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ComparabYlis,e.adj.compar. CompendYum, I. n. 2. an filch, steal able

abridgment, abstract, Compīngo (con, pango. Comparāte, adv. in COM gain, profit, interest gěre, pēgi, pactum. act. 3, parison

Compensatio, ouis. f. 3. a to juin, or jasten togeComparatio, onis. f. 3. a compensation, Tecum thei, make, or form,

comparison, preparation, pense, satisfaction, requi frume, or fashion, ihrust propurtion, order, ap tal, counterbalancing pointment

Compenso, are. act. 1. to Compitāles, dr, a sort of Comparative, adv.compara recompense, or make e deities who were looked tively

mends, requite, reward, upon as the guardians of Comparatīvus, a, um, adj. equal, abridge, or shor. citirs and highways comparative, relative, uf


CompitalYa sācra, jeasts in comparison (parisun Comperendino, äre. act. 1. which they offered sacrifi Comparātus, us. m. 4 com to delay, defer from day ces to those deities Compārco, cěre, rsi, rsum. to day, put it, or adjourn Compitaiya, ium. pl. n. 3.

n. 3. to spure, or husbud till three days hence Jeasts in honour of the well

Comperlo (con, pario), īre, Tural gods Comparéo, ére, rui, rytum.. ri, rtum. act. 4. to find Compitālis, e. adj. of, or

n. 2. to appear, to be ex ont, discover, understand, belonging to the crosstant, to be seen (even

know fur certain, get ways Comparylis, e. adj. like, good intelligence, be in. Compy , i, n. a cross-way, Compăro, äre. act. 1. Jormed

or street, place where se compare, prepure, pur compertor, iri, rtus sumn. reral roays in eet chase, provide, provide dep. 4. to know assuredly, Complaceo, ēre, cui, & cifor, prucure, acquire, to be sure of

tus sum, citum. neat. 2. Taise, re tuit, order, ap. Compēruis, 18. c. g. 3. one to please, or be well liked point, confer, agree, at knock-kreed

Complãco, are. act. 1. to te:npi, hire, juin, dress, Compērtus, a, um, pt. of gain favour, make cu u16 ador 14


[dis to, appease Compasco, cěre, pāvi. act. Compes, ēdis. 9. Compe- Complanatio, onis. f. 3. a

3. io jeed together in the Compēsco (con, pasco, levelling same pasture

cere, cui. act. 3. to re: Complanātor, oris. m. 3. he Compastus, a, um, adj. fed strain, stop, or check, that makes plain, level,

together Ver together curb, or bridle, hold, or or smooth Compa Yor, i, dep. 3. to suf. keep in, ease, or assuage, Complāno (cou, plānus), Compēdis, f. geu. $ de, abi. quench, suppress, tease, äre, act. 1. to make plain, Compēdes, fetter, stocks, forbear,

leave off

level, or even, smuoth, urnaments that women prune, pasture together finish, conclude

wure about their fret Competens, tis. adj. compe- Complaūdo, děre, ausi, au. Compedyo, ire, ivi, itum. tent, sufficient

sum. a. & n. 3. to clap act. 4. tu shackle, or fet. Competenter, adv. compe hands, lo applaud ter, tu bind

tently, duly

Complēctor, ti. exus sum. Compellatio, onis. f. 3. an Competentia, a. f. 1. a com dep. 3. to embrace, hug,

address by name, a chid. peiency, fitness, propor grupple, take hold up, ing, a reproof tion

comprise, contain, cumCompello (con, appello), Competitio, onis. f. 3. a prchend, compass, con

āre. act. 1. to call by competition, rivalship, ceive, describe, set; pass. name, speak to, address, canvnssing, or suing for to be comprehended accusi, sulute, chide, cali one thing

Complementum, i. n. 2.4 before a magistrate, to Competitor, Oris. m. 3. a complement, completion, summon competitor [she rival

fithng up Compēllo, lère, půli, pūl. Competitrix, icis. f. 3. u Complèo, ére, ēvi, ētum.

sum. uct. 3. to compel, Cumpěto, těre, tivi, titum. act. 2. to complete, finish, Jurce, or construin, drive, act. & neut. 3. to agree, perfect, fill, fill up, re

or bring together, thrusi suit, be proper, join, ask, cruit,supply the place of, Compendiario, adv. CO or sue for the sume thing, supply, julfil, make good pendiously

be a rival, be sound, or Complétus, a, um, pt. of Compendiaryus, a, um. adj. well

compleo compendious, briej, shuri, Compilatio, onis. f. 3. pil. Complexyo, onis. f. 3. abridged

lag, piunder, robbing, comprehension, or Compendifacio, cěre, feci, heuping up

prisal, a cumpass, period, factum. act. 3. tu abridge, Compilātor, oris. m. 3. a or full sentence, conrine shurten, profil, suve

rubver, plunderer, extor. sion, dilemma; & gram Compendiūsus, a, um. adj.


