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Silvēster, tris, tre, adj. of a tion, figure, picture, or Singultus, os. m. 4. & sob,

wood,woody, wild, savage, atatue, image, forin, clucking Tustic

(in wood's shadow, ghost, phantom, Singulus, a, um, adj. each, Silvicola, æ. c.g. one living trace, footstep (innage every, one by one, per Silvicultrix, Tcis. f. 3. idein Simulámen, Ynis. n. 3. an ticular, single alone, at Silvifrăgus, a, um. adj. Similans, tis. $ adj. re only

breaking, or crushing the seinbling, mimicing, imi- Sinister, tra, trum. adj. tk monds (woods tating, pretending

left, unlucky, unforts Silvyger, a, um. adj. bearing Simulāte, adv. feignedly nate, untoward, unkind Silosus, a, um, adj. wody Simulatio, onis. f. 3. a dis. Sinisteritas, atis. f. 3. ** Silvůla, e. f. 1. 'a litile sembling, pretence, dis Iuckiness

(hard wood, a copse guise, insincerity

Sinistra, ady. on the left Sitūrus, i, m. 2. a shad Simulātor, oris. m. 3. an Sinistra, &. f. 1. the left Silus, i. n. 2. vide Silo hypocrite (sembler hand Sima, æ. f. 1. the top part Simulatrix, icis. f. a dis- Sinistre, adv.unfortunate;

of a pillar (mimic Simålo, are. a. 1. tu make Sinistrorsum, Sinistro Simya, æ. f. 1. an upe, a like, resemble, feign, dis sùs, adv. toward, or Simila, æ, f. 1. flour, fine semble, pretend

the left hand, or side meal

( fine

Aour Simültas, ātis. f. 3. secret Sino, ère, sīvi, situm. : Similacěus, a, um. adj. of. hatred, dissembled malice, to suffet, petiit, aliu, Similngineus, a, um, adj. of a grudge, quarrel

give leave fine four

Simůlus, a, um, adj. flat. Sinopicus, a, um, adj. Similāgo, Ynis. f. 3. fine nosed

sinoper stout (semblance Simus, a, um. adj. flat-nosed Sinopis, Ydis. f. 3. sinere Similāmen, Ynis. n. 3. a te Sin, conj. but it, if not. Sinuamen, Inis, n. 3. a niso Similis, e. adj. like, similar Sināpe, is. n. 3. & Sināpi, n. ing

(crocki Similiter, adv. in like man. indecl. & Sinapis, is. 1. 3. Sinuãtus, a, um. pt. ben, ner, agreeably

inustard-seed (mustard Sinum, i. n. vel potils Simihtas, ātis. f. 3. id. qu. Sinapinus, a, um. adj. of nus, i. m. 2. a silkps Similitudo, Ynis, f. 3. a simi. Sinapismus, i, m. 2. a sina. boul, churn litude, likeness, resem pism

(mustard Sinđo, áre. act. 1. to wish blunce, comparison Sinapīzo, äre. act. 1. to turn, bend Simylo, áre. act. 1. to re. Sincére, adv. sincerely, Sinuose, adv. intricately semble

(tle ape plainly, without disguise, Sinuosus, a, um. adj. et Simiðlus, i, m. 2. dim, a lit. purely

ing, turning, bendra

. SimYus, i, m. 2. an ape, a Sinceritas, ātis. f. sincerity, crooked, plaited, rentia mimic


ing, inmost, inward Simo, onis. m. 3. one born Sincerter, adr, sincerely, Synus, us. m. 4. the box

without nostrils, or that sincērus, a, um. adj. sin. breast, heart, lap, s hach a flat nuse; a name cere, downright, honest, sail, guif, bay, cer given to dolphins

plain, whole, sound, pure winding, spire, rigg Simo, are. act. 1. to make SincYput, Ytis. n. 3. the fore. hole, or höllore, mida flat part of the head, a hog's

inner part, secret plan Simplex, Ycis. adj. simple, cheek salted

protection, defence, com single, unmixed; down. Sindon, 8nis, f.3. fine linen, pass, teath, power Tight, sincere, honest;


