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Peculātus, us. m. 4. the foot-soldier, land, , Pellex, icis, f. 3. a concu. crime of embezzling humble, low, poor

bine, strumpet, mistress public money, or goods, Pedetēntim, adv. step by Pellicatus, us. m. 4. the a despoiling, or cheats step, slowly, warily

adultery of a woman ing, plunder

Pedrea, æ. f. a fetter, a Pellicěus, a, um, adj. leaPeculiāris, e. adj. peculiar,

thern particular, remarkable, Pedicēllus, i, m. 2. dim. a Pellico (per, lacio), cere, singular, private

little louse

lexi, lectum. a. 3. to in. Peculiarster, adv. especial. Pedicīnns, i, m. 2. the foot veigle, entice, allure, ly, singularly, properly,

of press

[louse attract, or draw, deceive prinately

Pediculāris, e. adj. of a Pellicula, æ. f. 1. a little Peculio, are. act. 1. to add Pediculosus, a, um, adj.

skin for his own (wealthy lousy

Pellicŭlo, are. act. 1. to Pecaliðsus, a, um. adj. Pediculus, i, m. 2. a little bind over soith leather Peculium, i. n. 2. private foot, stalk, or stem, a Peliyo, onis. m. 3. a tanpossessiuni, possession, louse, an insect

ner, furrier substance, wealth, goods, Pedisséqua, vel Pedesēqua, Pellis, is. f. the skin, or peculiar property

æ. f. i. a waiting-maid, hide of a beust, a inan's Pecūlor, āri. ātus sum. dep. an attendant

skin, parchment, a tent 1. to rub, or defraud the Pedisséquus, i, m. 2. a foot- Pellītus, a, um, adj. cluthpublic, to peculate

[infantry ed with skins Pecunia, æ. f. l. money in Peditātus, us. m. 4. the foot, Pello, lère, pepůli, pulsum.

estate; pecuniae, pl. Peditum, i. n. 2. foist, wind act. 3. to drive, drive, or

sums of money, goods Pēdo, děre, pepēdi, pede. chase out, or away, exPecuniaryus, a, um. adj. pe tum. n. 3. to break wind pel, banish, teinove, cuniary

Pědum, i. n. a shepherd's quench, destroy, repress, Pecuniõsus, a, um. adj. ior, crook

drive back, or

Tepel, comp. issimus, sup. Pegaseyus, a, um. adj. tout, push, or thrust,

monied, rich, profitable most poetical (swift strike, beat, or play upon, Pēcus, oris, n. 3. sheep, a Pegasus, a, um, adj. most knuck at, touch, affect, flock of sheep, a shecp, Pagma, ātis. n. 3. a wood.

or inove, vex, or grieve cattle, multitude of cat en machine for plays, Pellucěo, ére, uxi. n. to be tle, brute, brutish person, bookcase, ornament

transparent slane

Peganāris, e. adj. of, or Pelluciditas, ātis. f. 3. fècus, sed rectus obsolevit, on the pegma

transparency ŭdis. f. fm. 3. a sheep Pejero pejor, juro), áre. Pellucidůlus, a, um. adj. Pedāle, is. n. 3. the length neut. 1. to forswear, or pretty bright of a foot, a foot-cloth, a be fursworn

Pellucidus, a, um. adj. ior, 80ck

Pējor, us. adj. (comp. à comp.clear, transparent, Pedālis, e. adj. of a foot malus], worse

bright inesure, or space

Pējus, adv. comp. worse, Pellio, ere. act. 3. to wish Pedämen, Ynis. n. 3. a prop, far worse

(fur per

all over or pole (Pedamen Pel, in composition, stands Peloris, ydis. f. 3. a shell. Pedamentum, i. n, id. qu. Pelagia, æ. f. 1. the purple fish Pedaneus, a, um. adj. of fish

Pelorum, prom. Faro the measure of a foot, in- Pelagicus, & Pelagius, a, Pēsta, æ. f. 1. a target in ferior, lower

um. adj. of, or belonging form of a half-moon Pedari senatores, those to the sea, seabred, liv. Peltāsta,vel Peltastes, æ.m. senators who did not vote ing in salt water

1. One armed with in wurds, but went to Pelăgus, i, n. 2. the sea, pelta the part, or side of those the ocean

Pélvis, is. f. 3. a basin to whose opinion they were Pelămie, ydis fys, ydis. f. (18h the feet, and for for 3. a fish of the tunny

other uses Pedátim, adv. foot by foot kind

Penarius, a, um, adj. of, or Pedatyo, önis. 1. 3. a prop. Pelasgus, i, f. 2. a sort of belonging to provisions, ping up


