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Traoqaille, adv. calmly, , Transěro,rére, act. to trans. Transgressio
quiétlv, mildly

Transjectio, onis. 1. . Tranquilítas,ātis. f. 3. tran. Transfèro, ferre, stáli, sla: casting over

guillity, quiel, meckness, tum. a. 3. tu transfer, Transjēctus, a, am. pt. calmness, highnen, ma. carry,or bring from one transjicio jesty

(time pluce to another, convey Translgo (trans ago), gere franquillo, adv. et a quiet over, transplant, remove, sēgi, sactum. act 3+ franquillo, are. a. 1. to or change, transport, tun, or thrust througe

calm, smooth, still, quiet, translate, use metnphuri pierce, conclude, firul, or retrie

cally, dejer, or refer, lay despatch, transact, pest Srauquillor, ari, pass, to be Transfigo, gěre. 8. 3. fo Transjicio, vide Trajicio calmed run through

Transisto (trans, salroy Tranquillam, l. n. 2. calon, Transfiguratio, onis. f. 3. a lire, lēvi, vel lui. 2. 4.

or fine weather, a calm transfiguration,a change leap, or pass over, de Ira391

Trasfigūro, äre, act. 1. to yond, or by, escred, om Tranquillus, 1, um. adj. transfurin

Transilis, e, adj. that pas calm, smooth, quiet, Transfixus, a, um. pt. of

eth over peaceable, composed, sel. transfigo

Transitio, onis. t. 3. trans tled

Transfŭo, ère, xi, xum. n. tion, going over, revell, Trans, præp. over, from one to fou ouer

passage place to another, beyond, Transtodio, děre, odi, 0s. Transitoryus, a, um. adi. on the other side

sum. A. 3. to dig, bitike, transitory [transeo Transabèo, ire. to go be run, or thrust through Transytus, , um, pt. af yond, or through

Transformatio, Onis. f. 3. a Transitus, us. m. 4. & past Transactor, Oris. a change (formed

Otet, pausge, manager, broker

Trausformis, e. adj. trans change, transit Transactus, a, um, pt. of Transformo, áre. act. 1. 10 Transjūngo, gěre. a. 3. to transigo to transforin, turn, or Teinone

[slide user Trausadigo, gěre, dëgi, change, convert

Translābor, bi, lapsus. & dactum. &. 3. to thrust, or Transforó, äre. act. 1. to Translatio, onis. f. 3. . strike through, pierce bure through

translation, transferring, Transalpinus, &, uin. adj. Transfossus, a, um. pt. of transplanting, remorel, over, or beyond the Alps transfodio

change, dennur Transcendo (trans, scan. Transfretatio, onis. f. 3. a Translatiilus, a, um. adj. do), děre, ndi, nsum. act. passing over the sen

transferred, borrowed, 3. to transcend, exceed, Transfrēto (trans, frētam), usual, ordinary, mean, surpass, 80, or pass over, āre, act 1. to go, or piss cummon or beyond, pass

over the sea (deserter Translativus, um. adj. id. Transcido (trans, cædo], Transfūga, æ. c. 8. 1. a Translator, oris, m. 3. a

děre. act. 3. to mangle Transfugto (gěre, ūgi, Yum. translator, conveyet, re• with beating

neut. 3. to run away, or movet Transcribo, bere, ipsi, ip over, iu desert

Translatus, a, um, pt. of tum, act. 3. to transcribe, Transfagfum, i. n. 2. a re transfero write over, or out, trans.


smoke through Translēgo, ere, egi... 3. to fer, assign, place

Trans!ūmo, are.

