Abbildungen der Seite


silent, lasteless, flat, in. Suspectus, us. m. 4. a look. Sustento, äre, a. 1. to my sipid, dark ing up,a prospect, height,

lain, uphoid, or suppor, Sürgo sursum, erigo, admiration, esteem

aid, defend, help, or con gere,rrexi, rrectum. neut. Suspenděo, ere. 2. 2. to be fort, feed, or maintais, 3. to rise, or get up, hung over

endure, or abide patiesi arise, grou, or spring, Suspendiosus, a, um. adj. ly, defer, delay, hold out grow up, increase, ascend, hanged

Sustiněo (sub, teneo), ére, appear, begin

bé Suspendium, i. n, a hang. nui, tentum. act. 2. erected ing, analier

hold, or hold up, sustain, Surpiculus, i. m. 2. a basket, Suspendo, děre, di, nsum. support, protect, defend hamper

(surrigo act. 3. to hang, hang up, maintain, bent, Surrēctus, a, um, pt. of or upon, keep in sus.

take up, suffer, enders Surrēntum, opp. Sorrento, pense, defer, or put off,

withstand, or oppose, in Italy [ing stop, restrain

sist, restrain, ceri, kok Surreptro, onis. f. 3. a steal. Suspensyo, onis. f. 3. an

in, withhold, stop, sus Surreptitias, a, um, adj. arching,

vaulting, pend, put off, or defer, surreptitious doubt, uncertainty

have patience, permit, be Surreptus, a, of sur Suspensüra, æ. f. 1. a hang.

able, date, represent ripio, stolen away

ing up

Sustollo, lère, tåli, subla Sarrigo, vide Subrigo Suspensns, a, um. pt. of tum. a. 3. to lift up, rais, Surripio, vide Subripio suspendo, & adj. kung

take, or carry way,cert Surrogo, vide Subrogo


hanging, arched, destroy utterly, rarish, Sūrsum, adv. upward, up, vaulted, erect, attentive, nourish, educate, or bring above uncertain, doubtful, un.


(Varr. Sus, såis (olim suěris), c. resolved, in suspense, hol- Sūsum, adv. pro Sürsem,

g. 3. a swine, hog, boar, low and light (cious Susarratio, onis. f. 3. sow, pig Suspicax, acis. adj. suspi


(whisperer Sus, adv. upward, above Suspicio (sub, vel sursùm, Susurrātor, oris. m. 1 a Susceptio, onis. f. 3. un un. $ specio), cěre, pēxi, pēc. Susurro, āre. a. i. to whisdertaking

tum. act. 3. to look up, per, inutter Suscēptor, oris. m. 3. an behold, regard, admiré, Susūrrum, i. n. 2. a skispe

undertaker, a receiver, a honour, venerate, suspecé Susūrrus, i, m. 2. a whisper, godfather

Suspicio, onis. f.' 3. 'sus buzzing, huiming, was Suscēptum, i. n. 2. an un picion, mistrust

mur derinking

Suspiciose, adv. suspicious. Susurrus, a, um, adj. whes Suscēptus, a, um. pt. of ly, distrustfully

Sutēla, æ. i. 1. craft, subSuscipio (sub, căpio), père, Suspiciosus, a, um. adj.

tilty, guise

(stitead cēpi, ceptum. act. 3. to suspicious, jealous, dan- Sutylis, e. adj. take, Taise, or lift up, un. gerous, much to be feared, Sūtor, oris. m. 3. a sua, dertake, take upon him, upt to start, skittish

cobbler, shoemaker undergo, usurp, take, re. Suspyco, āre. neut. 1. & Sutoryus, a, um, adj. Of, or ceive, get, have, or make, Suspycor, äri. d. 1. to sus.



skor beget, conceive, answer, pect, or mistrust, gress,

maker or reply, counterfeit, put or imagine, surmise Sutrfua, æ, f. 1. a tailor's on, coinnit

Suspiratio, onis. f. 3. a cobbler's or shoemaker's Suscitabålum, i, n. 2. an breathing

