Abbildungen der Seite

of bees

Antevērto, ère, ti, rsum. act. ! 1. to excel, surpass, undo nity, a quirk, (pudding

3. to outstrip, prevent, i Antithalămus, i. m. an ante- Apexibo, önis. f. 3. a blacé prefer

[before chamber (position Aphrăctum, i. n. $ Aphrat Antevolo, as. act. 1. to fly Antithěsis, is. f. 3. an op tus, i. n. 2. an open ship. Anthemis, Ydis. f. 3. camo-Antitheton, i. n. 2. a contra a brigantine (petr mile [of powers riety

(type Aphronitrum, i, n. 2. saltAnthYmus, a, um. adj. made Antitypum, i. n. s. an anti- Aphya, æ. f. 1. a small cheap Anthologica, orum, pl. n. 2. Antlia, æ. f. 1. a pump fish [ing to, or fit for bees

books ihat describe or treat Antlo, as. neat. 1. to draw Apiānus, a, um.adj. belong. of flowers black irater

Lerotto Apiaryum, i. n. a bee-stand Anthracinus,a. um.adj.coal. Autrùm, 1. 1. s. a cave, den, Apiaryus, i, m. 2. a keeper Anthrax, acis. m. 3. & coal Auulāris, e. adj. pertaining

(mint Anthropophagus, i, m. 2. a to a ring

Apiastrum, i, n. 2. balm, cannibal

Andlus, i, m... a ring Apātus,a, um. adj. like a bee Antibacchius, i, m. 2. a foot Anus, i. m. 2. a circle, the Apica ovis. t. a sinall sheep

of two long syllables, and fundament, a year Apicůla, æ. f. a little bee a third short syllable, as, Anus, ûs. f. 4. an old woman, Aplnæ, árum. pl. f. 1. trifles, fortuna

[christ an eunuch; adj. old Antichristus, i. m. 2. anti- Anxie, adv. anxiously, dili. Apis, is. f. a bee

{to get Anticipatio, onis. f. 3. anti. gently, carefully, sorrow- Apiscor, ci. aptus, dep: 3. cipation


Apium, i. n. 2. parsley, AnticYpo, (antè capio), as. Anxietas, ātis. f. 3. anxiety, sınallage

act. 1. to anticipate, to sorrow, uneasiness, con- Aplūda, æ. f. 1. Bran, refuse forestall [fore door cern, fretfulness Iquiet Aplūstre, is. n. Aplustram, Anticum, i, n. 2. a porch, a Anxietido, Ynis. f. 3. dis i. n. the flag, or colours Anticus, a, um, adj. souih, Anxifer, a, um, adj. bring of a ship forward

ing care

Apocope, es. f. 1. a figure, Antidotum. i. D. & Antido - Anxius, a, um, adj. anxious, which takes away the last

tus, i. f. 2. an antidote, a uneasy, concerned, disa letter of a word; as tun? counter-poison (pathy turbed, curious

for tune (cryphil Antipathia, æ. f. 1.o anti- Anytus, 'i. m, one of the Apocryphus, a, um. adj. apo. Autiphona, æ. f. 1. an anti three accusers of Socrates Apodicticus, a, um, adj. de

phon, the act of singing Ap, in composition, stands monstrative
by response
for ad

ApodyterYum, i, n. a room Antipodes, m. 3.peo. Apăge, Apagěte, adı, away, near a bath for undresse ple that have their feet get you gone, fie, fie

ing, &c. against ours, on the other apagěsis, adv. fie, away Apogæum, i. n. 2. the point side oj the earth

Apalæstri, adj. pl. rude, ill. where a planet is furthest Antiquarta, æ. f. l. a female bred

(east wind from the earth, the snid. antiquarian, a female wit, Apeliðtes, æ. m. the south dle point of heaven

or critic [tiqunry Apella, æ. c. g. one circum- Apogrăphon, i, n. a copy, a Antiquarius, i, m. 2. an an. cised, a Jew (a boar pattern AntiquarYus, a, um. adj.stu. Apěr, pri. m.

