Abbildungen der Seite

Ladibündas, a, um. adj. Luitio, onis. f. 3. an acquit. dled with a sharp bil, of full of play, sportive, gay

(thorni arurb

(srafie Ludicer, cra, crum. adj. Lūma, æ. f. 1. a kind of Lupātus, i, m. 2. a bir, or ludicrous, belonging, io Lumayus, a, um, adj. of, or Luperealya, em &orum. pl. play, spor: ive, in jest, for thorns

n. a festinai sacrediu Par, vain, trifling

Lumbāgo, Inis. f. 3. a pain on the 15th of February Ludicre, adv. wantonly of the loins

Lupinus, i, m. & Lupinum, Ludicris, e. adj. id. qudd Lumbifragrum, i. n. 2. a i. n. 2. a pulse of most Ludicer

brenking, or injury of ditter taste, lupines, or Ludicrum, i, n. 2. a play, the loins

hups, comic money made an interlude

Lumbricosus, a, um. adj. thereof Ludifacio [ludus, facio), full of worms

Lupinus, a, um, adj. of a cere. act. 3. to befool, Lumbricus,i.m.2. an earth wulf

steur make a fool of

worm, belly-worm, maw. Låpor, äri, dep. 1. to hann! Ludificabilis, e. adj. making

worm, a fish

Lupůla, æ. f. 1, a young sh sport Lambů'us: i, m. 2. dim. a wolf

[ing hops Ludificatio, onis. f. 3. a little loin

Lupulātus, a, um, adj. har mucking, or deceiving, Lumbus, i. m. 2. the loin, Lupulus, i, m. 2. haps

mockery, abusiveness hnunch,or fank, the reins Låpus, i, m. 2. a wolf, . Ludificātor, oris. m.

a Luinēctum, i. n. 2. a thorny pike, a sturgeon, 2 spi. morker, a cheat brake

der, a bit, or snoffie, a Lodifyco, are. act. 1. Plaut. Lūmen, Yuis. n. 3. light, houk, or drag, hops pro

brightness, any light Lūra, æ. f. 1. the mouth of LudiiYcor (lucus, facio), body, a light, candle, a sack, or bottle, e lei āri, ātus. d. I. to mock, lamp, or torch, a star,

thern sack, or bag make a fool of, cajole, or the sun, an eye, a win- Lurco, onis. m. 3. a glutter

chouse, deceive, bifile dow, life, an explication, Lūrcor, äri. dep. 1. to devotir Ludificus, a, um, adj. spor or illustration, ornament, Luryde, adv. wanly, darkly rive

or embellishment, excel- Luridus, a, um, adj. pale, Ludimagister, tri. m. 2. a lence, inspiration

wan, black, ghasily, disschoolmaster

Lumináre, ís. n. 3. a lumi. mni, filthy Ludyo, önis. m. 3. a sword, fury, light, a gallant Lūror, oris, m. 3. paleness, or puppet player, a young person

(rightingale in trice-dancer Lunino, are. act. to lighi, Luscinya, æ. f. I.

hex Ludius, i. m. 2. a stage enlighten; to dye purple Lusciniola, æ, f. l. a small pinyer, 2 dancer

Luminosus, a, um. adj. iz nightingale Lūdo, děre, ūsi, üsum. act. minous, full of lights, Luscinus, i. m. 2. & cock

3. to play, play af, or windows, shining, nightingale upun, sport, make sport,


Luscynus, a, um, adj. dir. frisk, or dance, dally, Lūns, æ. f. 1. the moon, a sighted wanton, banter, jest upon, Inoon

(the moon Lusciosus, $ Lascitiosus, mock, cheat, beguile, or Lanāris, e. adj. lunar, of a, um. adj. owl-eyed, preto deceive, ward, or put off, Lunaticus, a, um, adj. luna blind contend, or engage, write tre, nud

Luscit'o, onis, f. 3. westLūdus, i. m. 2. a play, Lunātim, adv, in form of a ness of sight sport, pastime, or game,