matical figure, when INO compendious, brief, guin- Compilo, áre. act. 1. to rob, syllables are contracted jul, profitable

pilluge, plunder, strip, into one



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Complexivas, a, um, adj. composer, he who sets, or, Comprobo, are. a. ap

conjunctive, uniting puts things together, a prove, allow, commend, Complexus, a, um. pt. of maker, a compositor make good, verify complector

Compositūra, e. f. 1. a join. Compromīsaum, i. n. 2. a Complexus, us. m. 4. an em. ing, or putting together, compromise, a bond, or brace, affection, or love, a setting in order

engagement comprehension, or enu. Compotatio, onis. f. 3. Compromitto, těre, isi, ismeration, compass

tog ther,

sum. act. 3. to put to arbia Complyco, căre, cui, & cāvi, drinking intch, a club tration, consent to a refe

citum, & cātum. act. 1. to Compāto, äre. n. 1. to drink rence, stiind an award fold up, wrap up, wrup together

Comptè, iùs. adv. neatly, together Compātor, oris. m. 3. a pot elegantly

[ing Complodo, [con, plaudo), cumpinion (ing gossip Comptūra, æ. f. 1. an adorn.

děre, osi, osum. act. 3. to Compõtrix, icis,f. 3. a drink-Comptus, vel Cointus, a. clip together

Compānsor, oris. m. 3. he um. pt. of como Comploratyo, Onis. f. 3. a that dines with another Complus, us. m, a decking, lamentation

Comprecatio, onis. f. 3. a dress, attire Comploratus, us. m. 4. a supplication, a solemn Compūgno, åre. act. 1. to

lamentation [wail praying to beseech fight together, quurtel, Comploro, äre. act. 1. io be. Comprecor, atus sum. d. 1. sCold Complosus, a, um. pt. of Comprehēndo, děre, di, Compulso, äre. freq. 1. to complódo

nsum. &. 3. to compre. strike against, contend Complūres, 3. c. a, ia. n. hend, understnnd, appre.


[driver many, several, a great hend, or seize, take, or Compūlsor, oris, m. 3. 1 many

[times catch, take, or lay hold of, Compulsus, a, um. pt. of Complures, adv. several find out, or discover, con. compello Compluscüli, orum. adj. tain, or comprise, express, Compunctio, onis. f. 3. comnery many

join, embrace, conceive punction, distress, prick. Compluviātus, a, um, adj. take root (shortly

ing pain, stitch fashioned, or made like a Comprehense, adv. briefly, Compūnctus, a, um. pt. of gutter

Comprehensibilis, e. adj. Compūngo,gěre,nxi, nctum. Compluvium, i. n. 2. a pent comprehensible, that may act. 3. to prick, sting, vex, honse, a gutter, a roof, be understood

or torment, offend, antzle the eaves

Comprehensyo, önis. f. 3. a Compūrgo, are. a. l. iu clear, CompluvYus, a, um, adj. ex. comprehension, under.

to purify posed to rain, rainy standing, apprehension, Computabýlis, e. adj. that Compono, něre, Osui, osy seizure, or attest, coin

pr188 may be counted, or numtum. act. 3. to coin pose, Comprehênsus, a, um. pt. bered join, set in order, adjust, of comprehendo

Computatyo, Onis. f. 3. a dispose, confront, .com Compresse, adv. us, comp. computation, an account, pare, settle, reconcile, fi briefly, concisely, .com. or reckoning nish, close, or shut up, pactly, closely

Computator, oris. m. 3. a make, or form, build, - Compressio, onis. f. 3. com computer dorn, attack, bury

pression, squeezing toge-Computo, äre, a. 1. to comComportatYo, onis f. 3. a Ther, close mbrace, brief pute, count, or reckon, carrying, or fetching, a comprehension

cast up, think, or deen, carringe

Compressiuncůla, æ. f. a show, or puint out, prune, Comporto, ire. act. 1. to

gentle squeezing, a crush or lop carty, convey ing gently

Computresco, cěre, rui. inCompos, otis. c. 5, etiam n. Compressor, öris. m. 3. a cep. 3. to putrefy, or grow g. that hath obtained his devourer, a Tavisher

