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Insertivus, a, um. adj. min. | Insignyter, adv.remarkably, Insolēnter, adv. insolently, gled

notably, signally, excel. haughtily, rarely Insērto, āre, freq. 1. to put lently, finely, mightily, Insolentya, æ. f. 1. insolence, in often, put (sero extreinely

hanghtiness, disdain, Insērtus, a, uni. pt. of in- Insyle, is. n. 3. the treadle strangeness, disuse Inservyo, ire, ivi, Itum. n. of a weaver's loom

Insolēsco, cēre, incep. 3. 10 4. to serve, do service, at. Insillo (in, salio), ire, lui grow insoleni, or proud, tend upon, mind, or take & lii, sultum. n. 4. to leap be elated care of, comply with, con in, or upon

Insolido, adv. wholly, en. sult, or aim at Insymul, adv. jointly, toge. tirely

(noi sound Insērvo, āre. act. 1. to keep, ther

(accusation Insolidus, a, um, adj. weak, or preserve, to obserne

Insimulatio, onis. f. 3. an Insolite, adv. unusually Insēssor, õris. m, 3. a rob- Insimulātor, bris. m, an uc- Insolytus, a, um, pt. of inber

soleo, unaccustomed, un. Insēssus, a, um, pt. of in- Insimŭlo, are. Act. 1. to


[in the sun siděo insido

Jeign, dissemble, pretend, Insõlo, äre. act. 1. to dry Insibylo, are. n. to whistle,

Insolor, äri, ātus. pass. to make a hissing noise Insincērus, a, um. adj. in. be bleached Insiccātus, a, um, adj. un sincere, deceitful, corrupi, Insolubilis, e. adj. insolu. dried putrid

ble, that cannot be loused, Insiděo (in, sedeo), ēre, sē. Insinuatro, õnis. f. 3. in or requited

di, sessum, n. 2. to sit, or sinuation, crafty, or art. Insolubilitas, ātis. f. 3. in. test upon, be fixed, be ful address

solubility settled in, lie in wait for, Insinŭo, āre. act. to insinu-Insolubiliter, adv. insolubly beset, besiege

ate, wind, creep, put, or Insolūtus, a, um. pt. of inInsidYæ, árum. pl.f. 1. lying thrust in, recommend solvo, unpaid, undis.

in wait, arbush, ambus- InsipYdus, a, um, adj. in. charged cade, snare, plot, trea. sipid

Insomnia, æ, f. 1. watching chery, deceit,' lurking. Insipiens, tis. adj. unwise, Insomniosus, a, um. adj. place foolish, doting

full of, or troubled with Insidiānter, adv. insidiously, Insipiēnter, adv. unwisely, dreams

treacherously, craftily. foolishly (indiscretion Insomnis, e. adj. without Insidiātor, oris. m. 3. a lier Insipientia, æ, f. 1. folly, sleep, waking (vision

in wait, plotter, treache- Insisto, těre, styti, stítum. Insomniam, i. n. 2. a dream, Tous person

neut. 3. to insist upon, Insono, āre, nui. neut. 1. to Insidiátrix, icis. f. 3. a fe. urge, stand, rest, lean, or sound, resound, smack, inale plotter

fix upon, resolve, set out, play on Insidyor, äri, ātus sum. dep. or proceed on, succeed, Insons, tis. adj. guiltless, 1. to lie in wait, or air stop, stand still

innocent, hurinless bush, have a design upon, Insitio, onis. f. 3. a

logonæ literæ, the mutes impose upon, deceive Insitum, i, n. 2. a sausage Insoptus, a, um. adj. not Insidiose, adv. treacherous- Insititius, a, um. adj. in laid asleep, sleepless,

ly, deceitfully, craftily grafted, put, or set in by watchful (holding Insidiosus, a, um, adj. trea. art, strange, foreign, not Inspectatio, onis, f. 3. a be.

