Abbildungen der Seite

Censualis, e. adj. rateable judges, or commissioners cherry, or red colour
Censura, æ. f. 1. censure, chosen

to hent certain Cerasyum, i. m. 2. a cherry reproof, judgment, seve civil causes among the Cerāstes, æ. in.l. a serpent Tiiy, punishment, the cene people, out of every tribe with four pair of hurns, sorship, or office of censor, three

like a tam, dert, &c. authurity, pattern, or ex: Centunrúlus, i. m. 2 a Cerăsum, i. 1. & Cerasus, ample, irial, or proof patched corerlet, a horse. i. m. 2. , cherry Census, a, of censeo

dred-fold Cerăsus, i. f. 2. cherry-tree Ceasus, us. m. 4. the valua- Centuplex, Yeis. adj. a huu. Cerato us, a, um. adj. so.

tion of erpryman's estate; Centupl:, alò, ads. a hun phistical, intricate, dark, the registering of a man, dred time double

pernitted for shell his yeurs, tribe, Inmily, Centupondium, i. n. 2. aceratyum, i, n. 2. å husk, profession, witr, children, hundord weight, « great Ce:ātum, i. 0.2. cetecloch, and servants; a cessing, wright

a plusler valuing, or mustering of Centurya, æ. f. 1. a century, Ceratūra, æ. f. l. a varing the people

a company of a hundred Cerau: ya, æ f. l. g Cerai. Centaurea, æ.f.Centaurēon,

nYux, i. m. 2. the thunder and Centauream, i. n. Centuriätim, adv. by hun. stone, a pulse century

ureds, company by com Cerberus, a, um. adj. in. Centenarius, a, um. adj. of pany

(tninship fround, hurrid a hundred

(dred Centuriālus, ús. m. 4. n cnp. Cerberus, i, m. a dog with Centēnus, a, um. adj. ahun-Centuryo, Onis. m. 3. a cen. three hunds, and as many CentesYmo, as. act. 1. to turion, a captain over a necks, which, it is inbled, punish by lot, or take one hundred jootmen

was the keeper of Pluto's out of a hundred

Centuryo, as. act. 1. to di. palnce in hell (monkey CentesYmus. a, um. adj. the vide into companies, 10Ccrropithecus, i. m. 2. a

hundredth, hundrrd.fuld divide fields into two hun. Cērdo, onis, m. 3. a cobbler, Centiceps. cipitis, adj, hun.

dred actes

a currier, a tunnet, a dred-headed

Centurionätus, os. m. 4. u smith Centres, adv. a hundred rapinin's place

Cereális, e. adj. perinining times, indefinitely, over Ceniūssis, is. m. 3. a Ro to Cercs, or corn,and food, and one

man money containing that wherruf breadis made Centifolia, æ. f. 1. a kind of forty sesterces,ten deniers; Cerebēllun, 1. n. 2. the hind.

Tose with many leaves that is, six shillings and et part of the head, brains Centimănus, a, um. adj. threepence in our money Cerebrosus, ", um. adj. pas

hundred handed (87988 Cēpa, æ. f. & Cēpe, 19. n. an sionate, hasty, crazy, wild, Centinadya, æ. f. 1. knot Onion

(pursinin mad Centipėda, æ. f. 1. a worm Cepæn, æ. f. 1. broukline, Cerebrum. i. n. 2. (cerēbro,

with many feet, a cater. Cepētum, i. u. 2. an onion Virg.) the brain, ihr hend, pillar


Inch the spinnl martı.w, pith CentipellYo, onis, m. 3. the Cephalæa, æ. f.1. the head. Cere. Onya, æ. f. vide Cære.

umbles of deer, the Cephalicus, a, um, adj. ce. mota paunch of a sing

phalir, of the head Ceres, eris. f. 3. the goddess cento, onis. m. 3. patched Cephalus, i, m. 2.. fish of corn, bread, food mude

clothes, 1 coverlet, a shroud Inring a great hend of corn to keep off stours, a thap- Cepinn, æ. f. 1. a bed of Cerevisya, 2. f. 1. ule, beer sody, an idle story


