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Suasyo, onis, f. 3. a coun. Sabagitatio, Ouis. f. 3. a Sabcæno, äre, n. 1. toutselling, advice


fish, rude

dersup Suāsor, oris. m. a coun- Subagrēstis, e. adj. clown. Subcontumeliose, adv. resellor, adviser

SubalbYdus, a, um, adj. prouchilly Suasorius, a, um. adj. somewhat white

Subcrispus, 2,

adj. exhortative (Suasio Subālbus, a, um. adj. idem curled Suāsus, us. in. 4. id. qu. Subalpinus, a.un. adj. Suberūdus, a, um. adj. par. Suaveolens, tis, adj. sweet. under the Alps {terish

boiled, not ripe [oloosy smelling

(ing Subamārus, a, um. adj. bit. Subcruēntas, a, um. adj. Suaviātio, onis. m. 3. a kiss. Subaquilus, a, um. adj. Subcuneātus, a, um. aaj. Suaviãtor, Oris. m. 3. somewhat brown

formed somewhat like kisser

[ty, merry Subaratyo, onis, f. 3. a wedge Suavidycus, a, um adj. pret ploughing

Subcūstos, odis. m, 3. AR Suavillum, i, n. 2. a sweet Sabarātor, oris. m. 3. a under-keeper cuke

plougher under, plougher Subdebilis, e. adj. weakly Suaviloquens, tis. adj. plen. deeper, or below

Subdebilitātus, a, um. adj. sant in speech, agreeable, Subarēsco, cere. 1. to be wenkened courteous

somewhat dry

Subdiālis, e, adj. in the air, Suaviloqueutya, æ. f. sweet Subargutúlas, a, um, adj. open

(wha! kard language

anonewhat shrill (divly Subdifficilis, e. adj. sone Suaviloquus, a, um. adj. Subaryde, adv. somewhat Subdiffido, dêre. neut. 3.

courteous,sweet, pleasant, Subăro, áre. a. 1. to ear, or to ditst ust agreeable

plough up

Subdititius, a, um,

adj. Suavio, onis. f. @kisser, Subarroganter, adv. some counterfeit, forged sweetheart

what proudly

Subditivus, a,

adj. Suaviðlum, i. n. 2. a little Subăsper, a, um. adj. suppositicious kiss, a lover

somewhat harsh

Subdito, áre, a. 1. to gixr, Suavior, ari. dep. 1. to Subāter, tra, trum. adj. or ininister kiss, caress


(tening Subditus, a, um, adj. pst Suāvis, e, adj. sweet, plea-Subauscultaus, tis. pt. lis. under, subjected, sub.

sant, agreeable, courteous Subauscultător, oris. nu. 3. orned, raised, counter Suavitas, ätis, f. 3. sweet. a listener


(tinue ness, pleusure

Subausculto, áre. act. 1. SubdYu, adv. in the deg. Suaviter, adv. sweetly, to listen,' hearken tu, sūbdo, děrě, didi, ditam. .. pleasantly, delightfully overhent

3. to put under, gut, subSuavitūdo, inis. f. sweet. Sabaustērus, a, um. adj. sritule, supply, set beture, ness, delight

somewhat tart, sour, or charge with, accuse fakeSuavíum, i. n. 2. a kiss ; a severe

ly, forge, counterfeit & sweetheart, dear, dur. Subbälbe, adv. stammer- Subdocèo, ēre, củi, ctum. ling ingly

act. 2. to teach somewhat, Sáb, præp. under, about, Subbaillo, onis. m. an un be a usher