Syou, or SYum, i. R... plain, homely; nean, of. Syne, præp. without

ter.parsley dinary; silly, foolish ; Singillatim, adv. one by one Siparfum, i. n. 2.. a carte straight, direct

Singularis, e. adj. singuiar, Sipho, Sīpo, Siphon, til Simplicitas, ätis, f. 3. sim. particulur, peculiar, ex m. 3. a sipkor, w piicity

traordinary, single, one cock, pipe, or tube, da Simpliciter, adv. simply, alone, alone, by itself nel, syringe, squirt purely, sincerely, honest. Singularitas, ātis. f. 3. sin. Siphuncălus, i. m. 2. &il nakedly, plainly, gularity

cock freely

Singulariter, adv. in the Sipöntum, opp. Sporio, Simplicitus, adv. idem fingular number, singu. Siquando, ady. if et Simplus, a, um, adj. simple, larly, particularly, above time

(s one only

all others, singly Siquidem, conj. i 30 Simpålom, i. n. 2. a chalice, Singularius, a, um. adj. Siquis, qua, quod, & 9 or cup used in sacrifices single, one by one

pron. if any one, i Simpuvium, i, n. 2. idem Singulātim, adv. particu person Symul, adv. together, at the larly

Siren, ēnis. 3. same time, at once, as Singültim, adv. with sobs mermeid; music, me

Juon, as soon as, moreover Singuluo, Tre, Ivi, tum. n. Siryus, a, um, adj. Simulácrum, i. n. 2. a te 4. to sob semblance,

Čten, gasp

dog star, sultry representa | Singülto, áre, n. io sob of. Sirpe, is. 2. 3. lasctv

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Sirpěn, æ, f. 1. a mat, or Smēgma, štis. n. 3. soap, accomplice, arsistant

sasket made of rushes, a a washball (sonpy Socordia, o Secordía, æ. f. Finnbrel

Smegmaticus, a, um. adj. 1. sloth, sluggishness, inSırpicůla, æ. f. a twig, bds. Smilax, ăcis, f. 3. a yew; dolence, inactivity, cart. ket, a pruning-hook an hero

lessness Sirpicŭlus, i, m. 2. a small Smyrna, æ, f. 1. myrrh Socorditer, adv, slothfully, twig

Soboles, is. f. 3. issue, off cirelessly Sirpo, are. act. 1. to bind,

spring, the young of any Socors, dis. adj. sluggish, or plait with rushes, or thing, a shoot

regardless, senseless tuig 8

(twig, mat Sobolēsco, cěre. incep. 3. Socrus, us. f. a mother-inSirpus, i. m. 2. rush, to multiply

lau Sisára, æ, f. 1, heath Sobrye, adv. soberly, tem- Sodalis, is. c. g. 3. a com. Siser, Kris. n. Ở m. 3. a perately, carefully, wise panion, cuintade, par. skittet-root, a parsnip ly, advisely

taker, of one company, Sīsto, stěre, stiti, stătum. So briētas, atis. f. 3. sobrie. college, society, or fran. $ a. 3. to be made to

ty, gravity (german ternity stand, stand still, stana, Sobrina, æ. f. 1. a cousin. Sodalitas, ātis. f. 3. & fel. stop, settle, continue, Sobrinus, i, m. 2. a cousin. luuship, society, frater place, set, set up, bring german, nephew, any nity, or brotherhoud before, quench


Sodalityum, i, n. 2. 80Sistratus, a, um, adj. bear. Sobryus, a, um, adj. sober, ciety ing timbrel

(drum temperate, in one's sen- Sodalityus, a, um, adj. beSistrum, i, n. 2. 6 timbrel, ses, sensible, well advised longing to a fellowship, Sisymbrium, i. n. 2. mint Soccagiam, i. n. 2. soccage or society Sisyrinchion, i. n. 2. a large Soccātus, &, um. adj. wear. Sol, sõlis. m. 3. the sun,

ing socks

the heat of the sun, Sitēlla, æ. f. 1. a ballot. Soccòlus, i. m. 2. dir.. a day, climate, region box, bucket

cian little sock sa sandal Solámen, Inis. n. 3. com. Sithonyus,a, um. adj. Thra. Soccus, i. m. 2. a jock, fort, euse