2 a wild boar, Apolactizo, as. act. 1. to kick diens, or fond of anti- Aperyo, ire, rui, rtum. act. a person, slight, despise, quity, affected (pealing 4. to open,set, or lay open, scorn

(senators Antiquatro, onis. f. 3. a res split, disclose, discover, Apolēcti, orum,m.principal Antique, adv. of old, in uncover, show, bring out, Apologeticus, a, um. adj. ancient time explain

apologetic, defending,es. Antiquitas, ātis. f. 3. anti- Aperte, adv. ius, issimè, cusing

quity, men of ancient openly, plainly, clently, Apologia, æ. f. 1. an apology times, regard, lone

manifestly, cheerfully Apologus, i. m. 3. a fable Antiquitus, adv. of old time, Apertró, onis. f. 3. an open. Aponus, i. m. a fountain forinerly [forget iny

(naked and village in Italy Antiquo, as. a. 1. to repeal, a pērto, as. act. 1. to make Apophthēgma, &tis. n. 3. ar Antiquor, ári. pass. to be Apērtum, i. th. 2. a public apophthegm,or short pithy abolished, to be worn out place fing, or hole


(plesy of mind, or use

Apertūra, æ. f. a little open-Apoplexis, eos, f. 3. an apua Antiquus a,am. adj. ancient, Apertus, a, am. adj. tior, Aporya, æ. f. 1. doubt, per.

old, of long standing, tissYnius, open, public, plexity, want of counsel old-fashioned, out of date, exposed, toide, extended, Aposiopēsis, see Reticentia

worthy, honest, dear clear, plain, honest Apostēma, atis. n. 3. an inAntistes, Ytis. c. g.3. a chief Apēs, see Apis

posthume (apostleship priest, or priestess, a pre- Apēx, Ycis, m. 3. a top, sharp Apostolātus, os. m. 4. an late, a master

point, tufl, plume, crest, Apostolus, i, m. 2. an apos. Antistyta, æ. f. 1. priestess comb, rap, arrent, letter, ile, a messenger Antisto (ante, sto], as. act mandate, authority, dig- Apostrophe, es. f. 1. n speak


In pl.


ing to, instead of speaking longing for, hankering. Appositum, i. 1. 2 of, one absent



epithet Apostrophus,i.m.2. see Apo-Appetibilis, e. adj. to be co- Appositas, a, appo. Apothéca, æ. f. l. a store Appetitio, onis. f. 3. a no, f adj. put to, put, laid, house, cellar, apothecary's strong desire, earnest en. or set near, set upon, setyshop

[nization deavour after, catching ed up, situate by, adjoinApotheosis, ens. f. 3. a cuno at, un attack, an appetite ing, opposite, fit, meet, Apparāte, ius, issYme, adv. Appetitus, a, um. pt. of ap suitable, proper (ting to with preparation, sump


ApposYus, us. m. 4. a puttuously, nobly, branely Appetītus, us. m. 4. an ap- Appotus, a, drunk, Apparatro, Ouis. f. 3. great petite, a desire.

Juddled preparation, provision,

passions, or affections Apprécor, äri. dep. 1. to bravery, gallantry Appěto, tére, tii, vel tivi,

pray unto, to wish one Apparātur, impers. it is get titum. act. 3. to desire any good ting ready

earnestly, cuvet, aim, or Apprehendo, f Apprendo Apparātus, a, um, pt. tior. catch at, aspire to, attack, dêre, dy, nsum. act. 3. to tissimus, prepared, fur or assault, approach, or apprehend, seize, take, nished, splendid draw near

or lay hold of, snotch, get, Apparātus, ds. m. 4. a pre- Appingo (ad, pango), gěre, learn, understand, hold,

paration, equipage, an pēgi, pactam, act. 3. to contain (seizing on entertainment

join, jasten, or nd to, Apprehensio, onis. f. 3. a Apparčo, ēre, rui, rytum, n. to add (paint, writé Apprehensus, a, um. pt of

2. to appear, be visible, be Appingo, ere, zi. a. 3. to apprehendo (primo forthcoming, attend Applaūdo, ère, ausi, ausuun. Apprēssus, a, um. pt. of apApparet, impers. it appears peut.3. to approve, tu clap Apprime, vel Adprime, adv. Apparido, onis. f. 3. The at.