Totien desire, a purtaker, one in Comprēssus, a, um. pt. of Comus, i. m. the god of his right senses

com prymo

festivals and merriment composite, udv. in order, Comprēssu, abl. m. 4. by Con, in composition, usually

urderly, handsomely, ele pressing close, embracing, stands for cum, with, or gantly de flowering

together Compositio, onis. f. 3. a Comprimo (con, premo), Conámen, Ynis. n. 3. an at

composition, or mingling, mère, ressi, ressum. act. tempt, an effort, an essay composing, disposal, a. 3. to press together, close. Conamentum, i. 0. 2. that greement, matching, or keep close, hold in, re which hripeth, a lever pairing

strain, suppress, repress, Conatyo, onis. f. 3. an at. Composito, adv. & de vel ex stop, make costive, rar tempt composto, on purpose, ish, or de flower

Conātum, i. n. 2. an attempt on set purpose, by designi, Comprobatio, önis. f. 3. ap. Conātus, us. m. 4. un at. by port

pribution (approver tempt, an effort C'un portior, öris. m. 3. a' Comprobātor, oris, m. 3 an Concædes, ium. pl. f. 3. Top


pings of trees, shreds, ceiring, a thing conceived, call together barricadoes

a conceit, notion, ident Conciliabulum, i, n. 2. 4 Concalefacio, çère, act. 3. Concērpo (con, carpo), conrenticle, junto, to warm, to chride

pěre, psi, ptum. act. 3. 1o Inuyul 185einbly, riot Concalefactyo, onis. f. 8.a pull in pieces, tend, tear, Conciliatyo, ōnis, f. 3. a re. worming destroy

concilinciun, agreement, Coucalefactoryas.a, um.adj. Concērptus, a, um, pt. of procurement that maketh warm, heui. concerpo

Conciliālor, oris, m. 3. a ing, hot

Concertatio. õnis. f. 3. con. reconciler, maker up, pru. Concalefio,fieri, factus sum, tention, dispute, jarring,

neut. pass. 4. to be heated, difference, opposition Conciliatricŭla, æ. f. l. a grow hot

Concertativus, a, um, adj. little procuress, a go-beConcalēsco, et Concalen, con!entious (rivil /ween

lui. neut, to be hut, to bc Concertātur, oris, m. 3. a Conciliā'rix, icis. f. 3. she

made witin, or vesed ConcertatorYus, a, um. adj. that procures in 4 goud Concallèo, ere. 11. 2. to grow belonging to pleuding, sense, a reconcilet, a brawny, or hurd, to be controversial

brud, a matchmaker well retsed, inured, or Concerto, äre. neut. 1. to Conciliātu, abl. m. 4. by practised

strive together, cuntend, composision [conciling Concameratyo, önis. f. 3. an qunel.debate

Conciliatūra, æ. I. l.a re. arch, 4 ceiling, an urbuur, CuncessatYo, onis, f. 3. a Cuncillo, āre. act. 1. tu rre an arched walk

learing off, loitering, concile, bring, or win Concamero, āre. act. 1. to stopping by the way

over, unite, bring about, arch, to ceil, vault over Concessio, õnis. f. 3. con engupe, gain, obtain, Conc: ndeo, ēre. I. to be cession, grant [rease

procure, purchase, recomWUTin, or hot

Concēsso, arc, neut. 1. to mnend, cause, or occasion Concastigo, áre. act. 1. to Concēssu, abl. m. 4. by pet. ConcilYum, i. 1. 2. a coun. chruxtise inissiun

cil, 1135enbly, company, Concavo, are. act. 1. to make Concessum, i. n. 2. a giant place of meeting, consis.

hollow, buw, bend, wind Coucēxsus, a, um, pt. of tory, agreement (mony Concăvus, a, um, adj. con concedo

Concinentya, æ. f. 1. hare care, hollow

Coucha, æ. f. 1. a shell-fish, Conciunatio, ouis. f. 3.4 Concēdo, děre, ēssi, essum. shell, hollow vessel, wine. fitting

act. 3. to yield, submit, pit, &c., a large box, a Concinuator, Oris. m. 3. give pluce, or wny, resign, trumpet, a ineasure of dresser, a trimmer, a Jot. go ther, or way, depart, two spoonfuls, a ladle, ger withdraw, come, grunt, or seed

