Abbildungen der Seite


Iselasticus, a, um. adj. of march

fling, emit, or send forth, gumes in which the victor Itineraryus, a, um. adj. of, utter, publish, or spreud was much exalted

or pertaining to a jour. abroad, brag, or boast, IsicYum, vel Insicium, i. n. ney

(a journey canvass, or debate, to re2. a sausage

Itiněror, āri, dep. 1. to take solve, doubt, or hesitate, Isoscěles, is. n, a triangle Itlo, onis. f. a going, walk. to be officious, to exercise having two equal sides ing, a walk


[ing Istac, adv. that way

Ito, äre. freq. 1. to go of. Jactuosus, a, um, adj. boust. Istactěnus,adv.thus far forth ten, or much (or coine Jactura, æ. f. l. a loss by Iste, ista, istud. pron. this, Itur, impers. they are gone, shipwreck, or the throw that, he

Itūrus, a, um. pt. ready to ing of goods overboard Isthic, isthæc, isthoc, vel 80, or fall, about to go, in a sturon, any loss, or īsthuc. pron, the selframe, or depart

damage, a charge, this same

Itus, us. m. 4. a going, a pense, or present Isthic, & Istic, adv. in that journey

Jäctus, a, um, pt. of jacio place, there, in that Iūlus, i. m. 2. down of Jactus, us, m. 4. a throw, affair fruit, moss, a fish

cast, or hurl, throwing Isthinc, adv. from thence Ixta, æ. f. I. an herb called overboard, a draught Isthmiācus, Isthmius, a, chamelion

Jaculabylis, e. adj. that muy um, adj. belonging ío a 1x03, i.m.birdlime, misletoe be cust narrow strait, or to the

Jaculatio, onis. f. a durt. Isthmian gaines

ing, or casting Isthmos, Isthmus, i, m. 2.


Jaculātor, oris.m. a darter, a neck of land betwixi

or shocter (of dar. ing two seas

Jaculatorius, a, um, adj. Istiusmodi, adj. indecl. of Jacěo, ēre, cui. neut. 2. to Jaculatrix, icis. f. she that the same sort, much as lie, lie duun, along, or at

shooteth, a huntress; adj. Isto, adv. thither, to that length, lie sick, or dead, shooting place

be slain, or destroyed, Jaculātus, us. n. a casting, Istoc. adv. this way, on perish, be fallen, or sunk,


[to cast this hand

be still, or calın

Jaculo, äre. act. 1. io dart, Istorsum, adv. thitherward Jacio, cěre, jēci, jactum. a. Jacủlor, āri. dep. 1. cu durt, Istuc, adv. thither

3. to cast, throw, fling, throw, cast, shoot, throw Ita, arv. So, even so, such, hurl, or shoot; to cast, or

out, hunt after, pursue, 80 Jar forth, yes, in such throw away; to lay, place,

strike sort, by that means, in, or put; to speak, or ut. Jacúlum, i. n. 2. a dart, a or on that condition, in ter, publish


(serpent that case, to that end, Jactabundus, a, um. adj. Jacủlus, i. m. 2. a kind of therefore, very

tossing, boasting

Jan, adv. now, at this time, Itaque, conj. therefore Jactans, tis. pt. & adj. ior, al present, just, or even Item, adv. also, likewise, comp. tossing, shaking, now, immediately, prein like manner, again custing, boasting

sently, ere long, besides, Iter, itineris, n. 3. a jour-Jactāoter, adv. iùs, comp. furtherinore, henceforth, ney, my ge, march, walk, buustingly

even, ever going along, passage, Jactantia, &. f. 1. boasting, Jamdūdum, adv. long ago, road, way, highway, path, vain glory


(since anator.conse,


or Jactatio, onis. f. 3.a toss- Jampridem, adv, same while method of learning ing, shaking, motion, or Jautior, õris. m. 3. a porter, Iteratio, onis. f. 3. a reitera.

action, casting, or throw or keeper of a gate, a tion, repetition, second ing, boasting, or vaunt