very much, very tendance, office, or place Applausor, oris. m. 3. an greatly, chiefly, eminent of apparitors, &c.

applauder, an approver, ly, exiremely apparitor, Oris. m. 3. a sum a clapper (plaudo Apprymo (ad, premo), měre, moner, marshal, beadle, Applausus, a, um, pt. of ap ressi, ressum. act. 3. to clerk

Applaūsus, us, m. upplause, Apparitūra, æ. f. 1. the at d clapping of hands

press, any thing close to, tendance of an apparitor Applicatio, onis. f. 3. an ap- Apprimus, vel Adprimus, a, Apparo, as. act. 1. to pre plication

(plico um, adj. chief, principal, pare, provide, get, or make Applicytus, a, um, pt. of ap surpassing ready, furnish, design, at-Applico, as, cui $ (āvi, Approbatyo, onis. f. 3. aptempt

eytum & cătum. act. 1. to probation, allowance, a Appellaiyo, önis.1.3. a name, apply, set, put, or lay liking, assurance title, appeal, pronuncia neat, bring, or direct Approbator, oris, m. 3. an

tion (pellative, common Apploro, as. n. 1. to lament approver Appellativus, a, um. adj. ap. with one

Approbo, as, act. 1. to apAppellator, Pris. m. 3. an Applúo, ère, ui gūvi, utom. prone, like, allow, make appellant

act. 3. to rain near, to good, justify, prove Appello, as. act. 1. to call,

Apprðbus, a, um. adj. very name, call to, or upon, Appono, něre, osni, ositum, honest call to witness, speak to, act. 3. to put, set to, to Appromitto, těre, īsi, issum. address, mention, pro join, add, lay upon, or act. 3. to engage for ano. claim, pronounce, accuse, nigh, mix, put in, reckon, ther, to promise uppenl, dun, demand serve up, suborn (porygo Aypropěro, as, neut. 1. ta Appéllo, čre, půli, palsam. Apporēctus, a, of ap make haste; hasten, act. 3. to drive, force, Appurrigo, rexi, ectum, a. set forward bring, bring tolund, come, 3. to stretch out, to reach Appropinquatio, onis. f. 3. apply, devote

(bringing an approach, a drawing Appendicŭla, æ. f. 1. a little Apportatio, onis. f. 2. a near to

appenduge, a perquisite Apporto, as. act. 1. to enery, Appropinquo, as. neut. 1. Appēndix, Icis. f. 3. an ap. bring, bring news, or tid. to approach, to draw, or

pendix, addition, a thorn ings, cause, produce be near. be at hand Appendo, ere, i. sum. a. 3. Apposco, cěreact. 3. to Appülsus, a, um. pt. of apto hang to, or up, join, ask, or require more, or pello

weigh out, or pay (pendo besides, to demand Appulsus, as. m. 4. an artiAppensus, a, um. pt. of ap- Apposite, adv. fitly, proper vul, a coming to, an adAppetens, tis. adj. tior, ly, suitably, to the pur. vancing comp. issYmus, sup. desira

pose, conveniently Apricatio, onis. f. 3. a bask. ous, fond, covetous Appositio, onis. f. 3. an add ing in the sun, being Appetênter, adv. greedily

ing to, an applying, abroad in the open air Appetentia, æ. f. I. a desire, plucing near

Apricitas, atis. f. 3. The

rain upor

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warnth of the sun, open twelve signs of the rodiac, Aranèa, æ. f. 1. a spider, a fair weather, a clear air a water-bailif, a water. cubweb, the down of wil. Apricor, äri, dep. 1. to bask


low blossoms, one of the in the sun

Aquaticus, a, um. adj. 1 membranes of the eye Apricus, a, um, adj. ior, quentie, of, or belonging to Araneðla, æ. f. 1. dim. a Coinp. issimus. superl. water, living, or growing

small spider (spidet sunny, warmed with the in, or about water, rainy Aranedlas, i, m. 2. a little sun, that loves to be in Aquatile, is.n. 3. un aquatic, Araneosus, a, um, adj. full the sun