4. 1. to

read orer (shine through Transcriptio, onis. m. 3. & Transfūudo, děre, ūdi, Translucèo, čre, xi, n. to

transcribing, eacuse, pre. üsum, a. 3. to puur out of Translucidus, a, um, adj. tence

one vessel into another, transparent Transcriptus, a, um. pt. of transfer, transpose,

or Trapsmarinus, *, in. adj. transcribo translate

foreign Trauscürro, rěre, rl, rsum. Transfusio. Onis. f. 3. a Transmeabilis, e. adj. that act. 3. to run Over, pass, transfusion

may be paned ovcT, OF touch ont

Transfãsus, a, um. pt. of through Trapscursus, us. m. 4. a transfundo

Transmeatyo,onis. f.a paw poussing by, a passage Transgredior, (trans, gra. ing through Transdico, vide Traduco dior), i. essus. d. 3. to Trausměo, are. n. to pau Transēuna, æ. f. 1. « share, 89, or pass over. beyond, over, or beyond [snode

gin, net, casement, lal or by, exceed, transgress Transmigro,are. 2. 1. to relice, racket

Transgressio, onis. f. 3. : Transmissio. Onis, f. 3. a Transão, ire, sivi, sytum. passing over, or beyond, sending over act. 4. to go, run, or pass


Transmissus, us. m, 4. a over, beyond, by, or Transgsēssor, Gris. m. 3. a passage through, undergo,

(transmitto transgressur

Transmissus. a, vm. pt. of ceed, or surpass, omnit, or Transgrēssus, a, um. pt. of Transniitto, tère, Isi, issum. wy nothing ut, to be di. transgredior

act. 3. to transmit, send, easted

Transgressus, us. id. qu. I make, pass, OT 8 BUIT

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cast, throw voer, or be. Transimo. měre, mpsi, mp- Trepidus, a, um. adj. tremyond, let, or run through, tuin. act. 3. to luke from bling, frighted, astonish. pass, or spend, pass by, one to another

ed, jeurful, timuruus, conoinit

Transumptio, onis. f. 3. a cernea jor, doubtful, un. Transmontānus, a, um. adj. taking from one to an certain, sudden,

living beyond the moun. other (exchanging pected, swift, hasty tains

Transumptivus, a, um. adj. Trepondo, indecl. three Transmõtus, a, um. pt. vf Transdo, uěre. act. 3. iu pounds

(three Transmověo, ēre, ovi, otom. Sew through

Tres. $ hæc tria. adj. pl. act. 2. to remove, transfer Transvolto, äre. n. 1. to Trēssis, is. m. 3. the weight, Transmutatio, onis. f. 3. a Ny over uflen

or ralue of three asses, chunge, or (Tunsposition, Trasvolo, áre. n. 1. to fly or farthings

exchurige (changé uvet, or beyond, hasten, Tressis, c. adj. vile, mean, Transmito, are. act. I. to desert

(press pitiful

(gular Transnato, are. swim Trăpes, ētis. m. 3. an oil. Triangulāris, e. adj. trian

Trapètum, i. Trapētus, Triangulum, i. n. 2. u triTrusno, āre. to swim oner i, in. 2. id.

(table angie Trausnomino, äre. act. 1. to Trapéza, æ. f. 1. a banker's Triaugūlus, a, um. adj.

change one's name Trapezita, æ. m. l. a bank threc.cutnered Transnuměru, äre. a. 1. to er, an eschunger

Triarii, orum. pl. m. 2. old uuerreckun

Trapezyum, i, u. 2. a quad soldiers set in the rear, al Transpēctus, us, m. a look logie

a reserve

(three ing through

Trapezophoron, i. a. 2. a Trias, &dis, f. 3. the trry, or Transpicio (trans, specio), crpuuard, a atesser, the Tribrachys, yos. m. 3. a cere. act. 3

Jout of a table

foot containing three through, to behuid Treceni, æ, &. adj. pl. three short syllables Travspiratio, onis. f. 3. hundred hundrea Tribuarlus, a, um, adj. of a transpiration (transpose Trecēuti, æ, a. adj pl. three


cart Transpono, nère. act. 3. to Treceuties, adv: ihice hun. Tribula, æ, f. 1. a little Transportatio, Onis. f. dred lines

Tribulis, is. m. 3. one of trunsportation

Tredecies, adv. thirty times the suine tribe, stock, or Trauspörto, äre, act. 1. to Trevěcim, adj. pl. indecl. ward, a pleocian transpuri, banisi, curvey thirtern

Tribălo, are. a. . 10 thrash, Tremebuudus, a, um. adj.