Cereus, a, um. adj. of wit, Centrālis, e. adj. central, Cepphicus, a, um, adj. very tearen, like wax, sofi, midst

(gnats lient, very trifling, insig casy, pliant Centrines, um. pl. m. 3. rificant (light bird Cereus, i. m. 3. a ws-light Centrosus, a, um. adj. full Cēpphus, i, m. 2. very Cerisico (cein, facio), as, of knots

Cera, æ. f. l. war, u table åre, neut. 1. to make war, centrum, i, n. 2. a centre, book, &c. covered with as hres do

The middle point, a knot, wns, a wnsen image, or Cerintha, æ. & Cerinthe, es. a kard part

bust, a cerecloth, a cell in f. 1. a honey-suchle, a Centum, adj. indecl. pl. a a huneycomb, a page, or

woodbine war-colour hundred, many

side of a lenj, a will, or Cerimus, a, um. adj. of a Centumcapita, æ. f. a this. testament, envoel Ceryon, i.n.2. av ulcer with tle, sea-holly

Ceraria, æ. f. a female wgx. vrllow mutter in it Centumgemynus, a, um. chandler

Ceritas, , um, adj. mad, adj. hundred-handed, a Ceraryum, i. n. 2. Wnx-mo distracted hundred

ney, the fee for a seal in Cerno, nère, créni vel ridi, Centumviralis, e. adj. per wox, seal-money

crētum vel visum. Act. 3. taining to the centumviri, Cerarjus, i. m. 2. & wax to see, perceive, discerr or hundred judges chandler

distinguish, foresee, Centumviri, orum. pl. m. ..'Cerasinus, a, um, adj. of a sage, judge, know

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derstand, separate, or di. fest, notorionts

Câyx, ycis. m. 3. a king. vide, siji, resolve, or de Cerva, æ. f. 1. a hind, a deer fisher

(vil termine, decree, fight, or Cervaryus, a, um, adj. be-Chærephyllum, i. n.2. cherengage, enter upon tonging to a stag Chalcãnthon, i. n. 2. cop, Cernŭo, as. act. 1. to stoop Ceruchus, i. m. 2. a rope tu peras

(herb with the face forward, manage the end of a sail. Chalceos, i. f. 2. a prickly tumble and show tricks, yard, a brace

Chacěus, a, um, adj. of thrur one upon his face Cervical, alis. n. 3. a pillow, brass, briizen Cernius, a, um, adj. hang: or bolster, 4 nighicap, « Chalcogrăphus, i. m. 2. an ing down the head, with crannt for the neck

engraver on brass, a copthe face down

Cervicŭla, æ, f. 2. dim. a per-plate printer Cernúas, i. m. 2. & rope little neck

Chalo, as. act. 1. to slacken dancer (wax over Cerviuus, a, um. adj. of, or sail

(steel Cēro, as. act. 1. to cere, or belonging to a stag, or Chalybeyus, a, um, adj. of Ceroma, &tis. n. 3. an oint hart, tawny

Chalybs, ybis. m, 3. a kind ment of oil tempered with Cervisya, æ. f. 1. ale, beer of the hardest iron, steel,

Cervix, icis, f. 3. the neck, a sword, or other instru. Ceromatycus, a, um. adj. the shoulders

(wat ment made of steel anointed with ceruina Cerüla, æ. f. 1. dim. a little Chamæléon, ontis vel õnis. Cerõsus, a, um. adj. mixed Cerussa, æ. f. 1. white lead, m. 3. a chameleon, a kind with w18 paint

of lizard, that can turn Cerrčus, a, um, adj. of, or Cérussātus, a, um. adj. itself into all colours but

belonging to a inast, or printed, or daubed with white and red; a thistle holin-tree

Chamæmēlum, i, n. 2. camo. Ce rynus, a, um. adj. made Cervus, i, m. 2. A hart, or mile

(ruff of hoin tree

stag, 4 forked stake, or chānne, es. f. 1. a perch, a Cerritus, a, um, adj. mad, palisado