Lūscus, a, um, adj. blind trick of youth, prank, Lunatio, onis, f. 3. a bend

of une eye jent, jest, show, or sight, ing like the moon, a Lusyo, onis. f. 3. a playing, school, or place of exer change of the inoon or gaming, diversion, recire

Lūno, āre. act. to bend like crention Luēla, æ. f. 1. punishment a halfmoon

Lusito, äre. freq. 1. to play Låes, is, f. 3. & plague, or Lundla, æ. f. 1. a little ofren, to play, to frisk pestilence, rot, or mur inoan, halfmoon on a se. Lūsor, oris, m. 3. (sporte, rain, Stent mortality, nitor's shoes, ring, gem


(tiveis destruction, ruin, blight Lủo, uěre, di, uytuin. act. & Lusorle, adv, merrily, spor Lugěo, ére, uxi, uctum. a. neut. 3. to puy, suffet, Lasorius, a, um, adj. be2. !o monrn, bewail, or

expirte, or atone for, longing to play, or ples. lament, grieve at purge, or wash away


sportive, Lugubre, adv, lamentably, Lúpa, æ. f. 1. a she wulf, a harmless, ridiculous pitifully


Lustrālis, e. adj. done every Lugubris, e. adj. mournful, Lupānar, āris. n. 3. a brothel fifth year, haning peret lamentable,

Sorrowful, Lupanaryum, i. baugrievous dy-house

to purse, or make holy, Lugubriter, adv.mournfully Lupātum, i; 9. 2. a curb. Lusträmen, Inis. u. 3.

purging, purifying ugubro, āre. a. 1. to inake Lamentable

Lupātus, a, um, adj. bri. Lustrameutum, i. u. 2

uran ness



search, view, survey

eleansing, purgation, a. location

(displace of, or pertaining to a tunement

Luxo, are, act. 1. to loosen, harp Lustratyo, onis, f. 3. a sur. Luxurla, æ. f. 1. luxury, Lyristes, æ. m. l. a harper

prying, or viewing, purg e paravagunce, excess, su. Lysis, is. &- Yos, f. 3. a weaking by sacrifice perfluity, rankness

exing by illness, a looseni. Lustrator, oris. m. 3. a sur-Luxuryes, ei. f. 5. luxury, ing, or gaping veyor, rambler

profusion, extravagance, Lytta, æ. f. mudness of a Lustrycas, a, um, adj. puri luvishness, lasciviousness, dog, a worm Jying,

or cleansing, wantonness, rankness naming

Luxurio, äre, n. 1. to grow Lustrilycus, a, um. adj. vid. wanton, riotous, or rank, Lustralis

M to wanton, frisk about, Lustro, äre. a. & n. 1. to swell out, abound

$111uey, view, observe, Luxuryor, ári. dep. to grow MACCUS, ...m. 2. a foul weigh, or consider, exa. mine, go round, or pass Luxuriöse, adv. luxurious Macellaryus, a, um. adj. of, over, encuinpass, illumi. ly, extravagantly, expen or belonging to shambles nate, cleanse, purify, sively, riotously, rankly, Macellaryus, i. m. 2. a seller alone for

Luxuriosus, a, um. adj. of rictuals Lastro, õnis. m. 3. an idler iururious, eætravagani, Maceliota, æ. f. 1. a garden Lüstror, äri. dep. 1. to expensive, profuse, lav. door haunt stews

ish, sumptrious, riotous, Macēllum, i. n. a market. Lustrum, i. n. 2. & purga. wanton, luxuriant, rank place for flesh, fish, and

fron, or cleansing by sa Luxus, a, um, adj. louse, out all manner of provisions, crifice every fifth year, of joint

shambles the space of five years, á Lúxus, us. m. 4., luxury, Macēllus, a, um, adj. somes den of wild beasts

extravagance, profuse whut lean Lisus, a, um. pt. of ludo ness, eacess, state, magni- Macěo, ēre, cui. n. to be Lūsus, us. m. 4. a play, ficence, riot, dissolution lean, or thin sport, dalliance

