Abbildungen der Seite

Præmonytus, us. m. 4. an tish, or choose rather, Præpoto, are. act. 1. to admonition prefer, press

drink before Præmonstrātor, oris. m. 3. Præpándo, děre, di, passum. Præproperănter, adr. pery a guide

act. 3. to set, or leave hastily Præmonstro, áre. act. to open, spread before Præpropěre, adv. too ha

foreshou, tutor, instruct, Præparatio, onis. f. 3. a Præpropěrus, a, um. ad show the way

preparing, preparation very hasty, over. arty Præmorděo, ére, di & rsi, Præparato, adv, readily too early

rsum. a. 2. to bite, or Præparátus, us. m. 4. a Præputium, i. n. 2. the pas snip off, share, partake, preparing


puce, the foreskin take part of

Præpārcus, a, um. adj. Præquam, adv. in compari Præmoryor, i, rtůus. dep. mery saving

Son of 3. to die before due time, Præpăro, äre. act. 1. to pre- Præquestus, a, um. pt. of fail, decay (præmorior pare, make ready, pro. præqueror, having cam Præmortuus, a, um. pt. of vide

(stop page plained bejure Præmurio, ire, ivi, Ituin. Præpedimentum, i. n. 2. a Præradyo, áre. act. 1. te

a. 4. 1o fortify before. Præpedro (præ, pes), īre, shine bright, co outshase

hand, secure, guard ivi, itum. act. 4. to hin. Prærădo, děre, si, sum. act. Præmunitio, onis. f. 3. a der, prevent, entangle, 3. to shane before defence tie, shackle, stop, impede, Prærancidas, a, um. adj

. Prænārro, áre. a. to tell seize upon, weaken

very musty, old beforehand (or run by Præpenděo, ére, di, usum. Prærapidus, a,

um, adj Prænăto, āre. a. I. to flow, neut. 2. to hung, or fall very swift Prænav gatyo, Onis. f. 3. u down before

Prærēptus, a,

um. pt. sailing by Præpes, ētis. , adj. swift, præripio

(very stif Prænavigo, are. act. to sail, quick, nimble, soaring Prærigěo, ere. n. to become or tow by

aloft, winged

Prærigidus, a, Prænimis, adv. too much Præpes, ētis. c.g. 3. a bird, very hard Prænitěo, ēre, tui. n. to a fowl

Præripo (præ, rapio), pěre, shine bright, outshine, be Præpěto, těre. a. 3. to go, pui, reptum. aet. 3. famous or fly before

snatch, or take 42 Prænobylis, e. adj. ior, Præpilātus, A, um, adj. prevent, forestall comp. very noble

headed, pointed

Prærõdo, děre, si, sem. Prænomen, Ynis. n. 3. the Præpinguis, e, adj. very fat 3. to guzt first of the three names Præpollèo, ēre. n. to ex- Prærogativa, æ. f. 1. • which the Romans usual. ceed, surpass

prerogative, privilegs ly had

Præponděru, āre, a. & n. 1. advantage Prænösco, cěre. 3. to fore. to outweigh, prefer, be Prærogatīvus, a, um. ed. know

preferred, be of great that votes first, principsh Prænotyo, õnis. f. 3. a pre value, or esteen

leading conception (before Præpono, uěre, osui, (* Prærogo, are, act. 1. to a Prændto, are. act. 1. to note sivi,) ositum. act. to set before Prænubilus, a, um. adj. before, to prefer

Prærosus, a, um. pt. very shady (phetess Præporto, áre. a. 1. to car prærodo Prænuncia, æ. f. 1. a pro Ty, or bear before, to Prærumpo, pěre, ūpi, s Prænuncio, are. act. 1. to show

tum. a. 3. to break as furetell, carry, or bring Præpositio, onis. f. 3. a der, or in pieces word beforehand setting before, a prepo- Prærúpte, adv. ruggedy, Prænuncius, a, uni. adj. sition

abruptly Joreboding

Præpositivus, a, um. adj. Prærūptus, a, um, pt. &adi. Prænuncius, i. m. 2. a mes. set before

broken, rugged, craggy senger, harbinger, fore. Præpositus, a, um. pt. of tough,steep, abrupt, SHT. runner præpono

ly, falling i prærapta, pl. Præobtūro, āre. a. 1. to Præpositus, i. m. a pro 11. rocks stop up before

vust, governor

Præs, cis. m. 3. & surety is Præoccido, děre, di, ca- Præpossam, potes, potui, a money matter, real 16

sum, neut. 3. to set, or ver. irr, to be made able, curity, a farinet go down before

or of great power Præsagens, tis. Præoccupatio, önis. f. 3. a Præpostěre, adv. preposter. sniging seizing before, anticipa ously