[month any creature that liveth of spiders' webs, or ihings Aprilis, is. m. 3. April, a in the water

like cobwebs Aprilis, e. adj. of April Aquatilis, e. adj. living in, araneum, i. n. 2. a spider's Aprūgna, ae. i. (caro) brawn or near water, watery, seb; a rime, or dew, whick Aprūgnus, a, um. adj. be. moist

spoils grapes longing to a boar Aquntyo, önis. f. 3. & ta Araněus, i, m. 2. a spider, a Apsis, vel Absis, Ydis. f. 3. tering, carrying, or fetch spider's web, 4 sea-fish, a

the ring of a cart wheel, ing of water, wet weather, field-mouse a circle about the stars, watering place

Aratyo, Onis. f. 3. plough. the bend of an arch Aquätor, oris. m. 3. he that

ing, tillage; ploughed, or Apte, adv. ius, comp. issy watereth, a provider of

tilled ground me, sup. fitly, properly,

Aratiuncula, æ. f. 1. 1 little suitably. pertinently, Aquátus, a, um. adj. thin field, ploughed, or farmed

agreeably, conveniently like water, watery, mised of the public (tiller Aptitūdo, Ynis. f. 3. apritude, trith water

Arător, oris.f.3. a plougher, fitness

aqueus, a, um. adj. watery Arâtrum, i. n. 2. a plough Apto, as. act. 1. to it, make Aquifolium, i. n. 2. a holly, Arbiter, tri. m. 2. an arbifil, adapt, join, prepare, a holin

trator, judge, rempire, provide

Aquila, æ, f. 1. an eagle, a witness,overlooker,prince, Aplus, a, um. pt. $ adj. fit, constellation; a Roman tuler, minister (witness

proper, riiable, good, Ensign,or banner; the up- Arbitra, æ. f. l. a female conducive, close, agreen permost story in buildings Arbitraryo, adv. arbitrarily, ble, tight fitted, adapted, Aquilegium, i. n. 2. a catch. at one's pleasure, or uwn equipped, joined,wrought, ing of rain, conveyance choice formed, inclined

of water

Arbitraryus, a, um. adj. ar. Apua, *. f. 1. a small fish, Aquilēntus, a, um. adj.drop bitrary, toluntary, left to an anchovy


tbailiff* one's own choice Apud, præp, cum, acc. close Aquilex, égis. m. 3. a water- Arbitratio, onis. f. 3. arbiby, nigh, near, with, at, Aquilifer, eri, m. 2. the tration

anung, in, before, tu standard - bearer of the Arbitrātus, us. m. 4. a judge Apus, odis. f. 3. a martinet Romans; an ensign, or ment, opinion, choice, Apyrinus, & Apyrēnus, a, cornet

faury, pleasure, disposal um. adj. having no ker; Aquilīnus, a, um, adj. of, or ArbitrYum. i. n. 2. an award, nel,or stone, having sinall like an eagle, rapacious, judgment, sentence, de kerurls, or seeds quick-sighted

termination, advice, will, Apyrötus, i. m. 2. the best Aquilo, onis, m. 3. the north. pleasure, fancy, choice,

sort of carburcle, not hurt wind; a north-cut cold 'disposal, power, money by the fire wind

paid for a monopoly Apyrum, i. n. 2. brimstone Aquilonālis, e. adj. northern Arbitror, äri. dep. 1. to ar. not burnt

Aquilonaris, e. adj. northern bitrate, sentence, award, Aqua, æ. f. 1. water, rain, a AquilonYus, a, um. adj. suppose, imagine, think, wave, wuterish humour, a northern

overhear, listen to bath

Aquilas, a, um. adj. durk, Arbor & Arbos, oris. f. 3. a Aquæductus, ds. m. 4. an of the colour of water, tree, wood, a mast, an aqueduct, a conduit, a sunburnt, swarthy

our, the timber of a press, watercourie

Aquor, āri, dep. 1. to water, a large sea-fish Aqualiculus, i. m. 2. dim. a give water, provide, or Arboraryus, a, um, adj. of, hog's trough, the lower fetch water

or belonging to a tree part of the belly, the Aquosus, a. um. adj. ior. Arborator, Oris. m. 3.