Lyæus, a, um, adj. of wine Măcer, cra, crum. adj. crior, Lutamentum, i, n. 2. a mud LychnobYus, i. m. 2. one comp.cerrimus, sup. Iean, wall

that turneth night into thin, poor, bare, barren, Lataryus, a, um. adj. of, or day

unfruitful living in mud

Lychnūchus, i, m. 2. a can- Maceratyo, õnis. f. 3. maceLutēnsis, e. adj. feeding dlestick, sconce; a link. ration, a steeping, a (lowish boy

(link soaking, a watering Latešlus, a, um. adj. yel. Lychnus, i. m. 2. a lamp, a Macerēsco, cěre, inc. 3. to be Lutēsco, cere, incep. 3. to Lycus, a, um, adj. Lycian steeped

grow foul (wond Lydius lapis, the touchstone Macerta, æ. f. 1. & MaceLuteum, i. n. 2. a yolk; Lympha, æ. 1. water, a rYes, ei, f. 5. a wall, or Lutèus, a, um. adj. made

thround about a ground of clay, loun, dirt, or Lymphaticam, i. n. 2. mad- Macěro, äre. act. I. to steep, mud, eurthen, ness, Tige

soak, soften, dissolve, nusty, sorry, pitiful, mean Lymphaticus, a, um. adj. melt, inste, or pine away, Lutěus, a, um. adj. pale, mad, frightened out of consume, fret, tease, or vellow one's wits

torment, vex', disturb Lůto, are. act. 1. to daub, Lymphatio, onis. f. 3. a Macēsco, cěre, inc. 3. to poilute, spot fright

grow lean, poor, or bar. Lutõse, adv. dirtily

Lymphātus, us. m. 4. mad. ren, pine away Latosus, a, um, adj. dirty, ness, delusion

Machæra, æ, f. a sword, a miry, muddy, filthy, drag. Lympho, äre. act. 1. to make

knife gled

mua, enrage, frighten, Machærfum, i. n. 2. a dag. Lütra, æ, f. l. an otter


ger, cook's knife Lutulentus, 2. um. adj. Lyncěus, a, um, adj. of a Machærophorus, i. m.

dirty, miry, muddy, filthy, lynx, sharpsighted, quick, Swordsman nasty, soul


Machina, æ. f. 1. amaLutŭlo, are. act.1. to bedaub Lynx, cis. dyb. gen. 3, a chine, engine, instruLütum, i. 1. clay, loam, lynx, an ounce, a spotted snent, crune, scaffold,

dirt, mire, mud, a dirty and very sharpsighted frame, or fabric, device, fellow

(dyeing beast resembling a wolf or invention, trick, or Látum, i, n. 2. woad for Lyra, æ. f. l. a harp, a con shift Lux, lucis. f. 3. light, day, stellution

Machinālis, e, adj. belongsplendour, brightness, an Lyrica, örum. pl. n. 2. lyric ing to engines eye, a seusun, life, the verses, or songs

Machinnmēntuar, i. 1. 2. an publie; in plur. the stars i Lyricen, Inis. m. 3. a harpet engine to batter' walle xatxo, vuis. f. 3. a dis- | Lyricus, a, um., adj, lyric, with, an instrument

upon mud

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Machinarius, a, um, adj. of, polluted, blotted, scanda- Magistratus, ns. m. 4. maor belonging tu engines, lous, infanons

gistracy, the office, or or milla

Madefacto (madeo, facio), pluce of a magistrate, Machinatro, onis. f. 3. a me cere, fēci, factum, act. 3. civil government, anna

chanical instrument, to wet, or moisten, soak, gistrate device, a contrivance drench, fill

Māgma, atis. n. 3. dregs, Machinător, oris. m. 3. a Madefactio, onis. f. 3. a refuse, druss deviser, a contriver, pro moistening