(Tribula Transpositio, onis. f. 3. Ite mbling, shuking, Jeui. Trıbålum, i. n. 2.' id. qu. transposition Jul, afraid

Tribůlus, i. m. 2. a thistle, Transpositus, a, um. pt. of Tremefacio (tremo, facio). a brumble, iTun spike,

transponu, transpused cere, tēci, factum. act. 3. calttop Transtiilum, i, n. 2. a little to nuke to tremble, or Tribūnal, alis. n. a trie trunsun shuke, put in fear

bunul, judginent-seat Trânstrum, i. u. 2. a bench, Tremefactus, a, um. pt. Tribunalia, ium. pl. a. 3.

or seat in a boat, or galo Tremisco, cěre. inc. 3. to bunks to keep the water ley, a beam, a girder ITemble, or tremble at, froin ovet flowing Trauvectio, onis. f. a carty shake, to quake

Tribunātus, us. m. 4. the ing over

Treino, ere, wai, . 3. to tribuneship Transvēctus, a, um, pt. of tremble, or tremble at, Tribunitius, a, um. adj. triTransvěho, hěre, exi, ec shake, quake, areud

bunitial tum. u. 3. lu cury over, Tremor, oris. m. 3. a trein-Tribūnus, i. m. 2. a tribune convey

oling, shaking, twinkling, Tribúo, uěre. ai, útum. act. Transverběro, áre. act. 1. Ricat Jeat

3. 16 antribute, unngn, 10 pierce through, 10 Tremůlus, a. um. adj. trein ascribe, or impute, krunt, transfia

bring, shuking, quiver. give, or bestuur, divide, Transversa, adv. askru, ing, warbling, tuliering, pay regard, ur respect asquint

(rajter tarinkling, uncertuin Tribus, us. 1. 1. a tribe, or Transversarsum, i. n. 2. a Trepidäuter, adv. Jeurfully ward

(tributary Transversurius, a, um, adj. Trepidatio, ouis. f.3.4 iremo Tributartus, a, um. adj. overthwart

luig, Jeur (a hurryTribulim, adv. wurd by Transvērse, adv. across Trepide, adv. Jeurjully, in ward Traausversio, juis. f. 3. a Trepiau, are. n. 1. tu irem- Tributio, onis. f. 3. a dis. ir aversing bie, shake, bent, or pant, tributing

(stower Transversus, a, um. adj. husien, or be in a hurry, Tributor, oris. m. 3. u be

Tarverde, actuss, wver. tun alunx, be anxious, Tribūtum, i. u. 2. tribute,

thwart, cuntury, upposite or concerned, Juil, or be custum, in pusi, lue, Transülto (trans, salto), weak

tull, or assessment ise. .. 1. to leap, or junip Trepiddlus, um. adj. Tribūtus, i, m. 2. tribute, a UVET, lu duit

suncukut udruid


(years old

Tribütus, a, um. pt. of tri- , Triduinus, a, um. adj. of or being skilled is the

(the tribes
three days

tongues Tribūtus, a, um. adj. of Tridiam, vi. n. 2. three Tillix, Icis. adj. trebly

days Tricæ, árum. pl. f. 1. a lei,

[yeart sued

(yeci or impediment, trifles, Triennis, e. adj. of Three Trimātus, us. m. 4. bors rewgaws, fooleries, toys Triennium, 1. n. 8. threr Trimestris, e. adj. of tåret Tricenarius, a, um, adj. of years

months thirty

Tiens, tis. m. 3. the third Trinetram, i. n. 2. tri Triceni, æ, a. adj. pl. thirty part of any thing, a meter, or verse consistent Tricentēni, æ, a. adj. three small coin, a gill

of three feet

(based hundred

Triēntal, alis. n. 3. a little Trimodta, æ, f. i. threr Tricenties, adv. three hun. vessel sches thick Trimodyum, i, n. 2. id. dred times