cherous, deceitful, crafty, natural, accidental, dif. InspectYo, onis. f. 3. an in. en snaring, dangerous ferent

spection, oversight, in. Insido, děre, sēdi, sessum. Insitivus, a, um, adj. in. sight, looking into, ex

n. 3. to light, seitle, or sit grafted, serving for graft. amination, survey, upon, sink into

ing, not natural, spurious view, speculation, theory Insígne, is. n. 3. an ensign, Insytor, oris. m. 3. a grafter Inspēcto, āre. freq. 1. 10 in.

ornament, badge, mark, Insytum, i, n. 2. a graft, spect, take a survey, or sign, or token, uppella scion, or shoot

view, behold, look in, or tion, or distinction, de Insitus, a, um, pt. of insero up, keep, or guard vice, impress on a shield, Insitus, us. m. 4. a grafting Inspector, oris. m. 3. an in. crest of a helmet, blemish, Insociabilis, e. adj. unso spector, overscer,

sur1cdr ciable, discordant

veyor, viewer Insignio, ire, ivi, itum. act. Insolabilis, e. adj. incon- Inspēctrix, icis. f. 3. she to adorn, ennoble, signa. solable


who surveys (spicio lise, distinguish

Insolabiliter, adv. inconsola- Inspēctus, a, um. pt. of inInsiguis, e. adj. remnika- Insolatio, onis. f. 3. a lying Inspectus, us. m. å looking ble, notable, notorious, in the sun, a bleaching

on, a view famous, noble, illustrious, Insoleus, tis. adj. insolent, Insperabilis, c. adj. not to glurions, exiraordinary,

haughiy, proud, saucy, be hoped inarked, distinguished

impertinent, strange, Insperāto, adv. iùs, comp. Insignite, adv. iùs, comp.

odd, unusual, unaccus unexpectedly, in an un remarkably tomed

hoped for manner


Inspèrgo (in, spargo), gěre, male inciter

persist in, demand, puto rsi, rsum. act. 3. to sprin. Instīgo, are. act. 1. to in. sue, be at hand, apkle upon, powder, or corn, stigate, stir up, excite, proach, aronit sprinkle, scatter

incite, push on, abate, en- Instragülum, i. 1, a coverInspersyo, onis. f. 3. a sprin courage, recruit

ing, a housing kling on (spergo Instillatio, onis. f. 3. an in- Instrátum, i.n. 2. any cover. Inspērsus, a, um. pt. of in


ing, a counterpane, coret. Inspicro (in, specio), cěre, Instillo, äre. act. 1. to in. let, or carpet, korsecloth, pēxi, pēctam. act. 3. to stil, drop, let, or pour in, housing

(sterno look upon, or into, be. drup by drop

Instrātus, a, um. pt. of inhold, observe, inspect, sur-Instimulātor, oris. m. an Instrenie, adv, corardly vey, examine, consider encourager

Instrendus, a, um, adj. corIrspico, are. a. 1. to sharpen, Instimŭlo, are. &. 1. to er ardly, mean point (spiration cite, spur on

Instrěpo, père, pui, přtum. Inspiratio, onis. f. 3. an in- Instinctor, oris. m. 3. an n. 3. to make a noise, Inspiro, áre. act. 1. to in. encourager (stinguo creak, crack, hum, buzz

spire, blow in, or upon, Instiuctus, a, um. pt. of in- Instrictus, a, um. pt. of breathe

[spoiled Instinctus, us. m. 4. an in- Instringo, gěre, nxi, letum. Inspoliātus, a, um. adj. not stinct, inward motion, in. act. 3. to bind, strain Inspňo, ĕre, ui, utum. act. spiration, persuasion, or hard, unbind 3. to spit upon

instigation (stir up Instructe, adv. plentifully Inspútor, äri. Pass, to be Instinguo, uēre. act. 3. io Iustructró, önis. f. 3. ir. often spit upon