[user near to, next after, a lit der-sinister

Subdoctor, oris, m. 3. AN tle before, at the point of, Subbasilicăgus, i, m. 2. an Subdoctus, a,

um. pt. of in, under the power of exchange-unlker

subdoceo sningly before (absurdly Subbybo, běre. act. 3. to Subddle, adv. craftily, as Subabsürde, adv. somewhat drink a little, a tipple Subdolus, a, um. adj. de Sababsurdus, a, um, adv. Subblandyor, iri, itus. d. 4. ceitful, crafry, cunning Somewhat absurd, or in

to wherdic (bluish Subdomo, are. a. 1. to tame proper

Subcærůlus, a, um. adj. Subdubito, are. neus. Subaccūso, are. act. 1. Subcandidus, a, um. adj. doubt somewhat to blame

whitish '(low under Subdūco, cére, ūvi, uctam. Sa bacidůlus, a, um, adj. Subcăvus, a, um. adj. hol. act. 3. to draw, or take

sourish (what sout Subcenturio, onis. m. 3. away, withdraw, remone, Subacidus,a, um. adj. some a lieutenant

steal, hold, or keep back, Subactio, onis. f. a kneud-Subcernicŭlum, i. 1. 2. a count, or reckon ing, working fine boulter

Subductio, onis, f. 3. & de. Subāctus, a, um. pt. of sa. Subcērno, něre. a. to dress duction, removal, draubigo [ing in a boulter

ing on shore sabdeco Subäctus, us. m. 4. a knead. Subcineritius, a, um. adj. Subductus, a, um, pt. of Sabadmověo, ere. a. 2. to baked under the ashes Subdulcēsco, cere. 1. 3. to put gently to (sickish Subcingo, gěre. act. 3. to stor sweetisk Såbæger, gră, grum. adj. fortily, or fence

Subdülcis, e, adj. sweetish Subægre, adv. sickly, hard. Subsing ålum, i. n. 2. a Sqbdurātor, Gris. m. 3.


hardener what hard rätus,

R, um. adj, Subcoactus, a, um, adj. Subdūrus, a, um. adj. someed with brasa made into felt

Subědo, děre, ēdi, esura

tree, cork


act. 3. to eat, or wear Subjectum, i, n. 2. a sub. Subitus, a, um. adj. hasty, any underneath ject

sudden, unexpecied Suběá, bire, bivi, vel byi, Subjēctus, a, um. pt. of Subjugāle, is.' n. 3. bitum. n. act. 4. to go subjicio, $ adj. subject,

[subduing under, or into, enter, obedient, 'following, li- Subjugatio, onis. f. 3. 2 come into, come into one's able, exposed, set, or put Subjugător, oris. m. 3. a mind,

urise, spring, contained, compre. tainer grow, or climb up, sur. hended (brining under Subjúgis, e. adj. accustom. ceed, follow, seize, or Sabjectu, abl. m. 4. by ed to drain steal upon,

undergo, Subigo (sub, ago), gěre, Subjugium, i. n. a bow to bear, or sustain, suffer, bēgi, bactum. act. 3. 10 fasten the yoke undertake, interpose, an. bring under, subdue, Subjūgo, are. a. I, to subswer, or reply

force, compel, push, or due to defeat Sūber, ēris. n. 3. cork. thrust, push on, bear, or Subjúgus, a, um, adj. used

(raise up pound, plouzh, dig, or to itu (subjunctive Suberigo, gěre. act. 3. to cast up, till, or rub, Subjauctivus, a, um, adj. Subērro, are. n. to stroke, whet, or sharpen Subjūnctus, a, uin. pt. of under, or nsttry

Subjicio (sub, jăcio), cére, added, sel, or put upon Subfervefacio, cere. act. 3. jēci, jēctum. act. 3. to Subjūngo,gěre, nxi, nctuin. to heat, warm

lay, set, or put under, a. 3. to subjorn, reply, Subfervesio (sub, ferveo, subject, submit, set bea join, harness, yoke, bring

fio), fieri, factus. n. p. to fore, suggest, put in the under, or sundue be somewhat heated


of substitute, Sabiábor, bi, äpsus. dep. 3. Subfervidus, a, umn. adj. Jorge, subotn, set, or to slip, or fail down, slip hottish

lisi up, raise, anser, Te. away, escape, fall, decay, Subfibulo, äre, n. 1. toclasp ply, add, inspire, sell ebb beneath flowish publicly