Coucinnatoryus, a, um, adj. allow, consent, pardun, Conchātus, a, um. adj. pertrining to dressing, &c. descend, abate

made like the shell of a Conciane, adv. neutly, preto Concelebro, áre. act. 1. to fish, hollow, wide

tily celebrate, solennize Conchis, is, f. 3. a benn un. Concinnitas, atis. f. neat. Concēlo, äre. a, 1. to con shelled, a beun boiled in ness, compartness, qunint. cenil, to hide

the shell

(shell ness, a jingling of words Concentro, onis. f. 3. a con. Conchúla, æ. f. 1. a little Concinnter, adv. prettiny, cert, melody Conchyliātus, a, um. adj. of

nently Concenturio, are. act. and riolet colour

Conciunitūdo, Yuis. f. 3. neut. I. to take votes in ConchylYum, i. n. 2. vel neutress, elegance, pulitethe centuries, to call over, Couchyie,' is. 3. a shell. assemble, collect

fish, i purple, or miulet Coucīnno, äre. act. 1. to Concentus, us. m. 4. & con. colour, a garment of that make neat, fine, or fit, cert of music, consent, colour

snake ready, prepure, mir, agreement, concord, the Conchyta, æ. m. a catcher dress, or curry, render, chirping, or melody of of shell-fish

make, cinse, or excite birds

(cepincle Concido (con, cædo), děre, Conciuius, a, um. adj. ior, Conceptaculum, i n. 2. « re Idi isom. art. 3. tu cut in comp. neat, fine, trini, Conceptro, onis. f. 3. con pieces, cut off, cut, chup, compact, elegant, polite,

ception, the wording, writ. hack, maim, or mingle, cuinely, becoming, pleu. ing, or druwing up of bent, or lush, kill, or fiy, saint, agreeable bills, &c.

destroy, tuin, overset Concino, bière, uui,centum. Conceptivæ feriæ, inoveable ConcYdo (con, cado), dère, act. 3. tu sing, or play in

[ception Ydi, neul. 3. to fall down, concert, sing, play, or Concēptum, I. n. 2. a con fail, fall into decay, go sound, mourn, celebrate, Concēptus, a, um, pt. of to ruin, fail, faini, die, agree, consent, or accord, concipio be slain, or killed

furetell, or prophesy Concēpius, us. m. 4. a con. Concičo, ère, Ivi, Ylum. act. Concio, ire, ivi, Itum. aet.

ception, the act w con. 2. to move, or stir NP, 4. to call together, SUM.



mon, stir up

conclude, end, finish, skut, , Concrescentia, æ. f. 1. an Concio, onis. f. 3. an as or lock up, inclose, en increase

sembly, or congregation, cumpass, confine, rii cum- Concrēsco, eěre, rēvi, re. orntion, or public dis Beribe, contain, or com tum, reut. 3. to grow tocourse, speech, sermon, prise, gather, or infer, gether, congeni, be fropulpit

stop [nious periods zen, clot, rurdle, thicken Concionaryus, a, um, adj.

Concluse, adv. in harmo-Concretyo, ouis. f. 3. a cun. that is often in, or coin Conclusyo, onis, f. 3. a con. cretion, growing gegeeth 10, 1188rmblies

clusion, end, shutting up, ther, growing hurd, or Concionator, Oris. m. 3. a siege, inference, reason, thick, corigealing prencher


Concrētum, i, n. 2. a con. Concionatoryus, a, um, adj Conclusiuncůla, æ. f. 1. a crete, i substance, or 30

belonging to preaching sophism, a sily injerence lid thing, a miss, the Conciönor, äri. dep. 1.° to Conclusūra, æ. 1. 1. an ex. quality considered with make public orations, tremity (concludo

its subjects; as, nigrum, prench Conclusus, a, um. pt. oj

a bluck thing Concipiln, äre. act. 1. to Concoctyo,õnis.f.concoction, Concrētus, a, um. pt. of seize upon, tear

digestion (concoquo concresco [ing together Concipyo, père, cēpi, cop Concoctus, a, um. pl. of

Concrētus, us. m. agrowtum, act. 3. to conceire, Conranatio, onis. f. 3. a ConcrimYuor, &tus sum dep. breed, devise, plot, or banqueting together, a 1. to accuse, tax, blame, contrive, form, beget, supping together

tail at comprehend entertain, Coneðlor, oris. adj. of the Concrucro. are. act. 1. to resolve Srime colons

torinent Concise, adv. concisely, Concomitatus, a, um. adj. Concrustātus, a, um. adj. in pieres (for culting arcompanied

ct usted not (cubine Conciseryus, a, um, adj. Concopúlo, åre. act. 1. to Concubina, æ. f. l. a cone Concisūra, ke. t. 1. a chop comple, or juin