(shade Sitibūndus, a, um. adj. Socer, éri, m. 2. a father. Solānum, i. n. 2. nightthirsty


Solāris, e. adj. solar, of the Siticulosus, a, um. adj. Socērus, i, m. 2. idem

causing thirst, thirsty, Socia, æ. f. l. a companion, Solarfum, in. 2. a terrace,
barren, dry
sharer, promoter, assist. a sundial

(little ease Sitiens, tis. $ adj. thirsty,

(ed, social Solatiðlum, i. n. 2. dim. 0 dry, parched, thirsting Sociabylis, e, be join. Solatium, i. n. 2. comfort, ajter, desirous

Sociālis, e, adj. of, or be. consolation, case, relief, Sitienter, adv. greedily, longing to allies, social, help, succour earnestly


Solátor, Oris. m. 3. Sitio, Tre, ivi, itum, act. to Socialytas, ätis, f. 3. fel. comforter

be thirsty, or dry, thirst, lowship (manner SoldurYus, i. m. 2. a man

desire earnestly, covet Socialyter, adv. in a social 8100rn and devoted to his Sitis, is.' f. 3. thirst, Sociātor, oris. m.

friend drought, an eager desire, that joineth

Solea, æ. f. 1. a slipper, an earnestness

Sociátrix, icis. f. she that sandal, shoe, sole instruSittybus, i. m. 2. the cover joineth

(panion ment

(maker of a book

(ballot-box Sociēnus, i, m. 2. & com. Solearfus, i, m.2. à shocSitóla, æ. f. l. a bucket, a Sociētas, àtis. f.3. society, Soleātus, a, um. adj. wearSitólus, i. m. 2. a pail, cumpany, alliance, part ing sindals [Solennis chamberpot

nership, share, agree. Solēmnis, e. adj. vide Sytus, a, um, adj. of sino ment, friendship, union Solemnitas, ātis. f. 3. a Sytus, us. m. 4. a situation, Soeto, äre, act. 1. to join, solemnity

posture, or position, unite, couple, match, or soien, anis. m. 3. a scallop
filthiness, nastiness, rust, fit, associate, share, inn. Solenne, is. 0. 3. a solen-
mouldiness, houriness,
part, entertain

nity, Cwtonr:

Sociofraudus, i. m. 2. a Soléonis, e. adj. solemn, Sive, conj. of either, or it, deceiver

annual, usual ur even. Sive-sive, whe- Socius, a, um. adj. belong. Solenniter, adv. solemnly ther-of whether

ing to allies, partners, Solèo, ēre, litus. n. p. 2. Smaragdynus, a, um. adj. parents, or kinifolk, so to be accustomed, or like an emerald

cial, confederate, help. woont, to use Smarāgdus, i. m. 2. an ing, common

Solers, ertis. adj. skilful, emerald

(chovy Socius, i. m. 2. an ally, dexterous, clever, shrewd, Smáris, Ydis. f. 3. an an. conjederate, associate, cunning, quick, shary, Smecticus, a, um. adj. fellow-soldier, сопра. inventive, watchful, diliscouring nion, partneri shiter,


3. he

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Solērter, adv. skilfully, lonely state, desert, or thawed, softened, relased, craftily, diligently

wilderness, Tetirement, immersed, overpowered Solertia, æ, f. 1. skiil, der. Tecess, herinitage, silence confused, raving, loose,

terity, sagacity, subtilty, Solytus, a, um. pt. of soléo free, unconfined,

quickness, crajtiness & adj. accustoined, wont, strained, at liberty, easy, Solicitatio, önis. f. 3. a 90 usual, ordinary

calm, composed, ready, liciting

(enticer Solivagus, a, um, adj. wan quick, peri, unguarded, Solicitātor, oris. m. 3. an dering alone

in discreet Solicite, adv. pensively, Solyum, i. n. 2. & throne, Somniātor, oris. m. 3.. carefully, diligently seat of state, tub to bathe

dreamet Solicito (solus, cito), āre. in, vat, or tun, vessel, Somniculose, adv. sluggul. act. 1. to solicit, impur bier, or coffin