(porter tilth, or pressure

ing, applause, or favour Janitrix, icis. f. 3. a female Iterato, adv. again, the Jactätor, oris. m. 3. a Janúa, æ. f. 1. a gate, an second time boaster

entrance Iterator, oris. m. 3. a re. Jactātrix, icis, f. 3. she Jécur, dris, vel inoris. n. 3. peater thut boasteth

the liver [little livet Itěro, äre. act. 1. to reiter- Jactātus, us. m. a tossing, Jecuscúlum, i. n. 2. dim. a

ate, repeat, do, say, tell, a fluttering (a cust' Jejuuatio, onis. f. 3. a fastor pass over again, be. Jacito, onis. f. 3. a throw,


faster gin again, renew Jactitatio, onis. t. 3. a vain Jejunător, oris. m. 3. a Itěrum, adv. again, ase boasting (boaster Jejūne, adv. iùs, comp. cond time

Jactitātor, oris. m. 3. a coldly, slenderly, weakly, ItYdem, adv. likewise, in Jactyto, āre, freq. 1. to cast, barely, poorly, drily like manner (Iter or toss

Jejunytas, ātis. f. 3. cmpti. Ityner, čris. n. 3. id. qu. Jācto, áre. freq. 1. to 1083, ness,

poverty, barien. Itineraryum, i. n. 2. an shake, move, or throu ness, fatness

itinerasy, journal, day's | aboui, cast, throw, or ) Jejunium, i. n. 3. fastips



hunger, a fasting day merrily, gindly

Jugěrum, i. n. 2. an aere Její o, are, neut. 1. to fast Jucunditas, atis. f. plea- Jūgis, e. adj. continuai, J .junum, i. n. 2. the empty santness, sweetness, cheer. perpetual, whole

fulness, mirth, jollity Jugitas, ātis. f. 3. long con. Jejūnus, a, um. adj. fast. Jucünde, are. a. I. to make

ways !"8, empty, greedy, cran


Jugyter, adv. continually,saling hungry, dry, bare, Jucūndus, a, um, adj. plea- Jūglans, dis. f. 3. a saltat

barren, poor, meagre, flat sant, sweet, delightful, Jågo, gěre. neut. 3. to cry Jeutacŭlum, i. n. 2. a break agreeable, dear, joyful like a kite

(fasting Judaycus, a, um, adj. of, or Jågo, äre. act. 1. to yoke, Jentatlo, onis. f. 3. a break belonging to the Jews, join, couple, matry, or Jento, are. Deut. 1. to break Jewish

give in marriage one's fast

Jūdex, Tcis. C. 8.3. a judge, Jugüsus, a, um, adj. full of Jocabūndus, a, um. adj. governot, valuer,

ridges, rough, ruggea, jesting, sporting weigher of things

craggy Jocaliter, adv, in jest, mer. Judicatio, onis. f. 3. a judg. Jugula, æ. f. 1. Crion's mily

(raillery ing, case of judgment, throat, a star Jocatyo, Onis. f. 3. jrsting, chief point

Jogulāris, e. adj. jugular Jocor, ari, ätus sum. dep. 1. Judicáto, adv. advisedly Jugalatyo, onis. t. 3. « kill.

to joke, jest, rally Judicatorfum, i. n. 2. a ju. mnr, slaughter (slayer Jocose, adv. iùs, corap. in dicatury (that judgeth Jugulātor, oris. n. 3. «

jest, merrily, sportively Judicātris, icis. f. 3. she Jugulo, áre. a. 1. to kill, Joculabündus, a, um. adj. Judicātum, i, n. 2. & sen slay,, cut the jesting

ience, a decree

thrust, stab, incil, mat, Jucularia, Orum. pl. n. 2. Judicatus, us. m. 4. judg con vict, silence Jocularis, e. adj. jocular, ment