Trientális, e. adj. four in- TrinodYas, a, um, Triceps, Ytis. adj. three. Trierarchus, i, m. 2. the taining three bushel headed, triple

captein of a galley with Trimůlus, , um, adj. carne Tricesimus, a, um, adj. the

three banks of cars

years old thirtieth

Trieterycus, a, um. adj. tri. Trimus, a, um, adj. tiet Tricēssis, is. m. the weight ennial

Trinacryus, a,

Sicilian of thirty pounds Trieteris, Ydis. f. 3. three

(Trinity Trichlas, æ. m. 1. a sprat years (ferent ways Trinitas, kits. f. Trichlia, æ. f. 1. a covered Trifaryam, adv. three dif. Trinoctiális,e. adj. of three walk Tryfaux, cis. adj. three nights

(nigen Trichilom, i. n. 2. a ressel mouthed, triple

Trinoctiam, i. n. 2. tartt for water with three spouts Tryfer, vel Trifērus, a, um. Trinodis, é. adj. karing

three Trichorum, i. n. 2. a build. adj. that beareth fruit

knots, knotted, ing of three stories thrice a year

knotty Tricies, adv. thirty times Trifidus, a, um, adj. three- Trinus, a, um. adj. tbrer, Tricliniärches, æ. m. 1. the forked

three together, the third

Triobolaris, e. orderer, or director of Trifolium, i. n. 2. trefoil

adj. sike, the triclinium

Triformis, e. adj. of three pitiful Tricliniarla, orum, vel ium. forms, triple

Triobõlum, i, n. 2. tåree pl. n. the hangings of a Trifur, üris. c. g. 3. a


rard noted thief

Triörches, æ. n. 1. a bus dining-toorn Tricliniãris, e. adj. of, for, Trifurcătus, a, um. adj. Tripārcus, a, um, adj. very or belonging to a dining three-forked

sparing Trifurcfer, i, m. 2. an ar. Tripartito, pel Tripertito, Tricliniaryum, i. n. 2. a rant rogue

adv. in three parts, inte dining-rooin Trifūrcus, a, um. adj.

three parts Tricliniarrus, a, um. adj.


Tripartitus, vel Tripertitas,

a, um. pt. divided into of, or belonging to a Triga, æ, f. 1. a cart with

three parts dining-room

three horses Triclinium, i. n. 2. a bed, or Trigaryum, i. n. 2. a cha. Tripatinum, i. a. 2. the last couch for three guests to riot-course

service of several disket,

third course sit, or lean upon, a din. Trigaryus, i. m. 2. a person

who drives three horses Tripectorus, a, ing-room

um. adj. Trico, onis. m. 3. a trifler Trigemini, æ, 1. adj. pl. with three breasts Tricolor, oris. adj. of three three at a birth

Tripedālis, e. adj. caree colours

Trigeminus, a, um. adj. feet long Tricor. åri, ätus sum. dep. threefold (three buds Tripedaněus, a, um. 3.1

1. to trifle, or toy, bafie, Trigemmis, e, adj. having of three feet trick

TrigesYes, adv. three times Tripes, ědis. adj. three-legTricornyger, a, um. adj. Trigesimus, a, am. adj. Triplex, Icis. adj. triple, three-horned (horned the thirtieth

(thirty threefold

(trebling Tricornis, e. adj.' three. Triginta, adj. pl. indecl. Triplicatio, onis. 1. 3. . Tricórpor, oris, adj. three. Trigon, onis. m. 3. a ball, Triplices, um. pl. m. .. bodied (of tricks a fish

memorandum-books Tricosus, a, um, adj. full Trigonālis, e. adj. three-Triplicitas, atis. f. 3. triTricūspis, Ydis. three.


plicity pointed

Trigonometria, æ. f. 1. tri- Tripliciter, adv, trebly Tridácnus, a, um, adj. at gonometry