draught, the stomach comp. issimus, sup. wa. planter, lopper, or prunet Aquālis, is. m. 3. a water. tery, wet, resembling water of trees put, un ewer, a laver

Aquila, æ. f. 1. a little wa. Arborēsco, ere, incep. 3. to Aquartum, i. n. 2. a water. ter, a brook, a puddle grow to the full size of a

ing-place for cattle, a Ar, in composition, stands tree sink, any water.prasage

fur ad

(tunty Arborētam, i. n. 2. a grove, Aquarsus, a. um. adj. up, or Ara, æ. f. 1. an altar, " sanc & nursery of trees

belonging to wuter Arabilis, e. adj. arable Arboreus, a, um, adj. of, or Aquarius, i. m. 2. one of the Arachue, es. f. 1. a spider belonging to tree,

branched like a tree Archimagiras, i, m. 2. a mas-Arcio, as. act. 1. to arch Arbuscúla, æ. f. 1. a little ter-cook

over, to bend tree, a shrub, the nave of Archimimus, i. m. 2. a prin. Arcus, us. & i. rar. m. an a curt-wheel, the turf on cipal mimic, principal arch,a bow rainbow, bower

the heads of peacocks player (archpirate Ardèa, æ. f. 1. a heron Arbustivus, a, um. adj. be- Archipirāta, æ. m. 1. an Ardelyo, onis. m. 3. a busy.

longing to shrubs Architecta, æ. f. l. a female body Arbūsto, as, act. 1. to plant architect (manship Ardens, tis. pt. & adj. tior, with trees


Yo, onis. l. 3. work. comp.tissimus, sup. burno Arbūstum, i. n. 2. a copse, Architēcton, vel Architēcto, ing, hot, euger, carnest,

gruve of trees, plantation, onis. m. 3. a naster-work sprightiy, mettlesore, orchard, vineyard, tree, mur, a chief builder

bright, glittering, illusshrub

Architectonice, es. f. 1. rel| trions, rough, raging Arbateus, a, um, adj. of, Architectonica, æ. f. 1. Ardênter, adv, ius. comp.

made of, or belonging to, the art, or science of issimè, sup. ardently,

an arbute of the arbutus building, architecture hotly, eagerly, keenly, Arbótum, i. u. 2. the fruit Architectonicus, a, um, adj. sharply, vehemently Arbåtus, i. f. 2. an arbowe, belonging to architecture, Arděo, dêre, rsi, rsum. neut. a kind of wild strawberry, chief, principal

fact. 2. to burn, scorch, or cherry-tree, the shade Architector, äri. dep. 1. to be hot, rage, love, desire of an atbute

draw plans, model, devise, greatly, shine, sparkle, be Arcă, æ, f 1. an ark, chest, invent, to prescribe; pass. torinented

cuffer, desk, coffin, tomb, to be buili [tecture Ardēsco, ère, incept. 3. to

cage, dam of wood, money Architectura, æ. f. 1. archi. grow hot, or hasty, to be Arcano, adv. secretly, pri- Architēctus, i. m. 2. an in fumed

vately [n mystery architect, surveyor, prin- Ardor, oris, m. great heat, Arcanum, i. n. 2. a secret, cipal contriver; the Crea. Aume, fire, rage, love, eae Arcanus, a, um, adj. secret, tor

gerness,vigour, brightness hidden, unknown, close, Architriclinus, i, m. 2. the Arduytas, atis. f. 3. sreepness

mystical, silent (outer master of the feast, the Arduus, a, um. adj. high, Arcaryus, i. m. 2. a trea. chief of the house

lofty, tall, steep, hurd, Arcatus, a, um, adj. made Archivum, i. n. 2. the place difficult, dangerous, luz, archwise

where ancient records, or mean, distressed, adverse Arceo, ēre, ui. act. sup. car. charters, are kept Area, æ. f. l..a thrashing.