Chãos, n, dat. & abl. chan, frantic, out of his wits Cēspes, Ytis. m. 3. turf, a disordered, or confused Cerrus, i. m. 2. a holm-tree 8178

neap of things Certamen, Ynis. n. 3. a con. Cespitātor, oris. m. 3. a Chăra, e. f. i. a kind of

test, controversy, dispute, strembling horse, a stem Toot eaten instead of bread trial of skill, buttle, bus


[ble Characātus, a, um. adj. tle, or noise, hazırd, or Cespito, åre. act. 1. to stim staked, or propped up with dinger, game, or erercise, Cessaryo, onis. f. 3. cessa. stakes an enger pursuit, a thing tion, 1 sitting still, doing Character, ēris. m. 3. a cha. striven for

(gerly nothing, loitering, idle. racter, mark, senl, brandCertātim, adv. earnestly, en 51788, slackness, a lying ing iron, a style, or man. Certatio, onis, f. 3. a strin.

her of writing, or speak. ing, or struggling, an Cessator, oris. m. 3. a loi. ing, description, a charm, emulntion, exercise

terer, an idler, it ituant an hicroglyphic Certātor, oris, m. 3. one Cēssiin, adv, slowly, by de- charistia, örum. pl. n. 2. a thout contends

grees (yieiding up feast of reconciliation, Certātus, us. m. 4. a wrest Cessyo, önis. f. a giring, or &c., among kinsfolks ling

Cřsso, as. neut. 1. to cease, Charytas, atis. f. 3. charity; Cērte,adv. iùs, comp. issYmè, leave oft, delay, loiter, sre Caritas

sup.certainly, for certain, stay,lie still, have nothing Charta, æ. f. 1. paper, any surely, suve enough, itur, to do, to be deficient, or material to write rpon, & right, yes, assuredly, with. norinting

sheet, lenf, or side of pa. ont fail, safely, at least Cēssus, as. m. 4. a yielding pet, a writing, letter, or Ceriyor, us, adj. comp. more Cetaria, n. 2. great 'spistle, a book, card, char. certain ponds near the sea-side

(of paper Certo, adv, certainly, sure. Cetaryus, a, um, adj. of, or Chartaceus, a, um. adj made ly, assuredly

belonging to whales ChartarTus, a, um, adj. of Certo, as. Art. 1. to strire, Cetarius,i m. 2. a fishmonger paprt

[of paper contend, or contest, nie cēte, n. pl. indecl, whales Chartěus, a, um. adj. made with, fight, quarrel, op. Cetra, æ. f. 1. a short square Chartŭla, æ. f. 1. a cartel, a pose. be earnest, plot


litle roll

keeper Certus, a, um, adj. ior, comp. Cetrātus, a, um. adj. that chartularfus, i, m.2. a book

issimus, sup.certain, safe, useth a short target, or Chasma, &tis. n. 3, a great mure, frente, secured, dis buckler

(large Ash opening of the earth, or Tinct, determined, par cētus, i, m. 2. q whale, or firmament, a gulf (uoly, ticular, proper, lawful, Ceu, adv, us it were, even,chaus, i, m. 2. 1 spotted convenient, steudy, stont, !

or like as

Chēlæ, arom. pl. f. 1. ctab' resolute, resolned, detcra Civr, æ. f. 1. a small cou claus, bulwarks, or piles inined constant, faithful Cevěo, are... to wag, or Chelidonya, æ. f. 1. svaliou rusty, unerring, muri, inove the tail

wort, a stone, a Nguro

Chelidonias, æ. m. 1. the player's apparel, furni. gested in the stomach west wind

ture of the stage, dress, Chytra, æ. f. 1. a pot, 4 Chelydrus, i.m. 2. a water. ornament

pipkin tortoise, a water snake, Chorägus, i, m. 2. the mas. Cibalis, e. adj. of, or be. or serpent

ter of plays, the keeper of longing to ment, or food Chělys, yos. f. 3. a lute, or attire