(lican or victuals Pedātus, us. m. an attack Pelicanus, i, m. 2. à pe. Pěnas, ātis. m. in sing, unde Pēdes, Ytis. com. gen. 3. Pellābor, vide Perlabor Penätes, ium. pl. m. 3.

a.footman, one on foot, Pellacia, æ, f. 1. an invit. household gods, a house, foot-soldier, the foot, ing look

seat, or fixed habitation, body of foot

Pēllax, acis. adj. wheedling, agate Pedester, hæc pedestris, deceitful (ticement Penatiger, a, um, adj. that & hoc pedestre, vel hic f Pellectio, õuis. f. 3. an en carriettt household hæc pedestris, & hoc pe- Pellectus, a, um. pt. entic gods destre, adj. on foot, be. ed, deceived (read over Pendéo, ére, pčpendi. n. 2. longing to a footman, or | Pellēgo, gěre. act. 3. to to hang, hung up, be


a hel.

supported, depend, or motely, far off

sports; viz.

leapinza tely, be derived, bend, Penītus, a, um. adj. that

Tunning, pitching the or stoop, linger, or stay, hath a tail Temain, continue, Pēnna, æ. f. 1. a feather,

qoit, darting, and wrest weigh, float, or sim, quill, pen, wing of. Pentathlus, i, m. e can waver, be doubtful, unset bird, plume on

pion who has been a pic tled, or in suspense, be met

tot in the five gaines, uneasy

Pennarla théca, a pen-case sports Pēndo, děre, pěpendi, pen Pennātus, a, um. adj. Peutēris, is, f. 3. a retse! sum. act. 3. to weigh, winged

having five banks of cari ponder, think, or con Pennyfer, a, um, adj. hav- Penthemimēris, is. f. 3. a sider of, esteem, rate, ing wings

pentheminner value, or regard, pay, Penniger, a, nm. adj. idem Pentorðbon, i, n. 2. a piony suffet, undergo

Pennypes, ēdis. adj. that Penu, indecl. id. qu. Penud Penaŭlus, a, um. adj. hang. hath winged feet, or Penuarius, a, um. adj. 63 ing down wings on the feet

longing to provision Pēne, adv, almost, nearly Pennipotens, tis. c. 8: a Penůla, tel Panůla, æ, f. L. Pēnes, præp. cum acc. in

bird, a fowl (wing a cloak, short, inică, say one's power, disposal, Pennala, æ. f. 1. a little

ped coat, cover, or sospossession, or custody, al, Pensació, önis. f. 3. a re.

per with, about, concerning compense

Penultimus, a, um. Penetrabilis, e. adj. pene. Pensātor, oris. m. a weigher last suve one in a word trable, that may be pierc- Pensicŭlo, äre. act. I. to Pěnum, i. D. 2. all kinds or ed, piercing, penetrat consider well

victuals, meat, and drink ing

Pensicŭlo, adv. with great Penuria, æ. f. 1. peatry, Penetrāle, is. $ Penetral, care

(the air great want, scarcity, ālis. n. 3. the recess, or Pensilis, e. adj. hanging in wareness, fewness inmost part of any place, Pensim, adv. with great Pengs, i. vel us, dab. ges. a house, seat, place of cure

all manner of proviso habitation, or abude Pensio, onis. f. 3. a pension, for a family, provision, Penetrālis, e. adj. of, or payment of money, rent food, fodder, fuel, s

belonging to the inmost of a house, land, &c. a inner Tour of a house parts of any place, or recompense, or requital Pēnus, Oris. n. 3. all kind palace, piercing

Pensitaiyo, õnis. f. 3. a of provisions, or victual, Penetratio, onis. f. 3. a compensation (examiner pickled provisions piercing Pensitātor, oris. m. 3. an Péplus, i, m. f Péplum,

i Penetrātor, oris. m. 3. a Peusito, äre. a. 1. to pon. n. 2. a loose purple gs. penetrator

der often, or longi ex. ment without sleeves, 6 Penetro, äre, a. 1. to pene

amine much, pay ofien long rube for goddesse, trate, pierce, or enter Pensiuncůla, æ. f. un ec women, and mer into, enter, pass through, knowledgment