Præsagro, Tre, ivi, ftum. rion, surpri.e

Præpostěrus, a, um. adj. act. 4. to presage, fortPræoccupo, are. act. 1. to preposterous, absurd, pre bode, betuken vining

seize beforehand, antici. ternatural, unreasonable, Præsagitio, onis. f. 3. & dipate, prevent, trepan, CT 088-grained, froward, Præsagtum, i. 1. 2. a presurprise

contrary Præõpto, áre. act. 1. to Præpotentia, e. f. 1. mighti.

(ness sage, omen, surmise

guess, or conjecture

Præságus, a, um. adj. pre. sence, readiness, power, excellence, gallantry

saging, foreboding, 'be. efficacy, providence Præstatio, onis, f. 3. a pet.

tokening, apprehensive Præsentyo, ire, nsi, nsum. forming Præsanēsco, cěre. n. 3. to act. 10 foresee, precon. Præstěya, orum. pl. n. 2. a be healed ceive, guess, divine

cloister, arbour, &c. Præscientia, æ. f. 1. presci. Præsentisco, cěre. incep. 3. Præstērsus, a, um. adj. ence, foreknowledge, to foresce

sconred foresight (cut off Præsento, åre, act. 1. to Præstērno, něre, stravi, Præscindo, děre, act. 3. to present

ātum. a. 3. to prepare Præscio, ire, ivi, itum. a. Præsēpe, is. n. 3. a stable, beforehand to foreknow

stall, crib, manger, or Præstes, Ytis. c. g. 3. a Præscisco, cére. 2. 3. to Tack, beehive, cell, den, chief, lender, prelate, furek now, settle

plare of shelter, or sofety household god Præscito, õnis. f. 3. pre. Præsēpes, is. f. 3. any saje Præstigia, æ. f. a trick; science place

sed sæpiùs Præscitum, i. n. 2. a thing Præsepro, ire, ivi, itum. a: Præstigtæ, ārum. pl. f. 1. Jureknown, a tuken, sign, 4. to in close about, block juggiing tricks, tricks, or omen up, barricade

deceits, delusions PræscYus, a, um. adj. fore. Præsepium, i. n. 2. a man. Præstigiator, oris. m. 3. a knowing, boding ger, a ruck

juggler Præscribo, běre, ipsi, ip- Præséptus, a, um. pt. of Præstigiātrix, fcis. f. tum, act. 3. to write be. priesepio

juggler, gipsy fore, prescribe, order, np. Præsepultus, a, um. pt. of Præstigiosus, a, um, adj. point, or urdain, teack, præsepelior,buried .

tricking or dictate, prefix, lny an jore

Præstinguo, uěre, nxi. act. exception against, or put Præsero, rère, ēvi. &. 3. to 3. to duzzle the eyes, tenin a demurrer sow before

der obscure Præscriptio, önis. f. 3. a Præsertim, adv. especially, Præstino, are. act. 1. to prescription, appoint. thiefly

buy up all (former inent, rule, or law, con- Præservyo, Tre, Ivi, itum. Præstytor, oris, m. 3. a pere tract, exception, or de. act. tu serve

Præstitúo (præ, statuo), mur in law, pretence, or Præses, Ydis. c. g. 3. a presi uěre, ui, utum. act. 3. io colour

dent, governor, patron, appoint bejure, prescribe, Præscriptum, i. n, an 0۳۰ protector

fir upon, limit der, or decree, precept, Præsiděo (præ, sedeo ), Præstitūtus, a, um. pt. of task, limit, border

ēre, sēdi, sessam. 1. 2. præsti: uo Præscriptus, a, um. pt. of to preside,

have the Præsto, adj. indecl. vel adv. præscribo

charge of, command, or ready at hund. Præstò Præseco, äre, cui. act, to rule

mihi fuit, he met me cut off, or in pieces Præsidiaryus,a, um, adj. be. Præsto, áre, styti, stytum & Præsēctus, a, um. pt. of longing to a garrison stātum. act. & neut. 1. to præseco