(strel Cibaria, n. 2. jood, harp

(goose-pen Choraules, a.m. 1. a min meat, victuals, provisions Chenobõscum, i. n. 2. a Choraulistrya, æ. f. 1. a fe. Cibarium, i, n. 2. The second Chersonēsus, vel Cherron male ininstrel

sort of four, brun, course Esus, i, f. 2. a peninsula Chorda, æ, f. l. a string of a food Chērsos, i. f. 2. land un harp, &c. string, cord, Cibarius, a, um. adj. per. manured, main-land, right line

tuining to victuals or com continent

Chorea, vel Chorēa, æ. f. l. mon food, course Chya, æ. f. 1. a delicious fig a ball, a dance

Cibātus, us. m. 4. food, susChiliarchus, i. m. 2 $ Chili. Chorocitharista,æ. m. 1. he tenance, provision, the

ārcha, æ. m. 1. a cuptain, that plays on the harp, fallening of cattle a colonel, or cominander &c, whilst others dance Cibilla, æ. t. 1. a dining

of a thousand inen ChorographYa, æ. f. l. a de table [ish, seed, fatten Chilas, adis. f 3. a thousand scription of a country, a Cybo, as. act. 1. to rour. Chimærfer, a, um. adj. pro inap

Ciborium, i. n. 2. an Egyp. ductive of chimeras, or Chorogrăphus, i, m. 2. a tian bean, a large drinkmonstres

[terly describer of countries, a ing cup Chimerynus, a, um. adj. win. publisher of maps

Cybus, i, m. 2. meat, food, Chiragra, æ. 1. gout in the chorus, i, m. 2. a company nourishment, increase hand

[go-rart of singers, or dancers, a Cicāda, æ. f. 1. a grasshopChiramaxYum, i.n.2. a child's choir, concert, band, any pet, a locust, a balin. Chirogrăphum, i, n. a hand

company, or assembly cricket, a bad poet writing, a bill, or bond Chria, æ. f. 1. a theme, a Cicatricosus, a, um. adj. under one's own hand thesis

[unction having many scars, full Chiromàntes, æ. m. 1, one Chrisma, &tis. n. 3. chrism, of gashes, &c. (little scar that telleth furtunes by Christiānus, i, m. 2. a Chris Cicatricŭla, æ. f. 1. dim. a the lines in the hands, a tain

Cicātrix, icis. f. 3. a scay, chiromancer

Christigēnus, a, um. adj. seam of a wound, old sore, ChirunomYa, æ. f. 1. a kind born of Chrisi, divine chop, or rent, patch, the

of gesture with the hands Chroma, atis. n. 3. sweet hatchings in a graven inChironěmon, ontis. adj. musie, a colour, a fuir age for the gilding

showing nimble motions pretence, an excuse Ciccum, al. Cīcum, i. n. 2. with the hands

Chromaticus, a, um, adj. the skin in a pomegranate Chironðinus, i. m. 2. one soft, sweet [chronicles that parts ihe kernels, a that useth motions with Chronica, orum. pl. n. 2. mere trifle, a straw, arush,

his hands in dancing Chronicus, a, um.adj.chroni. a pin Chiruryya, æ. f. 1. the art of cal

loger Cycer, čris, n. 3. a vetch, surgery

Chronicus, i, m. 2. achrono chick-pease (for fodder Chirurgice, es, f. 1. surgery Chronologia, æ. f. 1. chro- Cicéra, æ. f. l. a pulse good Chirurgicus, a, um. adj. per nology [chronologer Cicercůla, æ. f. 3. dim. lit. laining to surgery, sur. Chronologus, i. m. 2.a

tle chiches

[endive gical

(geon Chrysălis, dis. f. 3. a worm Cichorēum, i. n. 2 succury, Chirurgus, i. m. 2. a sur. of which comes the but. Cicindēla, æ. f. 1. a glowChlamydātus, a, um.cloaked terfly

(muck sign Chlamydůla, æ. f. l. dim. a Chrysanthemum, 1. m. 2. Ciconia, æ. f. 1. a stork, a little clunk

crowfont, corn marigold Cycur, úris. omn. gen. adj. Chlănıys, ydis. f. 3. a cloak, Chrysenděton, i, n. 2. a tame, gentle, mild, that a soldier's coat, tunic, or rup tipved with gold

will come to hand loose coat, a woman's Chrysocolla, æ, f. 1. burax, Cicůro, as. act. 1. to make gown, or mantle, a child's a mineral

trime, to ease loose garment

Chrysolythus, i, m. a chry. Cicūra, æ. f. l. hemlock. Choaspites, æ. m. 1. a green solite, jasper (orange hellebore, poison, a shepprecious stone