Jugálum, i. n. $ Jagülus, amusing

Judiciālis, e. adj. judicial i. m. 2. the throat, neck, Joculariter, adv. jocosely. Judiciarius, a, um. adj. ju. windpipe, neckbone, thief merrily


point of a matter, meriis JocularTus, a, um. adj. jo. Judicium, i. n.2. judgment, of a cause Joculător, oris. m. 3. a opinion, thought, under Jugum, i. n. 2. a yoke, sub jester, a droll

standing, discernment, jection, bondage, sluvery, Joculatorius,, a, um, adj. knowledge, consideration, the top, or rdge of a merry, drull

choice; a trial, suit, case, muuntain, &c., a seat, or Jocŭlor, ari. dep. to jest,

determination, verdict, bench for Towers, frame, show iricks

sentence, decree; the ju. beam, balance, a pair; 68 Joculus, i. m. 2. a little diciary kind in oratory

much land as tuo uuten jest, 1 luw jest (sant Judyco, are. act. 1. to judge, can plough in a day Jocandus, a, um. adj. plea deem, think, or suppuse, Jugumentum, i. n. 2. the lirJocus, i, m. 2. in plur. Joci, judge, or conceine o, de tel of a door

m. $ Joca, n. a joke, jest, termine, declare, give, or Julēpus, i. m. 2. a julep sport, yun, raillery, ban. pass sentence, cundemn. Jallus, a, um. adjuf July ter, jeer, pleasant, or Judicare sub formula, to Julius, i. m. 2. the month witry speech, trifle

minister judgment ac July Júba, æ. f. 1. a mane, fea. cording to tho rigour of Jumentaryus, a, un.. adj. of, thers in a cock's neck, the las

or that belong eth tu cattle crests in a snake's neck JugabYlis, e. adj. fit for the Jamēatum, i. n. 2. alaJåbar, åris. n. 3. a sunbeam, yoke

bouring beast, u kurse ray of light, reflected Jugālis, e. adj. that is Juncētam, i. n. 2. a place brighiness, lustre, blaze, yoked, nuptial, conjugal of bulrushes splendour, majesty, the Jugālis, is. m. 3. a cuach- Juncěus, a, um. adj. of, morning star, any stur


(crump made of, or like bubrushes, Jubātus, a, um. adj. having Jugamento, äre. act. 1. io slender, thin

a mane, or crest, crested Jugaméntum, i. n. 4 bund, Juncidus, a, um. adj. idem Jubeo, ēre, ussi, ussum. or crump

Juncinus, a, um. adj. of a act. 2. to bia, urder, or Jugarius, i. m. he that yokes, bulrush command, charge,

or drives the plough Juncosas, a, um, adj. full point, decree, or ordain Jugatio, onis. f. 3. a yoking of bulrushes Jubilæus äunus, a year of Jugatorius, a, um. adj. Jūnctim, adv. jointly, close jubilee {ing for joy : yoked

together Jubilatko, onis. f. 3. a shoui. Jugerätim, adv. aere by ucre Junctio, onis. f. 3. a juncJubilātus, us m. 4. idem.

Jūger, . inus. jugěris in Junctor, oris. m. 3. a joiner Jubilo, äre. act. 1. to shurut

gen. & jugere in abl. pl. Junctūra, æ, f. 1. a joining, fut juy

jugera, um. 11. an acie, or coupling together, an Jubilum, i. n. 2. a joyjut 240 feet long, und 1:20 union, a joint, computa Jucûnde, adv. pleasuntry, oruud

tion, u conjuncture


Jünctus, a, um. pt. of jun son skilled in the law, a exercise of youth go, juined, coupled, unit lawyer

Juvēnca, æ. f. 1. a heifer ed, married, associated, Jurisprudens, tis. m. 3. a Juvencălus, i. n. 2. a little nearly related

lawyer (risprudence young man Jūnctus, us. m. 4. a join. Jurisprudentia, æ. f. l. 3o-Juvēncus, &, um. adj. ing

Jūro, āre. act. 1. to swear, young Jūncas, i, m. 2. abulrush take an oath, conspire Juvēncus, i, m. 2. a buliock, Jūugo, gěre, nxi, nctum. a. Jarulēntus, a, uin, adj. full or steer, a young man

3. to join, yoke, couple, of juice, or liquor, stew - Juvenēsco, cēre, inc. 3. to marry, add, associnte, set ed in broth

grow young, to grow Junior, ius. adj. comp. Jus, jūris. n.