Instipúlor, äri, ätus sum. struction, education, set. Instabylis, e. adj. unstable, dep. 1. to covenant, or ting in order, or attay, unsteady, unfirm, totter bargain, agree

furnishing, or preparing ing, wagging, slippery, Instyta, æ f. 1. & border, Instructor, oris. m. 3. & in constant, changeable, welt, hem, fringe, or purveyor, provider, fur. light trimming about a gown,

nisher Instabilitas, ātis. f. 3. in. a garter, a bedgirth Instructus, a, um. pt. & adj.

stability, fickleness Instityo, onis, f. 3. a stand. instructed, taught, edre Instans, tis. pt. & adj. ing still

(pedler cated, prepared, furnish. standing in,approaching, Institor, oris. m. a huckster, ed, well-appointed, set in coming on, near at hand, Institorius, a, um. adj. of a order, or array, instant, urgent, earnesi, hucksier

shalled, suborned importunate, present, im- Institúo (in, statuo), uěre, Instructus, us, m. 4. furnia mediate

di, ütum. act. 3. to insti: ture, provision Instãnter, adv. instantly, tute, appoint, ordain, Instrumentālis, e. adj. in

earnestly, importunately found, settle, set in order, strumental Instantya, æ. f. 1. instance, instruct, educate, bring, Instrumentum, i. n. 2. an

urgency, earnestness, im or train up, bring, or ap: instrument, tool, impleportunity

ply, purpose, or intend, ment, mean, or help, neInstar, n. indecl. bigness, resolve, or determine, get, cessaries, evidence, deed,

the full proportion, like. or procure, make, enter or charter, patent, conness, value, efficacy

upon, begin, prepare, veyance, indenture, &c., Instar, adv, like, as it were build, plant

monument, public record Instauratio, onis. f. 3. an Iustitutio, onis. f. 3. an in- Instrůo, uěre, uxi, uctam. instauration, rebuilding, stitution, instruction, edu. act. 3. to instruct, teach,

solemnization [added cation, discipline, man. inform, get, provide, or Instauratityus, a, um. adj. agement, or conduct, cus. prepare, furnish, adorn, Instauratīvus, a, um. adj.

tom, or fashion, purpose set in order, or battle ar. Tenewed, restored, reo Institútor, oris. m. 3. a tay, draw up, ruborn paired, rebuilt


Instapěo, ēre, pui, n. 2. to
Instaurator, oris. m. 3. are. Institūtum, i, n. 2. an in. be astonished
Instauro, are. act. 1. to re stitution, appointment, Insuäsum, i. n. 2. a smoky

new, reforin, inake, or or order, law, statute, or yellow colour prepare, institute

decree, lesson, or instruc- Insuāvis, e. adj. stinking, Instěrno, něre, strávi, strā. tion, way, mannet, cus unpleasant

tum. a. 3. to spread, lay tom, or fashion, course of Insuavitas, ātis. f. 3. unabroad, or cover

life, or employment, in. pleasantness (foolishly Instērnor, ni, strātus. p. to

tent, or purpose

Insubyde, adv. stupidly, be covered

Institútus, a, um. pt. of in InsubYdus, , um, adj. stuInstigatio, onis. f. 3. an in.


pid, blockish, silly, simple stigation, inducement, en. losto, are, styti, stytum. Insūcco (in, succus), áre. ticement

(courager neut. 1. to be instant, or act. 1. io moisten with igātor, oris. m. 3. an en

earnest, to urge, or press liquor zatrix, icis. f. 3. a fel upon, ihreaten, sick to, 'Insúdo, äre, n. 1. to sweat,

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sweat at, to break out, Insusūrro, áre. a. & n. 1. to Intelligenter, adv. intelligiinto a surent

whisper, buzz, anake a bly Insuēsco, cere, ēvi, êtum. humming

Intelligentya, æ, f. 1. un. n. 3. to be accustomed, or Insūtus, a, um. pt. of in. derstanding, sense, knowwoni ; act. cum acc. to suo, seved, or stitched ledge, art, skill, percepaccustom, habituate, in- Intabésco, cěre, incep. 3. tion, comprehension, the

ure, train, or bring up to pine, 1008te, or wither intellect Insuétus, a, um. pt. f adj.