Præsidium, i. n. 2. a gate stand before, show, or exPræsegmen, Ynis. n. 3. a Tison, guard, convoy, sta. hibit, afford, supply, paring

slothful tion, or post, fortress, de give, or procure, cause, Præsēgais, e. adj. very fence, or security

or occasion, render, make Præseminatio, onis. f. 3. a Præsignifico, äre. a. 1. to good, pay, or defray, do, sowing beforehand, or show before

execute, or perform, very early

Præsignis, e. adj. excellent, bring out, keep, or prePræsens, tis. adj. present, distinguished, illustrious, serve, take upon one, be ready, kind, grucious, adorned

answerable, or accounta favourable, effectual Præsigno, are, act. 1. to able for, warrant, excel, Praesensyo, Quis. I. 3. 4 int k before

or susp 135 foresight (præsentio Præsillo (præ, salio), ire, Præstolatio, onis. f. 3. a Præsēnsus, a, um. pt. of lui, sultum. neut. 4. tu witing for Præsentanée, adv. immedi. burst, or jush out

Præstolor, äri. dep. 1. $ ately

Præstabilis,e. adj. ior, comp. Præstolo, are. n. l. to Præsentančus, a, um. adj. excellent

tarry 1u7, want for present, ready, quick, Præstaos, Ns. pt. $ adj. Præstrictus, a, um. pt. of deadly

performing, juppiying, Præstringo, gěre, nxi, icPræsentarsas, a, um, adj. excelling, surpassing, tum. act. 3. to bind fast, present, ready

distinguished, excellent, or hard, chill, darken, or Præsente, adv. before

exquisite, beautiful, gul. make dim, dazzle esentes, igm. pl. m. 3. lunt, ave, very great Præstructus, a, um. pt. of magistrates, or soldiers Præstanter,adv. excellently Præstrůn, uěre, uxi, uctar

remaining in a city Præstantia, æ. f. 1. pre act. 3. to build Præsentia, e. f. 1. pre. eminence, superiority, stop up, prepare,

Præsūdo, uze. n. 1. to sweat Præterea, adv. besides, fur robe edged with purpie beforehand

thermore, moreover, here. Prætextum, i. n. 2. a prePræsul, ülis. c. g. 3. a pre. after

tence, covering late, chief, priest, bishop, Præteršo, rīre, rii vel rivi, Prætextus, a, um. pt. of overseet

ritum. act. 4. to go, pass prætexo Præsālsus, a, um. adj. very by, or over, go past, or Prætextus, us. m. 4. a pre

(dancer beyond, be past, or ex tence, an inscription Præsultätor, Oris. m. 3. a pired, omit, neglect, es. Prætiměo, ère. n. 2. to fear Præsülto (præ, salto), äre. sape, avoid, surpass, excel greatly (ped before neut. 1. 1o dance, skip, or Præterfŭo, uěre, uxi, oxum. Prætinctus, a, um. pt. dip. leap before

act. 3. to flow, or run by, Prætor, öris. m. 3. a pretut, Præsultor, oris. m. 3. he pass by, let slip, neglect, governor, or chief inagis. that leaderh a dance, a escape

trate, commander, gene. principal dancer PrætergredYor, i. dep. 3. to ral, admiral, lieutenantPræsultūra, æ. f, l, a leap. pruss by, pass, or go be general, proconsul, lord. ing first

yond, surpass, excel, out. chief-justice, lord-presiPræsum, es. fui, esse. n. S. do

dent to be brfure, or above, be Prætěrhac, adv. moreover Prætorianus, a, um, adj. of, set over, gonern, rule, Præteritus, a, um. pt. of belonging to, or atiende COMirand, direct prætereo

ing on the pretor Præsumo, měre, mpsi, mp. Præterlabor, bi, lapsus Prætoryum, i, n. 2. the gene

tum, a. 3. tu take firsi, or sum. dep. 3. to slide, ral's tent, king's pavilion, befute, presuine, conceive, glide, or flow by, sail by, judgment-hall, court, papresuppose, anticipate or beyond, slip out of luce, nobleman's seal, Presumptio, onis. f. 3. an. mind (præterfero manor house, dignity of

ticipation, an enjoying Præterlātus, a, um. pt. of a pretor, pretorian bands beforehand, the najor Præterměo, āré. a. 1. to go, Prætorius, a, um. adj. preproposition, confidence, or pass by

torian, of, or belonging, presumption

Prætermissto, onis, f. 3. an to the pretor, or chief Præsumptus, a, um. pt. of Omission

officer præsumo

Prætermissus, a, um. pt. of Prætorquěo, ēre, rsi, rsum Præsúo, uěre, ui, ūtum. act. Prætermitto, těre, isi, is & rtum. act. to writhe,