Magnalia, uni. pl. n. 3. jector, inventor, author, Madefio (madeo, fio), fiéri, great works engineer

factus. n. p. 3. to be Magnauimytas, ātis. f. 3. Machinātrix, icis. f. 3. a moistened, or made wet inagnanimity contriver

Maděo, ēre, dui. n. 2. to be Maguanymus, a, um. adj. Machinātus, us. m. 4. Q wet, or tuist, be drink, magnanimous, COUTcontrivance

or full, stagger, hesitate, geous, brave, spirited Machynor, åri, ätus sum. be boiled, be tinctured, or Magnaryus, i. m. 2. a mer. dep. 1. to frame, or make, imbued

chant devise, contrivé, invent, Madēsco, cère, incep. 3. 10 Magpātes, am. pl. m. 3. project, plot

grow wet, or moist, to be peers of the realm, grauMachinosum, navigium, a boiled enough

dees, nobles (stone ship, 50 contrived as to Madyde, adv. moistly Mägyes, Etis. m. 3. load. fall to pieces, Suet. Madydus, a, um. adj. wet, Magneticus, a, um. adj. MacYes, ēi, f. 5. leanness, dropping wet, moist, magnetic (bragging bareness

drunk, boiled, dyed, tinc- MaguidYcus, a, adj. Macilēntus, a, um, adj. lean, tured

Magnifacio (magnus, facio thin, lank

Mådor, üris. m. 3. moisture cěre, fēci, factum. act. 3. Măcis, Ydis. f. 3. mace Madälsa, xe, m. l. a drunk to esteem, or value much, Macrésco, cěre, macrui, in und

to value highly cep. 3. to grow iean, or Mæänder, Mæândrus, i. Magnificatio, onis. f. 3. a thin, pine away

m. 2. a turn, shift, or magnifying Macritas, atis. f. 3. poorness trick, a lnce sei in crooks Magnifyce, adv. magnifiMacritudo,inis.f.3. learness and turns, fretwork cently, nobly Macrochira, æ. f. 1. a coat Mæna, æ. f. 1. a kind of Magoifcēnter, adr, magni. with long sleeves

herring, or pilchard, a ficently, stately, nobly Macrocólum, i. n. 2. royal sardine

Magnificentia, æ. f. magni. paper

Meniāna, orum. pl. n. 2. ficence,.grandeur, a high Macrocomus, i. m. 2. one balconies

[nian value, or esteein long-haired

Mæontus, a, um. adj. Mæo- Magnifico (magous, facio), Macror, oris, m. 3. leanness Măga, æ. f. 1. a witch, sor āre. act. 1. to magrily, Mactabilis, e. adj. causing

extol, praise death, killing

Magalia, ium. pl. n. 3. cot. Magnificus, a, um, adj. en Mactator, oris. 3. a

[cery tior, comp. entissimus, murderer

Magia, æ. f. 1. magic, sor. sup. magnificent, grand, Mactātus, ns. m. 4. a killing | Magice, es. f. l. magic, splendid, Juin pt nous for sacrifice witchcraft

stately, great, noble, gloMàcte, vid. Māctus

Magleus, a, un. adj. magic, rious, extraordinary, a Mactěn, æ. f. 1. a delicate of magic


(bousting fuod

Măgis, Ydis. f. 3. a vat tu Magniloquentia, e. f. 1. a Macto, are. act. 1. to kill, knead bread in, platter, Magniloquus, a, um, adj. slay, sacrifice, offer up, rolling-pin

lofty, exalted, highflows, augment

Mägis, adv. more, more at boasted Māctra, æ. f. 1. a knead. lurge, more fully, rather, Magnipendo (magous, pen ing-trough the rather

d!, děre. act. 3. to ralue, Māctus, a, um. adj. in. Magister, tri. m. 2. a mas. ur esteem highly

creased, enlarged, ho ter, ruler, or chief school. Magnitado, Ynis. f. 3. mag. roured

master, tutor, philoso nitude, greatness, size, Macula, æ. f. 1. a spot, or pher, tranner, or model. bulk, quantity, length