away, be melted

IntelligibYlis, e. adj. intelliunaccustomed, unusual Intactylis, e. adj. not to be gible -Insúla, æ. f. 1. an island, touched

Intelligo, gěre, lēxi, lecor isie, a house having Intāctus, a, um. pt. of in. tum. a. 3. to understand, no house joined unto it tango, untouched,

know, or perceive, disInsulāris, ig. c. g. 3. an is. trusted, undefiled, unin. cern, be wise, or sensible, lander

jured, chaste, whole, en. to meat Insulosus, a, um, adj. full tire

Intemerandus, a, um. adj. of islands

Iotāctus, us. m. 4. a no inviolable Insālse, adv. iùs, come. feeling

(so far Intemerātus, a, um. adj. issimè, sup: insipidly, I tantum, adv. so much, undefiled, unviolated, unsimply, foolishly

Intēctas, a, um, pt. of in profaned, holy, pure Insulsytas, ātis. f. 3. insipid Lego, & adj. uncovered, Intempérans, tis. adj. in. ness, foolishness

made bare,


naked, tempernie, disorderly Insulsus, a, um. adj. insi. covered

Intemperānter, adv. intem. pid, unsavoury, simple, Integēllas, a, um, adj. pret. perately, immnderately, siliy, foolish, absurd, ty whole

excessively, extravagantstripid

Intěger, gra, grum. adj. ior, ly Insultatio, onis, f. 3. an in.

comp. errimus, sup. en Intemperantya, æ. f. 1. in. sulting, a leaping upon tire, whole, untouched, temperance, excess, inInsulto (in, salto), are. act. safe, sound, strong,

continence, insolence, un& neut. 1. to insult, hec healthful, lusty, com. just, or disorderly behutor, or domineer, tri.

plete, fresh, new, inno viour, injustice, unseauinph over, deride, or cent, upright, honest, sonableness, unwholegeer, mock, leap, or chaste, unstained, uncor. soineness bound up, leap for joy, rupted, pure, unmixed, Intemperate, adv. intem. leap, kick, beat free, rude, unpolished

perately Insultúra, æ. f. 1, a leap. Intégo, ère, xi, ctum. a. 3. Intemperātus, a, um, adj. ing in, or upon to cover, to thatch

inteinperate, excessive Insultus, us. m. 4. an as- Integrasco, cěre. inc. 3. to Intemperya, æ, f. 1. unsea. anult, or onset

be renewed

(newal sonableness, want of Insum, ës, ēsse. neut. to be Integratio, onis. f. 3. a re

temper, violence, outrage in, be involved, to come Integrē, adv.itis, comp. er- IntemperYes, ĉi. f. 5. unseaON


sup. entirely, sonableness, extremity, Insumma, adv. in short wholly, uprightly, ho. in disposition, want of Insūmo, měre, mpsi,mptum. nestly, sincerely, exactly moderation, madness

a. 3. to consume, spend, Integritas, atis. 4.3. integ. Intempēstas, ātis. f. 3. unbestow, employ, take up, rity, uprightness, honesty, seasonableness, badness Overspread, possess

sincerity, purity, chas. Intempestive, adv. unsea. Insŭo, uěre, ui, utum. act. tity, continence, perfect. sonably