3. to sew before, to sew sum. a. 3. to omit, leave twist much, or hurd about

out, pass by, let poiss Prætörtus, a, um. pt. of Præsuppono, uěre, a. 3. to Præternavigatio, onis. f. a

prætorquco (scorching presuppose

sailing by

Prætorridus, a, um. adj. Priesūtus, a, um. pt. of Præternavigo, áre. act. 1. Præti epidus, a, um. adj. is Prætęgo, gère. act. 3. to to sail by

greai fright

cut of Prætěro, rĕre, trivi, tritum. Prætrūnco, are. act. 1. 1o Prætēndo, děre, di, nsum. act. 3. to wear, or muke Prætrūncor, äri, ätus. pass. & ntum. act. 3. to hold, small, file before

to be cut off or carry before, "ppose, Præterpröpter, adv. at all Prætumidus, a,

um. adj. clonk, or colour over adventures, thereabouts, much swelled (ship Prætěner, a, um, adj. very more or less

Prætūra, æ. f. 1. the pretortender

Præterquam, adv, besides, Prævalentia, æ. f. l. preve Prætentatus, us. m.agrop.

saning, except, but, only, lence, force ing the way


Prævalěd, ēre. n. 2. to pre Prætento, are. act. 1. to Præterrādo, děre, si, sum. vuil, be an overmatch, be grupe, or feel, grope out, a. to scrupe

belter, ercel essay, prove, or try

Prætervectio, õnis. f. 3. a Prævalēsco, ère, inc. to Prætentūra, æ. f. 1. the for. sailing by

grow too strong lurh hupe, outgunrds of Prætervēctus, a, um. pt. of Prævalde, adv. too strongly soldiris (prætendo præterveho

Prævalidus, a, um. adj. Prætentus, a, um. pt. of Prætervěhur, hi, vectus. p. very uble, or stron, tro Prætendis, e. adj. very 3. to be carried, or con. strong, or rank, powerful

small, slender, or narrow reyed by, to pass, or szil Prævalio, áre. act. 1.' to Prætepē, ēre, ui. n. to be by

fortify bigore But befute

Prætervērto, těre. act. 3. to Prævaricatio, onis. f. prevoPræter, prep. besides, es.

tury by

rication cept,

over and above, Prætervolo, āre. a. 1. to fly, Prævaricator, Oris. m. 3. • more than, by the side, or slip by near to, contrary to, Prætēxo, xěre, xui, xtum.

Jalse dealer, akufer, against, before

gambler, transgressor Prreterbyto, are. act. to go,

act. 3. to cover, weil, or Prævaricor, ari, atas sum.

clouk, border, edge, ex. or pass by (leed along

d. 1. to prevaricate, suf cuse, name in order mierdūcó, cére, act. 3. tu 'Prætexta, æ, f. l. a white

fe, betray a cause, make a balk, transgress


Præerārus, a, um, adj. very ProndYam, i, n. 2. a dinner Prélum, i. 1. 2. press irregular

Pransytn, äre. freq. 1. to Prěmo, měre, essi, essum. Prævēctus, a, um. pt. of dine often

a. 3. to press, or bear Prævěhor, i. pass, to be car Pransor, oris. m. 3. he that down, squeeze to death, riea before (or hide dineth

oppress, grieve, wound, Prævēlo, äre, a. 1. to cover, Pransoryus, a, um. adj. of afflict, overpower, exceed, Prævēlox, öcis. adj, vety belonging to, or used at Surpass, keep under, hold swift dinner

in, or restrain, block up, Prævenyo, ire, entum. n. & Pransus, a, um. pt. of pran keep up, or in, tie up, a. 4. to come before, predeo

surpress, conceal, cover, vent, anticipate

Prasinātus, a, um, adj. green hide, overflow, force coinPræventio, ouis. f. pre-Prasynus, a, um, adj. green pel,' bent hard upon, t'ention

lik. leeks


thrust, push, urge, put. Prævēntus, a, um. pt. of Pratensis, ę, adj. of a mea sue, follow, approach, or prævenio

Pratölum, i. n. 2. a little come near, persist in, inPræventus, as. m. 4. pre.