2. drive way, keep off, Archon, tis. m. 3. a chief floor, granary,crop,courtfrom, or out, hindet, re inagistrate

yard, any void place, a strain, hold fast, or in, Arcio, Ire, Ivi, itum. act. 4. bed, fiela, meteor, ulcer, sve, or protect (a coacń to put in, to gruft

scald Arcēra, æ. f. a covered cart, Arcipotens, tis. adj. power- Areātor,Bris.m.3.a thrasher Arcessyor, iri, Ttus, p. 4. to fui, or mighty with the Arelacro, (areo, facio), cere,

be called, be sent for, be bow, an epithet of Apollo fēci, facium, act. 3. to dry, jete hed

Arcisolum, i. n. 2. any make dry, parch Arcessitor, vel Accessitor, thing that keeps off the sun Arefactus, a, um, pt, dried,

öris. m. 3. a messenger to Arcte, adv.ids, comp.issime, withered

fetch one, an accuset i 80 sup.straitly, closely, hard-Arēna, æ. f. 1, sand, seaArcessītus,a, arces. ly, dearly, soundly

shore, batten ground, anArcēsso, sère, sivi, situm, Arcticus, a, um. adj. arctic, phitheatre, place of conact. 3. to send for, call, go norther.

test, court, employment to call, fetch, trace, pro. Arctim, adv. Arcte

Arenaceus, a, um. adj. of, cure, accuse fashioned Arcto, as. act. 1. to strain or like sand, mixed with Archaicus, a, um, adj. old. close, lo crowd

sand, sandy, gritty Arcbangělus,i.m. 2. an arch- Arctõus, a, um. adj. belong. Arenariæ, krum. pl. f. 1. angel

ing to the north, northern sund-pits Archetypum, i. n. 2. an Arctus, a, um, adj.ior. oomp. Arenātus, a, um. adj. sandy

authentic copy, the origi. issimus, sup. close, tight, Arenatum, i, n. 2. mortar of nal of a writing crowded, narrow, scanty,

lime and sand Archetypas, a, um. adj. any small, pinching, mean, Arenivăgus, a, um.adj. wan.

thing at first hand, origi- ! stingy, deep, sound dering, or going through nal, true (archdeacon Arcuarius, i. m. 2. a bow the sand

[grately Archidiaconus, l. m. 2. an maker

(bow Arenosus, a, um. adj. sandy, Archiepiscopus, i, m. 2. an Arcuátim, adv. bent like a Arenůla, æ, f. l. dim. Finall archbishop

Arcůla, æ. f. 1. a little box, sund, grit Archigrammatēus, i, m. 2. or coffre (binel-saker Arčo, ére, rui. 1. 2. to be

in acc, Archigrammatea, Arcularyus, i. m. 2. a ca. parched, or dried up, to the principal secretary, á Arculus, i. m. 2. dim. a lit. be thirsty chancellor

ile buz

Areðla, æ. f. 1. & iittle b


in a garden, a court-yard , Argutiðla, æ. f. 1. a petty ploits, valour, war Arēsco, cěre. inc. 3. to wax, quirk

(smartly Armamáxa, æ. f. 1. a kind or grow dry, to heraen, Argūto, as. act. 1. to rally of chariut used in solembecome hard

Argūtor, äri. dep. 1. to pun, nities. Argentarla, æ, f. 1. a bank to take words otherwise Armamenta, orum. pl. 2.

er': table, office, or shop, than spokon, to make a tackling, tools, implements a silver mine"

shrill noise, to cavil Armamentaryum, i. n. 2. an Argentaryus, a, um. adj. Argutŭlus, a, um, adj. talk armoury, arsenal, magebelonging to silver, mo ative

zine, all kinds of furni. ney, or binkers

Argütus, a, um, pt, of ar ture used for wur Argentaryus, i, m. 2. gů, & adj. ior, comp. isst. Armariðlum, i, n. 2. dim, a

bunket, cash-keeper, usu mus, sup. sharp, keen, little closet, cabinet, case ter,pawnbroker, the cham witty, shrill, loud, re of instruments berlain of a city

sounding, taikutive, noi. Armarium, i, n. 2. a storeArgentatus, a, um. adj. sy, hurah, short, ncat house, closet, pantry, cup

covered over with silver, Arida, æ. f. 1. dry land buard, chest, press, study, silvered

(vered Aridytas, atis. f. 3. dryness, counting-house Argenteðlus, a, um. adj.sil. drought what dry Armatūra, æ. f. 1. armour, Argentěus, a, um, adj. 04, Aridůlus, a, um, adj. some harness, the training, fc.,

or made of silver, bright Arlaum, i. n. 2. the shore, of sold ers, soldiers as silver

dry land

Armãiu, abl. m. with armour Argentifodina, æ. f. l. a Arydos, a. um. adj. ior, comp.