3. to seu, or stitch, join to, ness, soundness, healthi- Intempestiviter, adv. un. unite ness, intermission

timely [tempestas Insúper, conj. moreover, Integro, áre. a. 1. to renew, Intempestivitas, see Infurthermore, over and

repent, restore, perfect, Intempestivus, a, um. adj. besides, over and above, refresh

ior, comp. unseasonable, upon

Integumēntum, i. n. 2. a unlucky, excessive Insuperabylis, e. adj. in. covering, pretence, dis- Intempestus, a, um. adj. superabie, invincible, guise, clonk

unseasonable, unwhole. not to be overcome

Intellectualis, e. adj. intel. some, intemperate Insūrgo, gěre, rēzi, rectum, lectual, belonging to Intēndo, děre, di, nsum neut. 3. to rise up, rise, the understanding

ntum. act. 3. to intend, make head against, ap. Intellēctus, a, um. pt. of design, purpose, direct, ply oneself to, apply intelligo

or catry, edlend, hold, or InsurrectYo, önis. f. 3. an Intellēctus, us. m. 4. un. stretch out, stretch, or insurrection

derstanding, sense, dis bend, strain, knot, or tie, Insusceptus, a, vm. adj. cernment, a meaning apply, or employ, disnot received

Intelligens, tis. adj. intel. play, or lay open, aug. Insaurratio, onis. f. 3. a ligent, skilful, wise, well. ment, enlarge {bending whispering versed

Jutensyo, Onis. I, 3. a



Intéusus, a, um. pt. of in. vail, continue, engage,

åre. act. l. to tread in, tendo or be surety for

upon, or between Intentatio, önis. f. 3. a Intercēntas, us. m. an in- Intercürro, rěre, ri, rsum. menacing with something terlude

n. 3. to run, or go be. held out to strike, a Interceptio, onis. f. 3. an tween, come in the mean threat

interception, stoppage, time, come upon, befall Intente, adv. attentively, forestalling prevention, Intercursus, us. m, 4. a diligently, earnestly surprise

running between. 'or toIntentio, onis. f. 3. un in- Interceptor, oris. m. 3. an gether, intervention

tention, or design, pur interceptet, forestaller, Intercus, dtis. adj. lying pose, or aim, attention, encroacher, promoter

between the skin and the care, diligence, intense- Intercēptus, a, um, pt. of flesh, secret ness, effort, stretching, intercipio

Interdico, cěre, isi, ictum. straining, charge Intercessio, onis. f. 3. an a. 3. to interdict, forbid, Toteuto, āre. act. 1. to intercessiun, interpusi. charge straitly, 'debar, stretch out, shake, men. tion, prohibition

hinder, keep from, cr ace, or threaten, charge | Intercessor, oris. m. 3. an deprive of, order, or en. upon, or tus at las

intercessor, inediitor, op join, speak, or mention lutêntus, a, um, pt. of in poser

(terposition Interdictyo, õnis. f. 3. a tendo, & adj. stretched, Intercēssus, us. m. 4. in prohibition, a banishing bent, bent upon, increus. Intercydo (inter, cado!, Interdictum, i. n. 2. an ined, intent, attentive, ex. děre, ydi, căsum. n. 3. terdict, prohibition, or. act, intense, straight, to fall between, or out, der, or injunction, es. close

happen, decay, be lost, cominunication Intentus, us. m. 4. perish, be forgotten, mis. Interdictus, a, um. pt, of stretching out carry


[time Intepěo, ere. vel Intepēsco, Intercido. [inter, cædo), interdiù, adv. in the day.

căre, pui, neut. to grow děre, idi, isum. a. 3. 10 Interdyus, adv. idem warm, be watin

cut asunder, or down Interductus, us. m. 4. & Intepidus, a, um, adj. very Intercidor, di. pas s. to be stop, or the fetching of

cut off

one's breath in reading, Inter, præp. cum. acc. be. Interciuctus, a, um. pt. of or writing, a pointing

tween, betwist, in, with. intercingo, encompassed Interdum, adv, sometimes, in, at, whilst, above, be- Intercyno (inter, cano), mean while fore, in comparison

něre, nui, centum. a. 3. Iuterča, adv. in the mean luteranča, öron, pl. n. 2. to sing between

while, in the interim, note the entrails

Intercipio [inter, capio), withstanding Interaněus, a, um. adj. of père, cēpi, ceptum. act. Interemptio, onis, f. 3. a