(ing shop, or trade incitement, touchwood Suspirātus, us. m. 4, a sigh. Sutrinum, i. n. 2. a sier Suscitatio, onis. f. 3. a stir. Suspiriose, adv, with a sigh

maker's trade Ting up

Suspiriosus, a, um. adj. Sutrinus, a, um. adj. beSuscito, āre. a. 1. to awake, breathing short

longing to a tailor, at Touse, stir up, excite, pro- Snspirytus, us. m. shortness


(a sem voke, kindle

of breath

Sutūra, æ. f. 1. Gantunt, Susynum, i. 1. oil, or oint. Suspiryum, i, n. 2. a sigh

Sūtus, a, um. pt. of suo ment of lilies

Suspiro (sub, spiro), are. Sởus, a, um. pron. his, kers, Suspectātus, a, um, pt. sus neut. 1. to sigh; act. to

his or her own, theirt, or pected (pecting breathe out, aspire, desire

their own, proper, pech SuspectYo, onis. f. 3. a sus. feruently

[of lilies

liar, favourable, kind, Suspēcto (sub, vel sursum, Sussynus, a, um. adj. made

lasting, due, leujul, dr & specto), åre. act. !. to Sustentacůlum, i. n. a prop, mestics, relations, friend, look up, or down, behold, a support

core tryinen suspect, or mistrust Sustentatyo, Onis. f. 3. a Suïsmet, pron. his, or their Suspectus, a, um. pt. of şustaining, support, de

(ton, costly sospicio, & adj.seen above, lay, forbearance

Sybariticus, a, um, beheld, suspected, mis- Sustentátor, oris. m. 3. a Sybātes, m. 1. a swineherd trusted, suspicious, hated, helper disliked, odious

(taining Sycaminum, i. 2. 2. a mai Sustentātus, us, m. 4. a sus. berty


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Sycamynus, i. f. 2. a mul tion, assembly, the holy table, table to write on, *berry, fig tree (more cominunion

painter's ocard, or cloth, Sycomorus, i. f. 2. a syca. Syncope, es. f. 1, a syllable, picture-book, letter, bill, Sycon, i. n. 2. a fig

or letter taken out of the bond, will, contract, &c. i Sycophānta, æ. m. 1. a middle of a word

a little billet in which the sycophant, flatterer, Syndicus, i, m. 2. a syndic people brought their sufwheedler, informer, pet. Synecdoche, ēs, f. 1. when frages

tifogger, knave, cheat a part is understood by TabellarYas, a, um. adj. of, Sycophantia, æ. f. 1. deceit, the whole, or the whole by or belonging to tables 'slander

a part

(judge Tabellaríus, i, m. 2. a let. Sycophantyce, adv. like a Synedrus, i, m. 2. senator, ter-carrier, keeper of a sycophant

{ishly Syngrăpha, æ. f. 1. & Syn. register, notary public Sycophantiose, adv. knav. grăphum, i. n. 2. ģ Syn- Taběo, ēre, bui. n. 2. to Sycophantor, ári. dep. I. to graphus, i. m. 2. writing consume, decay, wuste,

play the sycophant, slan. under hand and seal, pine, or melt away der falsely

bond, indenture, articles Taberna, æ. f. 1. a shop, Syllaba, æ. f. l. a syllable of agreement, pass, or or warehouse, tavern, or Syllabātim, syllables passport, safe conduct other drinking-house Syllabycus, a, um, adj. syl- Synodicus, a, um, adj. of, Tabernacŭlum, i. n. 2. labic

(a table
or relating to an assembly

tabernacle, lent, pavilion, Syll&bus, i. m. 2. an indes, Synodyum, 1. n. 2. a con. a little shop Syllaturyo, ire, Tvi, itum. u. gress

Tabernaryus, a, um. adj. of, 4. to wish to act like Sylla Synodus, i, f. 2. a synod, or belonging to shops, or Syllogismus, i, m. 2. a syl. assembly (synonymous taverns