Sublāpsus, a, um. pt. Subflavus, a, um. adj. yel. Subimpetro, āre, act. 1. to Sublate, adv. loftily, subSubfrigide, adv. rather

obtain by entreaty

limely, haughtily, pruud. coldly (confound Subimpūdens, tis.

adj. Subfñudo, dere. act. 3. to over-bold

Sublatěo, ēre. neut. 2. to Subfuscus, a, um. adj. Sübin, adv. forwith, after fie concealed brownish


(einpty Sublatio, önis. f. 3. a lift. Subgero, gessi, gestum. 3. Subinanyo, ire. act. 4. io in suv, taking away

to place after, put off Subinānis, e. adj. somewhat Sublatus, a, um. pt. of tollo Subgrandis, e. adj. pretty vain

Sublēcto (sub, lacto), àre. big

(greviuus Subinde, adv. upon which, act. 1. to decoy, chouse, Subgrăvis, e. adj. somewhat thereupon, after that, stroke Subgründa, æ. f.). the

afterwards, frequently, Sublēctus, a, um pt. of cares of a house

often, now and then, pre- Sublēgo, gěre, ēgi, ectum. Subgrundva, orum. pl. n. 2. sently, 800n after, in a act. 3. to read cursorily,

to stick
little time

pick up softly, steal, Subhæreo, ere, si, sum. n. Subinfo, uěre, neut, 3. Choose Subhorride, adv. rather to flow under, or into S.blēstus, a, um. adj. faint,

Toughly (1 aroured Subinsülsus, a, um. adj. weak, decayed, thin slena Subburridus, a, um. adj. ill somewhat silly

der, of nu esteem, of no Subhumidus, a, um. adj. Sabintelligo, gěre. 2. 3. nalne

(helping moisrish

to understand

Sublevatio, onis. 'f. 3.4 Subjacěo, ere, cui. neut. Subinviděo, ēre. act. 2. to Sublevo, are. act. 1. to lift, 2. to lie beneath, or be. envy a little

or hold up, raise, hely, low, to be subject Subinvisus, a, um. adj. aid, or succour, case, Subjä сto, āre. act. 1. to somewhat hated

lighten, or lessen, relieve throu up (ping-post Subinvito, āre. act. 1. to Subiica, æ, f. 1. a prop, Subiculam, i. n. 2. q whip invite one in a manner, shore, pile Subidus, a, um, adj. nasty, invite faintly

Sublicius, a, um, adj. made filthy

Subinvitus, a, um. adj. of piles Subjecta, æ. f, 1. the basis, rather against his will Subligaculum, i. n. 2. or bottom

Subirascor, ci, atus. dep. 3. breeches, drawers, trowSubjecte, adv. submissively to be half angry, or dis. sens, slops

(trues Subject'o, Onis. f. 3. a Iny pleased

Subligar, äris. n. 3. ing, or putting, addition, Subirate, adv. somewhat Subligatio, onis. f. 3. forgery

angrily (den, hasty binding Subjecto (sub, jacto), åre. Sabitaněus, a, um. adj. sud- Subigo, are. act. 1. to un.

act. 1. to throw up, put Subitartus, a, un. adj. derbind, bind, or tie, under, supply (Jorger speedıly raised

gird, fasten Subjector, oris. m. 3. a Subito, adv. suddenly, hus. Sublime,adv. on high, aloja


Sublimen, Yois. A, 3. the ered, put under, bowed, Suborno,åre. a. I. to subora, lintel

bent, submissine, humble, send, or instruct privato Sublimis, e. adj. sublime, low, mean, pitiful

ly, set forth lofty, high, on high, tall, Submitto, těre, isi, issum. Subortas, us. m. 4. a rising erect, haughty act. 3. to send privntely, Subpætůlus,

um. adj. Sublimitas, atis. f. 3. sub send, or supply with, cast, pink-eyed (turn paie

limiry, height (on high Iny, hold, or hang down, Subpallēsco, cère. inc. 3. Sublimiter, adv. sublimely, lower, humble, subject, Subpallide, adv. somewka Sublimo, äre, A. 1. to oubli. bow, or bend, submit, palely