Concubinātus, sus.

m. 4. ping

[concido Concoquo, ère, oxi, octum concubinage Concisus, a,

pt. of

act. 3. to buil, or seethe, Concubitus, us. m. 4. Concitamentum, i. n. 2. an courort, digest, endure, lyinp with, un embrace incentive

suffer, nbide

Concubium, i. n, the still Concitāte, adv. hastily, hot Concordanta, æ. f. l. agree.

and arad time of the night Concitatin, ünis. f. 3. astir. ment, concordance Concubus, a, um, adj. in ring up, motion, passion, Concordia, æ. f. 1. concord, bed and asterp.

(stirrer up agreement, union, har Conculcatyo, onis. f. 3. Corc tàior, oris. m. 3.

mony, peace

trampling, or puwing Cor.citātrix, icis. f. 3.she, Concorditer, adv. issimè, with the suot

or it that moves, pro. sup.harmoniously,ununi. Conculco (con, calco), åre. vokes, or stirs up

monsly, with one consent act. 1. tu tread, or tran Concito, äre, act. 1. to stir Concordo, áre. neut. 1. to ple under foot, lay wuste,

up, Tuuso, excire, push on, agree, be in tune, hold tuin, destroy or futward, chuse, or pur together

Concūmbo, běre, ŭbui, uby. disturb, provoke, Concorporo, are. act. 1. to tum. n. 3. to lie together, cuuse, or occasion

mis together, incorpo to lie with Concitor, Oris. m. 3. a stir. rate, unite

Concupto, ère, ivi, Itum. Tet up, a causer (cieo Concors, dis, adj. ior, comp. act. 3. to lung, 10 Inst Concitus, a, um. pt. of con issimus, sup. of one mind, Jor, ruwet, desire Concilus,a, of concio unanimous, praceable, concupiscentya, æ. f. 1. a Conejouetla, æ. f. 1. a quiet, equal, like, of the covering, cuncupiscence,

short orution, or speech, silmne sort,consistent,iune lust small assembly

able, harmonious

Concupisco, ĕre, Ivi, itum, Conclamatio, onis. f. 3. 2 Concrebrēsco, ére, ui, n. 3. act. 3. to covet, or desire, shont, a noise (ory aloud to increase

lust after, aim at (cupisco Concnlu Yto, äre. Freq. 1. to Concrēdo, děre, dydi, ditum.Concupītus, a, um.pi.oj couConclā:no. are. art. 1. to act. 3 to intrust, cumnsit Concūro, äre. act. to take cry together, cry, or bawl upon trust, trust with,

care of out, ery, or call upon, hazard, or renture Concůrro, rĕre, ri, reum. shout, prucluim

Cuncrementum, i. n. 2. a neut. 3. to run with, or Conclavatus, a, um. adj. collection

together, flow, or Hock locked up

Concrěmo, åre, act. to burn, together, run at, or a. Conclāve, is. n. an in SCt on fire

gainst, fall foul on one chamber, private Concrèpo, pāre, pui, py. another, give a shock, or room, dining-roon

lum R. n. 1. to make a charge, grapple, engage, Conciado, con, claudoj, noise, rattle, ring, map, meet, or join together dere, iisi, ūsum, Act. 3. 1o creuk, cry softly

ugree, or unite, be


or alike

Condépso, sēre, sul, sytum. and kept for use Concursatyo, Onis. f. 3. a Art. 3. to mingle, or knead Conditor, oris. m. 3. a na. Tunning of people tue together

ker, builder, founder, gether, an euruest con Condico, cēre, ixi, ictum. the first inventor, or be. tention, a medley, or con act. 3. to appoint, or or ginner, compiler, or wri. fusion, a riot der, agree upon, declare,

(dress Coucursátor, oris. m. 3. a promise, undertake, ene CondYtrix, icis. f. 3. a Juan. Tunner to and fro, a skir gage, claim, demand

Conditūra, æ. f. 1. since, misher

Condiciro, õnis. f. 3. ak ap pickle [ing, framing ConcursYo, onis. f. 3. a run

pointinz, a declaring Conditūra, æ. f. l. build. ning, or meeting together, Coudictitus, a, um. Conditus, a, um, pt. of cona concurrence, concourse, longing to a demand, or do