stnin,mark, olur, or fault, ler, pilot, officer that Magnopere, adv. grently, blemish, disgrace, discre maketh a public sale of much, exceedingly, very, dit, duhonour debtor's goods

chiefly, eagerly, strietiy, Maculatio, onis. f. 3. infa- Magisterium, i. n. 2. the severely, by all means, my, reproach

place, or office of a mas. often, frequently Maculo, are. a. !. to spor,

ter, or governor, govern. Mágaum, adv. greatly, strin, sully, defile, pula

ment: in pl. dictates, aloud lute, violate

precepts Ticulosus, a,

Magnus, a, um, adj. major, um. adj. Magistra, æ. f. 1.& mistress, comp. maximus,

sup. otted, speckled, stained, a teacher

great, much, large, rich,



tuges, sheds

powerful, mighty, loud; Malefactor, ūris, m. 3. a Malleolāris, e, adj. young, hurd, dificult criminal

lender Măgus, i, m. 2. a magi- Malefactum, i. n. 2. an ill Malleolus, i. m. 2. a mallet, ci in, Sorcerer, enchanter, deed, an injury, wrong

sinall shoot of evine, charmer, wise man Malefice, adj. mischievous. bundle of he P, the anMăgus, a, um, adj. inagical, ly, badly

kle, or ankle-bone magic

Maleficentia, æ, f. 1. mis. Mallčus, i. m. 2. a mallet, Māja, æ. f. 1. a kind of chievousness

maul, hammer, a disease crabfish (pig, a hog Maleficentissimus, a, um, ir calle Majālis, is, m. 3. a barrow adj. sup. most wicked, or Mallaviæ, árum. pl. f. a Majēstas, ātis. f.3, majesty, mischievous (ously tosh-hand basin

grandeur, dignity, 80 Maleficiose, adv. mischien. Mālo, lle, lui. verb. irreg. lemnity, authority, power Maleficium, i, n. 2. u wick. 3. to be more willing, 10 Majores, um. pl. m. 3. an. ed action, roguery, act of

wish rather cestors, forefathers, hostility, witchcraft Malobathrum, i. n. 2. an founders of a sect Malefcus, a, um, adj. mis. Indianleas whereof spikeMaius, a, um. adj. of May. chievous, wicked, envious, nard is made, spikeriard Maius, i, m. 2. the month hostile, unkind

Malope, es. f. 1. a large of May

Maleficus, i, m. a wizard, inalou [wux, glue Majuscălus, a, um. adj. a sorcerer

Māltha, æ. f. 1. & cement, sumewhat greater, bigger, Malefydus, a, um. adj. faith- Malthinus, a, um. adj. ef. or elder

less, unsafe, untrue feminaté, soft Māla, æ, f. 1. the cheek, the Malesanus, a, um, adj. un. Máltho, áre. act. 1. to glue, jaw

(bathruin healthy, foolish, unsound or solder (mallow Malăbathrum, vid. Malo- Malesuādus, a, um. adj. per- Mālva, æ, f. 1. the herb, Malăche, ēs. f. 1. mallows suading to do amiss, Malvaceus, a, um, adj. like Malacia, æ. f. 1. a calin, tempting to ill

mallows stillness, longing, squeu Malevolens, tis. adj. male. Mālum, i. u. 2. an apple

mishness, tawdriness volent, ill-natured, en. Malum, i. n. 2. an evil, sin, Malacisso, are. act. 1. to vious

wickedness, vice, crime, soften, iu stroke, soothe Malevolentya, æ. f. 1. male. fault, mischief,

harın, Malăcus, a, um. adj. soft, volence, envy, ill-will danger, difficulty, misfor.

supple, flexible, ensy, vo Malevolus, a, um. adj. mali. tune, suffering, calamity, luptuous, delicate

cious, spiteful, unkind, distress, Tuin, punishment Malágma, atis. n. 3. a


Mälum, adv. badly, amiss. poultice (ten, supple Malitěrus, a, um. adj. fruit. Målum ! interj, with a mis. Malāxo, are, act. 1. to suf bearing