Somniculosus, a,

um. adj. tune, urge, or press, sue, Sollicito, åre. &c. vide So

sleepy, drowsy, dronizi, or pray for, entice,allure, licyto, &c.

sluggish, slothful move, stir up, dig up, Sólo, āre. act. 1. to make Somnifer, a, um, adj. causdisturb, disquiet, bribe, desolate, to lay waste, to ing sleep corrupt, beut, or play dry in the sun

Somnificus, a,

um. adj. upon

Solecismus, i. m. a solecism causing sleep, sleepy Solicitūdo, Ynis. f. 3. solici. Sõlor, äri. d. 1. to comfort, Somnyo, āre. &. f n. 1. to tude, disquiet, trouble, relieve, assuage

drean, dream of, fancy concern, cure, vexation Solpūga, æ. f. 1. a venom Somniosus, a, um, adj. fall Solicitus, a, um. adj. ous pismire

of dreams anxious, careful, thoughi. Solstitiālis, e. adj. of, or Somnium, i. n. 2. a dream, ful, uneasy, distressed, belonging to the solstice

visioni, silly fancy, whim troubled, concerned, Solstitum, i. n. 2. the sole Somnolēntus, a, um. adj. fearful,' doubtful, ear stice, midsummer, sum

sleepy test, busy, employed, en mer, heat

Somnus, i. n. 2. sleep, Test, gaged, cross, unfortu. Solubilis, e, adj. that may quietness, a dream, cain, nate, raised up, agitated de dissolved

sloth, laziness Solidatio, onis. f. a solder. Sölum, i. n. 2. the soil, or Sömphos, i. m. 2. axild ing, fastening ground; a floor, or pave gourd

[eth skrill Solide, adv. iùs, comp.

inent, botiom, support, Sonabilis, e, adj. that soundsolidly, soundly, really, surface, the sole of a fool, Sonans, tis. adj. sound. perfectly, fully or shoe

ing, resounding, rattling, Solidēsco, cěre, inc, to grow Sölum, adv, only, alone roaring, jingling, ringe sound, close

Solummodo, adv. idem ing, tuanging, muTiB RTSolidipes, ēdis. adj.

whole. Sõlvo, věre, vi, lūtum. a. 3. ing, buzzing, humming, footed

firmness to loosen, unluose, or un whistling, speaking, play. Soliditas, ātis. f. 3. solidity, tie, free, or disengage, ing, loud

(lord Solido, äre, act. 1. to coni Telease,


discharge, Sonax, acis. adj. sounding solidate, solder, close, make laxative, melt, or Sõnchos, et us, i. m. 2. sor. plaster [the full thaw, weaken, weigh an thistle

(courser Solidum, i, n. 2. the whole, chor, resolve, answer, or Sonypes, ēdis, m. 3. a horse, Solidus, a, um, adj. solid,

explain, pay

Sonitus, us. m. 4. a sound, massy, sound, firm, sub- Sölus, a, um, adj. gen. ius. noise, crack, or clap, ratstantial, material, whole, only, alone, solitary, tling, clashing,crackling, entire, hurd, stiff full lonely

cracking, beating (ing and perfect

Solüte, adv. loosely, freely, Sonivius, a, um. adj. sound. Solidus, i, m. 2. Q shilling carelessly, remissly, wan. Sono, äre, nui, nitum. n. 1. Solyfer, ra, rum. adj. carry.