'logism (syllogistical Synonymus, a, um. adj. Tabernarius, i, m. 2. a shopSyllogistycus, a, um. adj. Synopsis, is. f. 3. an in. keeper, tavern-inan, or Sylva, æ, f. vide Silva

ventory, brief


(tavern Sylvānus, i, m, the god of Syntaxis, eos. f. 3. syntax Tabernŭla, æ, f. l. a smail the woods

Syntecticus, a, um. adj. Tābes, is. I. a consumption, Sylvicola. æ. c. g. l. an in. deep in consumption decline, rot, corruption,

habitant of the woods Syntēxis, is. f. 3. a deep gore, poison, infection Symbola, æ. f. 1. a share in consumption (garment Tabēsco, cēré. inc. 3. to a reckuning Synthesyna, æ. f. 1. a rich

consume, decay, celine, Symbolycus, a, um. adj. Synthesis, is, f. 3. a figure waste, or pine atbuy,

symbolical (typically in grammar, a garinent melt, or dissolve (ing Symbolice, adv. darkly, used by the Romans chief. Tabidúlus, a, um. adj. wastSymbolum, i. n. f Symb8 ly in banquets, a suit of Tabidus, a, um, adj. con. lus, i, m. 2. a symbol, clothes, a set of vessels sumptive, consuming, sign, token, badge,watch one within another

wasting, pining away, word, passport, ring, bill, Syrinx, gis, f. 3. a pipe, decayed, rotten, melted

bond, apophthegm, squirt, syringe, fistula, Tabifycus, a, um. adj. apt creed inine

to corrupt, contagious, Symmetrya, æ. f. 1. symme-Syrma, &tis. n. 3, the train infectious, poisonous

try, due proportion of a gown, long garment, Tabitūdo, Ynis. f. 3. a wast Sympathia,æ. f. 1.sympathy long train of words

ing away Symphoula, æ. f. 1. har. Syrtis, is. f. 3. a quicksand Tablynum, i, n. 2. a summer mony, concert

Syrus, i. m. 2. a cave, a parlour made of boards, Symphoniăcus, a, um. adj. vault

a register of, or belonging to har. Systēma, atis. n. 3. a sys- Tabula, æ. f. l. a table,

mony, or concert (wort tem, a body of science writing.table, pair of Symphyton, i. n. 2. wall. Systole, ēs. I. f. a contrac tables, plank, or bourd, Symplēgma, &tis. n. 3. an tion

thin plate, or sheet, picembracing, a joined inar. Spstylos, i, m. f. Systy.

ture, map, book, journal, ble-work

Ton, i. n. 2. the space be. register, or record, ina Symposyum, i. n. 2. a drink tween two pillari

atrument, or deed in law, ing together, feast, ban.

will, bill, or bond, pediquet (symptom

gree, or genealogy Symptoma, atis. 1. 3. a


Tabuláris, e. adj. fit for Synærēsis, is, f. 3. a con.

plates traction [gogue

Tabularyum, i. n. 2. Synagóga, e. f..., a syna. TABANUS, i, osfly, register office, the chin. Sýnalæpha, æ. f. 1. a ,

cery, or exchequer office lision of a vowel left out Tabefactus, a, um. pt. rot- Tabularyus, i, m. 2. a scriv. in scanning

ted, or wasted away, enet, public notary, acor Synānche, es. f. 1. a quinsy moistened

countant Synāxis, ir. f. 3. congregai. Tabella, æ. f. 1. a little Tabulātim, adv. boa




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Tabulatio,dnis. f. 3. a board. Talentum, i. n. 2. a talent, Tantus, a, um, adj. to ** ing, fluoring, boarded Taledla, e. f. 1. a short

30 great, many, Huor, ceiling stuck to graft on

small, so worthy, Tabulatum, i. n. 2. 2 story, Talia, æ. f. 1. a tally or skilful

or floor of a building, Tailo, onis. like for like, Tapes, étis. m. 3. tape hayiofi, deck of a ship, retaliation

