see Invenio

prop, to assist Adēptus, a, um. pt. of adipis. Adinvēntus, a, um. pt. cu- Adminiculum, i. n. a prop,

riously devised

aid, assistance Adequito, as. act. 1. to ride Adipālis, e. adj. fat, gross, Administer, tri, m, see Miup to, or by sumptions

nister Adesur Yo, Ire. neut. 4. to be Adipātum, i. n. 2. fat neat Administra, æ, f, see Mihungry

Adipātus, a, uin. adj. greasy nistra Adēsus, a, un, pt. of adeo Adipiscēndus, a, um. pt. to AdministratYo, dois. f.3.adAdeūndus, a, of adeo

be gotten

ministration, manage Adratim, adfectio adfcctus. Adipiscor, i, adeptus. com. ment, care of affairs

see Affatim, affectio, af. 3. to get, obtain, arrive Administratīvus, a, um. adj. fectus, &e.

at, overtake


practical Adhæréo, ēre, æsi, æsam. Adipiscor, i. pass. to be ob- Administrātor, oris. m. 3.

n. 2. to adhere, stick, keep Aditur, & aditum est. im. an adininistrator, attend. close to

pers. they gu, or went to ant, manager dhæresce, ère, see Adhæreo | Aditus, a, um. pt. of adeo Administro, as, act. 1. to exo, onis. f. 3. adhe. Aditus, us. m. 4. a way, administer, manage, gea joining INeuns, access avenue

vern, serve




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Admirabilis, e. adj. admi. Admotyo, onis. f. 3. a mov-Adoratio, onis. f. 3. adora. rable, wonderful, astunt ing, approach

tion, wurship ishing, strange

Adnotus, a, um. pt. of ad- Adordkor, orsus sum, iri. to AdmirabilYtas, :is. f. 3. moveo, & adj. applied, begin ronder

put, brunght rear, raised, Ado ea, . f. a gift of corn, Admirabilter, adv. wunder. luid on, used, near, ad areward


Adoreum, i. n. 2. fine wheat Admiratio, onis, f. admira- Admotus, lls, m. 4. an ap- Adorus, a, um. adj. of fine tior, wonder plying

whent Adminātor, oris. m. 3. an Admoneo, ēre, õvi, ötum. Adoryor, iris, rel eris, Iri, adiniter


to bring, or put ortus sum. dep. 4. to al. Aumiror, ari. dep. 1. to ad to, bring neut, apply, lack, assault, accost, at mire, wonder at, esteem, Tuise, use, lay on

tempt, try, endeurour, value

Adrāscor, see Agnascor Adorraie, adv. elrgantly Admiscěo, ēre, cui, mistum Aduato, as. act. 1. to swim to Adorno, as, act. 1. to ador", & mixtum. act. 3. to mit, Aduavigo see Navigo

rig, equip, set off', prepare to meddle with Adrēcto, see Annecto

. Adinissaryus, a, um. adj. Adněpos, otis. m. 3. a great ship, honour, sulute equus, a stallion grundchild's grandsun Adõrsas, a, um. pt.

adorAdınissaryus, i, m. 2. a li- Admysus, vel Adulrus, ,

[rior bertine um. pt. of adnitor

Adortus, a, um, pt. of adoAdinissYı), önis, f. 3. admis- Adno, as. act. 1. to swim to Adplňo, adposco, adprecor, sion, access

Aduubylo, as. act. 1. adprimè, see Anpluo, &c. Admissum, i, n. 2. a crime, darken

Adpūgno, are. a. 1.10 assault an offence

Adnūto, as. act. 1. to nod 10 ddrädo, děre, åsi, åsum. . Admissära, æ. f. 1. coition, Adnutrio, Yre. act. 4. to 3. tu shave the time, or act of engen. nourish, rear

Ad asus, a, um. pt. of adradering

Adulčo, ēre, lui & lēvi, dul. Adrēpo, père, psi, ptum. act. Admissus, a, um. pt. of ad. tum. act. f neut. 2. to 3. to creep to, or into, to mitto burn, cunsume, perfume,

insinuate Admissus, us. m. 4. admis.

grow up, increase

Adscisco, see Ascisco Adolēscens, tis. c. g. 3. aj Artsytus, a, of adsero Admistyo, nel Admixtio,

young man, or woman ddsum, es, fui, esse, futūönis. f. 3, a miting, adolescentYa, æ. f. l. youth rus, n. to be present, ut mirture

Adolescentior, äri. dep. I. hund, come, assist, defend, Admistus, vel Admixtus, a, to stolic

be added, or joined, fue of admisceo. Adolescentŭla, æ. f. 1. a vnut, atiend, be ready, mised, or mingled with mere girl

stay, take courage Admitto, tère, misi, mis- Adolescentůlus, i. m. 2. AdvectYo, Duis, f. 3. a carsum. act. 3. to admit, put, siripling

Tying to (foreig? spur on, "pply, commit, Adolescenturyo, Tre, n. tu Advecticus, a, um. adj. ingraft play the boy

Advēcto, as. act. I, to curry Admoděror, äri. dep. 20 Adolēsco, ère, lui & ēvi. n. often to guvern, rule 3. to grow up, increuse, Advēctus, os. m.

4. see Admodēstus, a, um. adj. burn, or blaze

Advectio very modest

Adoperto, ire, ui, tum. act. Advēctus, a, um. pt. Admodulor, åri.dep.toring, to cover all over

Advěbo, ère, exi, ectum. Adopērte, adv, secretly act. 3. to curry, bring, Admodum, adv. very, very Adopērtus, a, um. pl. "Advēlo," as. act. 1. to veil,

much, yes, truly, as yet, for some time

Adopinor, see Opinor Advěna, æ, c. g. a stranger, Admoor, iri. hrapup AdoptatYo, onis. f. 3. adop e foreigner Admoněo, ēre, nui, mitum.


Adveněror, äri, dep. 1. to act. 2. to admonish, ad. Adoptatitas, i. m. 2. one worship, to nduwe vise, wun, inform, remind adopted

Advenyo, ire, vēni, vēntum. Admonitin, onis. f. admo- Adoptātor, Oris. m. 3. an n. 4. to come, to arrive, mirinn, advice adopter

happen Admonitor, oris, f. 3. a mo- ! Adopiro, Onis. f. 3. adop- Adventitrus, a, um. adj. mitor tion, grafting

adventitious, extraordi Admony am, 1. . 2. & Ad. Adoplīvus, &, um. adj. adop naty, foreign monitus, us. m. 4. admo. tive

Advēnto, as. n. 1. to apnition, advice, counsel Adopto, as. act. 1. to adopt, proach, to come Admorděo, ere, di, rsum. (ssume, take, name, put, Adventor, oris. m. 3.. guest Act. 2. to bite hard


Adventoryus, a,

ui, wilj. Adursus, a, um. pt. of Adur, oris f öris. 2. 3. fine grufulatory ad mordco


Adventus, us. m. 4. & com

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