(ficent chief! Male, adv. badly, improper. Malificus, a, um. adj. male- Mālus, i. f. 2. an apple-tree

ly, ill, disgracefully, Malīgne, adv. naliciously, Malus, i. m. 2.c inast of a uickedly, hurtfully, un. spitefully, enviously, successjuliy, unhappily, sparingly, little

Malus, a, um. adj. pejor, greatly, with reluctance, Malignitas, ātis. f. 3. inalig. comp. pessimus, sup: bad, scarcely, hardly nity, malice, envy, ill.


sinful, wicked, Maledice, adv. abusively, nature, niggardliness wrong, unjust, tricking,

slanderonsly (traction Maligno, äre. act. 1. to ex. cheating, jraudulent, de. Maledicentia, æ. l. l. de. asperate

signing, deceitful, ariful, Maledicertior, adj. mure, Malignus, a, um. adj. mali. treacherous, mischievous,

and most slanderous, or cious, spiteful, envious, hurtful, poisonous, ill. backbiting

unkind, peevish, morose, boding, bewitching, ma. Maledico, ere, ixi, ictum. a. sour, little, small, nurow, gical, silly, foolish, weak,

3. to reproach, revile, reserved (apple tree irifling, cowurdly, ugly, rail at, curse

Malinus, a, um, adj. of an deformed Maledictio, onis. f. slan Malita, æ, f. 1. malice, mis. Mamilla, æ. f. 1. a little der, detraction

chievousness, wickedness, breast, a dug Maledicto, are. a. 1. see vice, craft, frand, per. Mamillāre, is. n. 3. a stomMaledico

verseness, unkindness, aucher Maledictum, i. n. 2. foul hardness

Mamma, æ. f. 1. a breast, languige, reproach Malitiose, adv. maliciously, pap, dug, a child's word Maledictus, a, um. pt. of spitejully, wickedly, de. jor mother, grandai, or minledico ceitfully

87annam, a bump Malecicus, a, um. adj. foul. Malitiosus, a, um. adj. mali. Mammeātus, vid. Mammo. mouthed, reprouchful, cious, spiteful, wicked,

(mor, riches Teviling, slanderous

knavish, crafty, sly, tun. Mammona, æ. f. 1. mam Malefacro, ère, fēci, fac ning, wrested

Mammosus, a, um. adj. tum. a. to do amiss, wrong, Malleator, oris. m. 3. a haring great breasta, injure, abuse hammerer, beater

paps, or dugs



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Mammúla, æ, f. 1. a little points where the chessmen , Manifestus, a, um, adj.mgni. ang

stand, a monastery, or Jest, clear, plain, evident, Mana bilis, e. adj. apt to convent (mandrake apparent flow, or pierce

Mandragoras, æ. m. 1. a Maniplāris, rid. Manipulatie Mancus, i, m. 2. the oth, Mandacatio, onis. f. 3. a Maniplus, vid. Manipulus or course of the moon, a chewing

Manipulāris, e. adj. af, or complete month

Manduco, ouis. m. 3. a great belonging to a band of Manāle, is. n. 3. an eldet eater

(chew, eat Manālis, e. adj. that be- Mandūco, are. act. 1. to Manipulāris, is. m. 3. a com

tongerh to the ghosts, or Mandūcor, äri. dep. 1. idem mont suldier, a standardgods below: that out of Mandücum, i. n. 2. meat bearer which water always How Mandūcus, i, m. 2. a great Manipularyus, a, um, adj. of, eth [ing enter, a bugbear

or belonging to a commut Manatyo, onis. f. 3. a Aou- Māne, adv. in the morning soldier Månceps, cipis, c. g. 3. a Māne, n. nom. acc. & abl. Manipulātim, adv. by bands, Jarmer of any part of the the morning, first part of or companies, in heaps, public revenues, an un. day, daylight

or bodies dertaker of any public Manědum, imper. tarry a Manipulus, i, m. 2. a hand. wuth, proprietor that while