Pepo, onis, m. 3. a pompies or to, invade, sink down, Penso, āre. a. 1. to weigh, Pepticus, a, um. adj. dige descend, examine ponder, consider,

tine Penicillus, i, m. f Penicil. inine, esteem, or value, per, præp. by, through, i,

lum, i. n. 2. a painter's exchange, supply, com between, across, at, de pencil, suft sponge, pensate, requite, nake

ing, after, for, becaust piece of tent, or lint


of, by Teuson of, ons Penicůlus, i. m. $ Peniců. Pēnsum, i. n. 2. a handful count of, under preten lum, i. n. 2. a painter's of

wool, &c., yarn, Pera, æ. f. 1. a bag, seti, pencil, any thing that thread, a task, work, un or pouch, satchel, poky serveth to wipe, or scout dertaking, charge, or of. budget, or wallet with, cook's linen fice, regard, thought, Perabsürde, adv. very s apron

care, concern, or account surdly Peninsula, æ. f. 1. a penin- Pensūra, æ. f. á weighing, Perabsurdus, a, um, adi, sula or paying

very absurd Pênis, is. m. 3. the tail, Pēnsus, a, um, pt. of pen Perācer, cris, cre. adj. et privy parts

do, f adj. ior, comp. sharp, piercing, or acute Penyte, adv. antiq. in weighed, examined, paid, Peracerbus, a, um. adj. sery wurdly, within, deeply weighty

sour, tart, or grietous Penýtus, a, um. adj. in Pentagonus, a, um. adj. Peracēsco, cĕre, cui. 1. &

ward, far within Penytus, adv. within, in

pentagonal of five feet to be very sout, URED,

Pentamēter, tra, trum. adj. the in most and must se.

or displeusing crel part, thoroughly,per. Pentaptòton, i, n. a pentap. Peracid us, a,

um. adj. tote Jectly, clearly, entirely,

Uity souT ishoily, altogethet ; re

Pentāthlum, i, n. 2, an ex Peractio, onis. f. a closins

ercisc of five games, or an ending

eråctor, oris. m. 3. a per. Perarēsco, cěre. neot. 3. to touch, or move, afflict, as. former

be, or grow very dry, or tonish, or surprise, abash, Peractus, a, u n. pt. of per. hard

or put out of counte. ago

Perargūtus, a, um. adj. nance, defer, or put off Peracủo, uěre, ui, atum. a.

very smart, or witty Percensěo, ēre, sui. a. to 3. to make very sharp Perardus, a, um, adj. too count, reckon up, or rePeracute, adv. very sharp. dry

count exactly, to travel ly, or much

Perăro, are. act. 1. to fur. over Peracûtus, a, um. adj. very Tow all over, snil over, Perceptio, onis. f. 3. a per. sharp, keen, subtle, wita transcribe, or write

ceiving, or comprehend. iy, ingenious, or fine Peräsper, a, um, adj. very ing, gathering Peradolescens, tis. c. g. one


Percēptum, i. n. 2. a specilwery young Perastūte, adv. very subtly lation

[percipio Peradolescentůlus, i, m. a Perālim, adv. by small par. Percēptus, a, um. pt. of mnere youth


(tirely | Percērpo per, carpo ), Peræque, adv. very equally Perattente, adv. very atten. pěre, psi, ptum. act. 3. Pěræquo, äre. act. 1. to Perettentus, a, um. adj. to gather, or take notes equnl (very equal very attentive

Percido (per, cædo), děre, Peræquus, um. adj. Perbăcchor, äri, ātus sum. cidi g cecidi, cisum. act. Peragito, äre. act. 1. io dep. 1. to Tevel, riot, rage 3. to beat all over, beat

Taise up, stir, mix by Perbedtus, a, um, adj. very thoroughly, entirely working things together happy

Percičo, ēre, ivi, Ylum. act. Perăgo, gére, rēgi. actum. Perbéile, adv. very well 2. to call, or proclaim,

act. 3. to perjum, exe. Perběne, adv. exceeding more, or atir up thorough. cute, disparch, finish, well

(very kind

ly, strike, or pier perfect, accomplish, de- Perbenevolus, a, um. adj. Percingo, gěre, iixi, nctum. ciare, write, or describe, Perbeuigue, adv. very kind. act. 3. to

encompass plead, peruse, read over, ly, very courteously, or round, gird, or tie consider, weigh, pass civilly