(ly loosed

to sound, resound, clatter, ing the sun, torrid Solutylis, e. adj. that is easi. ring, warble, or sing, Soliferrum, i. n. 2. an iron Solutio, onis. f. 3. a loosing, play, or beat, sound like,

(of the sun release, restoration, pay. praise, signify, or mean Soligěna, æ. c. g. begotten ment

Sono, něre. neut. 3. to Soliloquyum, i. n. 2. a so- Solūtor, oris. m. 3. a payer sound liloquy

(ous fly Solutūrus, a, um, pt. about Sonor, oris. m. 3. a great Solipūga, æ, f. l. a venon

sound, rumbling noise, Solistymum tripudyum, Solūtus, a, um. pt. of sõlvo, crackling, rustling

kind of augury by chick of adj. loosed, unloosed, Sonore, adv, aloud, loudly ens, Cic.

untied, opened, broké Sonorinus, a, um. adj. noisy Solitarius, a, um, adj. soli. open, freed, disengaged, Sonoriras, ātis. f. 3. loud tary, alone, retired

released, dismissed, disSolytas, atis. f. 3. loneliness charged, acquitted, paid, Sonorus, a, um. adj. sonor. Solto, are. n. l, to be wont performed, disannulled, ons, loud, touring, skrill, ten

abrogated, dispensed musical dn, Inis. f. 3. solitude, with, dissolved, inelted, / Sons, tis. m. 3. an offender


to pay


or save

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Sõns, tis. adj. guilty, cri. servile, low, poor, shabby, in health, bless, prosper, Ininal, faulty, mnischie. filthy, nasty, dirty, slo.

venly, corrupt, coarse Soter, ēris. m. 3. a saviour, Sonticus, a, um, adj. hurt. Sorditūdo, Ynis. f. 3. filthi preserver ful, noisome

Soterya, örum. pl. n. preSõnus, i. m. 2. a sound, Sorex, Ycis. m. 3. a rat, sents of congratulation noise, clap, note, word, field-mouse

on a recovery from sickspeech, voice Sóricinus, a, um, adj. of a

ness Sophia, æ, f. 1. wisdom Sorites, æ. m. 1. a vicious Spädix, icis. m. 3. scarlet, Sophisma, atis. n. 3. 80 syllogison

or light red colour, an phism, deceitful argu- soror, oris. f. 3. a sister, of instrument of music ment

near kindred

Spādix, icis. adj. of a bay Sophista, vel Sophistes, æ. Sororcůla, æ. f. 1. dim. a colour m. l. a sophist, a camiller little sister

Spådo, āre. act. 1. to geld Sophistice, adv. sophisti. Sororicīda, æ. c. g. l. a Spado, onis. m. 3. a geldcally

murderer of a sister 'ine, an eunuch Sophisticus, a, um. adj. Sororyo, āre. n. l. & Soro. Spadontus, a, um. adj. geld

sophistical (lently well! rior, āri. dep. 1. to be ed, barren Sophos, adv. wisely, excel.

round and plump

Spargo, ère, rsi, rsum. a. 3. Sophos, i. m. 2. a wise man, SororYus, a, um. adj. of a to sprinkle,scattet, strev, a scholar sister

8010, disperse, diffuse, Sophus, i. m. 2. a wise man, Sõrs, tis. f. 3. a lot, chance, publish, bedew, cover

a sage [asleep, or to rest fortune, hazard, destiny, Spārsim, adv. here Sopro, ire, 2. 4. to lull fate, charge, or office, there, up and down Sopor, oris, m. 3. a sound state, condition, way, or Sparsio, onis. f. 3. a sprinksleep, sleep, sloth, lazi. inanner of life, disigna. ling

(to scatter ness, sleepy draught tion, appointment, issue, Sparsūrus, a, um. pt. about Soporyfer, a, um. adj. caus or offspring, kind, or Spārsus, a, um. pt. of sparing sleep, sleepy

sex, stock wherein others go, & adj. ior, comp. Soporo, åre. act. 1. to cast have @share, money

sprinkled, scattered, disinto a deep sleep, over. borrowed, or laid out to persed, stained, speckled, power Sury, an oracle

wide, broad Soporus, a, um, adj. sleepy, Sörsum, adv. pro Seorsum, SpartarYom, i. n. 2. drowsy, hushed Catull.

broov-field (broom Sorběo, ére, bui, vel rpsi, Sörte, adv. by hap, or lot Spartartus, a, um. adj. of

rptum. act. 2. to sup, sup, Sorti, abl. by chance, or lot Sparteðli, orum. pl. m. 2. or drink up, suck in, Sortiaryus, i. m. 2. a sor. soldiers that watched the waste, or consume