(be dried up 3. to intercept, stop, pre killing, murder Interarēsco, cěre. n. 3. to vent, come upon un Interēmptor, oris. m. 3. a Interbybo, bere, Ytum. a. 3. awares, surprise, usurp,

murderer (interimo to drink all up

carry of, or away, cut Interēnıptus, a, um. pt. of Intercalaris, e. adj. put, or

off, or kill

Interěo, rire, rivi & rii, ri. set between Intercise, adv. by cuts,

tum. n. 4. to die, perish, Intercalaryum, i. n. 2. a

with short clauses

cease, be annihilated, or time taken into the year Iutercisyo, onis. f. 3. a cut extinguished, slain, or Intercalaryus, a, um. adj. ting off

(tercido destroyed, ruined, or un. intercalary, put in be. Intercīsus, a, um, pt. of in done, lost, spent, or ex. tudeen Interclāmo. Žre. Deut. 1.

hausted Intercalatyo, onis. f. 3. the to cry ou.

Interequito, áre, 0. l. to putting of a day, or Interclūdo (inter, claudo),

ride between month between

dere, ūsi, úsum. act. 3. Interērro, åre. n. 1. to Intercalo, āre. act. 1. to to shut in, or up, stop, stray between insert, dejer, delay, put deprive, hinder, prevent, Interfacyo, cěre, fēci, fac.

close, or conclude with tum. act. 3. to work by Intercapēdo, Ynis. f. 3. an Interclusio, önis. f. 3. a fits, set hand to (gression intermission, pause, or stopping

Interfatig, onis, f. 3. a di. Tespite, delay, interval, Interclūsus, a, um. pt. of Interfecto, onis. f. 3. a kill. or distance, remission intercludo

ing, murder Intercêdo, děre, essi, es- Intercolumulum, i. n. 2. Interféctor, oris. m. 3. a sum. n. 3. to intercede, the

space between pil murderer [murderess interpose, come, go, pass, lars

Interfèctrix, icis. f. 3. a or be between, oppose, or Interconcillo, áre. act. 1. Interfectus, a, um. pt. of withstand, forbid, or put

to procuré, or win fa-Interficio (inter, facio, I negativ, put a stop, vouT

cere, fēci, tectum. act. 3. "ppen, or fall out, pre- | Interculco (inter, calco), to kill, slay, murder, pub

the guts

to death, destroy, con,, Interlatčo, ēro, tui. n. 3. to threnien sume, deprive of

lie hid between, lie in interminor, äri, ātus sum. interfio, ieri. n. p. to be ambush

dep. 1. to

tareulen, slain, die

Interlino, něre, lini, livi vel charge, forbid Interflúo, uěre, ūxi, ûxum. lēvi, Itum, a. 3. to inter- Inter oynus, a, um, adj. un. n. 3. to flow, or run be. line, blot out

bounded tween, pass over

Interlytus, a, um. pt. of in- Intermisco, ēre, scui, stum. Interdius, a, um. adj. run. terlino

xtum. act. 2. to interning between

Interlocutyo, onis, f. 3. an mingle, intermit, mix Interfodyo, děre, a. to dig interposition of speech, Intermissio, ouis. 1. 3. an into, enter an interruption

intermission (termitto Interfor, äri. dep. 1. to in. Interlocutorius, a, um, adj. Intermissus, a, of interrupt any one whilst he