Percio, ire, ii & ivi. act. 4. through, pass, spend, Perbibo, běre, bi, bitum. to move greatly, enrage, waste, kill, or dispatch, act. 3. tu drink, or suck provoke pierce, till, bear, hold, or up, to take in (to perish Percipio (per, capio), pěre,

keep, concoc', or digest Perbyto, ĕre, & are. neut. cēpi, ceptum. act. 3. to Peragratio, onis. f. a pro. Perblande, adv.very kindly perceive, understand, or gress

Perblandus, a, um. adj. apprehend, know, conPěragro (per, ager), āre. a. very kind, courteous, or ceive, recullect, receive, 1. to pass, travel, wan. complaisant

learn, retrin, mind, at der, or run over, pass, Perbonus, a, um. adj. very tend to, or regard, forin, or travel through, view, good, convenient, curi or take,seise apon, seize, or survey, discover, lay ons, or fruitful

gather open; or disclose, spread, Perbrèvis e. adj. very short Percisus, a, um. pt. of per. or diffuse

very cido

or stir up Perālbus, a, um, adj. very briefly

Percito, äre, a. 1. 1o rowe, tohite

flovingly Pērca, æ. f. 1. a perch Percitus, a, um, pt. of perPeramānter, adv. most Percalčo, ēre, uí. n. to be. cieo Perambulo, åre. act. 1. to come very hot

Percivilis, e. adj very affawalk, puss, or travel over, Percallèo, ére, lui. n, to be ble

(percoquo to spread over

hardened, or unmored, Percoctus, a, um. pt. of Peranıenus, a, um. adj. to understand perfectly Percognitus, a, um. pt. of very pleasant

Percandefacio, ère. a. to percognosco Perāmplus, a, um. adj. very inake very hot

Percoguosco, ére, novi, ni. large, fair

Percandydus, a, um. adj. tum. a. 3. to know per. Perangūste, ady. very very white


fectly uell closely

Percārus, a, um, adj. vety Percolatio, onis. f. 3. a Perangústus, a, um, adj. Percaūtus, a, um. adj. very straining (thoroughly very strait, or fiarrow,

Gamous Percolo, āre. a. 1. to straire urry curfined

Percřlebris, e. adj. very Percolo, lère, lui, cultum. Perando (per, annus), áre. Percèler, is. e. adj. very a. 3. to grace, deck, neut. 1. to live out, or speedy, or sudden

adern, or beautify, persurvive a year

Perceleriter, adv.

very Ject, or finish, reverence Perantiquus, a, um. adj. speedily

greatly very ancient

Percēllo, lère, cůli & culsi, Percomis, e, adl, rery cour. Perappositus, a, um, adj. culsum. a. 3. to strike, teous, or aflable, very very proper

hit, or smite, overthrow, civil, or obliging Perarduus, a, um. adj. overset, or beat down, Percommode,

uery very difficult

spoil, wound,

affect, conveniently


f. an

Percommodus, a, um, adj. , Percursus, a, um. pt. of Perdix, icis. d. g. 33 very convenient, or seu. percurro

tridge sonable

Percussyo, onis. f. 3. Perdo, děre, didi, Percontatyo, Ouis.

stroke, a striking, beat. act. 3. to lose, spend asking of questions

ing, or knocking, snap Consutre, Percontător, oris, m. 3. an ping, or cracking

squander, or tårer asker of questions, an Percussor, oris. m. 3. a Tuin, or unde, der inquisitive person

striker, murderer, bravo kill, or sisy, Percontor, äri. ätus. sum. Percussus, a, um. pt. of spoil, corrupt,or deo. dep. 1. to ask strictly, in. percutio

forget quire, demand, or ques. Percussus, us. m. a stroke Perdocèo, ēre, cai, tai tion, expect, tarry, or Percutio (per, quatio), act. to teack, or ! wait for těre, cussi, cussum, n. 3.