(dyo combination


Conditus, a, um. pt. of conConcurso, are. freq. 1. to Condictum, i. n. 2. an agree. Coudītus, us. m, 4. sea

tun hither and thither, ment, 1 bargain (condico soning, a preserving, to run, or gad abort Condictus, a, um. pt. of

pickling Concūrsus, us. m. 4. a con. Condigne, adr. wurthily, Condytus, us. m. 4. an ereccourse, crowd, resort, en. suitably

tion, building counter, engagement, Condignus, a, um, adj. wor. Condo, děre, didi, ditum. Concurrence

thy, becoining, suitable, act 3. to lay up, hurd, Concussio, onis, f.3. a shak. like, deserved

stow, hide, or conceal, ing, shock, jumbling, Condimentaryus, a, um, adj. keep close, put up, or ine combination against the belonging to suce, or to, close, sheathe, bury, innocent pickle

found, make, build, reConcūssu, abl. m. 4. by Condimēntum, i. n. 2. sauce, build, compose, or writ:, shaking seasoning

institute, or ordain, get, Concūssus a, um. pt. of Condro, ire, ivi, itam. 2.4.

or obtain Concutro con, quatio), to season meat, to corn, Condocefacio (con, doceo,

těre, cussi, cussum. act. pickle, preserve, embalm, facio), căre, fēci, factum. 3. to shnke, nove, brand. sweeten, relish

act. 3. to teach, instruct, ish, tremble, jog, terrify, Condiscipúla, æ. f. 1. a fe. arqunint, inform trouble, alutin, disquiet, male school.fellow, or Condocèo, Tre, ui, ctum. a. disturb

school acquaintance 2. to teach [condoceo Condalyum, i. n. 2. a thim- Condiscipulátus, us. m. 4. Condoctus, a, um yt. of

ble, a ring [ingly fellowship at school Condolẽo, ủi, ere. nent. 5. Condecênter, 'adv. becom. Condiscipůlus, i. m. 2. a to condole, or sympathize Condeceniya, æ. f. 1. becom. school jellow, a fellow-stu with, grieve, ache ingness, fitness, decency dent

(3. to learn Condolesco, cere. incept. Condecore, adv. very grace- Condisco, cěre, didici. act. Deut. 3. 19 grieve, mourn, Jully, finely

Conditanus, a, um. adj. smart (eiving away Condecoro, are. a. 1. to deck, thut may be seasoned, or Condonatio, onis. 1. 3. a

grace, adorn, embellish, kept and l«id up (soning Concūno, áre. act. 1. to honour

Condityo, onis, f. 3. gra give willingly and freely, Condeliquēsco, ère. n. to Conditio, onis. 1.3. a cundi. bestow, grunt, pardon, or

melt together, dissolve tion, state, disposition, si. forgive, omit, or pass by Condemna:Yn, õnis. f. 3. tuation, ily, manner, Condormío, ire, ivi, itum. condemnation

or course, onder, rank, or neut. 4. to sleep together, Condenınātor, oris, m. 3. degree, term, or offer, to full asleep

an accuser, one who cau burgain, or agreement, Condormisco, cere. incept. ses another to be con treaty, matrh, union, 3. to fall asleep (ently drmned

choice, liberty, pririlege, Conducēnter, adv. couveni. Condēmno (con, damno), laying, cr hourding up, Conducibilis, e. adj. ior, are. act. 1. to condemn, invitation

comp. conducible, expedi. duoin, devote, accuse, con. Conditionālis, e. adj. condi ent, available rict


Condaco, cère, uxi, uctum. Condensatyo, Onis. f. 3. Conditiorum, i. n. 2. a act. 3. to conduct, lead, thickening [condense

place to Iny up, or hide or bring along with, as. Condenséo, ēre. art. 2. :o things in, a sepulchre, a semble, hire, urdertake, Condeusiths, ātis. 1.3. thick. coffin, an arsenal, an ar do, contact, engage


ConductYo, ovis. f. 3. hir. Condenso, are. act. 1. to Conditiilus, a, um, adj. spa ing, renting, or taking

condense, thicken, flock soned, porodered, kept, or by leue, taking to do at together, beat close

a price, collection, infer. Condensus, a, vm. adj

Conditivum, i. n. 2. agrade, ence, deduction, cutol. dense, thick, close, or Conditivus, a, um, adj. th it aged together

is, or may be preserved,Conductitrus, a, um. adj.


laid up

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