3. justice, wanton, or playful, you get

equity, right, honesty, frisk Juniperus, i. f. 2. a juniper reason, luw, ordinance, Juvenilis, e. adj. ior, comp. tree

or statute, court, tribu juvenile, youthful, wan. Juus, i, m. 2. June

nal, authority, power, ton, great, huge Jūnix, icis, f. 3. a heifer command, liberty, state, Juvenitas, átis. f. 3. youth Junouye, ales, vel avis, a or condition

fulness pe icuck

Jus, jūris, 9. 3. broth, Juvenilter, adv. youthfully Junonius, a, um, vel Junon juice, gruel, pottage

Juvēnis, e. adj. young alis, e. adj of, or belong. Juscŭlum, i. n. 2. dim. Juvěnis, ig. c. g. 3. a young ing to Juno

broth, gruel. Jusculum man, or woman Juraméntum, i, n. 2. an coactum, jelly, Jun. Javěnor, äri, ätus sum. dep. onth

Jusjurandum, jurisjūrandi, 1. to play a youthful Jurandum, i. n. 2. an onth & jusjurandi, n. a solenn pirt, to wanton Juratissimus, a, um. adj. oath, an oath

Juvēnta, æ. f. 1. youth, sworn, assured, upprov. Jūssor, oris. m. 3. a cong young age ed, trusty


Juvēntas, ātis. f. youth, the Jurāto, adv. with an oath Jūssam, i. n. 2. a command, goddess of youth Jurātor, oris. m. 3. a swear. a charge

Juvēntus, ūtis. f. youth, et, censor

Jūssus, a, um. pt. of jubeo young people, courage, Jurea, æ. f. l. a dumpling, Jūssus, us. m. 4. an order, the goddess of youth brewis

cominand, a charge, will, Jůvo, äre, ūvi, útum, act. Jurejūro, äre, act. 1. to bidding

1. to help, assist, suce swear

Jūsta, oram. pl. n. 2. fu. cour, favout, or ease, do Jureus, a, um. adj. poltage neral rites, a daily, or good, profit, please, delike, chick

ordinary task, due rate, lighé Jurgāinen, Yais. n. 3. a proportion, or allowance Jūxta, præp.cum accus.nigh, chiding Jáste, adv. iùs, comp. is.

by, near, near to, hard JurgatYo, onis. f. 3. a chid simè, sup: justly, "law by, toward, next after, ing, noise [det, brawler fully, uprightly

according to Jurgātor, oris. m. 3. a chi. Justificatio, onis. f. 3. a Jūxta, adv. even, alike, all Jurgiõsus, a, um, adj. brawl. justification ( justifier ole, 18 well one as the

Justificator, oris. m. 3. a other [to, equally Juruyam, i. n. 2. a chiding, Justifyco, áre. act. 1. to Jüxtim, adv. nigh, or neur

or brawling, quarrel, justify strif, law ait

Justificus, a, um, adj. that Jürgó, áre. act. 1. to chide, doth justice

K scold, or brawl

Justitia, æ, f. 1. justice, inJürgor, äri. atus sum. dep. tegrity, uprightness, 1. to chide

righteousness, clemency, KALENDÆ, sive Calēn. Juridiciális, e. adj. juridi inercy,

the method of dæ, árum. pl. f. 1. the cal (of exchequer justice

calends of a month Juridicīna, pl. n. courts Justityum, i, n. 2. vacation, Kalendarium, i. n. vel CaJuridicus, a, um. adj. uf a stop


lendartus, i. m. 2.c the law

(judge í Jūsto, adv. than jusi, or calendar, an almanac Juridicus, i. um. 2. a Jūstus, a, um. adj. just, Kison, fluv. pr. m. Carmel Jurisconsultus, & Jurecon righi, meet, proper, Tea

sultus, i, m. 2. a lawyer, sonable, equitable, due,
a counsellor at law
deserved, lawful, honest,