perfectly Percontůmax, acis. adj. to strike, smite, or beat, Perdócte, adv. berg very stubborn

strike uff, strike, or best ingly, or thorougal Percopiosus, a, um. adj. down, kill, sluy, or mun Perdoctus, a, b, t. very copion8

der, frighten, or terrify. perdoceo. & adj. perto Peredquo, uěre, oxi, octum. astonish, shock, trouble, ly traught, or 1x307203

act. 3. to boil thuroughly, or disquiet, affert, or very learned, very ea! cook, or dress, scorch, move, please, or delight, ing, or skilfui heat, or warm, riper

deceive, or coren, make, Perdolčo, ére, lai, tra Percrāssus, a,

um. adj. or form, cui a ditch, or neut. 2. to be read very thick trench

the very heart Percrebrēsco, cěre, brui & Perdecorus, a, um. adj. Perdolor, ari. atos pel bui. n. 3. to be divulged, very comely

to be herred see, be spread, or noised Perdelirus, a, um. adj. very carefully abrond, prevail

veryridiculous (very thick Perdomitus, a, um, pc Percrěpo, pui, Itum. n. 1. Perdēnsus, a, um. adj. Perdomo, mui, mitom i to Tesound

Perdepso, sēré, sui. act. 3. a. 1. to tame, suodat Percrucior, ári. pass, to be to knead; ta tun; to de tally, vanquiså, til vexed, or wounded to the bauch, defile

Perdormisco, ère. .. very soul

Perdicium, i. n. 2. pellitory sleep much Percrūdus, a, um, adj. very Perdifficilis, e. adj. very Perduco, cěre, usi, bet unripe (3. to crack difficult

a. 3. to carry, brat! Percūdo, děre, di, ūsum. a. Perdifficilter, adv. very lead, convey, or en Perculsus, a, um. pt. of difficultly (worthy of accompany, percello

Perdignus, a, um, adj. very hold on, prolong, e4" Perculsus, us. m. 4. a stroke PerdiNgens, tis. adj. very tinue, bring Percultus, a, um. pt. of


persuade, bring percolo

Perdiligênter, adv. very lower, cover, or som Percunctatio, onis, f. 3. an diligently, very careful. anoint, dars, rub, cet inquiry ly, exactly

all over, cross, obliters Percūnctor, äri. dep. 1. to Perdísco, cěre, aidYci, act.

or blut out ask, or inquire, demand, 3. to learn thoroughly, Perducto, onis, f. 3. consult, or advise with perfectly, or exactly

bringing Percupidus, a, um. adj. Pérdisērte, adv. very elo- Perdūcto, are. act. teos very fond quently

alung, to conduct Percupyo, pěre, ivi, itum. Perdyte, adv. corruptly, Perductor, oris, m. 3.2

n. 3. to desire earnestly, busely, greatly, earnest. attendent,
or greatly
ly, desperately

pimp, or pandes Percuriosus, a, um, adj. Perdytor, oris. m. a ruiner, Perductūrus, a, very carejul (thuruugniy a destroyer

perduco Percúro, are. a. 1. to heal Perdytus, a, um. pt. of per- Perdūdum, adv. Percūrro, rěre, ri & cũcur do, & adj. lost, pent, con.

ri, a. & 1. 3. to run, or suinéd, squandered away, Perduello, onis, f. 3. ar pass over, or through, beggarea, ruined, un der, high treason run in histe, run

done, debauched, aban. Perduellis, is. c. g. 3. a Percursatyo, õnis. f. 3. a doned, dissolute, profuse eneiny, an open en

rambling progress, a pass. Perdiu, adv. for a great Perduēlam, i. n. 2. W ing through


Perddim, pro Perdam, Te Percursyo, onis. f. 3. a Perdives, Ytis. adj. very Perdūro, are.

2. te . speedy running over in rich

[day long continue, hold out, s the mind

PerdYus, 2, Percurso, āre.

um. adj. all

dure, itay patiently n. 1. to Perdiuturnus, a, um. adj. Peredia, æ. f. 1. an cating range frequently up and lasting a very

land, down time

pudding-less Plaut.



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Peredo, es, vel edis, dère, Perennytas, ātis. f. 3. last. perficio, & adj. complet. zdi, ésum, act. 3. to eat ingness

[ly ed, finished, ended, perthrough, CU!!$uine, or Perennyter, adv. perpeturl. formed, done, made,

waste away, reduce Perēnnu, áre. a. 1. to last, formed, accomplished, Péregre, adv, abroad, from

to continue

effected, set, perfect, enhorne, fruin abroud, or Perenticīda, æ. c. g. l. a tire, complete, exach, acforeign parts cutpurse

curately skilled, ercelPeregri, adv. abroad

Péreo, rīre, rii, rytum. n. 4. lent : Peregrina, æ, f. 1. a fe

to perish, be quite spent, Perfěro, erre, rtůli, rlātum. malestranger

or gone, vanish, or dis act. 3. tu bear, carry, or Peregrinabūndus, a, um. appear, waste awy, die, conney through, or untu,