Triplico, are. act. 1. to three biies

(dent Trigonus, a, um, adj. three. triple Trydens, tis. 3. & tri cornered

(angie Triplinthius, a, um, adj. Tridentifer, Tridentiger, Trigonus, i, m. 2. a tri.

three bricks thick a, um, adj. trident-bear- Trilbris, e. adj. of Three Triplo, adv. by thrice, trebis 78 pounde weight

Triplus, a, um, adj. cripts, Atipotens, tis. adj. id. I Trilinguis, e. adj. kaving, threefold


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Triptòton, i, n. 2. a triptote Trituro, áre. act. 1. to forth oracles in a vault, Tripudiātor, oris. m. 3. a thrush

or cavern, made by hima dancer

Tritus, a, um, pt. of tero, self, and was worshipped Tripudyo, are.n. 1. to dance, & adj. rubbed, pounded, in Baotia [alterations to caper

(dance ground, broken, wasted, Tropica, örum. pl. n. 2. Tripudium, i. n. dancing, n worn, frequented, com- Tropice, adv. figuratively Tripus, odis. m. 3. any

Tropicus, a, um. adj. tropi. thing with three legs, a Tritus, us. m. a rubbing, a cal, figurative tripod, three-footed grinding

[witch Tropis, is, et Ydos. f. 3. the stool, a trivet, an oracle Trivenefica, æ.f. l. a great keel of a ship, the dregs Triquetra,æ. f. 1. a triangle Triviālis, e. adj. trivial, or. of wine used in baths Triquetrum, i. n. 2. a iri. dinary

(men Trópus, i, m. 2. a trope angle

(Sicilian Triviritim, adv. by ihree Trossúla, æ, f. 1. c delicate Triquetrus, a, um. adj. Trivium, i. n. 2. a place lass Triquetrus, a, um, adj. tri where three ways ineet, Trossålus, i. m. 2. a benu, angular a highway

spruce, gallant, well-set Trirēmis, is, f. 3. a galley Trivius, a, um, adj. having fellow with three banks, or seis three ways

Trúa, æ. f. 1. a ladle, a tray of oars

Triumphalia, ium. pl. n. the Trucidatio, onis. f. 3. a Trisago, Tnis. f. 3. gerinan. solemnities, or ornaments killing, slaying, d'augheder (fooneries of a triumph

ering, or murdering Triscurría, orum. pl. n. buf. Triumphâlis, e. adj. of, or Trucido (truculentèr, cæTrisippum, i. n. 2. a rowel belonging to a triumph, do), āre. act. 1. to kill, Trispāstus, , um. adj. triumphant

sluy, slaughter, butcher, drawn, or raised with Triumphatūrus, a, um. pt. massacre, 033283inate, three pulleys about to triumph

murder, slash, ruin, deTriste, adv. sadly

Triumphātus, us. m. 4. a vour, eat, feed upon Tristicŭlus, a, um. adj. pen. triumphing

Truculenter, adv.

sup. sive

(dening Triūmpho, äre. n. 1. to toughly, sourly, cruelly Tristifycus, a, um. adj. sad. triumph, to rejoice Truculentya, æ. f. cruelty, Tristimonyam, i, n. . sad- Triâmphus, i. m. 2. a savageness


Truculentus, a, um. adj. Tristis, e, adj. sad, dull, Triūmvir, Yri. m. 2. one of rough, stern, fierce, cruci,

heavy, pensive, melan. three officers in like au. barbarous, savage, clown. chuly, sorrowful, dismal, thority


(man's pole dark, lowering; grave, Triumvirālis, e. adj. of, or Trūdes, is. f. 3. a water. stern, mnorose, harsh, belonging to the triumviri | Trūdo, děre, ûsi, ūsum. a. peevish, ungty, severe, Triumvirātus, us, the triuın. 3. to thrust, or push, cruel, rough, tirate