(paliss mate, extol

yield, plant, reserve, let Subpallidus, a, um. adj. Sublimus, a, um, adj. lofty grow

Subpērno, äre. act. 1. to Sublingto, önis. m. 3. a Submolēste, adv. grievously hamstring, or cut in the scullion Submolestus, a, um. adj.

ham Sublinitus, a, um. pt. of troublesome

Subpinguis, e. adj. fattist Subiino, něre, lēvi, lini, Submopěo, uēre, nui, nytum, Subrancidus, a, um, sd.

livi, Itum. act. 3. to a. 2. to put in mind, hint, somewhat stale anoint, besmear, grease, prompt, warn

Subraucus, a, um. adj. : to deceive, mock Submorděo, ere. a. 2. to bite

little hourse (subrig, Subitus, a, um. pt.


(peevish Subrēctus, a, um. pt. of Sublividus, a, um. adj. black Submorosus, a, um. adj. Subrefectus,

um. pt. and blue

Submotor, aditus, a beadle, somewhat refresked, or Sablucanus, à, um. adj. porter


(1913 about daybreak, before Submotus, pt. of submoveo Subremigo, are. n. 1. to row, daylight

Submotus, us. m. 4. a re- Subrēpo, père, ēpsi, èptaz. Sublucěo, ēre, uxi. n. 2. to monal

neut. 3. to creep along, of glimmer, shine feebly Submověo, ēre, övi, ötum. upon, creep from under, Sublūnis, e. adj. inoonshiny act. 3. to remove, with. steal softly, unawares, or Sublúo, uēre, ui, atum. a. draw, draw back, off, or by little and little

3. to worsh, or bathe away, dismiss, discharge, Subreptio, onis, f. 3. a steal Subluridus, a, um, adj. keep off, or out, part ing away

(stoles polish {ing Subnăto, are, act. 1. to swim Subreptitius, a,

um. adj. Sublāstris, e. adj. gliminer. under

Subreptito, áre. 2. 1. ta Sublūtus, a, um. pt. of sub- Subnēcto, tère, exui, exum. creep along [subripio luo

a. to bind, to fasten, join, Subrēptas. a, um. pt. af Subluvies, ei. f. 5. filth, add, subscribe (deny Subriděo, ere, isi, isun. e. urdure, the foul Subnego, äre. act.

2. to smile Submânó, āré. Deut. 1. to Subnexus, a, um. pt. of Subridicăle,adv. ridiculous How softly

subnecto (blackish Subrygo (sub, erfgo), gěre, Submergo, gěre, rsi, rsum. Subnyger, grå, grum. adj. rēxi, rēctum. act. 3. to

a. 3. to dig, or plunge, Subnixus, a, um. pt. of lift, or raise up

Subrygo, åre. act. 1. to us. Submeridiānus, a, um, adj. Subnðto, áre. act. 1. to ter, or beden about noon

note, or mark

Subrigüus, a, um, adj. wete Submersyo, onis. f. 3. a Subnábs, a. f. 1. a second tish

(a little plunging (drowner wife, an intruder

Subringor, gi, dep. 3. to fret Submērsor, oris. m. 3. a Suboubylus, a, um. adj. Sabripto (sub, rapio), pēte, Submērsus, a, um. pt. of cloudy

pui, rēptum, act. 3. to submergo

Súbo, äre, neut. 1. to grunt steal, take away, prevent, Subiněrus, a, um, adj. with Subobscænus, a, um. adj. or intercept out mixture, pure

sinutty Locurely Subrogo, are. a. 1. to end Subminta, a. f. 1. a scarlet Subobscure, adv. rather ob. stitute, put in the place

coat, a red petticoat Subobscurus, a, um. adj. of, appoint, add to Subministrator, oris. m. 3. obscure, dark, hard to be Subrostrānus, i, m. arte a furnisher, or supplier understood


(rounds Subministro, åre. act. 1. to Subodiðsus, a, um. adj. im. Subrotundus, a,

um. RCI serve, furnish, or supply pertinent

Subruběo, ere, bui. neut. with Suboffendo, děre, di, en.