Jurisdictio, onis, f. 3. juris. upright, righteous, pious,

diction, power, or autho. eract, perfect, complete, rity to determine what is justified


ABARUM, i, n. 2. the Inis, executive power in Juvämen, Ynis. 11. 3. help, royal, or imperial stas trying, judging, and assistance

dard, a fag, or streamer punishing; u district Juvenalla, ium. pl. n. 3. Labāsco, cére, incep. 3. 10Jurisperitus, i, m. 2. a per games, or feasts for the fuil, sink, give way."




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like lips


ready to fall

ble, concern, anr'ety, , Lacerta, . f. 1. & lizard, Labāscor, ci. dep. 3. idem distress, burden, sickness,

(strong, brawny Labecŭla, æ. f. 1. a little illness, an eclipse

Lacertosis, A,

adj. stain

Laboryfer, ēra, ēram, adj. Lacērtus, i. m. 2. an arm, Labefacio (labo, fncio), painstaking

strengih, force; a lizard; cěre, fēci, factum. act. 3. Laboriose, adv. painfully, a fish so called to make to totter, or ready hardly, with much ado Lacessityo, õnis. f. 3. proto fall, weaken, lagsen, Laboriosus, a, um, adj. la vocation shake, frighten, discou. borious, painstaking, toil. Lacessītus, a, um. pt. of tage, spoil, infect

some, wearisome, fatigu- Lacēsso, sěre, sīvi, & si, si. Labefactatio, onis. f. 3. a ing

tum. &. 3. to disturb, loosening

Laböro, āre. act. & neut. 1. trouble, tense, importune, Labefactätor, oris. m. an labour, work, take ask, or request, challenge, underminer

pains, strive, or endea. provoke, stir up, drine, or Labefactyo, onis.f.a loosen. vour, make, or forge, be puskon, encourage, at

puzzled, or perplexed, be tack, harass, injure, 4Labefacto slabo, facto), troubled, or concerned, be buse, tear, beat

āre. freq. 1. weuken, in want, distress, or dan- Lachanīsso, äre, n. 1. to be loosen, stagger,

ger, be afflicted, or op feeble, or faint found, shake, undermine, pressed, be sick, or ill, Lachăno, äre, n. 1. to feed make to change, or alter, suffer, lie under

on herbs

(hero overcome, almost ruin, Lábos, oris, m. 3. vid. Labor Lachănum, i. n. 2. a potteinpt

Labõsus, a, um. adj. slip- Lachryma, æ. f. i. a fear, Labefto (labo, hol, fiéri.

pery, slabby

drop, dropping of a tree, neut. pass. 3. to be loosen- Labrosus, a, um, adj. hav distress ed, or weakened

ing great lips, or brims LachrymabYlis, e, adj. to be Labéllum, i. 1. 2. a little

bewailed, lainentable, lip, alip, a little vat Labrum, i. p. 2. a lip, brink, mournful used in baths to wish in; brim, bathing-tub, Lachrymabündus, a, uin.

a term of endearment bath, vat, cistern, brewer's adj. ready to weep Laběo, onis. m. 3. & person cooler

Lachrymario, onis. f. 3. 6 that is blubber-lipped, « Labrusca, æ. f. 1. & Labrus weeping, dropping of kind of fish

cum, i. n. 2. a weed, the moisture, gum, &c. Lābes, is, f. 3. a spot, stain,

wild vine (so called Lachrymātor, oris. m. 3. & or blemish, dash, or blot, Labūrnum, i, n. 2. a shrub weeper fault, guilt, shame, dis- Latyrinthæus, a, um. adj. of Lachrymo, āre, n. 1. & Lehonour, discredit, dis a labyrinth

chrymor, āri.dep. to weep, grace, remorse, compunc- Labyrinthus, i, m.2. a laby lament, distil tion, injury, ruin, destruc rinth, maze, difficult, or Lachrymóse, adv.weepingly tion, great fall of rain, intricate thing

Lachrymosus, vel Lacry. or-ground

Lac, ctis. n. 3. milk, the mosus, a, um, adj. full of Labra, æ, f. 1. a lip

breast, the juice of herbs, teurs, weeping, sad, dole. Labidus, a, um, adj. slip the pulp of figs, &c. ful, mournful, troublepery, slabby Lăcer, ēra, ērum, adj. tear.