These is. n. Tapētun stage, scaffold

Talis, e, adj. much like, Tabum, i, n. 2. gore, cor this

Tarde, adv. slowly, hear rupt blood, 4 puisonous Taliter, adv. in such sort, Tardēsco, ére, 2. to quality, poison or like manner

slow, to loiter Taceo, ere, cui, citum. Tålitrum, i. n. 2. a fillip Tardigradus,

neut. $ act. 2. to hold Talpa, æ. d. g. 1, a mule slow-paced one's peace, be silent, Tāipaua, æ. 1. l. « kind of Tardiloquus, kush, or still, keep secrel,


footed conceal, pass by iu si- Tālus, i. m. 2. the ankle, Tardypes, ēdis. adj. slor lence, omit the pastern, a die

Tarditas, àtis. f. 3. alum Tacitabūndus, a, um. adj. Tam, adv. so, so much, so nesi, dulness silent

very, ni, as much, as well | Tarditüdo, Inis, f. 3. pios Tacite, adv. tacitly, silent. Tamarice, ēs. f. vel' Tama

{słowa ly, secretly, gently, in rix, icis. f. the tamarisk Tardiuscăle, adr. sonra sensibly

Tamdiu, adv. 30 long, 80 Tardiusculus, a, um. adj. Tuetto, adv. idem lung as

somewhat siou, Aeary, Tacitum, i, n. 2. a secret Tamen, conj. yet, notwith. or dull of apprehenses Taciturnitas, àtis. f. 3. si. standing,

nevertheiess, Tārdo, are, t. 1. to stay, lence, secrecy

however, indeed, but, su delay, hinder, impedt, Taciturnus, a, um, adj. si.

keep back lent, cluse, reserved Tamenētsi, conj. although Tårdus, a, um. adj. slos, Tacitus, a, um. pt. of taceo, Tamētsi, conj. albeit, al. slack, tardy, long, heavy

adj. silent, saying no though, yet, notwith dull, stupid, thick, sto thing, mute, dumb, still, standing

unprepared secret, kept secret, cun- Tandem, adv, at length, Tärmes, Itis. ni, a mazgot, cealed, unmentioned at the last Tactylis, e. adj. tangible Tandru, adv. 10 long, su Taura, æ. f. l. a barter com Tactio, onis. f. 3. a tuuch lung time, so long as Taurea, æ. f, a bull's pur iny, « touch

Tango, gěre, tetigi, tāctum. zle, leathern skip Täctus, a, um. pt. of tango

A. 3. lo touch, inty hands | Taureus, a, um. adj. of Tactus, us, m. 4. the sense, un, strike, or beat, blast, buil

of touching, or feeling meddle wiih, attempt,urge, Taurlfer, a, um, adj. Öreeda touch

(riage or push on, move, or Taurifgruis, e, adj. lise : Tæda, æ, f. 1. a torch, mur. fect, ruliy, or banter,

bull Tædifer, a, um. adj. bear. cheat, come to, or reuch, Taurinus, a, um, adj. of ing a torch

be near, enter, besmear Taurus, i, m. 2. a bull; . Tedium, i. n. 2. dislike, Tanquam, adv. as well as, sig" of the zodiac, ces weariness, it ksomeness as it were, usif, as, just stellation

(tolegy Tædůlus, a, ul. adj. weuri.

Tautologla, æ. f. 1. taxness

Tantillålus, a, um. adj. 30 Taxatio, onis. f. 3. 4 tss. Tænla, æ. f. 1. a top knot, din ail

(ever so little


(an asseSSUT ribbun, fillet, or hairlace, Tantilium, adv. 80 little Taxátor, oris. m. wreath, lung vein, sea. Tantillus, n, uin. adj. very Taxčus, a, uin. adj. of you fish, belly-worm

ittle, tiny

Taxillus, i, m. a mall die, Tæmiðla, æ. f. dim. a little Tautisper, adv. so long as, a pile fillet (pered in the mean time

Taxo, áre. act. l. to tas, Tagax, acis. adj. light-fin- Tanto, adv. ou much, by so reprove, or offend Tages, is. f.3.d whitluw much