to blush

( what red Submisse, adv. submissive sum. act. 3. tu offend, or Subråber, a, um. adj. sont ly, humbly, with a low displease a little

Subrubicundus, a, um, adi Suboleo, ere, lui, Mtum. Tuddy Submissim, adv. softly

[as neut. 2. to smell, or sa. Subrufus, a, um. adj. red. Submissio, onis. f. 3. sub. vour a little, suspect, or Subramo (sub, ruma), art. mission, softness of speech mistrust

act. 1. to put to suck, pse bmissus, a, um. pt. of, % Suboles, is. f. 3. a shoot, to the teat

1. ior, comp. sent, lei, breed, hair (to arise Subramus, a, um. adj. suck hanging down, low. Suborior, iri, Ortus. dep. 4. Subrüo, uěre, ui, atum.




3. to overthrow, throw, or Subsidiaryus, a, um, adj. Sabstrātus, us. m. 4. a cust down, destroy, twin, auxiliary (relieve spreading under underinine

Subsidyor, åri, d. 1. io help, Substrictus, a, um. of, % Subrūptus, a, um. pt. of Subsidyum, i, n. 2. aid, help, adj. ior,

comp. bound subrumpo, hollowed, worn assistance, relief, suc hurd under, girtin, away

cour, support, stay, re. plucked up, close, small, Subrustyce, adv. rustically fuge, rescue, harbour, slender Subrusticus, A, um. adj. subsidy

Substringo, gěre, nxi, icclownish

Subsido, dēre, sēdi, sēssun. tum, act. 3. to bind, tie, Subrutilus, R, um, adj. yel. neut. 3. to subside, sink or truss up, hale in, te

lowish, ruddy, golaen, down, settle, stop, or stay, press, or restrain, con. bright

abate, stoop down, couple, tract Sabrůtur, a, um. pt. of sub


Substructio, onis. f. 3. an ruo, undermined, buried Subsigno, äre. act. 1. to

under pinning Subsālsus, a, um, adj. salt. sig", or seal, to confirm Substructor, oris. m. 3. ish

Subsilo (sub, salyo}, īre, propper up (dations Sabsānno (subi, sanna), áre. lui f livi, sūltum. neut. Substructum, i. n. 2. a fuun.

act. 1. tu laugh to scorn, 4. to leap, or skip a little, Substrūctus, a, um. pt. of de ide

start up, ascend

Substrůo, úěrě, uxi. act. to Subscribo, běre, ipsi, īp- Subsimilis, e. adj. resem build, to lay

tum. act. 3. to subscribe, bling (tish-nosed Subsūitim, adv. by leaps, write under, write, regis. Subsimus, a, um, adj. fat. or jumps ter, add a prayer, join, Subsipto (sub, sapio ), păre. Subsûlto (sub, salto), áre. favour, approve of

neut. 3. not to be very peut. 1. to leup, jump, Subscriptio, onis. f. 3. a wise, not to savour

skip, pant

(a hop subscription, registering, Subsistentya, æ. f. 1. sub- Subsúlius, us. m. 4. a jump, prayer, addition

sistence, the bottom Subsum, ésse, fúi, n. s. 10 Subscriptor, öris. m. 3. a Subsisto, těre, stiti, stytum. be under, be intended,

subscriber, favourer, neut. 3. to subsist, super join to, be near, or at

prompter (fastening purt, withstand, resist, hand, lurk privately, Subscus, ūdis. f. 3. a juini, stand still, stop, stay, or arise, bc, remain, help Subsecīvus, a, um. adj. cut abide, doubt, hesitate Subsürdus, a, um, adj.deaf

off', retrenched, leji, bor- Subsolánus, i, m. 2. an eastTuwed, stolen, spare, lei. wind

Subsūtus, a, um. pt. of sure

Subsortyor, iri, itus. dep. subsuo, stiched ubout Subsčco, āre, cui, ctum. 4. to choose by lot after Subtārdus, a, um. adj. act. 1. to cut down, mow, others

rather slow (roof pare

Subsortitro, önis. f. 3. a Subtēgmen, Ynis. n. 3. the Subsectus, a, um. pt.