[fear Labrlis, e. adj. apt to slip, ing, rending, toru, rent, Lachrymůla, æ. f. l. a little slippery

[lipped mungled, maimed, shal. Lacinya, æ, f. 1. the flap, or Labiosus, a, um. adj. full. tered, disabled, battered, hein of a garmeni, a jog, LabYum, i. n. 2. c lip, a dishevelled, scattered, disa or rag, separate fold thick, or lower lip persed

Laciniatim, adv. by pieces Labo, äre. car. præt. n. 1. to Lacerabylis, e. adj, that may Lacioiose, adv. jaggedly totter, be ready to drop be torn

Laciniozus, a, um. adj. full down, or out, waver, hesi. Laceratio, onis, f. a tear of plaits, crumbled, jage tate, drop, Aag, shrink, ing, rending

ged, intricate fail, decay, jolt, shake, Lacerátor, oris. m. 3. he Lacio, cere. act. 3. to al. bridge that teareth

lure, decoy [name Labor, labi, lapsus sum. Lacērna, æ, f. 1. a riding. Lacon, onis, m. 3. a dog's

dep. 3. to slide, or glide, coat, cloak, cassock, cowl, Laconicum, i, n. 2, a holfly, float, fluctunte, sail, or hood

(cloaked house, a stew fun, trickle down, pusson, Lacernātus, a, um. adj. Laconycus, a, um, adj. Lu. or away, fall, fall to de Lacernŭla, æ. f. 1. a little cedemonian, laconic, shure cay, faint, trip, or miscloak

and pithy take

Lacěro, āre, a. 1, to tear, Laconismus, i, m. 2. a short Låbor, & Labos, Oris. m. 3.

rend, tear, or pullin way of speaking labour, pains, exercise, pieces, destroy,

spend Lacryma, vid. Lachryma drudgery, toil, fatigue, Tiotously kardship, difficuliy, trou. | Lacerūsus, a, um. adj. rag.

(ged, rent Lactančus, a, um. adj





Lactant'a, um, pl. n. 3. ful, joyous

Lagēos, ei. f. a kind of white inears Lætabundus, a, um. adj.

grape Lactaria, s. f. l. milkweed very inerty

Lagõis, is, f. 3. a bird with Lactarum, i, n. 2. a diury. Lætamen, Ynis. f. 3. com Nesh like a hare house

post, inanute

Lagonoponos, i, m., 2. the Lactarius, a, um. adj. made Lætaster, adv. gladly, gripes of milk, giving, or yield. joyfully

Lagotrophyum, i. n. 2. a ing milk, milch

Lietatro, onis, f. 3. merri. hare-warren Lactarsus, i.m, a deiryman,

Lagancůla, æ. f. 1. & little milrinan

Läte, iùs, issimè, adv. mer fligon Lactātus, us. m. 4. a suck rily, cheerfully, abun. Laicus, a, um. adj. laic ling

dantiy, fruitfully LaYcus, i. m. 2. a layman Lacte, is. n. 3. milk

Lætityco (lætus, facio), āre. Lalisyo, onis. m. 3. ine fual Lactěo, ere. n. 2. to suck act. 1. tu make glad, ex of a wild ass milk, suck


Lallo, are. neut. 1. to sing Lacteðlus, a, um, adj. milk- Lætificus, a, um, adj. that Tullaby whuile, fair

maketh glad

Lallus, i. m. 2. a lullaby Láctes, ium. f. the finall Lætisco, cere. n. 3. to be. Lăma, æ, f. 1. slough, bog, guts, the milt come glad

ditch Lactēsco, cěre. incep: 3. Lætitia, æ, f. 1. gladness, Lamběro, are. a. 1. to tear

to become like milk, have joy, nirth, abundance, in pieces, to mangle
milk, grow milch