Taxus, i. f. 2. ayeu, of Talaria, iam. pl. n. 3. shoes Tantopere, adv. so greatly worn by Nercury; the or earnestly

Téchna, æ. f, l. craft, : purti dovut the unkle; Tantálv m, adv, a little trick, shift Routy swellings

Tantülus, a, um. adj. 10 Technici, oram, pl. m. Talaris, e. adj. reaching tu little, so smull

teachers of arts the unkles

Tautum, adv. so much, 30 Techulcus, A, um. adj. Talarius, a, um. adj. u ingny, unly, alune, no Technical dice, or huckle-bumes


Techuophyon, i. Tuiện, xe. f. 1. stuck to Tantummodo, adv. only conjuring

Krafton, graft, or sip, Tautundem, geu. Cantidema, Tēcte, adv. cubertly, clar. billet, or siuke, taily, ereu su much, 110 Juni keuvy bluck

(teret ching, ali uke

Téctor, oris, m. 3. plas.

[ing bulls

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Tectoriðlam, i. R. 2. a lit., Télum, 1. n. 2. a weapon, time, age, ruin, destruc140. rle plaster

dart, arrow, sword, axe, tion pas, rectoryam, i. n. 2. the

tay, or bean of the sun Tempestive, adv. season W plaster,parget, or rough. Temeraryus, a, um. adj. ably, in season, or pru

cast, oj a wall, white rash, foolhardy, indiswash, dissimulation, flat creei, without reason Tempestivitas, átis. f. 3. tery

Temerátor, oris. m. 3. a season Tectoryus, a, um. adj. of, filer

Tempestivo,ady.seasonably or belonging to a plas-Teměre, adv, rashly, unad Tempestivus, a, um. adj. cerer's work

visedly, without cause, or ior, comp. sensonably, in Tectum, i. n. 2. the roof of danger, hardly, scarce. due time, early, ripe, fit a house, a house, abode, iy, confusedly

Témplum, i. n. 2. a tennple, covering Teineritas, atis. f. 3. rash

or church, image, or sta. Tectura, æ. f. 1. a covering ness, indiscretion

tue in a temple, comb, en Tectus, a, um. pt. of tego, Temeriter, adv. rashly, recess, quarter of the of adj. cuveted, shaded, hastily

heavens which in auguconcealed, hidden, proo Temēro, are. a. 1. to vio. ries was marked out with tected, secret, cluse,' re. late, defle; to profane the lituus

Temēntun, i. n. 2. urong Tempora, um. pl. n. 3. the Tēda, æ. f. 1. a pine-tree, toine

temples, the head torch,narriage, wedding, Tēmno, něre, mpsi, mptum. Temporālis, e. adj. teinsong at a wedding, mar. act. 3. to despise, slighi, poral, inconstant, of the ried stue content

lenn ples Tedyfer, a, um, adj. bear. Tēmo, onis. m. 3. a pole of Temporaryus, a, um. adj. tag + t

a carriage, stuke, helm temporary, inconstant Téges, ētis. f. 3. a mat of a ship

Tempore, adv, in time, seg. made of rushes, coarse Temperamentum, i. n. 2. a sonably rug, or coveriet

temperament, mean, go. Tempori, adv, in good time Tegeticŭla, æ, f. l, a lit vernment



comp. tle m6

Temperans, tis. pt. $ adj. very early (despiser Tegillum, i. n. 2.4 little moderating, for bearing, Temptor, oris. m. 3. curering, a hood

paring, temperate, 30- Tempus, Gris. . 3. time, Tegeus, & Tegěæus, a, um.

seusuri, cunvenience, op. Adj. Arcadiun

Temperanter, adv. ius, portunity, occasion, Tegimen, Ynis. n. 2. a co comp. temperately, mo case, or affair, delay, un Deting, garment, clothderately

age, season of the year, ing, coveriet

Temperantia, æ. f. 1. tem. clime, or part of the Tégwen, fois. n. 2. a cover perance, moderation

world, temperament, the ing, clothing, skir, co- Temperate, adv. ids, comp. temples of the head, the mert, shade

temperately, moderately head Tegmentum, i. n. 2. a Temperatto, onis. f. 3. a Temulenter, adv. drunkencovering case

tempering, or mising, ly, sottishly (enness Tego, gère, exi, ēctum. a. constitution, ordering, Temulertia, &e. f. 1. drunk.