(little lot city for fear of fire Sorbilis, e, adj. that may be Sorticŭla, æ. f. 1. dim. a Spartěus, a, um. adj. of supped up Sortilegium, i, n. 2. a lot. broon

[broom Sorbillo, are. act. 1. to sip tery, sorcery

Spārtum, i. n. 2. Spanish Sorbillam, i. n. 2. spoon Sortilēgus, i, m. sorceret, Sparůlus, i, m. 2. a sea fisk meat, pottage

conjurer, a charmer Spărum, i, n. 2. « dari, or Sorbitro, onis. f. 3. a po. Sortio, ire, n. 4. to cast lance tion, draught, soup,


Spărus, i. m. 2. sinall broth, pottage

Sortyor, iri. d. 4. to cast, or dart; a seu-fish Sorbam, i, n. 2. a service. draw lots, get by lot, Späsmus, i. m. 2. the cramp berry

share, divide, provide, Spasticus, a, um, adj. affliciSõrbns,i. f. 2. a serrice-tree Sortito, onis. f. 3. a choos ed with the cramp Sordecüla, æ. f. l. filthiness ing by lors (tiny SpatalTum, i. 2. Sorděo, ēre, dui, n. to be Sortito, adv. by lot, or des bracelet filthy, or nasty

Sortitor, oris. m. 3. a cas. Spătha, . f.. a slice, Sördes, is. f. filth, dirt, ter of lots (of lots 'skimmer, ladle, $pitulu,

nastiness, scurt, the rab. Sortitus, us. m. 4. a casting large 1DUT d, weaver's ble, niggardliness, mean. Sospes, itis, adj. safe and lathe, or sley, branch of

sound, whole, prosperous, a palm or date tree Sordēsco, cére. inc. 3. to giring health

Spaihalyum, i. n. a branch Krow dirty

Sospíta, æ. f. 1. she that of a dare-tree Sordide, adv. filthily, nas. giveth health

Spatharlas, a, um, adj. of a tily,diftily, meanly, poor. Sospitālis, e. adj. causing sword, or cutler's workly, niggardly, basely health

shop Sordidůlus, a, um. adj. Sospitas, atis. f. 3. safety Spathe, ēs. f. 1. a tree refilthy, sluttish

Sospitātor, oris. m. 3. a sembling the palm-tree Sordidus, a, um. adj. sot. preserver

[Isis Spathåla, æ. f. 1. a brond did, niggardly, mean, Sospitātrix děn, a title of slice

wonderes despicable, contemptible, Sospito, áre. act. 1. to keep Spatiator, Oris.




in, 3.

Spatyor, äri. dep. 1. to walk Spectamen, Ynis. n. a proof, Specus, us. m. f. $ 0. 4. abroad, or about, travel, an essay

den, cave wander, go up and down, Spectāte, adv. notedly, re- Spelæum, i, n. 2. a den, e. Tamble, fetch a compass, markedly, bravely

treat discourse largely

Spectatio, onis. f. 3. a be. Spelūnca, a. f. 1. a cave, Spatiose, adv. spaciously, holding, or viewing, trial, den, hole

largely, widely, at large or proof (ulative Sperabilis, e. adj. that may Spatosus, a, um, adj. spa. Spectativus, a, um, adj.spec. 'be hoped for

[ing cious, large, wide, broad, Spectator, oris. m. 3. Spērnax, acis. adj. sligát. tall, great, huge, long spectator, beholder, trier, Spērno, ère, prēvi, prētom. continued, long, remote considerer, judge

a. 3. to despise, disdain, Spatyum, i. n. 2. & space, Spectātrix, icis. f. 3. she scorn, slighi room, open field, plain, that beholdeth

Spēro, áre. a. 1. to hope largeness, width, length, Spectātus, a, um. & adj. be hope for, or in, trust, ex. extent, voyage, or jour held seen, tried, approved, pect, rejoice ney, way, time, continu. picked, or culled out, Spes, i. f. 5. hope, exance, delay, measure, or fair, goodly, choice, ex pectation, joy qunntily cellent