Lambytus, us. m. 4. a lickLactus, a, um. adj. of, or Latitūdo, Ynis. f. 3. idem ing

like milk, milky, white Lætor, äri. ātus sum. dep. Lambo, běre, bi & bui, byas milk

1. to be glad, joyful, or tum. act. f neut. 3. to Lacticiuya, vid. Lactantia merry, rejoice

lick with the tongue, lap, Lacticolor, oris. vid. Lac. Lætus, a, um. adj. ior,glad, touch softly, reach, or

joy;ul, joyous, rejoicing, ascend, run, or flow gentLacto, āre. a. 1. to suckle, merry, cheerful, plea. ly by allure, deceive

sant, delightful brisk, Lamēlla, æ. f. 1. a little Lactuca, æ, f. l. a lettuce lively, swift, willing, wel. thin plate Lactucůla, æ. f. 1. a little come, acceptable, lucky, Lamellüla, æ. f. l. a very lettuce


of fields, thin plate Lacūna, æ. f. 1. a ditch, abundant, plentiful, Lamentabilis, e.adj. lamentpuddle, drain, any little fruitful, verdant : of

able hole, or hollow place, a cattle, fat, sleek, in good Lamentaryus, a, um. adj. defect, or want liking

causing lamentation, or Lacunar, aris. 2. 3. a ceiled Læja, æ. f. 1. the left hand Mourning

roof, arched, or fretted; Lævatyor, ius, comp. made Lamentatio, onis. f. 3. la a main beans smoother

inentation Lacūno, äre, a. 1. to work Læve, adv, dully, heavily Lamēntor, ari. dep. 1. to with fret-work, to pit, to Lævigatio, tais. f. 3. a lument, bewail, bemoan, lay with planks

smoothing, or planing weep Lacunosus, a, um. adj. Lævigatoryus, a, um. adj. Lamēntum, i. 0.2. a lanen. full of ditches smoothing

tation, bemoaning, shriek, Lăcus, i. & us. m. « lake, Lævigo, áre. a. 1. to smooth, outcry

or standing pool; a vat, plane, gloss, polish, Lamia, æ. f. 1. a hag, witch, cooler, trough; the main lcoser

great-sen-fish beum of a house; a corn Lævis, e. adj. smooth, plain, Lamina, % per sync, Lamna,

even, pulished, sleek, æ. f.l. a plate, Lacuscălus, i, m. 2. a little soft, bare, bald

piece of inetai, but, or lake, or vat

Lævitas, ātis. f. 3. smooth. ingot of gold, or silver, Lacuturris, is, f. 3. a car niess, plainness, evenness, swordblade, thin board, liflower sleekness, baldness

plank, the tip of the ear, Lado, děre, asi, æsum. a. Lævo, are. act. 1. to nutshell 3. to hurt, wound, injure, sinooth

Laminosus, a, um, adj. infect, violate, offend, Lævor, oris. m. 3. Impoth. having plates trouble, afflict, condemn ness, softness

Lamium, i.

dead. Læna, ie. 1. 1. a cloak, or Lævus, a, um, adj, left, on nettle

mantle, rough frock, the left side, foolish, silly, Lamošla, æ. f, 1. din. a frieze cassock, cope

unlucky, inconvenient, little plate Lästo, onis, f. 3. a hurting, unseasunable

Lamosus, a, um, adj. full or annoying

Laganum, i, n. 2, a thin of plashes Læsūra, te. f. 1. hurt, loss cake, a Jitter

Lampada, æ, f. 1. id, que Læsus, a, um. pt, of lædo Lagēva, a, f. 1. a fagon, a Lampas Lietabilis, e, adj. glad, joy.


Lampadas, æ. m. I. 2 come


or thin

n. 2.

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