(three thrust, or push on, jure coarse, unlucky, ominous Triumvirītim, adv. three by ward, or out, drive, or Tristitia, æ. f, 1. sadness, Triūncis, is. m. a coin oj force heaviness, pensiveness, three ounces

Trulia, æ. f. 1. a cup, pot, sorrono, gravity, sullen. Trochæus, i. m. 2. a tro


chamber.pot, ness, moroseness, disgust chee, consisting of a foot

tray, trowel Tristityes, éi, f. 5. id

of two syllables, the first Trall&um, i, n. 2. a washTrisulcus, a, um. adj. three long, and the later short hand basin

pointed, three-forked Trochiscus, i, m. 2. a tro. Trallo, onis, m. 3. idem Trisyllabus, a, um. adj.


[windluss Trullissatio, onis. f. 3. a trisyllabic

Trochlea, æ. f.l. a pulley, a plastering (plaster Trităvus, i. m. 2. a great Trochůlus, i, m. 2. dim. a Trullisso, are. act. 1. to grandfather's

little top

Trallissor, äri, pass. to be grandfather

Trochus, i, m. 2. a top, a plastered (cut off Triticěus, a, um. adj. wheat. little round lump of any Trùnco, are. a. 1. to maim, en, of wheat thing

Trunculātus, a, um, adj. Triticum, i, n. wheat Troja, æ, f. 1. & tilt


(stock Triton, önis, m. 3. a sea Trojānus, Troycus, & Tro Truncălus, i. m. 2. a little

god, a fish, a weathercock Yus, a, um, adj. Trojan Truncus, a, um, adj. cut Tritonia, æ. $ Tritonis, Tropæum, i, n. 2. a trophy. short, inained, unutilated, Ydis. f. Pallas

spoil taken and hung up, winting, imperfect Tritor, oris, m, a thrasher, victory

Trūncus, i, m. 2. a trunk, a grinder

Tropæus, a, um, adj. tropi the body of tree, de Tritūra, æ. f. a thrashing, cil, constant

dunce, stupid person grinding

Trophæum, i. n. 2. vide Tro-Trusatilis. e. adj. that may Trituratio, onis. f. 3. a pæeum

be turned thrashing (thrasher Trophonsus, i. m. a man Trusito, áre. a. to Triturator, oris. in. 3. a who pretended to give through, to kill



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Tråso, åre. freq. 1. tan, to uphold, keep in regular or disorden
thrust often

Trusus, a, um. pt. of Tugariðlum, i. u. 3. a lit. Tumulus, i, m. 2. a killach.

La trout
tle cuttage

a little hill, nnound, be"
Trâta, vel Trutta, xe. f. 1. Tugurtum, i, n. 2. 4 cot.

tomb, grave,

Tretiaa, æ, f. 1. che hole in tage, ludge, kennel

which the tongue of Tuitio, onis. f. 3. a defence Túnc, adv. then, at iba
scales moves, a pair of růli, præt. vide Féro Tāudo, děre, tatüdi, tes
scales, balance, judg. Tüm, adv. Then, at that

sum. act. 3. to brst,
time, moreover, after.

sinite, or knock, post
Trutinor, äri. dep. 1. to wards, in fine

thrash, play upon, atus,
weigh, esumine, consider Tüm, conj. and also, boch, weary

as well

Tanica, æ. f. I.
Trux, ucis. adj. rough, Tameiacio (tamco, facio), waistcoa!, or jacket, csat

stein, grin, fierce, severe, cere, fêci, factum, act. 3. of mail, shisi,
ctuel, savage

to make to swell, swell, clothes, wrapper
Tryblrum, i. n. 2. a saucer puf up

wares, peel, or
Trychnos, i. f. 2. righe. Tumefactus, a, um. pt rind, bag of an impus-
Tuměo, ere, mui. n. 2. to

thume, sneinbrone, or
Tryxălis, is. f. 3. a cricket swell, be swelled, or puf. coat of the eye
Tu, tui, libl, pron. thuu fed up, increase, buret Tunicatus, a,