choosing by lot [roof Subtegulaneus, a, um. adj. Subsecundarius, a, um. adj. Substāmen, Ynis. n. 3. the of tiles at leisure

sabs Substantia, æ. f. l. sub-Subtěgo, gěre, tēxi, tēxtum. Subsecutus, a, um. pt. of stance, matter, goods, es a. 3. tu cover a little, to Subseděo, ére, ēdi. n. 2. io

tate, wealth

hide sink down

Substantivus, a, um. adj. Subtēmen, Ynis. n. 3. the Subsellum, i, n. 2. a bench, substantive

woof; the lining of a or seat, session, judges Substērno, nêre, strāvi,

garment upon the bench

strátum. a. 3. to strew, Subtēnsa, æ. f. l. a chord Subsentio, ire, usi, usum. luy, or put under, bring Subtēntus, a, um. pt. of a. to surmise

under, subject, prostitute subtendo Subsēquor, i, cûtus. dep. 3. Substillum, i. n. 2. a driz Subtendis, e. adj. somewhat to follow after, second, zling, or very small rain,

slender a strangury

Subrepide, adv. lukewarmly Subsěro, rēre, sēvi, situm. Substitão sub, statuo), Sabter, præp. under

act. 3. to sow, or set un. uěre, ui, utum. act. 3. io Sūbter, adv. underneath, der, or after

substitute, or appoint, beloto, under, privately Subservyo, ire, Tvi, itum, n. set bejure, represent Subtercutaneus, a, um, adj.

to serve, be subject, se. Substitâtus, a, um, pt. of lying under the skin; cond, or humour substituo

morbus, the dropsy Sabsessor, oris. m. 3. a lier Sübsto, stāre, stiti, stytum. Subterdiu, adv. in the day

(sediment n. 1. to stand still, stop, time Subsidentia, æ. f. a settling, support himself

Subterduco, cěre. A. 3. to Subsiděo (sub, sedeo), ēre, Substrāmen, Ynis. 11. 3. withdraw, to steal uwy sēdi, sessum. neut. 2. to atraw, litter

(idem Subterfão, uěre, ûxi, ûxum. settle at the bottom, rest, Substramēntum, i. n. 2. n. 3. to now, or run under atay, or, remain, stop, Substrātus, a, um. pt. of Subterfugio, gěre, fügis tarry behind, lie in wait substerno

Ytam, act. 8. to escape

praise, imitate

to be angry

give one the slip, elude, shift, waistcoat, kind of Suburbium, i, n. 2. the main shun, or avoid cake

uros Subterjacro, ère. a. 3. to Subuculatus, a, um. adj. Suburgěo, ēre, rsi, 7535 cast utider

wearing a shirt, wearing act. 2. to pusk, thrust, a Subterlābor, bi, āpsus, dep. a waistcoat

put forward 3. to run, or tuis under. ; Subvectlo, onis. f. 3. a car. Subūro, rĕre, ûssi, üste neath


(carry often a. 3. to scorch Subterlyno, něre. act. 3. to Subvēcto, āre. act. l. 10 Subvülsus, a, um, pt. oj se

anoint underneath Subvēctus, a, um. pt. of Subvultursus, * Sabre Subterlŭo, uěre. act. 3. to subveho (reyance turinus, a, um. adj. *** flow under

Subvēctus, us. m. 4. C'11 seinbling, or like so Subterměo, äre, n. to run, Subvēho, here, ēxi, ictum. ture, ravenous, blackout or pass under

act. 3. to carry, convey Succedaněas, a, un. Subtěro, rĕre, trivi, tritum. uring up, e8161

that cometh in the plac act. 3. to bruise, pound, Subvenyo, ire, ēni, éntum. of another, surcredint break, fret

neut. 4. tu help, relieve, Succēdo, děre, essi, ēsses Subterpedanēum, i. 1. 2. succout

neut. 3. to srecees. je a footstool

Subventančus, a, um. adj. low, come, or be ner Subterpēndens, tis. pt.