Chrysomelum, i. n. 2. an herd's pipe, the distance Cholera, æ. f. 1. choler, an- Chrysophrys, yos. f. 3. a in canes und reeds beger, rage, bile, illness of fish having a gold colour tween two knots The stomach, with a fus over its ey's (gilt heud Cidăris, is. f. 3. a sash, tut. and vomit

Chrysos, i. m. 2. gold, a b'in, mitre Cholericus, a, um. adj. frou. Chrdæus, a, um, adj. vile, Cidărum,i.n.2. n kind of ship bied with choler, choleric worthless

Cieo, es, iēre, ivi, Ytum. act. Churaylum, i. n. 2. the dress- Chylus, i. m. 2. chyle, a 2. to stir up, raise, or inove

ing room in playhouses, white juice from meut die Toure.crcite,pruvuke,cal

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right-rouichi, u struiter

, a

upon, or invoke, enll, , Ciniflo, on's. m. 3. a curler, Circučo, vel Circuměo, Ire, name, reckon, cause, repel, or dresser of hair, a che ivi, Ytum, act. 4. to go or drive back mist

about, to surround Cilicious, a, um. adj. of Cynis, & Cinēris, nėris. d. Circuitro, vel Circomitto, hair cloth

g. 3. nahes, einbets, cin. önis. f. 3. a circuit, 4 goCiliceum, i, n 2. hair cloth ders, relics

ing the rounds, the feich. Cillum, i. n. 2 the utmost Cinnabări, n. & Cinnabaris, ing a compass, a pream

edge of the eyelid, the is. f. 3. cinnabat, an In ble hairs of the eurlid

dian gum, a soft red stone Circuitor, Oris. m. 3. Cillones, um. pl. m. 3. min. called mivium, red lend,

strels using filthy and vermilion, dragon's blood pedlar Irud gestures

Cinnamomynus, a, um. adj. Circuitus, us. m. 4. & cir. Cilo, onis. m. 3. a person of, or onde of cinnamon cuit, compass, circuinfer. beetle-broword Cinnamomum, i. 11. 2. the ence

(cueo Cīmex, Ycis. c. g. 3. a kind cinnamon-tree, cinnamon Circuitus, a, um, pt. of cir. of worm in wood, or pu

Circulāris, e, adj. circular, per, a chinch, or bug Cinuănium, i, n. 2. idem round Cimolta terra, Juller's earth ciouus, i. m. 2. « hotch. Circulatim, adv, in a circle Cinædus, i, m.2. a catamise, potch, a nedley, a po Circulator, oris. m. 3. any

wantun dancer, tumbler, fion, a, pluiting of the hawker jur gain, a jesi. yellow fish

[choké hair in locks and curls er, a mountebank Cinăra, æ. f. 1. an arti-CYo, Tre, ivi, itum. act. 4. Circulatoryus, a, um. adj. Cincinnatus, a, um, adj. that to stir, erite, or call

belonging to strollers, hath curled, or frizzled Cīppus, i, m.2.2 palisade, mountebänks, &c. (gipeg hair

[little lock or sharp stnke, wooden Circulatrix, icis. f. 3. a she Cincinnålas, i. m. 2. dim. a shackles, stocks for the Circŭlo, as. act. of neut. 1, Cinciunus, i, m. 2. & curled feet, a joil, a gravestone, to environ, encompass lock

or monument, a little hill about, stare round, or Cincticŭlus, i. m. 2. dim. a Circa, præp.