Tuatim, adv. us you are out, overflow

conied, unpeeled

Tamésco, cěre. n. to swell, Tunicella, æ, f. 1. & very
Tuba, æ. f. 1. & trumpet,

break out

(or cord
liicie cont

clarion ; a trumpeter

Tăines, Ycis. f. 3. a rope, Tunico. are, 4. 1. co rost,
Tūber, čris. n. 3. & puff, Tuinicla, æ. f. l. band, Tumcüla, ä. * 1. & tunici,
tuudstool, mushroun, a cord

little coat
bunch on the back, swell. Tum:ide, adr. swelling, Tonsus, a, um. pt. of tando
ing, knuf in a tree


Türba, æ. f. 1. a crowd,
Tåber, čris. m. fruit of the Tamidulus, a, adj. multitude, band, disturbo

somewhat swollen, a lit. ance, noise, trouble,
Tubercůlum, i. n. a pim. tle swelled

business, vivus kinds
ple, or wheat (out Tumidus, a, un, adj. wwol Turbamentum, i. n. 2. tua.
Tuběro, åre. 4. 1. to swell len, swelled, proud, lof. ble, intiny
Tuberosissiin us, a, um, adj. ty, haughry, fierce, testy Turbate, adv. with disorder
covered with bunches, or


Turbätiin, adv. with dis-
Tümor, oris. m. 3. a tu.

order (disturbance
Tubicen, Inis. w. 3. a mour, swelling, pride, Turbatio, Onis. f. 3.

loftiness, huughtiness, l'urbátor, oris. in. 3. a disa
Tubilustrium, i. n. 2. a 30. unger; crisis

(urber, inoubler
lemn pocessiun with trun. Tumulatro, Ouis. f. 3. a Turbätrix, icis. f.
pets &c. (holluwed

Tubulatus, a, um. adj Tumulo, are. act. l. 10 Tarvatus, a, am. pt. adj.
Tubțius, i. ra. 2. dim, alii.
bury, inter

disturbed, truubied, di
tle pipe, the funnel of u Tumulosus, a, um. adj. Jull

urdered, rufled, con
chimney, or iturr
of hillocks

ed, confounded
Tuburcinor, vel Tubucci. Tumultuarius, a, um. adj. Tarbella, . f. l. dix. .
nor, åri. d. tu eat gred. tumultuary, hasty, dune

little stir (wité trouble
ily, to swell the cheeks in huste

Turbide, adv. iùs, comp.
Tubus, i. m. 2. a true, a Tumultuatto, onis. f. 3. a Turbiudlus, a, uia.




long hai trooked, ra
Ticētum, i, f. 2. 1 sausage Tumulido, áre. Deut. 1. id. ther disordered
Tüdes, itis, Tädis, is. m. i'uinultúor, äri. d. l. s Turbidus, a, uu. adj. nude
a beetle, u hunner

inuke & mult, noise, dy, chick, Jogay, tunnid,
Tudicüla, w. f. 1. a little upruar, disturbance, ous.

(ruubieroine, turbulent,
beetle, a ladle, printing tle, or stur, to mutiny disturbed, disurueret,
iron to mark with
Tumultuose, adv.

swellrd, angry, enraged,
Tudicůlu, are. a. I. to beat, huriy, hustily


to pound

Tumultuosus, tumultuous, haughty, pruud, cica
Tuuito, äse. a. 1. to hain. sedi ious, mucinous, bois Turbiuavo, ours. f. 3. the
mer, to wutk

teruus, stormy, rough Making wu thing fake
Tueur, ēri, rultus, $ tütus. Tumultus, us. ( ant. i.). a top

dep. 2. to see, urbehold, m. a inmult, noise, up. Turbmātus, , adj.
luuk steadfastly, dejend. ruar, disturbance, bustle, made lixo a top
de depended, prutect, alarm, sedition, insur: Turbineus, 1,
nerve, keep, os muin. Action, mutiny, any ir wkurlaug round

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