Armenia um põmum,, un silver mine

(uf silver
issimus, sup.dty, parched, apricot

(or herd Argen'õsus, a, um. adj. full hard, banien, poor, mean, Armentālis.e.adj.cj a drove, Argentum, i. n. 2. silver niggardly, coarse, flat, Armeutaryus, a. um. adj. bulliun, plate, coin, or thirsty, shrill, loud

kept in a herd money made of silver ArYes, étis. m. 3. a ram, or Armentaryus, i. m. 2. Argestes, æ. m. 1. a western tup, a battering-tam, one herdsman, a graziet wind

of the twelve signs of the ArmenticYus, vel Armenti. Argilla, æ. f. 1. white clay, Zudiac, a fish

tYus, a, um. adj. belonging potter's earth Arietaryus, a, um. adj. per

to a herd Argillacěus, a, um. adj. made taining to, or like a ram Armentinus, a. um. adj. of

of white clay, full oy clay Arietatro,onis f.3. a butting grent cattle that go toge. Argillosus,a,um.adj. clayey, Arietinus, a, um. adj. of, or ther in herds jull of white clay, or marl

like a ram

Armentosus, a, um. adj. Argonaūtæ, árum. pl. m. Ariěto, as. act. 1. to push breeding great cattle idle mariners

like a ram, butt, cast, or Armēntum, i. n. 2. a herd, Argumentatio, onis. f. 3. a strike down, batter; neut. a herd of large cutlle, an Teasoning, or producing to be thrown down, to

0#. &c. of arguments

jall, to engage

Armyfer, a, um. adj. bearing Argumentor, äri. dep. 1. to Ariolatio, onis. f. 3. diving. armout, warlike, fierce, prove by argument, argue, tion

terrible (bearing arms Teason, dispute, examine, Arista, æ. f. 1. an ear of Armyger, a, um, adj.armed, in jer

corn, the beard of corn ; Armiger, i. m. an esquire Argumentosus, a, um, adj. corn' harvest, summer, a Armilia, æ. f. a bracgiet, a full of argument, or mat year, hair, bristle, prickle jewel, an iron ring, or ter, argumentative of a fish

brace Arguméntum, i, n. 2. an Aristyfer, a, um, adj. bear. Armillātus, a, um. adj. that argument, renson, proof, ing ears

hath, or weareth brace. presumption, sign, token, Aristocratia, æ. f. 1. an lets, collared as dogs subject, lessoni, device, aristocracy, a government Armillum, i. n. 2. a wineoccusion, cause

by nobles only


vessel in sacrifices, car. Argủo, uěre, ui, ätum, act. Aristolochia, s. f, 1. birth. ried upon the shoulders

3. to show, prove, reprove, Arithmetica, æ. f. 1. vel Armilustryum, vel Armilas. accuse, object, contradict, Arithmetice, es. f. 3. a. trum, i, n. a muster of

hinder, convince, convict Tithmetic, the art of num. military forces, the place Argutatio, Önis. f. 3. a bering, or reckoning, where this review wus made

quarrelling, tittletattle, a Arithmeticus, a, um. adj. of, Armipotens, tis. adj. power. creaking (Jellow or belonging to urithme.

ful in

arms, or wat, Argutātor, oris.m.« prating tic, arithmetical Argüte, adv. smartly, wii. Aritádo, Yuis. f. 3. dryness, Armisorius, a, um, adj.rust

mighty, valinnt tily, shrewdly, keenly, drought, dry weather, ling with arms, or arsharply

atingine'ss, meanness Argatia, arum. pl. f. 1. Arma, örum. pl. n. 2. arms, Armistityum, i. n. 3. a ceswarturu, repartee, sub.

weapons, armour, tools, sation from arms, & fruce devices, quirks, tricko instruments, utensils, ex Armo, as. act. 1. to arin,


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