about short coat from the loins about, near, near to, with, Circůlor, äri. dep. 1. to meet Cinctoryum, i, u, 2. a gir in, concerning; adv, every in companies, run to and dir, belt

where, round about fro, hink about, stroll, Cinctūra, æ. f. 1. a girding Circanča, æ, f. 1. a kite or go abont Cinctus, a, um. pt. of cingo Circe, es. l. a sorceress well Circdlus, i. m. 2. a circle, Cinctus, ûs. m. 4. inan's skilled in the nature of orb, compass, ring, tound girdle, a short cort gird. poisonous herbs

chain, hoop, a company ed a little blow the breast, Circēnses, sc. ludi, Juv. of persons standing or a dress, or garb

grimes, or

exercises of sitting together, a round Cinefacro, (cineres, facio), wrestling, running, &c. cake

cère, lēci, factum. act. 3. kept in the circus; a run Circum, præp. cum acc. tubiing, or reduce to ashes ning with great horses, about, round about, with, Cineraceus, a, um. adj. of

tilts, barriers, jousts, or or in company with an ash-culuur, of, or like tournaments

Circum, adv. around, about ashes

Circēnsis, e, adj. of, or be- Circumactro, õais. f. arurn. Cineraryus, i, m. 2. a man longing to the circus, or ing ruund who makes dresses for place of erercise

Circumăctus, a, cir. women, or attends thein Circes, Ytis. m. 3. a kind of! cumago

(ing round Cinerĕus, a, um, adj. «f, or hoop, or ring, a sort of Circumăctus, us. m. a turn. like ashes, of an ash-co. olives

Circumnggěro, as. a. l. 10 lour

Circinatio, onis, f. 3. a turn. heup about Cinericus, a, um, adj. bak. ing round, a measuring Circumăgo,gěre, ëgi,actum, ed, or Toasted under with compasses

a. 3. to turn round, or ashes

(of ashes Circinātus, a, um. pt. com. about, whirlronud, wheel, Cinerosus, a, um, adj. full pissed, rounded," turned or drive about, chase, pur Cingillus, i.m. 2. dim. a lit. round

Jur, make free ile xirdle

Circino, as. act. 1. to make Circumambulo, ns. act. i. to Cingu, gére, nxi, nctum. a circle, tu compass round,

tonik Tonud agunt, to go act. 3 tu surround, tie io turn round

Tound about Torud, or about, pird, Cireynus, i. m. 2. a pair of Circumăro, as. act. 1. to envitun, beset, isauli, comprases, the shingles plough ound about

dw-ll round, defend Ciruiter, præp. cuin ace. & Circumcidaněus, a, um adf Cingúla, æ. i. 1. a girth, adv. about, nigh unto, out about or brind nearly

Circuncido, (circuim, ctsCingölum. i. n. 2. a girdle, Cireito, as. act. 1. to go dol, děre, idi. isum. act. a band, the centus of


(cůlus, a houp 3. to cut about, or of Cirells, i, m. 2. pro Cir. circumcise, prune, or lip,


shorten, or


off, Circuinfirmo, as. act. 1. to to cast, or throw round abridge, retrench, forbid foriity, and make strong about, to compass Circumcingo, gěre, xi,

on all sides, to support

Circuiniiyo, Onis. f. 3. a gonctum. a. 3. to surround, Circumflecto, tère, exi, ex. ing about to compass round

um. act. 3. to bend about, Cireumytus, us. m. 4. a goCircumcircà, adv, on every fetch a compass, circum ing the jarthest way side

Hect a word [ing about Circumlambo, běre. act. 3. Circumcise,briefly,concisely Circumflexyo, ūnis. f. a turn to lick about Circumcisio, quis. f. 3. cit. Circumflexus, a, um. pt. of Circumlâtro, åre, act. 1. to cumcision

circumflecto (cumflex burk round, to rail and Circumcisūra, æ. f. 1. a Circumflexus, as.m. 4. a rir.

bawat one cutting, or incision, a Circūmio, as. act. 1. to blow Circumlätus, a, um. pt. of pruning (circumcido on all sides

circumfero Círcumcisus, a, um. pt. of Circamflúo, uěre, uxi. a, 3. Circumlăvo, as, lāvi, lätum, Circumclaūdo, děre, ausi, to tow about, abound, & lavātum. a. 1. to wnish, ausum, art. 3. to inclose

come together. Circum or now round (ubuut round, hein in

fluit ignis frontem, he is Circumligo, as. act. 1. to tie Circumclüdo (circùm, clau. gnite in a blush, Claud, Circumihiyo, ire, ivi, itum.