sist upon, importune, vention

Prātum, i, n. 2. a meadow, ruil at, depreciate, sit, Præverbyum, i, n. 2. a pre a green field

or lie upon, stop, or position, or adverb, pre- Präve, adv. naughtily, stanch, prune, or lop, set, fixed to a verb

wickedly, irregularly or plant Prævērno, āre. a. I. to set Pravicors, dis. adj. wicked Prēndo, dère, di didi,

in for spring too early; in heart (deformity nsum. act. 3. to take, lay

to anticipate the spring Pravitas, ātis. f. 3. pravity, hold of, catch Prævērro, věre. act. 3. to Prāvus, a, um. adj. naugha Prensatřo, onis. f. 3. a soli. sweep before

ty, wicked, depraved, cor citing Prævērto, těre, ti, rsum. a. rupt, perverse, crooked, Prēnso, äre. a. 1. to lay

3. to outru", outride, or mishappen, lazy, iale hold of, solicit outstrip, prevent, anti. Praxis, eðs, f. 3. practice, Préusus, a, um. pt. of prenpate, prepossess, prefer, custom

do (byter, an elder outweigh, restrain, turni Precabīndus, a, um. adj. Presbyter, ēri, mi a pres.


Presbytersum, i. n. 2. a Prævetitus, a, um. pt. of Precario, adv. by entrenty, presbytery præveto, furbiaden

on request, at pleasure, Presse, adv. closely, briefly Praviděo, ere, idi, isum. uncertainly

Prēssim, adv. closely act. 2. to foresee, pro Precaryus, a, um. adj. pre. Presso, áre. act. 1. to press pide beforehand Curious (ing, a prayer

hard, or ofter, squeeze, Prævinctus, a, um. pt. of Precatio, onis. f. 3. a pray. lond, borden

prævincio (prævideo Precător, oris. m. a peti. Pressoryus, a, um. adj. be. Prvevīsus, a, um. pt. of tioner, suitor

longing to pressing Prævitlo, äre, a. 1. to cor. Precātris, icis. f. 3. a peti. Pressūra, æ. f. 1. a pressing Tupt before


Pressus, a, um. pt. of pre PrævYus, a, um. adj. pre. Precatus, us. m. 4. a re mo, $ adj. pressed, vious, going, or march. quest, imprecation

squeezed, weighed, borné ing before

Preciāni, opp. of Aquitain down, oppressed, distress. Præūngo, gěre, a. 3. to in France

ed, overcharged, loaded, unuint before

Précis, ci, cem, ce, plur. clused, shut, stopped, supa Prævõlo, áre. n. 1. to fly preces, cum, cibus. i. 3. pressed, stifled, conceale first, or before

prayer, entreaty, suit, ed, driven, trodden, imPræūstus, a, um, pl. of curse

printed, narked, cluse, præuro

Precyus, a, um, adj. ripe compact, compendious, Præut, adv. even as, like as before others

pithy, sententious, steady, Prægmaticon, in. 2. a Précor, ári. dep. 1. to pray, firm, sure, low stute trir

bes, petition, intercede Pressus, us. m. 4. & press. Pragmaticus, a, um. adj. Precŭla, æ, f. á little pray. ing, closing, or drawing belonging to state affairs, er, au 071308

together skilful in law

Prehêndo, děre, di, nsum. Préster, ēris. m. 3. 4 veno. Pragmaticus, i, m. 2. a. 3. to talk, or lay hold mous serpent, a tempest,

practitioner in the law, vf, grasp, cateh, surprise, or whiridwind, a ball of - petrifogger, prompter entrent alvuur

fire Prangnyum, viuum, a black Prehensio, onis. f. 3. a Pretiose, adv. costly

laving hold of, a crane, a Pretiositas, ātis. f. 3. dear. Praugěo, ēre, ndi, nsum. n. screw

2. to dine (breakfast Prehenso, are. act. 1. to Pretiosus, a, um. adj. pre. Praudicŭlum, i. n. 2. a take hold of, solicit, to cious, valuable, excellent, Prandiðlum, i, n. 2. a break.

catch at

(prehendo costly, dear, sumptuous fast

Prehensus, a, um. pt. of Pretan, i. 1. 2. a price,

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reward, kire, fee, bribe,, Primytus, adv, at the first, pedigree, mazim, asion, purchase, ransom, esteem, first

principle, rule, antecevalue, worth, hunont Primo, adv. first, at first dent, original, or origin, Pridem, adv. lately, some sight

first the centre, or soldiers is while since, long ago

Primodum, adv. at the the centre of an Pridianus, a, u:n. adj. of Primogenitus, a, um, adj. the place of a generati the day before first-born

tent, principality, Pridre, adv. on the day be- Primordialis, e. adj.original power fore