windy, addle, Tutten, approach, come to, or 1> hanging under spoiled

der, enter, prusper, the Subterraneus, a, um. adj. Subvēnto, āre.

n. 1. to

happen, be like, or to subterranco18, secret, Come and assist

semble private [underneath Subvēntus, us. m. a com- Succěndo [sub, canden Subtersěco, äre. act, to cut iug suddenly

děre, di, nsum. act. 3. Subtervolo, áre. neut. 1. Subverbūstus, a, um, adj. set on fire, kindie, to fly under

often beuten; subst, a Hame, burn, be angry Subtexo, xễre, xui, stum. Togue, a slave

Succenséo, ĉie, sai 1. act. 3. to weave, inter- Subverěor, ēri, itus. d. 2. weave, subjuin, cover, or 10 reverence

Suscēnsus, a, um. pt. hide, apply

Subversyo, onis. f. 3. an succendo Subtilis, e. adj. subtle, overthroto (overthrow Succentivus, a, um, adj. of kren, sharp,

shrewd, Subverso, are. act. 1. tv Succēntor, oris. acule, witty, fine, sinull, Subvērsor, Oris. m. 3. a

subchanter thin, nice, exquisite subverter

Succenturiãtus, i, m. 2.. Subtilitas, átis. f. 3. sub. Subvērsus, a, um. pt, of representative, a TesETTE

tilly, shrewdness, fine. Subvērto, těre, ti, rsum. Succenturio, are. act. 1. ness, thinness

act. 3. to subveri, IUTT recuit, substitute Subtiliter, adv. subtilly, up, or upside down

Succèutus, us. m. 4. keenly, arifully, ingeni. Subvespērus, i, m. the west

brass in inusic ously, finely, slenderly, southwest wind

Succērda, æ. f, nicely, curiously, exqct. Subvēxus, a, um. adj. arched Succērno, běre, crèri, aci ly, carefully Subviriais, e. adj. greenish

3. tu 8110 Subtimčo, ēré, ui. 2, 2. to Subůla, æ, f. 1. a budkin, Succèssa, orum. pl. .. ! be hat-afrund an awl

successes Subtonděo, ēre. act. 2. to Subulāris, e. adj. belong. Successio, onis. f. 2. tu clip underneath ing to a cobler

succession, success, telo Subtractio, vuis, f. 3. sub-Subůlcus, i, m. 2. a swine ing another's plare traction


Successor, oris. m. 3. C Subtractus, a, um. pt. of Subulo, onis, m. 3. a piper,

succeda Subtraho, hěre, axi, actum. a hitt called a spiiter, Successus, a, un. pt. onbiruct, take young deer

Succēssus, us. m. 4. 13 away, diminish, withdruw, Subvõio, āre. n. 1. to fly cess, retirement keep frum, druw out aloj!, 10 fly

Succida, æ. f. 1. se Subtristis, e. adj. sumewhat Subvõlvo, věre. act. 3. to shorn wool sid (tero

(the suburbs Succida, æ, f. 1. & fitch Subtritus, a, um, pt. of sub. Suburbāna, örum. pl. n. 2. bacon, collop, dainty Subrurpicůlus, , umn. adj. Suburbanitas, ātis. f. 3. the Succido (sub, cædo), der inean, pour

(buse neighbourhoud of the di, isum. &. 3. to Subturpis, e, adj. some whit suburbs, nearness

duun, inou, jell Subtus, ady, wrider, under. Suburbanum, i. n. 2. a Succido (sub, cado). dere neuth

house without the walls di, cāsum. u. 3. to fax Subtūsus, a, um. pt. of sub of a city, a villa, sum. down, fail, lotter [jaart

tundo, beaten, pounded mer-house, a country. Succydus, a, um, adj. mots', Subvădes, um. pl. m. 3. house

Succidŭus. a, under-sureties

Suburbānus, a, um, adj, in Subucůla, æ, f. l. a shirt,

sinking, bending, totie the suburbs

ing filtering




roll up

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