adj. loving truri be killed, or slain, be de. bring, bear, or carry,

abunt foreign countries stroyed, or laid waste, be teil, report, or adviso, Peregrinatio, onis. f. 3. a

ruined, or undone, fall bear patiently, suffer, or travelling, wandering, down, be left, be thrown undergo, wake, or pass, sojourning

away, be deeply in love enact, huve, or enjoy, rePeregrinator, oris. m. 3. a Perequito, äre. a. 1. to ride

tain, or pres:tve trueller

through, round, or all Perfervetio (per, ferven, Peregrinitas, ātis. f. the over

fio), ieri, factus. n. p. 3. condition of a foreigner, Perērro, āre. a. 1. to win. to be made very hot the corruption of the der all over, or round, Perfervidus, a,

uin. adj. Roman language, « tone. travel over, pass through,

very hot in pronouncing


or round, diffuse Perfèrus, a, um, adj. very Peregrinor, äri, ätus sum. itself, traverse, run over,

fierce dep. 1. to travel into survey, etunnine, mniss, Perficio (per, facio), cére, fureign countries, wan. or fail

fêci, fectum. act. 3. to 'der, be a stranger at, Pererudītus, a, um. adj. perfect,cumplete,or finisht, livé a foreigner in any very learned

execute, or perforint, 10place, sojourn

Peresus, a, um, pt. of pere. complish, ffect, bring Peregrinus, a, um. adj. do

(tease sorely about, or to pass, gain, foreign, outlandish, com- Perexcrucro, āre. a. 1. iu or obtain, concoct, or diing from abroad, strange, Perexigüe, adv. very nig gest, dress, or prepare temute, new, fresh, raw, gardiy

Perficus, a, um, adj. perinexperienced, ignorant Perexiguus, a, um. adj. fecting Peregrinus, i. m. 2.a very little, or sinull Perfide, adv. treacherously

stranger, a foreigner Perexilis, e. adj. very sien. Perfidélis, e. adj. very Perelēgans, tis. adj. very der

faithful elegant (elegantly Perexpeditus, a, um, adj. Perhdía, æ. f. 1. perfidy, Pereleganter, adv. very very obvious, or easy perfidiousness, freuchery, Pereloquens, tis. adj. very Perfabrico, āre. act. 1. to breach of faith eluquent


Perfidiüse, adv. perfidiously Peremptor, oris. m. 3. a Persacēte, adv. very mer. Perfidiosus, a, um. adj. is. murderer

rily, jocosely, or wittily symus, sup. treacherous, Peremp:orius, a, um, adj. Perfacétus, a, um. adj. very deceitful, false

peremptory, express, pleasant (or ieadily Perfidus, a, um, adj. idem deadly

Perfacile, adv. very easily, Perfuyo, ire. act. 4. tu eud Peremptus, a, um. pt. of Pertacinis, e. adj. very easy fully periino

(hence Perfacũndus, a, uni. adj. Perflabilis, e. adj. that may Perenie, adv. two days very eluguent

be bluton through Perendimas, a, um, adj. the Pertamiliaris, e. adj. very Perdagitiosus, a, um. adj. ne&t day after 10-mor familiar

very picked ture, the thard day Pertatius, a, um, adj. very Perflátus, us. m. a bloring Perenne, agv, all the year


through, blist tund

(auguries Perfecte, adv. perfectly, Perfecto, tère, exi, exum, Perennia, ium. pl. n. 3. fully, completely, exact act. 3. to bend auch Perennis, e. adj. ior, comp. ly

Perfixus, a, um. pt. of that continueth all the Perfecto, onis. f. 3. perfec. perfiecto, quite bent year round, lasting, dur. tion, julness, complete. Pērtlo, are. act. 1. to blow able, steady, steadfast, ness, finishing, making violently through, over, constant, continual, un. Perfector, oris. m. 3. 4 fin.

or upon, to blow interrupted, incessant, isher, or accomplisher, Perfluctúo, are. n. 1. to never ceasing, or failing, perfecter

swim, or float in great perpetual, endless, ever. Perfectrix, icis. f. 3. idem abundance lasting, eternal

Perfectus, us. m. 4. per. Perfto, uěre, uxi, uxum. Perenniservus, i, m. a con fection

n. 3. to run, run down, stant servant

Perfectus, a, um, pt. of or by, flow, abuund

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