Primordyum, i. n. 2. the Principor, äri. dep. 1. Primæ, ārum. pl. f. l. the beginning, rise, criginal, rule precedence

or cause

Pryor, ås. adj. comp. the Primævus, a, um, adj.elder, Primores, um. pl. m. 3. the former, betier, prejerade

burn first, in the flower nobles, gentry, or chief Prirões, um. pl. 3. ancestor of one's age, Nourishing, men, officers

Priorsum, adv. before juvenile, youthful Primula veris, a primrose, face Primānus, i, m. 2. a lieu. Jun.

(diately Prisce, adv. after the map terant, or soldier of the Primúlum, adv. first, imine ner of the old tisse; first legion

Primůlus, a, um. adj. the harshly, strictly Primaryus, a, um. adj. pri first, early

Priscus, a, um. adj. old, mary,chief, principal, ex- Primum, adv. first, first ancient, oldfashiones, traordinary

and foremost, in the first out of use Primas, åtis. c. g. 3. a pri place, the first time Prisma, æ. f. l. vel atis. E mate, a chief person Primus, a, um. adj. the

3. a prism Primātus, us. m. 4. a pri. first, besi, chief, most dis Pristinus, a, um, adj. 48

macy, it highest estate, tinguished, earliest. Pri cient, former preference

ma, pl. the first princi. Pristis, is. m. 3. a kind of Primicerius, i. m. 2. a ples, the beginning, the whale chief person in any

Privātim, adv. privately, place, or office

Princeps, Ypis. adj. first, particularly Primigena, æ. f. 1. the eld. formost, viginal, primi- Privatyo, ūnis. f. 3. a pro dest daughter

live, chief, principal vation Primigenius, a, um. adj. Princeps, Ypis. c. g. 3. a Privatīvus, a, um, adj. grifirst in its kind, primitive, a prince, or princess, em

vative original, natural

peror, lord, chief, gene Privāto, adv. privately Primigēnus, a, um, adj. the tal, cornmander, govern. Privatus, a, um. adj. prifirst

or, or ruler, author, en vate, secret, obscure, Primipăra, æ. f. 1. wo courager, promoter, ring culiar, particular, lowet,

delivered of her leader, leuding-man, be. inferior first child

ginner, first company, or Privátus, i, m. 2. a private Primipilāris, e, adj. of, or the soldiers in the middle

person, man not in any belonging to the cap Tank of a legion

public office tain of the vanguard Principale, is. n. 3. the su- Privigna, æ. f. 1. & dangd Primipilaris, is. m. 3. a perior, or governing ter-in-law person who had been se. part; the soul

Privignus, i, m. 2. 30 nior captain

Principālis, e. adj. principal, in-law Primipilarius, i. m. 2. idem or chief of, belonging tu Privignus, 1, um. adj. ey , .

princes, or nobleinen, former murriage, of 4 tuin of the vanguard, princely, noble

Son-in-law the senior captain, or the Principalitas, ātis. f. Privilegtum, i. n. 2. a pri captain-lieutenant of principality

vilege, special right, the colonel's own compa- Principaliter, adv. in a grant, a proviso ny, who had the charge princely manner

Privo, are. act. 1. to de of the standard and the Principātus, us. m. 4. prin prive, bereave, tage command of forty mnen; cipality, sovereignty, away, free from the vanguard

reign, the chief puwer, or Prius, adv. before, soone, Primiter, adv. at the first, tule, government, superi. father first

ority, command, a begin- Priūsquam, adv. before tác Primitiæ, árum. pl. f. 1. the ning, origin

Privus, a, um. adj. partics. first fruits, the first at-Principiālis, e. adj. orig. lar, singular, peculiar, tempt, essay, &c.

inal; belonging to a several, bereji Primitius, a, um, adj. of the prince first production, or inag- Principio, adv. first, in the

Pio, præp. for, according nitude, very large

to, as, before, in, with

first place Primitīvus, a, um, adj. pri. Principum, i, n. 2. a be.

respect to, in comparison mitine, original, the

of, by reason of, un de ginning, entrance, pro count of first, or earliest

(strange! ein, or preface, race, or | Pro, vel Prob! interj.

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