Speusticus, a, um, adj. Spatŭla, æ, f.l. a spreading Spectyo, õnis. f. 3. an in baked in a hurry slice

(der-blades spection for the purposes Sphacēlus, i, m. 2. a gan. Spatůlæ, árum. pl. f. shoul of augury or divination


(globe Speciālis, e. adj. special, Spēcto, are. a. 1. to behold, Sphæra, æ. f. 1. a sphere, or

proper (particulntly look upon, view, or cye, Sphærális, e. adj. spherical Specialiter, adv. especially, observe, consider, or re- Sphæricus, um. adj. Speciātim, adv. particu gard, prove, or try, judge Spherical larly

of, approve, respect, at- Spheristerium, i. n. a place Species, ēi, f. 5. a form, tend, mind, belong, or to play at ball, tennisfigure, fashion, or shape, concern, tend, lie towards court, image, statue, or picture, Spēctor, óris. m. 3. a trier, Sphæroides, is. adj. round vision, spectre, object, or prover La ghost like a sphere sight, view, likeness, or spēctrum, i. p. 2. an idea, Sphæromachya, æ. f. 1. a representation, show, ap. Specŭla, æ. f. 1. a watch playing at bowls, tennis, pearance, colour, pre tower, beacon, summit, or

or ball

(ball tence, example, specimen, top

(hope Sphæróla,æ f.1. little globe, instance, quality, or na Specula, æ, f. 1. dim. litile Sphrāgis, ydis. f. 3. fine ture of a thing, sort, or Speculabylis, e. adj. visible Tuddle kind, all kinds of spice, Speculabündus, a, um, adj. Spica, æ. f. 1. an ear of drug, corn, or fruit, any looking about, espying, corn, a clove of garlic, a sort of meat, piece of contemplating


(of corn money, garment, or ap- Speculamen, Ynis. n. 3. sight Spicěus, a, um. adj. of ears

parel, controversy, dispute Specủlar, & Speculāre, äris. Spicřfer, a, um. adj. bearing Specifice, adv. particularly n. 3. window, or casement, ears of corn Specificus, a, um. adj. spe.

Spicilegium, i. n. 2. gleancific (glass, a probe Specularis, e. adj. of a ing of corn; a selection Specillum, i. 11. a looking looking-glass, window, or from the best writers Specimen, Ynis. n. 3. a spe watch-tower, clear Spicilegus, i, m. 2. a gleaner cimen, token, or instance, Speculatio, onis. f. 3. a dis- Spico, äre. a. 1. to shuot out essay, proof, trial, show, covery

ear of corn, to model, or pattern

Speculativus, a, um. adj. spike, or point the end Specio, cěre, exi, ectum. speculative, theoretical, Spiculātor, oris, m. 3. ar act. 3. to see, behold, view, contemplative


(the point regard

Speculator, oris. m. 3. a Spicŭlo, are. n. 1. to sharpen Speciose, adv. speciously, 'beholder, observer, spy, Spicülum, i. n. 2. a dart, handsomely, beautifully, scout, sentinel

javelin, shaft, arrot, splendidly, well

Speculatoryus, a, um, adj. head, point, or barb, Speciosus, a, um. adj. spe watching

sting, spade in cards cious, plausible, fair, Speculatrix, icis. f. 3. a fe. Spicum, i. n. 2. an ear of sightly, 'handsome, beau. male observer (watch

(corn tiful

(hold often Speculatu, monopt. m. 4. by Spicus, i, m. 2. an ear of Specito, äre, act. 1. to be Specülor, äri. dep. 1. to be. Spina, æ. f. 1. 6thoru, Spectabilis, e. adj. visible, hold, view, observe, espy, prickle, sting, pin, the considerable, worthy to be consider, contemplate, quill of a porcupine, the taken notice of goodly, search, examine, watch, fin of a fish, &c. the graceful, adorned.

(ook, or wait for, scout chine, or back-bone, sub. Spectacólum, i. n. 2. a sperto Specŭlum, i, n. 2. a look tilty, difficult point te, sighi, or show

ing-glass, a watch-tuwer Spinacča, æ. 1, 1. spinaye


as an

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