3. to cover, conceul, hide, or regulating, manage. | Temulēlius, a, um. adj. dessemble, defend, pre.


(inanuger drunken, drunk serne, protect

Tenperator, oris. m. 3. a Tenacia, æ. f. l. $ Tegúla, æ. f. 1. a tile, e Temperatūra,æ. f. tempera. Tenacitas, atis. f. 3. tena. roof ture, climate

city, tenaciousness, Tegalanèus, e, um. adj. of Temperatus, a, um, pt. $ gripe, stingincus tiles

(thatch adj. tempered, mised, or Tenaciter, adv. tenaciousTegúlum,l. n. 2. a covering, dered, moderated, tem. ly, bravely, continually Tegumeli, Tuis. n. 2. $ Te. perate, moderate, mild Tenax, ācis. adj. tenacions,

gumentuin, i. 1. 2. á co. Temperies, ēi. f. 5. temper. holding Jast, griping, vering, shelter ateness, a season

niggardly, coveteous, Telus, a, am. adj. of Teos Temperles, adv.


stingy, constant to, pero Tela, &. f. l. a web, loom, NuTe early

severing in, oborinate, business, or enterprise Tempěro, áre. act. 1. to headstrong, retentive, Telano, Guis. m. 3. a sup. temper, mix, or single, lasting, tough, clammy port, prop

order, regulate, mude Tendicola, æ. f.' a tentor. Telfer, a, um. adj. carry. Tate, of allay, calın, or hook, snare ing darte

assuage, rale, or govern, Tendines, vel Tendônes, Télis, is. 1. 3. fenugreek restrain, betonpetate, um. pl. m. 3, the tendons, Tellus, üris. f. 3. the earth, or use moderation

the new land, a country, no Tempestas, atis. f. 3. a tem. Téndo, děre, tetēndi, & tên. tion

pest, storm, or commo. di, usum. $ atum. Act. 3. Telos, eðs. n. 3. an end fion, weatherseason, to stretch, or hold out,

(ing thin

cstend, swell, grow, or course, order, state, ac- Tepidus, a, um. adj. is skoot, spread, pitch. cent

(stretch warm, warm, hot, sila tent, or camp, lay, bend, Tensyo, onis.f. 3. extension, in business try, strive, or endeavour, Tensūra, æ, f. 1. an exten- Těpor, Oris. m. 3. waru aim, or aspire, go, pro


Ter, adv. three times, the ceed, or advance, reach, Tēnsus, a, um. pt. of tendo Tercenteni, æ, a. adj. tend, or point

Tentabundus, a, um, adj. three hundred Têndor, oris. m. 3. extension essaying

Tercênti, æ, a. adj. pl. te Tenebræ, árum. pl. f. 1. Tentamen, Ynis. n. an at hundred [dred to

darkness, dark night, a tempt, a proof [proof Tercenties, adv. tkreeks dark place, prison, death, Tentaméntum, i. n. 2. trial, Tercêntum, adj. ince obscurity, difficulties, Tentatio, onis. f. 3. a trial, three hundred inysteries

essaying, temptation, at. Terdecyes, adv. thirty is Tenebricosus, a, um. adj. tack