jul, bundle, ensign, band, selleth a thing upon war. Maněu, ēre, nsi, nsum. n. or company of soldiers, a tanty,

postinastet, a. 2. to stay, tarry, wait, glove, or gauntlet abetior, hirer

continue, remain, stay, Mannŭlus, i, m. 2. a galloMancipatio, onis. f. vid. or wait for, expect, await, way, a nag Mancipium

persist, be inferred Mānnus, i. n. 2. nag, arr. Mancipatus, a, um. pt. sold, Mānes, ium, pl. m. 3. in. bling nag, jennet Paslaned

fernul gods, a spirit, or Mäno, äre, weut. & act. l. Mancipātus, us. m. 4. «sell. 8 host, the shades below; to flow, run, or trickle

Ink on warranty, or be dead bodies, the place of doun, drop, distil, spread, fore witnesses

the dead, hell, a tormeni. diffuse, extend Mancipium, i, n. 2. proper. ut, an avenger, the stings Manon, i. n. 2. a soft sponge

ly, or right of perpetual of conscience, remorse Mansio, onis. f. 3, a sag, possession, a slave, or de. Māngo, onis. m. 3, a buyer continuance, un inn,

pendant on a great ihan and seller of slaves, hors duy's journey Mancypo, äre, act. 1. to sell, es, &c., a regrater Mansito, áre. freq. 1. to

alienate, or make ouer, Mangouicus, a, um, adj. of tarty, or continue, eat, orslave, give a right, or Terratere title, wurtant

Mangonyum, i.n.2. brokery; Mansuefacio (mansuetos, MancupYum, via.Mancipium cookery

facio), cere. act. 3. to Mancus, a, um, adj. maim- Mangonizo, āre. act. to trion tame, civilize ed, defective, imperfect, up, paint, &c.

Mansuefio (mansuetus,fo), lume, feeble, weak Maula, æ. f. the goddess of fieri, factus. n. p. 3. to be Mandātor, oris. m. 3. 2 inad people

mnade tame commander; a suborner; Manlæ, árum. pl. f. hob. Mansues, ētis, c. g. pro a sutery goblins, images

Mansuetus Mandātrix, icis. f. 3. a fe. Maniăcus, a, um. adj. inad Mansuēsco, cĕre, ēvi, ine. male commander

Manica, æ. f.), a sleeve, 3. to grow tame, or gesMandatum, i, n. 9.& com. glore, mitten, gauntlet, tie, groro 80/1, mild, or

mand, order, injunction, jetter for the hands, grap mellow, to tarne charge, commission, mes pling iron

Mansuëté, adv. gently, sage

Manicãtus, a, um, adj. with mildly Mandātus, vs. m. 4. com sleeries

Mansuetudo, inis. f. 3. genmand, charge

Manicon, i, n. 2. nightshade tleness, courteousness Mandibûlum, i. n. 2. the Manicula, æ, f. 1. a little Mansuētus, a, um, adj. jaw-bune hana, a handle

tame, gentle, courteous, Mando, are. a. 1. to com. Manifestaryus, a, um. adj. mand, bid, ut der, commit, notoriuris

Māusum, i. n. 2. meat intrust, send away, send Manifestatio, onis. f. 3. chewed. word manifestation

Mansus, a, um. pt. of mando Mando, onis. m. 3. a great Manitēste, adv. manifestly, Mansus, i. m, a farm-house cuter openly, plainly

with land Māndo, děre, di, nsum, a. Manifesto, ady, idem Mautēle, is. n. 3. a towel,

3. to eat, éat up, chew, Manifesto, äre. act. 1. to inntle, cloak, cover, de champ, bute

munifest, shew, discuver, jence Māudra, æ, f. 1. n horiel for cuttie, a team of beasts Manifestor, äri, ätus. pass.

Mantēum, i, n. 2. the plage

of uracles that bear buraens, the to be shewni

Mantica, æ. f. l, a wallet

line uport



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