do), děre, usi, ūsum. act. Circumfldus, a, um. adj. act. 4. to anoint all ovet, 3. to incluse round, en that flows, or runs aboui, to lurd a discourse compass, hein in

Awed about

Circumliuo, nère, livi, levi, Circumclusus, n, um. pt. Circumfodyo, děre, di, ns & lini, Mtum. act. 3. to Circumcolo, lère, lui, cul. sum. act. 3. to dig round, anoint, smear, or daub all tum. act. 3. to dwell about, or about

over or nigh, to till about Circumforaněus, a, um, adj. Circumlityo, Onis. f. 3. an Circumcalco (circam, cal. that goes up and down, anvinting about, a polish.

co), as. a. 1. to trumple ali that is carried about the ing, burnishing, or putOrer, or down market

ting the last hand to a Circuincūrso, as. n. 1. to Circun foro, as. act. 1. to

thing, run up and down, or bore round (a pioneer Circumlocutio, onis. f. 3. a hither and thithrt

Circumfössor, Oris. m. 3. cirenin orution, a Circumdo, dăre, dědi, da Circumtussüra, æ. f. a dig pass, tediousness tum act. 1. 16 Surround, ging ubout

Circumloquor, i, quütus & encompass about, inclose, Circumfractus, a, of rütus. dep. 3. to use many clasp fust about, beset, circumfrango

Durd's presrribe

Cireumfrěmo, ĕre, đi. a 3. to Circumlŭo, uěre, ui, lūtum. Circumdūcn, cére, uxi, uc chirp, chatter, or make a act. 3. to wash round, or tum. act. 3. to lead round, noise about

about or about, lead out of the Circumfryco, as. act. 1. to Circumlūstro, as. act. 1. to way, impose on, abolish, rub all over, rub tho. go round ubou!, to recon. canrel, draw a line quite Toughly

noitre through

Circumfulgěn, gēre, Isi. n. Circumlaryo, onis, f. 3. the CircumductYo, Onis. f. 3. a 3. to shine on enery side powing abont of waters

bringing round, amplifi. Cireumfundo, děre, üdi, Circummissus, a, um. pt. of cation, circumference, ūsum, act. 3. to pour u-Circummitto, tore, isi, isa circuit, cheating, chous buut, encomp 88

sum. Act. 3. to send round ing, cozening Circumfusus, a, um, pt. of

about Circumdůctus, a, um. pt. of circumfundo

CircommenYo (circùm,mecircumduco

Circumgěmo. měre, mui, nia), ire, ivi, itum. act. 4. Circumductus, us. m. 4. a mYtum. act. 3. to groan,

to wall about circumferrace

or runr round about Circummulco, ére, Isi. act. Circumčo, irt, ivi, Ytum. act. Circumgēsto, as, act. 1. to . io stroke sojily, to touch 4. to go abunt, or round carry about

gently aboni, encicle, encom. CircumvredYor (circùm, Circummunyo, ire, ivi. act. pass, surround, brset

gradior), i. dep. 3. to go, 4. to intrench, to fence Circumequito, as. act. 1. to or march about

round ride about

Circumgressus, us. m. 12 go-Circummunityo, Onis. f. 3. Circumērro, as. act. 1. to ing about

the investing of a place wander about, to move Circumhumātus, a, um, adj. Circumnāscor, i. dep. 3. to abunt, or up and down hring earth rast aboul, grote about Circumferentia, æ, f. 4 cir. earth.d. interied

Circumnavigo, are. act. l. cum renud

Circumjaceo, cēre, n... to to sail runnd Circumfēro, toli. act. 3. to lie about

Circumn@cto, Ere, xui ở xi carry abont, or round, to Circumjēctus, a, um, pt. of

xum. act. 3. to tie ror report, or relate, to pu. Circumjicio (circùm, jacio), connect, join risy by lustration

cére, jeci, jectuin. act. 3. I Circumnēzus, a, m

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