[tempter Terdêni, æ, a. very durk, black, sturiny Tentător, oris. m. a triet, ten, or thirty Tenebrycus, a, um, adj. Tentīgo, Inis. f. a stretch- Terebinthina, æ. f. turgel dark, obscure ing, stiffness

tine Tenebryo, Onis. m. 3. Tento, äre, a. 1. to try, en- Terebinthinus, a, um, u

nightwalker, a knare de avour, attempt, essay, of, or belonging to t Tenebrosus, a, um,

adj. prove, tempt, aitack, dis pentine dark

(tender Turb,' hurt, or injure, Terebinthus, i. f. 2. Tenellålus, a, um. adj. uery ferl, search about

pentine-tree (bop Tenellus, a, um, adj. some. Tentoriðlum, i. n. 2. a lit- Terebra, æ. f. 1. a bord, what tender, or young,

tle tent (pavilion Terebratio,onis. f. a borze delicate Tentoryum, i. n. 2. a tent, piercing

(per Teněo, ēre, nui, ntum. n. Tentoryus, a, um, adj. of á Terebro, áre, act. 1. to bort 2. to hold, hold fast, hold tent

Terēdo, Ynis. f. 3. a kad on, keep back, keep in, Tēntus, a, um. pt. of tendo worm, a moth keep fixed, cherk, or curb, Tenuatim, adv. thinly, slen. Těres, 'ětis, adj. represa, restrain, stop, or derly

taper, nooth, ever, hinder, forbear, rule, Tenuatro, onis, f. 3. a mak. accurate,

keen, command, manuge, de: Tendis, e. adj. thin, lean, curious tain, engage, amuse, en poor, slender, small, lit. Tergeminus, a, um. tertain, please, or de ile, narrow, mean, SOTTY, threefold, triple light, embrace, maintain, gentle, acute, sharp, sub. Tergěo, ēre, rsi, rsum. 1 support, or dejend, last, ile, fine

2. to wipe, clean, so! or continue, persist, or Tenuitas, ätis. f. 3. thin. einpty persevere, trace, or pur. ness, iranness, slender-Terginus. a, um. adj. ! sue, drive, reach, or arrive ness, poverty, subtilty


[lass at, beset, or besiege, take, Tenuiter, ads, thinly, poor. Tergiversanter, adv. 30 seize upon, apprehend, slenderly, lightly, Tergiversario, onis. I. secure, bind, convict, win, nicely,, finely, closely backwardness carry point, accorn concisely

Tergiversàtooris. m. 3 plish, perfurm, have, en. Tenŭo, are. a. 1. to make Tergiversor (tergum, joy, poness, dwell in, or thin, lean, or slender, SO), ari. dep. 1. to sho inhabit, grow, take root, lessen, waste away

trifle, boggle, beft, fill, contain, retain, re- Těnus, us. m. 4. a onare, a back

{te member, observe, repre gin

(as, only Tērgo, gěre, rsi, rsun. sent, understand, be cau. Tenus, præp. up to, as far Tergoro, are. act. 1. toc tions, meet with

Tepefacio (tepeo, facio), with a skin, &c. to be Tener, a, um, adj. tender, căre, fēci, factum. act. 3. Tērgam, i. n. the back yuung, pliant,

to warm (made warm hide, or skin, eta dainty, delicate, effemi. Tepefactus, a, adj.

buckler, the top, or nate, gentle, soft, merci. Tepefio (tepeo, fio), fieri. of a hill

neut. pass. 3. to be luke. Tirgus, oris. n. 3. a 3 Teneråsco, ère. inc. 3. to

(warm, or hot

or skin, achine grow tender

Tepěo, ēre, pui: n. to be Termentarium, i. . Teněre, adv. tonderly, nice. Tepēsco, cěre. inc. 3. to linen cloth ly, gently

grow warın, or tough, Tërmes, Ytis, m. 3. a Teneritas, &tis. f. 3. tender.

Jerment, relent, cool or twig, a maggo, ness, stress

Tepidarium, i. n. a hut Teneriter, adv. tenderly bath, caldron Teneritiddo, Ynis, f. 3. soft- Tepede, adv. iùs, comp. Termiuatio, ovis. ,

(warmly Terminālis, e, adj. bu (costivenen Tepidu, are. act. I. to warm Tenēsmus, i, m. 2. a violent Tepidůlus, a, um, adj. surre

duuuding, end, or uor, bris. m. 3. & tenour,

clusion, determinatin what warn

Termino, &re. act.




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