Intermissus, as. in. 4. a disis speaking,

Interloquor, i, cütus. d. 3. continuance Interfringo (inter, frango), to interrupt' in discourse, Intermistus, & Intermixtus, gére, rēgi, ractum, act. 3. determine in part

a, um. pt. of interinisceo to break in two

Interlucatio, onis. f. 3. a Intermitto, těre, isi, issum. Interfůro, rere. n. to rage, lopping off boughs

a. 3. to leave of'; lay aor be mad (ing between Interlucěo, ére, lúxi. 2. side, throw discon Interfusio, onis. f. a pour. to shine beiween, be con tinue, omit, cease Interfüsus, a, um. pt. of in spicuous, stand thin and Intermorlor, i, rtuus. d. 3. terfundo, flowing be be seen through

to die in the mean time, tween, besprinkled, mark. Interlūco (inter, lux), āre. die, be forgotten ed

act. 1. to make a glude in Intermoridus, a, um. pt. of Intergerinus paries, a par. the inidst of a wuod, lup, intermorior litiun-wall

or clear away boughs lutermundtuin, i. n. 2. the Intergeryum, i. n. 2. idem Interludium, i, n. 2. an in distance between divers Interjacěo, ēre, cui. n. 2. to terlude

turids lie between (while Interlūdo, ére, ûsi, üsum. Iuterinurālis, e. adj. that is Interibi, adv, in the mean act. 3. to play between, or

between two walls Interjectio, onis. f. 3. aan amongst

Internāscor, ci, nātus. d. to interjection, an interpusi. Interlūuis, e. adj. moonless, spring up tion, a parenthesis dark

Interneciālis, e. adj. inortal, Interjēctus, a, um. pt. of Interluntum, i. n. 2. the deudly

(nuin interjició between change of the moon,

Internecies, ii. f. 5. ulter Interjēctus, us. m. a nying conjunction of the sun Internecinus, & Interueci. Interjico (inter, jacio), and moon

vus, a, umn. adj. murtal, cère, jeci, jectum. act. 3. Interlio, uěre, ui, utum. deadly, ciel, bloody to casi, set, pui, or place act. 3. to flow, or run be. Internecio onís. f. 3. unibetween, or among

(ween, 18h [current versal slaughier, utter Inter.m, adv. in the mean Interluvies, ēi.f.5. a stream, ruin, greut carnage

time, in the mean while, Interluvium, i. n. 2. idem Internecive, adv. wuh uiter sometimes, now und then, Intermauěo, ēre, nsi, nsum.

destruction a sudden, nut with 1. 2. to ubiae, continue Iuterněco, äre, cui & cavi, standing among

ctum cãtum. a. l. to Interimo (inter, emo), Intermedius, &, am. adj. in. put all to the word

měre, rēmi, mptum. act. termediate, lying, or | Internäcto, tère, xui 8 xi, 3. to kill, or stay, tuke placed in the middle

xum. a. 3. to knit, or the awy, consume, reduce Intermenstruum, i. n. the together, interlace Interfor, ius, adj. comp. in. new Moon mestris Internidifico, åre. a. 1. 13

ner, deeper, nearer Intermensträus, vid. Inter build its nest umung Interítio, onis. f. 3. a pe. Intei měo, äre. Deut. 1. 10 Internigrans, tis. adj. blackTishing (tereo gu, puss, or flow between, ish

(shine umung Interitus, a, um. pt. of in or through

Internitěo, ēre, tui. n. 10 loteritus, us. m. 4. death, Intermēstris, e. adj. be. Interuodium, i. n. f liter

desti uction, tuin, utter longing to the space be. nodYus, i, m. 2. the space decry, extinction

tween the old moun und be.ween two kuoti, or luterjūnctus, a, um. pt. of

Joints, a knuckle Interjüngo, gěre, nxi, nc- Intermico, åre. cui. n. 1. to Interuosco, cěre, novi, no. tum. act. 3. to join togeshine among

tum. act. 3. to know a. ther, or between, unyoke, Interminatio, onis. f. 3. a mungst others, discern, bait, or stay at a place threatening

distinguish Intersus. ndv. comp. more Interminātus, a, um. pt. s Internunca, æ. f. 1. a fe. inwardly

adj. threatened, forbid. mule messenger Interlabor, i, apsus. d. to

den, unlimited

Internuncio, äre. act. 1. 20 fall between

lutermino, äre, neut. 1. to 80 en a message


the new

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